7+ Apps Like DoorDash to Make Money

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DoorDash, the online food ordering and food delivery platform, is not the largest food delivery company in the U.S. for no reason. The company has been growing tremendously since it started in 2013, serving United States, Canada, and Australia. According to DoorDash, it works with nearly 250,000 merchants and does 800,000 deliveries a day.

Even though the app is one of the largest, it doesn’t mean it’s the only one you can make money with.

Fortunately, there are other practical options that you can go with.

In today’s guide, I will give you a rundown of apps like DoorDash to make more money. On the whole, this list is basically for anyone looking to make money using various apps, as they all work the same.

Driving Apps Like DoorDash Driver to Make Money

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery platform that’s similar to DoorDash. Uber Eats is an extension of Uber’s ride-hailing service. You just download the app, place your order with a local restaurant listed on the Uber Eats website or through the mobile app, select the items, check out, and food is delivered straight to your door for a fee. You can also schedule your order for a later time.

Now, you might be interested in making money using the Uber Eats app. As with DoorDash, Uber Eats offers you a way to do just that.

As an Uber Eats driver, you can earn $15 or more per hour, depending on the time and days you choose to deliver food, as well as the city you’re serving. With the flexible schedules offered by food delivery drivers, this can supplement your income.


Grubhub is another food delivery app alternative to DoorDash. Grubhub, also a leading online and mobile food catering company, has over 30 million customers that are always on the lookout for local restaurants and diners. With the Grubhub app, you type in an address, go over the list of local restaurants that deliver to specific locales and nearby pickup restaurants as well. You can choose to place your order online or by phone, free of charge. There are also coupons and special deals if you’re looking for savings.

The Grubhub app also offers ways that you can earn extra income. The average Grubhub driver makes $12 an hour, plus 100% of their customer tips, according to This rate, however, depends on location, miles, time spent, and tips. Grubhub does not take a percentage or free from its delivery drivers.


Instacart is an app that connects you to customers who need to get their groceries delivered. With Instacart, you can earn extra money doing the shopping for other people.

Just download the Shopper app and get approved by passing a background check. Instacart’s background checks will typically take 10 business days, but may be completed in less time. Once you pass, you can start the job and earn money on your own schedule, or you can work in-store following a shifting schedule, up to 29 hours a week.

As an Instacart shopper, you will get an Instacard payment card that you use at checkout whenever you shop. The payment card will be sent to you within 5 to 7 business days after you sign up. There are two types of Instacart shoppers: full-service and in-store. If you’re a full-service shopper, you get paid per batch you complete. If you’re an in-store shopper, you earn an hourly wage.


Shipt is a shopping app that you can use to order groceries, household essentials, beauty products, and other items, and have them delivered to your door on the same day. Shipt has more than 20,000 professional shoppers who handpick the items in your order, and deliver them to you in an hour.  The nice thing for customers is that orders over $35, you can take advantage of Shipt’s free same-day delivery.

You can likewise use Shipt to earn extra income by signing up to become a Shipt shopper.

Shipt shoppers are independent contractors. Once you’re registered, you can choose how many orders to take, select the time and day to shop, and where you want to do the orders. Shipt provides a prepaid card to fund the order you accepted. As a Shipt shopper, you can earn as much as $22 per order, depending on how long it takes to complete the order. Plus, when your customer gives a tip, 100% of it will go to you. Payments for Shipt shoppers are processed through direct deposit.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a delivery program that customers use to get their packages delivered to them. The app is also an opportunity for you make extra money by delivering packages to customers. Download the app, list your hours of availability, and then schedule your work in blocks, which you do by choosing and self-assigning through the app. Deliveries include packages, Prime Now and Amazon Fresh, store orders, and instant offers.

Amazon Flex drivers can earn about $18 to $25 per hour, depending on location. Between your chosen regular Amazon Flex shift, you can take the “instant offers” deliveries to bring in more cash. Amazon Flex pays via direct deposit twice a week. One of the requirements to be an Amazon Flex driver is to live in one of 50 cities where Amazon Flex operates. Use the Amazon Flex app or go to their website for the list of cities recruiting delivery partners.


GoPuff is an app used to deliver food and drinks, cleaning supplies, medicines, baby supplies, and electronics among many others in just minutes. For a flat delivery fee of $1.95, GoPuff riders will deliver orders 24/7, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. GoPuff also provides opportunities for added income with its driver-partner offering.

Once you’re signed up as a GoPuff driver, you become an independent contractor. According to its website, you get paid the full amount for each delivery you complete. The fee is usually $2.25 to $5 per order. You also get to keep 100% of all customer tips. When you complete a certain number of deliveries, you get an opportunity to earn a Weekly Reward. During busy times, boosts are also given, which means you earn an extra dollar per order.


Favor is an app you can use to have anything delivered in under an hour. Whether it’s food, beer, or items from Target, you can get your order delivered by Favor’s personal assistants for as low as $1 from select stores and restaurants. Favor features Doorstep Deliveries, a 100% contact-free delivery experience where your deliveries are dropped off safely at your doorstep.

Favor also offers an chance for you to make money by being one of their Runners, Favor’s personal assistants who deliver the orders. The application process is very effortless since the requirements are easy to complete. When you’re registered as a Runner, you get a portion of the delivery fee and 100% of the customer tips. You have the option to run orders whenever you want. And, you can also earn extra when you refer your friends to become drivers as well.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make some extra money, then take advantage of delivery and shopping apps mentioned above used by millions of customers today. Become a delivery driver and/or a shopper and start earning extra cash on your time. The companies running the delivery and shopping apps require mostly basic requirements, such as a vehicle, a smartphone, and a spotless driving record.

With apps like DoorDash to make money, you get practical ways to increase your income, and you can even adjust your gig schedule so that you increase your earnings. When you choose to put in longer hours or register for more than one service, you definitely earn more. This flexibility allows you then to have control over your potential to earn profits.

That’s going to wrap it up.

As always, if you know of any apps that I didn’t mention, please let me know in the comments below.

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