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The 22+ Best Apps to Sell Clothes (Low Fees)

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Donating your clothes to a local charity is always a great way to get rid of your clothes and feel good in doing so, but in some circumstances, you may be looking for a few extra dollars, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

In the past, eBay was always the go-to, and while it’s still a great place to sell your clothes, technology has progressed and a TON of options are now available if you’re looking to unload some clothes for some quick cash.

Now, before you get excited, do keep in mind that many of these apps will charge a small fee, just like eBay, and of course, your clothes MUST be in great shape and in demand to even sell.

So whether you have a few pairs of designer jeans or t-shirts laying around, I wanted to share some of the top apps on the market today that you may want to consider if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks.

Listed below, I found more than 20+ apps for selling clothes online, most of which are highly rated and have very low fees.

22+ Best Apps to Sell Clothes On


Flyp will connect you with a network of independent Pro Sellers who will sell your clothes for you. So, you won’t have to do anything but ship all your stuff at once to a professional and let them do the rest.

Here’s how it works.

On the Flyp app, you will be asked to take only 1 photo of your clothes, shoes, and handbags to create a “Lot”. Then, Pro Sellers will apply to sell your lot, letting you know what they will charge as well as an estimate as to what they can get for you. You get to pick out the person you want to work with and then ship off your lot of goods to the seller with a prepaid shipping label.  Picture it almost like a freelance marketplace of sorts where professionals for your job.

The cool thing about Flyp is that you’re always covered, which means each Pro is thoroughly vetted and ID checked by their team.  You don’t have to worry about getting scammed.  If any of your items are not sold within 90 days of delivery, you can choose from a few options, such as having your items mailed back or they will make an offer to buy the remaining items from you, to name a few. They have a clear Protection Policy and they are committed to helping you recuperate the full value for your items in any situation.

They do have a very well put together FAQ section, so I do recommend you check it out to learn more about how the app works.

Selling Fee:  typically 30-50% (depends on Pro Seller you choose, but this fee covers everything)
App Rating:  4.8/5
Download:  ANDROID | IOS


threadUP is said to not be your typical thrift store; rather, it’s a way to discover the world’s largest consignment store online, which allows shoppers to save more than 90% on name-brand clothing.

With the inventory coming from private sellers like yourself, threadUP doesn’t want you to list your clothing on their website like eBay.  Instead, they just want you to box your clothes up and ship it to their warehouse.

Yes, they do all of the dirty work for you!

To get started, simply order a free Clean Out Kit on their official website, get the free shipping label, slap it on a box with all of your clothing in it, and send it in for cash.

And as soon as they receive your box and process it, they will add cash to your account in which you can then cash out.

Now, unlike most of these apps, it’s hard to tell you what you’re going to get since they set the value, and if you want the unaccepted items back, for instance, they do charge a $10.99 fee.  This is optional, though.  To get an idea of what you can make, refer to this payout estimator to see what you may get

Just make sure you know of the restrictions as the company only wants clean, name-brand clothes that are free of any tears, stains or rips.  You can learn more about the quality standards on the order kit page.

Out of all the apps I list, threadUP is probably the most reputable app to sell your used clothes of them all and is the EASIEST way to just dump your clothes and get instant cash without worrying about selling to the public.

Selling Fee:  no fees – just offers a final price dependent upon clothing condition.
App Rating:  4.6/5
Download:  ANDROID | IOS

The RealReal

The RealReal app is the only full authenticated marketplace where you can purchase luxury designer goods for up to 90% off, all while not having to worry about purchasing counterfeit goods.

Selling options are available as well, with all items listed warehoused and authenticated by an in-house team of more than 90+ luxury experts, simply meaning ALL clothing pieces are 100% guaranteed authentic, similar to that of the thredUP process.

To start selling, the company offers three options for you to consider:

  • you can schedule an in-home pickup that’s available in 20 metro areas
  • ship your items directly to the warehouse with a prepaid label
  • visit a luxury consignment office for a free valuation

Using data from over eight million items sold, the company will then price your clothing accordingly and mail you a check.

To learn more about the consignment process, you can do so at

Selling Fee:  50-70% depending on net sales
App Rating:  3.4/5

Vestiaire Collective

Said to be the world’s leading marketplace for pre-owned luxury fashion, the Vestiaire Collective has more than six million members, with more than 20,000 item added WEEKLY.

Here, you can find the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Gucci, Hermes, Rolex, Cartier and hundreds more.

With an easy to sell interface, it only takes minutes to start selling the clothing you no longer want.

Just take a picture, filling in the relevant information and ship off the goods with a prepaid shipping label once your items sell.

And with all of the information you enter, the company will glance over the details to check for accuracy before they activate your listing.  The entire process usually takes about 24 hours.

Depending on how much your items are worth, selling fees can range from 18 to 34%.

Payments can be sent to your bank account or Paypal.

Selling Fee:  18%-34% depending on net sales
App Rating:  3.1/5


Bonanza works a lot like eBay and Amazon but the fees are much lower, with fees starting at 3.5%, according to the website.  This can add up if you have a lot of clothes to sell.

With the ability to sell just about anything, including clothing, simply create a listing, upload photos and wait for a buyer to add your item to their shopping cart.

And since it works more like Amazon since there’s no bidding process, it does work on a feedback system, so don’t be too annoyed if nothing is selling in the beginning since you will have zero feedback.

Once your clothing sells, ship off the item and get cash in hand.

Now, the official Bonanza app isn’t rated that great, but I think you’re better off using the desktop/mobile version of the website if you’re interested in selling on the site.

The website is quite popular, with Similarweb reporting more than six million visits a month, so your listings will get eyeballs, making it a great alternative to eBay.

Selling Fee:  3.5% FOV under $500 or 3.5% + 1.5% of the amount over $500 (doesn’t include advertising if you choose)
App Rating:  2.2/5


I know I already mentioned it in the intro and it’s obvious, but I do need to include the eBay app here because it’s probably one of the biggest apps out there in terms of audience reach.

Create a seller account, either on the app or on your computer, and you can get up to 20 free listings a month.  However, do keep in mind you still need to pay fees, about 10% of the final selling price, when your item eventually sells.

Now, if you do consider selling on eBay, just make sure you’re very detailed with your description and take great pictures because people will ask questions if you’re missing any information.

In general, as long as you list the size, the condition and take great up close pictures of the front, back, and tags, you should be good to go.

By far, eBay has the largest reach and is one of the easiest ways to sell your clothing without worrying about meeting someone in person.

Selling Fee:  10% of final sale + listing fees (free for first 20 for the month)
App Rating:  4.4/5


Listia is much different than the rest of these apps as you will focus on getting what’s known as “XNK,” the app’s currency instead of money.

Now, before you get annoyed with the thought of no cash, you have to hear me out here.

Working just like eBay, you can list anything, and when it sells, the company, again, will reward you with its XNK currency, in which you can then bid on other products on the app.

There are thousands of active listings at a time and even awesome staff picks, such as gaming consoles, gift cards and more.  So it’s not all junk, I promise you that!  You will be quite surprised.

So in essence, you’re trading one thing for another, but, to me, it’s a great way to offer items, especially older pieces of clothing up for sale, if you’re not focused on making cash.

Joining is 100% free and you can get 100 XNK for free just by joining right now.

Selling Fee:  10% of the final sale
App Rating:  4.2/5


The Bump focuses only on streetwear that’s limited in release, so if you’re selling something that’s not considered to be unique, then you probably want to skip this option.

But if you feel you have a limited edition, then the Bump Streetwear app encourages you to list your items.

To start selling, you MUST connect your Paypal account when creating a listing, and in doing so, all of your payments will be sent to this Paypal address on file.

All transactions will take place within the app, and like most of these apps, the selling process is relatively straightforward.

Create a listing, add some photos, write a description and patiently wait for a buyer.

Then, when the item sells, ship it off to the buyer, but do know you will be responsible for the shipping fees.

Again, this is a very unique app that only will accept limited edition clothing, so do keep that in mind.

Selling Fee:  6% of final sale + Paypal
App Rating:  4.6/5


Carousell is a community-based marketplace that allows you to buy and sell just about everything, ranging from clothing to even large items like furniture.

Create a beautiful listing in less than 30 seconds, with the option to add up to four photos per listing and the ability to add to unique groups, all of which I talk about next here.

Now, what makes this app unique is that it allows you to sell to particular groups in your area, such as neighborhood groups, interest groups, school groups and more.  That way, if you were to sell inside one of these groups, it would be more targeted and trustworthy in a sense.

If someone ends up interested in your listing, they can then chat with you, where you can then either meet up or ship to their home if they buy directly from you online.

You can learn more about the selling process on the official website FAQ.

Selling Fee:  0% selling fee
App Rating:  4.4/5
Download:  ANDROID | IOS


All from the comfort of your phone, Depop lets you sell any pre-owned clothes with a click of a few buttons.

Take a picture, create a quick description, name your price and wait for a buyer to arrive.

And if your item sells, the company will take a flat 10%, but other small charges may apply, depending on whether the transaction was considered to be a Classic or Wallet one.

Unlike a lot of these apps, Depop created a buyer/selling community, in which they allow you to like items and even follow sellers, similar to that of Instagram.

As an “Editor’s Choice” on the Google Play store as I review it, Depop had more than 25,000 reviews, with a 4.2/5 rating.

Selling Fee:  flat 10% selling fee
App Rating:  4.2/5
Download:  ANDROID | IOS


The app store is filled with a lot of Craigslist clones, with 5miles yet another one that works just like the massive classified website.

Highly rated, 5miles makes selling quite easy and is different in many ways.

For one, the app requires buyers and sellers to verify their number to reduce spam and fraud.  This is a great security measure to make you feel more comfortable if meeting up.

Secondly, through the Boost feature, the app lets you move your listing to the top, but you do have to pay for more exposure if you choose.

And lastly, while the company focuses on local opportunities, you can ship your items if you wish.

To sell, simply snap a picture, enter your zip code and wait for someone to message you to start the transaction.

As no money exchange hands on the app, you may have to meet in person, but the app does offer a cool feature, known as Safe Area Exchange Locator (SEAL) feature, which allows you to find a secure meetup spot in your area.   But, again, if you don’t want to meet in person, you can choose to ship your item as well.

All buyer and sellers will have a rating/review system, just like eBay, and 5miles promises to not share your information with anyone.

Selling Fee:  NO fees (can pay more to “boost” your ad, but optional)
App Rating:  4.5/5


Known as a curated peer-to-peer marketplace for menswear only, the Grailed app allows you to easily sell your clothing to other fashion enthusiasts.

To start selling an item, create a free account, upload at least three photos, select a market category and then fill in additional information such as adding a designer, size and description.

Then, once priced accordingly, your listing will be posted in the appropriate section, where it will wait for a buyer.  Once sold, you will ship it off to the buyer’s location.

Again, this app is for men’s fashion only and focuses on luxury brands, so if you’re not selling either or, then it’s probably best to skip out and try another app.

Selling Fee: 6% selling fee
App Rating:  3.2/5


Mercari, known as the “Selling App” is said to be the fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything.   As I’m writing this, for instance, the app has more than 100,000 reviews on the Google Play store, with a 4.4/5 average rating.

From clothing to toys, selling is as easy as snapping a picture, listing your item and waiting for someone to buy.  No meetups are required as you’re required to ship the item to your buyer.

And if your item sells, Mercari will charge a flat 10% selling fee once the sale has been successfully completed.

Now, unlike eBay, with Mercari, you will set a fixed price and no bidding process is required.  Yes, you can set a “buy it now” price on eBay, I know, but Mercari could be a great second option as more than 100,00 items are listed every day!

Mercari offers 24/7 customer support and even a buyer protection guarantee, where the company holds the payment until the item is delivered and the buyer confirms as it was described.

Selling Fee:  flat 10% selling fee
App Rating:  4.4/5


Poshmark notes that you can list your unwanted clothing in less than 60 seconds with just a few clicks.  Snap a photo, fill in the description and set the price.

Then, once you make a sale, Poshmark can provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label that you can slap on a box and have picked up from home for free, saving you a trip to the post office.

Whenever you make a sale with Poshmark, the company charges a flat $2.95 fee for items less than $15 or 20% of the listing price if the item sells for more than $15.

With more than 51,000 reviews and a 4.3/5 rating, Poshmark could net you a few extra dollars for your unwanted clothes and expose your listing to a large audience.

Selling Fee:  $2.95 for items less than $15 or 20% if item more than $50
App Rating:  4.3/5
  ANDROID | IOS is an online consignment shop, in which they will accept your clothes and sell them for a fee on their storefront.

Here’s how it works…

Head to the official website, request a prepaid shipping label and then fill up a box with all of the clothing you want to sell and ship it off to the company’s warehouse.

Once the company receives your box, they will inspect the clothing and let you know what’s acceptable to sell on the website.  Do keep in mind they won’t accept everything, however.

You can read more about the selling policy via the company’s official FAQ.

Then, when your item sells, they will send you an email and credit your account, which you can cash out.

While you can’t sell on the app, you can buy on it if you’re interested in buying low-cost second-hand clothing.

I just wanted to include it because it is a great option if you don’t want to deal with the public and want to leave the dirty work up to someone else.  Check out my review for more information.

Selling Fee:  15% sales proceeds (cash) under $8 or 70% sales proceeds (cash) $8.01 and above
App Rating:  3.3/5


On Tradesy, you can clear out your closet and sell any clothing in great condition.

And if something does sell, they will send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit so that you can ship out your order to your buyer.

Working a lot like Poshmark, it works in the same way, but one key difference seems to be the volume.

In comparison to the reviews, the Poshmark app had close to 50,000+ reviews, whereas Tradesy had only 1,600, about 31 times fewer.  If this translated to seller volume, then you could imagine your listing may not be exposed to as many potential buyers.  I can’t confirm this, though!

Selling Fee:  $7.50 for items less than $50 or 19.8% commission rate for $50 or more.
App Rating:  4.2/5


With more than 11 million members, Vinted not only lets you sell or buy clothing, but you can swap with other members as well.

Listing your clothing is free, but just like most of these selling apps, final selling fees need to be factored in, with the app taking 19% of the item’s final selling price.

This is quite high in comparisons to others, but no matter how expensive the item is, the company will never take more than $5.

To list, it’s pretty easy…

Just take a picture of your clothes, create a description, price it and wait for it to sell.

When someone is interested, you can chat with one another using the app’s secure chat system.

Then, when a buyer receives your item, your funds are transferred to your Paypal.

Selling Fee:  19% of the final selling price
App Rating:  4.4/5

Apps to Sell Clothes Locally (Need to Meet in Person)

In this section, I wanted to talk about all of the great apps that you could use if you don’t mind meeting the buyer in person.

Yes, just like Craigslist, the following apps I mention below are highly rated, have a TON of downloads (meaning more eyeballs on your ad) and could be a great choice if, again, you don’t mind exchanging hands locally.

Now, the great thing about these apps is that you don’t have to worry about delivery fees nor do you have to worry about shipping the goods out.  It’s as easy as talking with the buyer, meeting in a SAFE spot and getting your cash.


While Craigslist does not have an official app, there are a variety of highly rated third-party apps on the app store that you could consider downloading if Craigslist is your go-to.

As one of the oldest classified websites on the Internet, I don’t think Craigslist needs an explanation, but if you’re unfamiliar, I’ll explain it quickly.

Working just like a newspaper classified ad service, Craigslist is free and it allows you to post just about anything, including clothes.

Add pictures, write a detailed description and be sure to post it to the right category.  Then, when someone is interested, they will contact you either via phone or email, whatever you prefer.

As this section focuses on meetups, yes, you will have to meet with your buyer in person, so make sure you always meet in a safe spot, I can’t stress this enough.

Again, since Craigslist does not offer its own official app, here are a few to consider:

There are a TON of third-party Craigslist apps, but these were the top three most downloaded apps when I checked the Google Play store.


Quite possibly the best alternative to Craigslist, the letgo app has more than 75 million downloads and 200+ million listings.

Working a lot differently than the apps mentioned above, you will have to meet up with someone in person if someone decides they want to buy your clothes or any item for that matter.  So if this idea scares you, then it’s best to stick the eBay-type apps where you can simply ship it off.

To use letgo, simply take a photo or multiple photos if you so choose, create a description, select a category, set your price and list!

Then, once active, people in your community will be able to find your listing and message you to meet up if you mutually agree.

Again, working a lot differently, you will have to choose a meeting spot and often take cash in person, so if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then I cannot stress it enough — use one of the many other alternatives as no human interaction is required.  Also, play it smart and ALWAYS meet in a safe spot, such as a busy parking lot or police station.

Selling Fee:  NO fees (have to meet in person)
App Rating:  4.5/5


Working just like letgo, OfferUp makes it easy to sell the things you want in your neighborhood with people you trust.

Said to take less than 30 seconds to list your item, OfferUp lets you sell anything, including clothing.

Then, once your post is live, it will show up in anyone’s feed who lives nearby and is either scrolling for clothing in particular or just scrolling the app.

OfferUp does work on a reputation system, so don’t be surprised if it’s hard to sell at first without any feedback; however, if you continue to use the app enough, you can build your reputation points to become more trustworthy.

As mentioned, you must meet the buyer in person if they are interested in your clothing, so do make sure it’s always in a safe, crowded place.

Selling Fee:  NO fees (have to meet in person)
App Rating:  4.6/5


Considered to be a virtual garage sale app, VarageSale considers itself to be the only app based on a 100% real identity since everyone goes through a manual review process before they are able to sell.

To sell, simply post your pictures, add a description and set your price, all of which takes less than 60 seconds to do.

Then, when someone is interested, you will receive a notification, where you can chat with the potential buyer.

After finalizing the deal, you will need to schedule a meetup, in which both the buyer and seller need to agree upon a location and time of the week.

Unfortunately, VarageSale doesn’t have a shipping option but should be a consideration if you don’t want to meet someone face-to-face.

Selling Fee:  NO fees (have to meet in person)
App Rating:  4.5/5


Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market that you can use to buy just about anything in your area, just like a newspaper classified ad.

It’s fast, easy and best of all, you’re buying local, so you always know who you are dealing with.

Now, before you get excited, the app is limited to the following cities, so if you don’t live in one, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the app:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • St. Louis
  • Washington DC

More than ten million people have used the app, with selling easier than ever.

Just take a picture, add a description and wait for someone to contact you.

Not much different than the other apps listed in this section, it never hurts to add your clothing to as many of these apps as possible to maximize your exposure.

Selling Fee:  NO fees (have to meet in person)
App Rating:  4.4/5

Facebook Buy Sell Trade

And lastly, I want to include Facebook as they do have a wonderful buy, sell and trade section, where, like Craigslist, you can sell just about anything.

Now, like a few of the apps I mentioned prior, the Facebook Marketplace can target local people, so you won’t have to travel far to meet someone.  Plus, you can look at the buyer’s Facebook profile to get a small taste as to who you are dealing with, too.

To list on the buy, sell trade section, open your Facebook app and look for the storefront-like icon at the top of your screen.  Click it, tap “sell” and fill out the information.

Then, once your listing is live, people who are local to you can either search for your items or see your pictures as they scroll the marketplace.

To use the Facebook Marketplace, you do not need a seprate app as it’s all integerated with the official Facebook app.

Selling Fee:  NO fees (have to meet in person)
App Rating:  4.1/5

Tips When Selling Clothes Online

Now that you know where to sell the clothes, I just wanted to share some tips that can help you succeed and get the most money possible for your listing.

From expert opinions I researched online to my own personal experiences, here’s what you should consider:

1.  Pictures Are Important

As with any listing online, whether it’s clothing or an electronic, for that matter, pictures are SO important.

Always make sure you utilize natural light and capture your images with a high-quality camera.

From the buyer’s angle, you will want to make sure you can inspect the clothing closely for any signs of wear and tear.

2.  Watch the Trends

Clothing is very trendy, and if you’re trying to sell something that’s 10 years old, then, you may have a hard time selling it.

threadUP, for instance, only accepts clothing newer than five years old and it’s for good reason.

So while I won’t discourage you to not sell, you may be better off donating it if you’re having a hard time getting rid of your old wardrobe.

3.  Be Specific with Measurements

It’s easy enough to just say the shirt is a “medium,” but a buyer may want more information, such as the neck width or even the exact length.   Or for a dress, they may want to know the shoulders, waist, bust, hip and exact length.  I think you get the picture.

As all brands vary, most buyers want a “feel” for the garment, almost like they are trying it on, so the more specific you can be with the measurements, the better it will be for your listing.

4.  Never Lie

While it’s tempting to say it looks like new, even though it’s been through the washer 50 times, it’s just going to hurt you in the end.

As many of these websites highly depend on feedback, it’s important to keep this score as clean as possible, especially if you plan on selling frequently in the future.

So if the clothing is in poor shape, then why the heck would someone else want it? Just donate it or toss it if a donation doesn’t make sense.

It’s a cliche for a good reason:  Honesty is the BEST policy.

5.  Think Customer Service

Even though you’re a one-man/woman show, don’t ignore any requests that come your way.

While I’m not saying that you should answer within 30 seconds of receiving it, at least attempt to answer or acknowledge the question within reason.

And if the customer ends up being unhappy with the purchase, be sure to refer to the app’s return policy to know what you’re responsible for.  Worst case, ask for the clothing back to attempt to resell it again so you don’t lose out on both your cash and clothing.

6.  Do Your Research

Since most of these apps make you price it yourself, it’s important to price your garments accordingly.

And unless your item is unique, there’s a GREAT chance someone else has sold the same item in the past before, giving you a glimpse as to what you could get for your clothing.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there’s no one best clothing app because it GREATLY depends on what you’re looking for.

Are you comfortable meeting someone in person?

If so, you could have cash in hand in as little as a few hours with the apps mentioned at the end.

However, if you don’t want to meet in person, that’s fine as well as there are a variety of apps to consider as well, but I would just make sure you choose an app with a large audience and low fees.

And you don’t want to bother selling?

Skip the entire selling process and just send your clothes to thredUP to get instant cash!

Do you have a favorite?  Have you had any luck?  Bad luck?

I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite clothing apps.

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