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The Best 6 Tasking Apps

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In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many legitimate tasking apps.

In short, these are apps you can turn on whenever you want and make money while you’re out.  From scanning items inside of a store to simply walking into a store, there are a lot of options.  It’s very similar to that of mystery shopping.  While you won’t get rich using these apps, you can make a few dollars a day, maybe $50 a month if you turn it on whenever you’re out and about.

If you want to earn a few dollars whenever you’re out shopping and you’re happy with the idea of making $1, $5, or maybe $10 per task, then these apps may be something to consider.

Let’s begin!

Best Tasking Apps

Field Agent

The first app I want to start with is Field Agent.  This is one I have mentioned quite a few times, such as in my work today and get paid today and creative ways to pay off your student loans post.

When you join Field Agent, you can earn in a few of the following ways:

  • trying out new products
  • completing in-store jobs, such as taking a picture of a display
  • answering survey questions
  • scavenger hunt (have to find specific items and take a picture)

To start earning money, you can download the app (it’s free) and then click on the “find a job” tab.  In doing so, this will show you all the money-making opportunities nearby.  Yes, you will have to travel, but on average, most jobs can pay anywhere from as little as a few dollars to more than $20.

This is what your dashboard will look like:

For instance, I tried out a case of beer and was paid $13 plus reimbursement to sample it and take a few pictures as well as answer some questions.  Other jobs I have done in the past have included taking pictures of displays and answering a few questions, such as making sure the items were stocked and the display wasn’t too messy.  The jobs are straightforward and very easy to complete.

This is one of the biggest tasking apps on the market, the reason I put it near the top.


Mobee is another big one just like Field Agent, and it works in the same way.

To start earning, you will open the app, pick out a business on the app, as seen in the screenshot above, and then browse the mission to see what’s expected of you.  The mission pays in points, but don’t worry as you can exchange these points for rewards, such as an Amazon or Starbucks gift card, to name a few.

Once you open your mission, you will answer a few questions, usually which involve eating or shopping, and you will earn your points after completion.  You can also level up and unlock achievements the longer you use the app.

This is one of the more popular tasking apps, with more than 100,000 downloads.  It’s free to use and currently has a 4/5 rating on the Google Play Store.


Clickworker is one I have mentioned a few times before, but I usually focus on the desktop version, not the mobile app.

If you’re not familiar with the company, it works a lot like mTurk, where you will be asked to complete short tasks, such as answering questions, testing an app, finding a phone number, etc.  There are a lot of task opportunities, but the great thing is that most of these tasks only take a minute to do.

To get started, you will just register on the app, fill out your profile and accept any jobs on the dashboard that you feel are worth your time.  Payouts are made weekly via PayPal and your earnings are endless as there are always jobs to be had.


Shopkick is cool in that you can earn what’s known as kicks whenever you walk into a store, scan an item or make a purchase uploading your receipt.  It’s similar to that of the many receipt scanning apps, only that it offers different ways to earn money.

I wanted to include it here as it’s a way to earn money with simple tasks, such as walking into the store, that’s it.  Plus, if you can find one of the many items that need to be scanned, you can earn even more kicks.  It’s kind of like the other task apps on here, but it’s going to focus more on finding items to scan rather than make a purchase and remain undercover.  This app doesn’t require you to do that.

Just download the app, see which kicks are nearby and then click on that store to see what’s expected of you.  These kicks can then be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including Amazon gift cards.


iSecretShop can turn your smartphone into additional cash.

The cool thing about this app is that they connect you with multiple mystery shopping companies.  Since these companies often have a hard time filling a job, they turn to these aggregators, such as iSecretShop, to expand their reach.  It’s one of the bigger apps with more than 100,000 downloads.

To start using it, you will need to register as a shopper.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.

And, in doing so, you can then start seeing which restaurants, retailers or businesses are looking for secret shoppers.  You get to choose the jobs you want to perform as you’re considered an independent contractor.  You will have to go undercover and perform the tasks asked of you on the app and then report back.  This can vary anywhere from talking about your experience to seeing how clean a bathroom can be or even taking a picture of your meal.  In short, you have to remain a “secret” and report back, usually answering a series of questions as well as answer some short questions.

It’s very easy to sign up and is a great way to not only earn some cash but free food and other services as well.


GigSpot is a mystery shopping app of sorts that offers thousands of job opportunities from multiple mystery shopping companies.

If you’re familiar with mystery shopping, then this will work just like it.  If not, picture yourself as a mystery shopper, where you will be asked to shop uncover and perform a task.  It could include buying a hamburger and analyzing its temperature or seeing how friendly an employee is.  This app connects you with market research companies looking to fulfill their jobs, so picture it as an aggregator of sorts.

The app doesn’t have the greatest review online, but it seems to be hit or miss.  One of the bigger concerns are that some companies take a while to pay, whereas others complain about the job qualities.  Nonetheless, there is always some sort of job available, many ncerns is that of which pay a few dollars plus reimbursement for whatever you may have to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Tasking apps won’t make you rich, of course, but you can earn a few dollars while you’re out and about.  The next time you’re thinking about walking into a store, try out one of these apps to see what kind of jobs are available.  Most only take you a minute to do and your balance can add up over time as you continue to use them.

That’s it for now.  As always, if you want to add a suggestion or maybe you want to comment on what I already mentioned, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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