Advertising Disclosure

What we do

The LushDollar team works hard to find out what truly works on the web — and we mean that!  We research our resources, cite them when necessary and try to speak as honest as we can.  Sure, we can screw up, but if we do, let us know!  We will always hold ourselves accountable and do not want to promote a company that doesn’t seem like a great choice.

How we work

LushDollar researches everything money, ranging from a new work at home company to a new survey site you may want to try.  You may even find a huge list of freebies.  We test it out ourselves and even see what other people are saying, and with this information, we try to come up with our own conclusion.  On each post, we will always try to explore the positive, negatives and analyze it as much as we can.  Of course, you’re always more than welcome to add content in the blog comment as you see fit as we would love to see your thoughts!  Non-spammy, of course.

How we make money

While we would love to do this for free, there are some instances where a company may offer an incentive for a signup or even a click.   These small payments help keep the lights on and best of all, keep our content free of charge.  If you ever click on a link, do keep in mind that it may support us financially, but this isn’t always the case.  Again, our goal is to honestly research the company and will always recommend products we would only sign up for, we promise!  If you feel the company isn’t worth it, then let us know via our comment section.

We’re here for you

We created this website because the web is filled with a lot of content — both good and bad, unfortunately.  We want to make this the go-to for everything making money in a simplistic, non-biased way.  Our first goal is you, the visitor.  Whether you’re looking for a way to make $5 in a week or $5 in a minute, we hope we can make those dreams come true.