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Free Stickers: 200+ Companies That Mail Them in 2023

Some of the links may be from a sponsor. Advertising Disclosure

If you’re a fan of collecting stickers, did you know there are hundreds of companies that are willing to send you a sticker for free just for asking?

In just a few minutes, you could have as many as 20, 30 or maybe even a hundred stickers in less than a week.

And, the process is simple.

Follow the links, request the sticker and if approved, the company will then generally send a confirmation email in regards to your order.  Usually, it takes up to four weeks to receive it.

Now, with a lot of these so-called free stickers list, bloggers will link to offers which make them money and a lot of the links they link out to will ask you to pay a shipping fee.

This makes me mad!

If I am going to a “free” list, do I really want to fork over $3 for my free sticker or send a self-addressed envelope?

Listed below are the most recent resources where you can get a free sticker with NO strings attached AND NO SASE (self addressed, self-stamped envelope) required, I promise.  These are 100% free.

Just sign up and the sticker is yours.

NOTE:  Do keep in mind that if you follow the link, the company will only send you the sticker only if you agree to join their mailing list, which means you should be prepared for a lot of promotional material.  This is the case with most of these free sticker offerings, but to be certain, read the fine print when signing up for the free sticker for more information.  NEVER give you out your credit card information, either.  All of these, at least when I posted them, did not require a credit card.  If you notice any offers have changed and are starting to ask for this, alert me so I can remove it immediately.  Lastly, almost all offers are for U.S. residents only, sorry! 🙁

Companies That Send Cool Free Stickers by Mail (NO SASE)

Abortion Rights

Show your support for abortion rights and request a free sticker with


If you’re an ACLU voter, then the organization will send you a free sticker when you complete the form and join the “People Power volunteer program.”


It is said that if you email Adidas customer service, they will send out a few small stickers for free.

AFTCO (American Fish and Tackle)

Love to fish?

If so, AFTCO, a fishing apparel retailer, will send you a free sticker via this submission form.

Just allow up to six weeks for your sticker to arrive due to the high demand.

Alpenglow Adventure Sports

If you want a free starter pack from Alpenglow Adventure Sports, you can sign up for their email list here.

Alzheimer’s Association

Fill out this form and the Alzheimer’s Association will send you a “End of Alzheimer’s Starts with Me” stickers for free.

American Express

If you own a business and need credit card decals and/or American Express themed decals for your window, then you can order them here.

This is for business owners who accept credit cards only.

American Farmland Trust

Get a free No Farms, No Food bumper sticker when you fill out this form.

Here, the message is simple:  America’s farms provide an unparalleled abundance of fresh, healthy, and local food, but they are rapidly disappearing.


Need an Apple Pay decal for your business?

Place a free order via Apple and receive one glass decal, two register decals and six terminal decals.

For businesses ONLY.   Personal requests will be denied more than likely, so please do abuse this form.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will send you a free emergency pet alert (pet rescue) window sticker when you sign the pledge.


Backcountry, an online retailer that sells about just anything outdoors related, will send you a free Goat sticker for those GOAT moments.

The sticker is free, but due to the high demand, the company sends them out to U.S. requests only every quarter.

Banner and Oak

Banner and Oak, an apparel brand focused on headgear for the adventurer, will send you a free sticker when you fill out this request form.

Belong Designs

Belong Designs will send you a free branded Belong sticker when you follow the directions via this Tweet.

Bernie Sanders

There’s no word if Bernie Sanders will run in the next presidential election, but if you join the movement, the campaign will send you a free sticker.


Fill out the following form and get yourself a free Biden Harris sticker.  You can consider donating to the current campaign, but this is 100% optional.

Billionaires Can’t Buy Me

If you support the message, then request your free sticker, courtesy of the Democracy for America and

Blue Wave 2020

Believe in the “Blue Wave” this upcoming election season?  If so, share your values and request a free Blue Wave 2020 sticker.


All new Boardcave members can get a free sticker after signing up for an account.  Boardcave is the world’s largest community of surfboard nerds.

Buddha Pants

BuddhaPants, the creator of the harem drop-crotch pants, are available in nine sizes and over 35 pattern and sizes which fit in your pocket.

If interested in a Buddha-like yoga sticker, the company will send a free sticker AND a free tattoo when you request it via their online store form.

Change the Ending

To get your free Change the Ending decal, just let them know where to send it via this form.

Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach

Show off your favorite area of North Myrtle Beach with a free Cherry Grove 2-inch sticker.

Supplies are limited and do not be surprised if there’s a backlog.


Chipotle is said to send out stickers when you email the support team, but your results may vary.

Claar Cellars

Claar Cellars, a cellar located in Washington state, will send you a sticker as long as you live in the United States.


Your results may vary, but the blogger at Zero Dollar Experiment was able to snag a few by e-mailing the company.

Here’s how he did it.  Try this form to get yours.


Compgraphx, an online sticker printer, will send you sticker samples at no charge.  Just be sure to know what kind of sticker samples you’d like.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Do you love birds?

If so, then the Cornell Lab of Ornithology wants to send you an ” I ♡ Birds” decal free of charge!

Sign up via the form here.


An online outdoor clothing retailer, Cotopaxi will send you a free sticker shaped like a llama (you can see it when you click the link).

Simply fill out this request form and request your free sticker.

United States residents only.


This is possible, but not guaranteed.  Fill out the form and ask nicely to see if they can send you some stickers.


The DCCC is giving away a “Thank FDR for Social Security” stickers when you fill out this simple form via

Also, if you browse the wesite, it appears they constantly add new stickers you can request.

Donald J Trump

Add your name to the list and receive your Trump for President sticker.

Dr. Pepper

Fill out this contact form and politely ask for a free sticker and your chances are pretty good, according to these Reddit users.

Element Skateboards

Element Skateboards wants to send you stickers free of charge when you fill out their request form.

Only available to U.S. residents only, they ask that you wait up to six weeks to receive them due to demand.

EOS Lip Balm

It is said that if you email info AT, they may send you stickers.  Just be sure to include your address and ask nicely.


EVO, the leading online retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel, will send you a free sticker when you join their e-mail newsletter.

Limit one request per person, and they can only ship to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Fight Fascism

Request your free “Fight Fascism” via this Gdocs form.

Fish Hippie

By the name, you probably already know what this sticker is going to look like.

Yes, a fish as the focal point of this free sticker.

As an online clothing retailer, Fish Hippie will send you a free sticker when you fill out this form.


When you sign up for the free FishTrack newsletter, the company will send you a free sticker that says “Land Sucks!” when you confirm your address.

However, according to the fine print, the sticker is only available in some regions, so your results may vary.

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport, the official supplier to the garage gym movement, will send you a free sticker PACK when you fill out the form.

They kindly ask that you limit it to one per household and are a U.S. resident.


Lots of reports online state that you can request a free sticker via the “Share a comment” link.  Ask nicely and be sure you live in the United States.


Join the G-Crew and you can receive more information as to how to receive your free stickers.


This Reddit user had great success when he contacted the Glock customer service requesting a sticker.


According to an employee at GoPro, if you get in touch with support, they can help get you a free sticker.

Grand Trunk

Grand Truck, an online retailer for “essential adventure gear and hammocks” wants to send you a sticker of their logo.

While the company did say they had a backlog, they may eventually send you one.

Just fill out this form to add your name to the list.


Harley-Davidson, at the time of publishing this, was offering “THE STICKER JACKPOT,” to help show your love of racing on two wheels.

If interested in a free sticker pack, fill out the form and the pack is sent on its way.

However, this is while supplies last, so it may not be available at the time of visiting the website.

Health Reformer

Offering a few free sticker options relating to alcohol and tobacco, the will send you a free sticker of choice as long as you fill out this form.

Honeybee Gardens

Every Monday, Honeybee Gardens will offer one of their official stickers, free of charge with no credit card required.

Human Rights Campaign

Want an equality sticker?  Support the LGBT community?

If you believe in equality, then the Human Rights Campaign wants to send you a free HRC sticker.

Fill out your information here and they will send you one with no strings attached.

Hytest Safety Footwear

Complete the form here and HYTEST will send you a free sticker.

Impeach Trump

I’m not political on this website, but if you believe in this message and want a free political sticker, will send you a free anti-Trump sticker of your choice when you fill out the online form.

Import Crate

To request your free Import Crate sticker, you must qualify, but don’t worry, the qualifications are rather easy.  Follow this link to see how you can sang yours.

In-N-Out Burger

While the company doesn’t claim they will send you free stickers via its request form, multiple people online have noted that they were able to receive them simply by asking.

If interested, fill out this request form and just ask them if any free stickers are available.

Also, if you find yourself at a local In-N-Out Burger, they may have some on hand that they are able to give you as well.

International Rescue Committee

Together, the International Rescue Committee wants to show everyone that communities can be a safe place for refugees.  Let them know you support them with a free sticker.

TIP:  If you have a few bucks laying around, stop wasting your time here and buy 100 PREMIUM stickers from amazing brands instead.  Only a few bucks!

Jelly Belly

Send the Jelly Belly team an email requesting a sticker and you should receive a response if they have some in stock!

Jerk Your Meat

If you love jerky but hate the packaged items at the gas station, then you may want to give Jerk Your Meat a try.

Follow them on Instagram and signup for their e-mail newsletter and the company will send you a free sticker.


JIBIJ, an online retailer for ski gears, send out a free die cut sticker via this JIBIJ.

Kaleidoscope Coffee Company

The Kaleidoscope Coffee Company will send you your very own “glossy, full color, waterproof 3-inch” sticker when you fill out the form here.

If you live near a physical location, then you can pick up one in person as well.


Keds, a popular shoe company, will send you a free sticker, either in the shape of a shoe or through its “#ladiesfirst” campaign, when you fill out this form.

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party will send you a free bumper sticker when you sign up for their e-mail newsletter.

Life is Good

The blogger at Zero Dollar Experiment, again, was able to snag a few by e-mailing the company.

Here’s how he did it if interested.

Again, this isn’t guaranteed, but could be worth a shot!


LIVSN, a retailer for dynamic and sustainable outdoor clothing, is said to send you a free sticker via this form.

Lucky Knot

An online retailer that focuses specifically on nautical-like themed clothing will offer you a sticker at no cost via this request form.

With a variety of options, the choices, which are sent at random it appears, seems to include their logo, which features a boat anchor, or even a whale, to name a few.

If you follow the link above, you can see a few of the pictures some of their customers took in the past.

Madera Outdoor

Madera Outdoors wants you to “keep spreading the Tribe vibe in new places” with a free sticker.


Medico Apparel will send you at least one free sticker as long as you follow them on either Twitter or Instagram.

If interested, you can fill out this form and proof of your social media follow.


I saw via a few resources that Merrell will send you a few free stickers AND patches that can be ironed onto your clothes.

While not guaranteed, you just need to ask via their live chat.

Michigan Radio

Want to show the world how much you love Michigan Radio and NPR?

If so, you can fill out the form via the radio’s official website and request your free bumper stickers and window clings.


If you want to show your support for the U.S. troops, then MilitaryTimes wants to send you a free sticker, allowing you to choose from five options.

These options include showing support for the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy.

Fill out this form and most stickers will ship out within three weeks.


Krazy Coupon Lady notes that if you chat with a Mizuno chat agent and request stickers, they will send you a few large ones and even a lanyard!

Missoula, Montana

The Missoula, Montana, tourism board will love to send you a free “MIM” sticker when you sign up for their free newsletter.


If you need extra space for your wheelchair accessible vehicle, then the company will send out free decals when you fill out this form.

Mogu Mogu

Enter to win back to school supplies with Mogu Mogu.  Every entry, regardless of the outcome, wins a free Mogu Mogu sticker.


An online as well as a brick and mortar store, Moosejaw specializes in everything outdoor recreation, ranging from backpacking to biking.

If you want an outdoorsy-like sticker for free, head to this form and fill it out to have one sent directly to your mailbox.

Moose Tracks

Moose Tracks, the popular ice cream flavor/brand, will send you a free sticker OR a magnet by mail when you fill out the form.

In doing so, the company will also send out a members-only official MTX Nation sticker.

Moshe Popack

Enter your information via this form and receive a free #POSITIVITY sticker courtesy of


MountainTools California, an online retailer of climber’s gear, will send you a free sticker pack, ranging from a California-looking license plate to one that says “climb.”

You can see a variety of the sticker options they could send you on their website.

Fill out the form here if interested.

MoveOn members take on big issues and fight until real change is made.

If you support their cause, then you can request your free Blue Wave sticker here.


The Media Research Center will send you a free “I don’t believe the liberal media” bumper sticker when you sign the petition.


Myriad, a coin for everyone, wants you to spread the word with a free sticker.

Due to the high demand, they do ask you wait up to eight weeks for delivery.

Netlify Swag

Netlify is on a mission to build a better web and they want you to join.  The stickers, while not always in stock, are 100% free if you’re able to request one.

New York Water

If you love New York water, you can request a free “I Love NY Water” by following the instructions on this page.

North Face

Your results may vary, but the blogger at Zero Dollar Experiment, again, was able to snag a few by e-mailing the company.

Here’s how he did it., a proof-of-diversity blockchain, will send out free stickers free of charge.  Limited supply, however.  First come, first serve.


This is another try at your own risk, but some online said Oakley would send you free stickers just by asking via their official website.

Obama Legacy

He may not be our president anymore but he still lives on.  Request your free “Obama Legacy” sticker through the DCCC.

OC Diesel

Fill out the form on the official OC Diesel website and they will send you an email with further instructions as to how you can get a free sticker.

OC Diesel is an online retailer for performance parts for Dodge, Ford and GM diesel trucks.

Oklahoma Travel

Oklahoma offers a variety of freebies, including #OKHereWeGo stickers, all free of charge. wants to spread the #itrainonline movement via free stickers.

Fill out the form and Coach Jon will personally send you one.


Known for backpacks, travel bags and a lot of other outdoor-related gear, Osprey wants to send you a free sticker via this form.

They simply ask you wait up to six weeks to receive your sticker in the mail.

Partners in Health

Partners in Health believes in health care as a human right and wants you to help spread the message with a free sticker.


Patagonia, a well-known retailer known for its quality outdoor clothing for a wide range of sports, offers a free sticker and/or catalog when you fill out this request form.

Pelican Coast Clothing Company

The Pelican Coast Clothing Company, as you may have guessed, features a pelican on two of its sticker freebie options.

A company known for its preppy-like styled clothing, you just need to fill out this form to receive your free pelican-themed sticker.


Some have had luck by messaging Pepsi and simply asking for a sticker.

Those who had luck doing this mention adding your mailing address in the initial request as they tend to just mail the sticker and will not reply to your email.


Yes, PETA offers stickers, specifically designed for kids, which range from a chicken to a dog, with a saying next to it.

Stickers are available to both U.S. and Canadian residents, and to request, you can do so via the official PETA website.

Pipeline Fighter

The Energy Action Coalition wants to create a clean energy future and they need your help.

To help block the pipelines that add to our collective destruction, you can do so by requesting a free sticker here.


It’s easy to request your free POW stickers.  Just register via this form and wait up to three weeks for delivery.

Pray for America

Pledge to pray for America and the CBN will send you a free sticker and additional resources.


Show your PRIDE with these free stickers courtesy of Nextgen America.

Punisher Skateboards

The famous skateboard brand, Punisher, will send you a free sticker when you fill out this form.

Rails to Trails Conservancy

The Rails to Trails Conservancy is a bit different than most listed here as they ask you to fill out a short survey if you want a free sticker.

About 15 short questions long, after you answer, you can enter your mailing address to receive your free sticker that displays the organization’s logo.


From time to time, REI will open up its free sticker form.

If the form is closed, then the company recommends calling a local store to see if they have any free stickers in stock.

Rice Krispies

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies wants to spread the love to as many families as possible with their braille stickers.

If interested, you can fill out this form.

Royal Trappings

Royal Trappings, an online clothing retailer based out of Southern California, will send a free sticker pack to all USA addresses when you fill out this form.


Want a free RVCA sticker?

If so, you can sign up for the company’s e-mail newsletter here and they will send you instructions as to how you can get yours with NO strings attached.

Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.


Saucony, a popular running shoe brand, will send out a free sticker with no strings attached via this form.

Limit one per household and is available to U.S. consumers only.

Save the Post Office

Fill out this form and MoveOn will send you a “We Love Mail Carriers” sticker.


SharkLove, a home and resource for shark lovers, will send you a free sticker via this request form.

Shaboo Prints

Shaboo Prints wants to send you a sticker when download their app and scan the reusable sticker found on their site.  USA residents only.

Simple Machine Designs

Fill out the following form as well as follow them on Instagram and Facebook to receive your free sticker ASAP.

Sinclair Oil Corp

The Sinclair Oil Corp wants to send you a free dino sticker.  Shipped to the United States only with no strings attached.

Skip the Straw

Take the challenge and show your support by signing up.  In return, they will ship out a free sticker.

Love soil?  I mean, who doesn’t?

If so, then the “I Love Soil” campaign via the Social Science Society of America will send you several stickers when you complete form.

TIP:  If you have a few bucks laying around, stop wasting your time here and buy 100 PREMIUM stickers from amazing brands instead.  Only a few bucks!

Southern Cross

Southern Cross Apparel, an outdoor inspired online retailer, will send you a free sticker when you request one here.

Southern Marsh Collection

The Southern Marsh Collection allows you to choose from seven options via its free form, primarily featuring their unique logo.

A retailer known for its preppy-like clothing, the duck is known to be the centerpiece of the brand — a great sticker choice for those who enjoy birds.

Southern Poverty Center

Fill out the form to receive a free Y’all Means All bumper sticker.

Sparks Radio

Fill out the second form, just below the contract form, to receive your free Sparks Radio sticker.


All things nautical, Sperry will send you a free sticker PACK if you fill out this form.

From the looks of it, the stickers range from a pair of shoes to a simple two-colored look., a “generation raised on the ideals of independent music,” will send a free sticker when you fill out this request form.

Telluride, the online guide to Telluride, Colorado, will send you a simple”TEL” white sticker when you fill out the form via their official website.

TETON Sports

If you want to share your love for the outdoors, then TETON Sports wants you to request a free sticker via this form.

TETON Sports is an online retailer which sells multiple outdoor products such as sleeping bags, tents, cots and more.

TNT Fireworks

When you join the free TNT Fireworks club, they will include a poster, sticker, magnet, tattoos and more!

Together We Rise

Helping children in foster care, Together We Rise will send you a free sticker to help raise awareness.

According to the company’s website, stickers are sent out every two weeks.

True North Trout

If you’re a fan of fly fishing, True North Trout will send you one of their fancy decals at no cost when you fill out this form., a vegetarian-based website known for its slogan, “Compassion Over Killing,” wants to send out their popular sticker kit when you fill out this form.

When you do, they will send you TWO within two weeks of placement.  U.S. addresses only.

Under Armour

It is said that if you e-mail Under Armour, they will send you free stickers and a nice personalized letter.

United We Dream

Say to no to supporting ICE in any way via these free support stickers.  Five to choose from, 100% free via this form.


Sign up for a Team Valvoline account, and after doing so, click on the “rewards” tab to request two free stickers.


If you love the VANS brand, multiple people said they would send stickers if you kindly ask the customer support team.

Even though the website states you need to send a SASE, these Reddit users said a quick email with your address can often bypass this requirement.

Vape Street Wear

Vape Street Wear, a collection of t-shirts, will send you a free sticker pack via this form.

Vineyard Vines

If you want a Vineyard Vines sticker, it is said you can get the whale stickers for free if you contact the company.

However, your results will vary, but it appeared many people had great luck by simply requesting one.


VonZipper, a company that specializes in eyewear for surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, will send you a free sticker with no strings attached when you fill out the following form on their website.

West Coast Outdoorsman

If you would like a sticker with the West Coast Outdoorsman logo on it, just fill out this form.

West Path

West Path, an online retailer of yoga gear, surf accessories and apparel, will send you a free surf-like sticker when you fill out the form here.

West Virginia

The West Virginia tourism board will send you a sticker along with a free vacation guide.

To request both, simply fill out this form to tell where they should send the sticker.


It is said if you e-mail the Whataburger team, they will send you a random sticker.  Your results will vary, though!

Sign up for the free e-newsletter and the Women’s Institute for Financial Education will send you an “A Man is Not a Financial Plan” sticker.

Wild Tribute

Want a free sticker that honors the national parks and public lands?

Then you may want to request a free sticker via the website.

This sticker, in the shape of a bison head, will “pay tribute where legacy roams.”

If you love WORLD radio, then you should let everything know with the “The World and Everything in it” sticker.

Fill out the information on this form and allow up to four weeks for delivery.

Yard Sign Army

The Yard Sign Amery is offer free vinyl bumper stickers with six choices to choose from.

Your Vote Is Your Voice

As the title proclaims, your vote is your voice.  Fill out this form to receive a free sticker designed by artist Thomas Wimberly.


While you can request a free sticker online via the official Zumiez website, the best way to get a sticker for free is via a local store.

By visiting one, simply walk in and ask for your sticker.  If one is in stock, you will receive one with no strings attached!

However, if you want to request a sticker online, you can do so, but the company does ask that you send in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Final Thoughts

If you do not mind sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope, then there are A LOT of other companies that will send you stickers for free, but I really didn’t want to add these companies because I felt it really wasn’t free.  Once you start sending out these envelopes, the costs can really add up.

Another thing.

If you love a company and do not see them on this list or see anything online on their official website in regards to receiving a free sticker, then do not feel intimidated to reach out!  E-mail customer support and tell them how much you love their company and if there’s a chance of getting a free sticker if they are available.

In some cases, you may be surprised at how many companies say yes!

I will try my best to continue to monitor this list and add or delete any offers as time goes on, but since I will not be as active as other websites, I do recommend the following lists that are updated much more often than I can do:

If you know of a company that truly sends free stickers with no strings attached and/or the companies mentioned above never sent you a sticker (remember, some may make you wait at least six weeks), then I would like to hear about that as well!

For now, if you’re a sticker fanatic and love the word free, then hopefully you can have quite the stash in the next few weeks.

Also, if you love other freebies, be sure to check out the guides posted here on ways to get a free calendar or free makeup.

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  • Some if these aren’t that well researched like three dump Starbucks one it’s dump Starbucks bc they support same sex marriage and the ppl who made those stickers don’t believe in that. I think you need to flesh these out more so you aren’t misinforming the ppl who just want a cool sticker that might not necessarily think that they are not supporting same sex marriage by displaying that sticker.

    • Claire,

      Thanks for the reply. My job was to solely post companies offering free stickers. I’m not here to judge nor talk about the message behind the sticker. I think that’s up to you if you want to promote the sticker or not 🙂

  • Basecamp also gives free stickers you have to ask then they will send you a code in e mail to get them free on their site.