About Us

Welcome to, a website dedicated to exploring the many ways of saving and making money.  Plus, I help uncover great and poor ways to make money.

My mission is to research the most commonly searched financial terms and publishing something that is of value and best of all, honest.

We have no agenda, bias, nor are we backed by any mega-corporation which may influence our thoughts and publishing.  Our honest advertising disclosure makes sure you always know who’s paying. was created to help weed out the noise and publishing something you can use.

Who is the owner?

My name is Tom Nathaniel, and I currently reside in the great state of Arizona with my two sons and my wife.

I have worked in the marketing industry since 2006, partnering with multiple Fortune 5000 companies and even selling personal projects for a hefty sum.

Aside from talking finances, I love sports, exploring the great outdoors, traveling and even testing out new restaurants in town.

Working in the finance industry for more than a decade now, I always loved to save money, talk about money and even looking for additional ways to save.  It’s in my blood and I want to use this platform to simply express my thoughts.  Plus, it’s a great way for me to find new ways to earn and even learn!

While I am going to write most of the articles you see here, I may bring in guest writers or hire a freelancer to help as well from time to time.

Simply refer to the author posting to know who’s writing the blog post you’re reading if every confused.

So, what is this place?

I want to help you make and save money, whether it’s a dollar or thousands.  Plus, I’m going to research some popular places online to see what the deal is.

I get sick of the many websites online that either spew worthless garbage or just want your email so that they can spam their $500 course.  Tip, they are NOT worth it.

If you take advantage of my actionable tips and you see results, then I can feel satisfied in doing so!

While it can take work, hard work and taking action today can take you as far as you can imagine… I promise.