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Shopkick is a pretty cool app if you want to earn a few dollars while out and about shopping.  I won’t get much into the app since I already did so in this in-depth review; however, in short, it’s an app that pays you to walk into stores, scan receipts and scan barcodes inside of a store, to name a few.  It’s not a lot of work at all, and in many cases, it won’t cost you a cent to make money.  It’s very easy to use.

Well, if you have already been using the app and want to find some Shopkick alternatives, or maybe you want to find other ways to earn money while out and about with your phone, I wanted to talk about the many apps that work like Shopkick.  You won’t get rich using these apps, but you can earn a few dollars, maybe enough to buy lunch here and there.   Just picture the app as a way to earn a few dollars on the side.  As long as you have this mindset, it’s that much better.

So, today’s let’s explore the many legitimate Shopkick alternatives.  All of these apps are free to download and are available for both Apple and Android.

Apps Like Shopkick


If I had to pick one app that works just like Shopkick, I would have to say CheckPoints is it.  Just like Shopkick, you can get rewarded to scan barcodes while shopping as well as when you scan your receipts.  You can earn points for doing these activities, in which you can then exchange for a variety of gift card rewards.  The app isn’t as highly rated, mostly due to some technical glitches, but they do have millions of members.  It’s a legit organization, I can assure you that.


Tada is another one similar to that of Shopkick, and it is affiliated with Swagbucks, a company I promote a lot around here.  If you don’t have a Swagbucks account, you will need one since you will have to link the two.  Don’t worry, Swagbucks is 100% legit and I find it to be a great way to earn $50~ a month.  The app focuses more on coupons and coupon codes, but they will pay you to scan your receipts, take pictures of barcodes and even checking into a store.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a highly rated receipt scanning app that rewards you to scan any receipt as long as it’s no older than 14 days. For any receipt you scan, you will earn points, in which you can then redeem for a variety of gift cards, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and much more.  In some cases, you can earn bonuses if you purchase items found on the app.  This is a receipt scanning app only and redemptions start at $3.


NCPMobile will reward you for the products you’re already buying.  All you will have to do is submit the barcodes after making a purchase.  This is slightly different than that of Shopkick because Shopkick will let you scan a barcode while inside of a store.  This means you won’t have to make a purchase.  Nonetheless, if you’re making purchases, scan the barcodes and earn rewards for every item you scan.  The receipt also lets you take surveys, play games and much more.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another receipt scanning app.  It’s as simple as snapping a pic of your receipt and then getting rewarded with points.  Receipts can earn you “Hog Slots” spins, in which you can use to cash out for a variety of prizes, up to $100 in value.  Each scan will also enter you into a monthly sweepstake.

Receipt Pal

Receipt Pal will turn your receipts into rewards with this scanner app.  All you need to do is scan any receipt you receive, and you will get 100 points for every four you submit.  You can then exchange these points for a variety of rewards, such as Amazon, Walmart, Visa and more.  This is strictly a receipt scanning app and does nothing else.  Be sure to check my in-depth review to see how it works in detail.

Final Thoughts

Shopkick is a unique app that rewards you to walk into stores, scan barcodes as well as scan receipts.  It’s hard to find an app that works just like it, as you can see from my list.  If you want an app that pays you to scan receipts, then there are options; however, if you want an app that does everything Shopkick does, the only alternatives that comes close are CheckPoints and Tada.  I left a lot of options out because so many require you to buy items, and I don’t think this is what you’re looking for.

Nonetheless, if you want to earn rewards scanning barcodes or a random receipt, these are all options to consider.  Remember that you can download all of these apps and upload your receipt to all of them.  You might as well to capitalize on your earnings.

That wraps it up.

As always, if I’m missing an app or you want to comment on one I mentioned, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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