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Free Razors: How to Get Them Right Now

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There’s a good chance that you shave multiple times a week and are in need of razors quite often.

Well, what if I told you that there was a way to get free razors and it won’t cost you a cent?

I know it sounds spammy, but I promise it’s not.  I don’t work that way here!

In today’s simple guide, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can get free razors online.  It’s as simple as adding your contact information and waiting for your razors to arrive.

How to Get Free Razors and Samples


Every month, PINCHme sends out exciting products which you can sample.  It’s 100% free to join and the products are sent to your doorstep at no cost.

While the company doesn’t always send razors, they have done so in the past.  If that’s what you want, then you can request it, as they will ask for your permission before a product is sent.

To look at the products sent in the past as well as to add your name to the database, be sure to follow the link below.  It’s 100% free.


Like a lot of major companies, the very popular Philips razor company has a beta testing program, where you can test razors for free.

All you have to do is sign up as a beta tester and then wait for an invite.

Nothing is guaranteed here, but if you meet the demographic profile they are looking for, you have a very good chance of getting an invite.

It’s free to sign up.

P&G Good Everyday

P&G, like Philips, offers a product testing program as well where you can test more than 60+ brands, including razors.  It’s a pinch different, however.

When you sign up, you can take quizzes, answer surveys and even scan your receipts which showcase P&G products.  In doing so, you can earn rewards, in which you can cash out for free razors.

To learn more about the program and start earning free razors, you can do so via the link below.


Bic will often send out free coupons and even rebates when you sign up for their newsletter.  A few razor companies do this, so it doesn’t hurt to at least signup and see what comes your way.

You won’t get the freebies immediately, but history shows they do send out coupons frequently, so be sure to be on the lookout.

You can find the email newsletter sign-up page near the bottom of the homepage linked below.

  • Website:  Bic


This one isn’t a guarantee right now, but I recommend you sign up for the free Schick email newsletter.

If you do, what you will find out is that they will send out free coupons from time to time.  Just make sure you whitelist the email address so that it doesn’t end up in your spam.

Gillette (Almost Free)

I wanted to add this one here as it’s almost free.

Gillette offers a subscription service, where they will send you razors based on your schedule preference.  The cool thing about this service is that they will send you the first month free. However, you need to pay shipping, which can be up to $4.   If you sign up for their email list, though, they will send you a coupon, which you can apply to your total, bringing it down to almost nothing.

Again, it’s not 100% free, but it will only cost you a dollar or so.  I just wanted to include it here because it’s a fantastic deal.

Just remember to cancel before the next billing period to avoid a monthly charge.

NOTE:  I have heard that if you join the Gillette social media channels, you can often score freebies as well.  It doesn’t hurt to follow the products to see what comes your way in the future.

Search Coupon Matchup Sites

This isn’t a company, per se, but I wanted to show you how you can potentially get free razors if you’re willing to visit a local store chain and use a coupon.

Two of my favorite coupon match sites, Krazy Coupon Lady and CouponMom, both show you which coupons you need to use in order to get items for free.

For example, on the Krazy Coupon Lady, you will explore the “Stores” tab and then choose a store nearby that sells razors, such as CVS, Walgreen’s, etc.

Once you click on that store, you can see the deals of the week, sometimes highlighting free razors or greatly reduced razor prices.  You can also search for them if you wish to do so.

I highly recommend you bookmark and check out these websites frequently as the good deals often go fast.

Final Thoughts

That wraps it up!

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to get free razors for both women and men.  While some options won’t be instant, you could score a freebie in the future.  Just add your name and see if anything good comes your way.

Aside from these specific companies, check out the many freebie websites out there that I have talked about in the past.  So many times, they will list freebies such as this, and it doesn’t hurt to at least bookmark a few of your favorites to see what’s floating around out there.  All of the sites listed on that post are 100% legit, so you won’t have to worry about a scam.

And, as always, if you want to add to the list or you want to comment on what’s mentioned above, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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