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The 17 Best Apps to Earn Free Crypto

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We all like the idea of having a bit more crypto in our digital wallets without having to purchase it directly. In earlier days, mining was the primary method to get more cryptocurrency. However, with the rise in apps and digital applications, folks are finding numerous other ways to earn crypto.

Recently, many apps have emerged allowing you to earn cryptocurrency. Some of these apps reward you with Bitcoin for playing games, while others offer different digital currencies for various tasks. It’s essentially a neat way to pocket some extra digital cash.

These cryptocurrency apps are introducing more people to blockchain technology, offering them a chance to grab their piece of the crypto pie.

If you’re interested in hopping onto the crypto train and earning free crypto, check out these apps and you’ll find collecting cryptocurrency easier and quicker than ever.

Best Apps to Earn Crypto


Freecash teams up with advertisers and research groups that reward you for doing specific tasks. These tasks, depending on where you are, range from taking surveys to other offers. Once you complete these tasks, you can receive cryptocurrencies. Or if you prefer, you can exchange your Freecash coins for gift cards, or even for skins in games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive.  There are a lot of options to choose from.

Freecash offers quick cryptocurrency payouts (DOGE, Bitcoin, and Litecoin) starting from just $0.10 as well as fun ways to earn, like playing games.

According to the company, and from my experience, you can often earn over $10 a day using this platform.

Joining is easy, too. You can sign in with your Google or Steam account. If you’d rather use your email, that works too.

For every 1,000 Freecash coins you earn, that’s equivalent to $1 USD. And, getting your rewards is generally fast, taking about 10 minutes at most. But if you choose PayPal, it might take up to 24 hours. Whether you’re on a computer or a smartphone, Freecash is one of the better options for free crypto.


By sharing your extra internet bandwidth through the app, you get rewarded. Conveniently, it works in the background of your Android or iOS device, and it’s accessible to everyone around the globe.

Once you have collected $20 in rewards, you can opt for a PayPal payout. But there’s another option for crypto enthusiasts: JumpToken (JMPT). A standout feature is that there’s no minimum withdrawal amount for JMPT, making the process hassle-free.

Whether you’re curious about the crypto realm or just want a bit more change, Honeygain is a decent choice. It requires minimal effort – just keep the app active on your device.

As a note, you won’t get rich and some people are not comfortable with this app, I get it, but I want to mention as many options as possible.


Platforms like Coinbase allow you to learn about various crypto projects and get rewarded with some tokens for your time.

With Coinbase, the concept is straightforward: you learn, and while doing so, you earn. But, there’s a catch. Not everyone might be eligible for this program based on their location. Some countries might not be on Coinbase’s list, although they’re working to include more in the future.

Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards is a hassle-free way to collect some crypto. Simply start using the Brave web browser with its in-built feature called “Brave Rewards” activated. With this, you will gradually accumulate Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) without engaging in extra activities such as taking courses or playing games.

Initially, Brave’s mission was to empower users to support their favorite online creators by tipping websites with BATs. But they’ve evolved. Now, you can also convert these rewards into tangible benefits by verifying your Brave wallet.

What makes it even cooler?

You get a generous 70% of the ad revenue. Besides earning, the Brave browser stands out for its dedication to user privacy. You will only see non-intrusive ads, and not based on your browsing history. Plus, you can control the number of ads you see per hour, with five being the default setting.


Ever thought of making your daily strolls a bit more rewarding? Look no further than the COIN App.

It’s a straightforward concept where you can earn cryptocurrency by merely watching videos.

First things first, download and set up the app on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS. And that’s about it. Keep the app running in the background. As you move from one place to another, the app starts ‘mining’ digital currency. This currency can later be swapped for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XYO, or even cool gadgets. Imagine, just by carrying your phone during your usual activities, you’re effortlessly accumulating crypto.


Another platform, CoinMarketCap, offers a similar experience to that of Coinbase. It takes the learning a notch higher, however.

After learning, you get to take quizzes that test your understanding. And here’s the challenge: to pocket that free crypto, you need to score a 100%. Also, depending on the course, there might be additional tasks to tackle. Just like Coinbase, CoinMarketCap has some country restrictions too.

The CoinMarketCap program operates on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. So, they will give out tokens until they have reached the pre-set distribution limit. Make sure to jump in early if you’re interested.

Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World is an adventure-filled game reminiscent of Pokemon Go, available for both Android and iOS users.

The game’s mechanics are based on your real-world location. You will walk around, collect keys, discover boxes, make buddies, and much more. The objective is to earn small portions of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The brains behind Coin Hunt World is the well-known cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex. Some enthusiasts on Reddit even claim to pocket $20+ weekly from this game. The catch, however, is that only players from the USA, Canada, the UK, and El Salvador can fully participate. However, the Philippines is set to join soon, and others might need a bit more patience.


Cointiply is a platform bustling with opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies. Be it Bitcoin, DOGE, or LiteCoin, there’s something for everyone. The beauty of Cointiply lies in its versatility. Engage in mobile games, respond to surveys, opt for paid offers, or simply click ads – the choice is yours.

Globally accessible, its robust payment system facilitates payouts in a plethora of cryptocurrencies, all with a modest withdrawal threshold of merely $3.

And for those always on the move, Cointiply’s Android app makes it easy to get started.

Crypto PopCoin

Another game to check out is Crypto PopCoin. This game rewards you with Ethereum and its native PopCoin.

Here’s the drill: group similar coins together, and then tap them to burst them. Aim to pop as many as you can before each stage ends, and you will get bonuses based on your performance.

Every game point gives you 1 PopCoin. And, to pocket your Ethereum, you will need a Coinbase account. But if you’re eyeing the PopCoin, any ERC-20 wallet will do. If you’re a newbie, Metamask is a compatible and free wallet you might want to explore.


CryptoTab lets you mine Bitcoin seamlessly in the background of your mobile device. And, if you’re concerned about battery drainage or performance issues, rest easy. CryptoTab is optimized to ensure minimal impact on your device’s battery and performance.

While the passive rewards are certainly tempting, it’s essential to approach them realistic expectations. Earnings can be slow to accumulate, with the payout threshold set at an approachable $0.37. Nevertheless, patience here can indeed be a virtue.  As long as you have this mindset, it’s something to consider.


LBRY is one of the emerging apps designed to reward content creators. It’s shaping up to be a vast digital library built on a decentralized platform.

If you’re passionate about writing, LBRY is a platform where you can share your work.

In exchange, you can earn or even spend a digital currency known as LBRY Tokens to purchase others’ writings. This unique model offers writers a chance to earn without any intermediaries, which is somewhat rare in the publishing world.


Think of LunrCrush as your one-stop hub for all cryptocurrency chatter across the internet. This platform pools together mentions and conversations about different cryptos, ensuring you stay in the loop with trending topics.

But here’s the fun part: they have their own cryptocurrency called Lunr. Engaging on LunrCrush lets you earn Lunr tokens for free. Almost everything you do on the platform, from signing up, linking to Twitter, making referrals, or simply spending time on the site, gets you points.

However, the catch is that there’s a daily cap. LunrCrush disperses 65,000 Lunr tokens every day among users. Your share of these tokens will be proportional to your activity compared to everyone else’s.

Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can see your Lunr balance in your LunrCrush account and transfer your earnings to a linked crypto wallet. If you’re curious about the nitty-gritty, you might want to explore more about how Lunr functions.

Bitcoin Aliens

If you’re leaning towards having fun while collecting crypto, check out the games from a company named Bitcoin Aliens.

Their game, Blockchain Game, which is somewhat reminiscent of Tetris, allows players to earn Bitcoin. It’s proof that, sometimes, playing games can be profitable.


Share your internet bandwidth, and in exchange, get compensated. Being part of Peer2Profit means you have a range of payout methods at your fingertips, from Webmoney, Advcash, and Qiwi to Payeer, and yes, prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You don’t need to gather a lot before cashing out, either, as the minimum threshold is just $2. What’s even better is its global accessibility. A minor hitch, though, is its exclusivity to Android. This means a manual installation is necessary since it’s not listed on the Google Play Store.

If you’re in the market for a straightforward way to earn a bit on the side using your mobile, Peer2Profit deserves a glance. Its competitive rewards, diverse payment methods, and low withdrawal minimum make it an appealing option for crypto on the move.


PlayNano is a platform that’s all about earning through entertainment. By completing straightforward tasks like watching videos or indulging in faucets, you can accumulate the cryptocurrency Nano. The user experience is pretty seamless.

The rewards are dispatched instantly to the specified wallet address, eliminating the waiting game. If you’re persistent and dedicated, there’s potential to earn around $3 worth of Nano each day. For those who are new to the cryptocurrency scene or want to add to their Nano holdings, PlayNano offers a fun and engaging way to do so.


Presearch emerged with a focus on private searching. It’s not just another search engine — it’s powered by the community and runs on blockchain technology. This setup implies that the engine operates based on nodes that are managed by its users.

To start gathering PRE tokens, it’s essential to set up an account. Plus, if you add the Presearch browser extension, you can conveniently use Presearch straight from your browser’s address bar.

A little heads-up: you can cash out your PRE tokens once you’ve collected a total of 1,000. To see your current token balance, simply peek at your account page.

StormGain Free Miner

Despite facing criticism for its steep fees and arguably unsatisfactory services, StormGain has an intriguing offer: a free miner that pays in USDT.

All it requires is a simple tap every four hours. Although the monthly returns might seem modest at approximately $10, there’s a catch – these earnings can be traded on leverage within the platform.

And if you’ve got the trading knowledge, you could amplify that modest sum.

You can pocket all your earnings, transferring them to an external wallet, sans the oft-dreaded KYC verification. This provides an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to dip their toes in the trading waters without committing their own capital initially.

Final Thoughts

Is the pursuit of free crypto on mobile devices genuinely worthwhile? Certainly, there are advantages. These ventures may lead to financial gains, albeit sometimes marginal. Over time, and especially with cryptocurrency value fluctuations, these gains can accumulate into significant amounts. Moreover, diving into the world of cryptocurrency provides invaluable insights into blockchain, digital wallets, and decentralized finance – areas of knowledge that might become even more crucial as technology continues to shape our future.

If you want to earn free crypto, you can see it’s possible, however, you won’t earn a ton.  As long as you have that mindset, it’s an okay way to earn a few dollars here and there.

As always, if you want to comment on the apps I mentioned or add one to the list, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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