8 Apps Like Lucktastic

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I have written about Lucktastic in the past, and, while it’s not my favorite app, it’s one that can maybe make you some cash, only if you win it.  It’s not much, but many do find the game to be a fun way to pass the time.  It’s a legitimate app, but I feel they have unethical practices that make it next to impossible to cash out.  Just read the many reviews if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Since the Lucktastic review post has been one of my most popular posts to date, I figured I would research some apps that work just like Lucktastic.  In short, these are apps that work much like scratch-off lotto tickets, where you can win some cash prizes and tokens, in which you can cash out for a variety of prizes, including gift cards.

Again, it’s not the best app in the world, but some people do like it.  After all, they have a 4/5 rating with more than 347,000 reviews.

If you like the idea of gambling rather than earning your cash, then these apps may be for you.  Let’s begin!

Apps Like Lucktastic

#1 Lucky Day

By far, Lucky Day is the largest app just like Lucktastic.  They have more than one million reviews with a rating (4/5) similar to that of Lucktastic.  The app works in an identical manner, wherein you will scratch lottery tickets to win tokens and prizes, up to $100,000.  No purchase is necessary and the app is 100% free to download like all of the apps mentioned on this list.

#2 GAMEE Prizes

Every week, it’s said that you can win hundreds of dollars in cash rewards playing 100% free games.  The app has more than 70+ different games, from Wheel of Fortune to top arcade games.  Whenever you play a free game and complete any game mission or spin the wheel, you can win tickets, in which you can enter raffles to win large cash prizes.  This is one of the higher rated apps that work like Lucktastic.

#3 Lucky Match

Lucky Match is a 100% free sweepstakes app, where you can win real cash and gift cards simply by playing one of the many games offered within the app.  This includes the “Match 3” game or the daily scratchers just like Lucktastic.  There’s also a spin to win option where you can win instant prizes.  The app has a higher rating as well, sitting at an average 4.3/5 rating with more than 500,000 downloads.

#4 Match to Win

Match to Win is another 100% free sweepstakes app where you can win real money, prizes and cash via PayPal.  As you complete puzzles or scratchers, you can earn tokens, in which can be entered into the company’s sweepstakes.  The app offers a variety of games as well as daily rewards.  According to the app description, the highest prize available seems to be $5,000.

#5 WinWe

This is a smaller app like Lucktastic, but it’s one to consider.  Reading the reviews, it appears it can take a long time to cash out your tokens, but this seems to be the case with most of these apps.  To win, simply scratch the cards, collect the coins and then redeem these points for cash, in which you can cash out via PayPal.  The app has a decent 4/5 rating with more than 100,000 downloads.

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#6 PCH

I’m sure you have heard of the Publisher’s Clearing House.  It’s a company that has been around for an eternity, showing up on doorsteps with a massive cash check.  The PCH app offers an exclusive daily prize giveaway, from gift cards to cash.  They also give you instant access to lottery ticket scratcher cards, much like Lucktastic, where you can win up to $2,500 in one day.  The company states that “millions” of dollars are waiting for you.  The PCH app is 100% free to download.

#7 EverydayWinner

The EverydayWinner Scratch and Win Sweepstakes app lets you play virtual games, mostly scratchers, that offer real prizes.  Like Lucktastic, you can earn tokens and even enter a variety of sweepstakes to win up to $10,000.  This app isn’t as big with only 10,000~ downloads, but the reviews seem promising, as it’s much better than the many I have listed here at a decent 4.2/5 rating.

#8 Fortune Island

Fortune Island gives away thousands of gift cards within the app whenever you play games and collect stars.  You can then turn these stars into sweepstakes tickets, in which you can enter into a variety of options.  Yes, you will have to win these sweepstakes, but if you feel like gambling without having to invest anything, it’s one to consider.

Final Thoughts

Many of these apps will not earn you cash like the money-making apps I have talked about in the past.  It’s more of a gambling app that doesn’t require an investment.  I only created this guide because it seemed as if a lot of people were interested in Lucktastic.

Sure, while you can make/earn money, it’s definitely on the best way to do so.  I picture it as a way to entertain myself in hopes I win thousands of dollars.

All of the apps I mention are 100% legit and do pay out prizes; however, the odds of winning are quite slim, just keep that in mind.  As long as you have the mindset you won’t make much, similar to that of the lottery, it can be an okay way to burn a few minutes of your time.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on the apps I mentioned or you want to add to the list, feel free to do so in the comments below!  Thanks for stopping by.

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