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How to Get Netflix for Free (99.9% Success Rate)

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I just recently wrapped up a quick guide on the many ways you can get a Spotify Premium account for free.  Yes, it can be done ethically, believe it or not.  And, while writing this, I was already thinking of my next post, bringing me to this one.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about another popular service many of you may have already subscribed to or want to — Netflix.

Yes, it is possible to get a Netflix account for free, but it will take a pinch of work.  While it may not be forever, it could add a year+ to your account in some circumstances.

As with all of my freebie guides, some options can work for you while others won’t.  I just try to list as many ideas as possible, leaving it up to you see what works best.

All of these options are 100% scam free, I can assure you that and will only take a few minutes of your time.

With that out of the way, let’s take a glance at the many ways you can get Netflix for free.

How to Get Netflix for Free

Take Advantage of a Netflix Free Trial

Netflix almost always offers a free trial, usually which lasts about 30 days.

As long as you cancel a day before your trial ends, then you won’t be charged can take advantage of everything Netflix has to offer for free.

Now, here’s the thing.

If you cancel your trial and don’t go back, Netflix will usually send out an email a few months later, essentially asking you to come back and test them out for another free month.  Of course, you’re going to have to wait, but I just wanted to throw it out there.  If you time your trials right and have a few, you can rotate them for the year, only needing to sign up for a few accounts.

If you don’t want to wait, then you can continue to sign up for additional 30-day trials, however, you will need to use different billing methods, usually a different credit card each time you sign up.  From what I read, many have used either a virtual credit card number (your credit card company should offer this) or a different Visa gift card every time.  As long as it’s a different number, it should work.

The downfall to signing up for free trials is that you will need to continue to create new accounts and you will lose your recommendations.  This can be a burden to some, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Remember, if you do sign up for a free trial, be sure to cancel a day before to avoid being billed.  I usually set a reminder so that I don’t forget.

Consider Sharing with Family and Friends

There’s a good chance someone you know already has a Netflix account, some of which may have a standard plan and beyond.  In this case, their accounts allow them to watch up to four screens at a time on multiple devices in different households.

As long as they trust you enough to share their ID and password, then this can be a great way to tap in and watch Netflix at no cost.

Before you do this, however, just make sure you know which plan they have as the lowest tiered plan, the Basic plan, only allows you to watch one screen at a time.

And, as a last note, make sure you create a profile for yourself so that you can click on it whenever you sign into a shared account.  That way, everything you see will have its own watch list and recommendations all based on your personal preferences.

To do this, you will click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner, “manage profiles,” “add profile,” and finally, add your name to create.

Every time you log in, just make sure you click on your profile so that you don’t mess up any recommendations for anyone else that uses it.


If you have a T-mobile phone plan, then you probably already know they throw in an account at no extra charge as long as you have two or more lines.

Depending on the plan you have, Netflix will cover up to $12.99 towards a Netflix Standard subscription.  Magenta plans, for example, will get an $8.99 credit, whereas Megenta Plus and T-Mobile One Plus plans will receive a $12.99 credit towards their Netflix subscription.  As long as you have two lines, it’s best to add this feature to your account to get Netflix for no cost.

To learn more about how to connect your Netflix and T-Mobile account, you can do so via this FAQ page.

Verizon FIOS

Verizon FIOS customers can also take advantage of a free Netflix account as long as you have a qualifying plan.

From my research, it appears as long as you have a triple play package and your account is in good standing for at least one month, then you should receive an email from Verizon claiming how you can get Netflix at no cost.

If you already meet this criteria and have yet to receive an email, it could have been lost, so it’s best to get a hold of customer service for more information.

As a final note, Verizon could change the terms on this particular offer, so your results could vary.  Be sure to follow this link for more information.

Check out eBay (Almost Free)

I don’t really want to add this option here as it’s a grey area, but you may be able to find a cheap Netflix account on eBay, usually from people who are willing to share their accounts.  I would only look for listings from sellers with good feedback and only those selling for a year, not a month.  Those people are usually just signing up for free trials and reselling them here.

I know I said I would talk about the many ways to get a free Netflix account, but this option should only cost you a few dollars.  For instance, as I was writing this, this was one of the many listings I saw…

Again, you may have to dish out a few dollars, but it could save you up to 90% for the year.

Test Your Luck Without a Credit Card in Hand

This isn’t a guaranteed option, but it could land you a free Netflix account for a while if you test your luck.

In a lot of my freebies posts, I recommend searching for giveaways and entering as many as you can.  The same can be said about Netflix.

In order to find these giveaways, you can search on some of my favorite sweepstakes websites or you can search Google.  If searching Google, just make sure that you look at the most recent results to ensure that you’re only looking at active sweepstakes.

To do this, search for something along the lines of “Netflix giveaway” and then click on “tools,” followed by “past week” to see what comes up.

Depending on when you search, you could find a few sites or maybe nothing at all.  For instance, as I was doing this, I found one legitimate website giving away a lifetime Netflix account.  Not bad!

Anytime you find something, simply enter and hope to win!  Just remember that a legitimate giveaway will never ask for a credit card or any form of payment.

Group Buy (Almost Free)

And, lastly, if you know of three other people who want to buy a Netflix account, consider sharing an account with all of them, splitting the bill four ways.

I know this isn’t free, hence the warning, but it should only cost you $4 for the month, that’s it!

Ask around.  Even if you know of people who have an account, they may like your proposal, who knows?

Final Thoughts

Sadly, there aren’t many ways to get Netflix for free for life, but it is possible to get a free Netflix account for a few months via the tips I mentioned above.

And, don’t forget that there are many alternatives to Netflix, some of which are 100% free!  You may find these options to be just as good, not requiring any tricks or hacks.  It doesn’t hurt to check out my favorites to see if any can keep you entertained for a while.

As new techniques pop up, I will be sure to add them to the list, but for now, I recommend at least starting with a free trial and/or talking with someone you know who already has an account.  In doing so, you can be set for the next few months.

As always, if you know of any tips I’m missing and/or you want to comment on the strategies I already mentioned, then you’re welcome to do so in the comments below.

In the meantime, apply a few of these strategies and start enjoying Netflix for free for the next few months.

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