15+ Apps Like TaskRabbit (Make $13-$24/hr)

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I have talked about TaskRabbit a few times before, particularly in my 30+ gig economy jobs that pay big and 50+ honest ways to make an extra $500 a month.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with the app, consider it almost like a mobile marketplace, where you can perform a variety of odd and end jobs, such as helping someone move, grocery shop and much more.  If someone needs help with almost anything, they ask for it here.

While it’s one of the bigger names in this space, there are a lot of apps that work just like it.  What this means is that you can all of the following apps to your phone and start earning even more.  The more apps you have, the more jobs that you may see.  And, seeing you’re considered an independent contractor, you can turn these apps on whenever you please and select the jobs that make the most sense to you.  So, why not have as much choice as possible?

Whether you’ve been a TaskRabbit member for a while and you’re looking for apps like TaskRabbit or maybe you’re looking for as many apps as possible to start making money, then the following apps may make sense to download.  They are 100% free to join, and as always, are 110% scam-free.

15+ Apps Like TaskRabbit


As a Handy member, you can gain access to hundreds of jobs in your city as early as this week.  You get to set your own schedule and choose the jobs you want to perform.  Best of all, you can earn more than $62+ per hour as a “top professional.”

To start with this platform, you do need to have paid experience with any of the categories you’re interested in.  Glancing at the site, these categories include cleaning, handyman, plumbing, electrical and moving help services, to name a few.  If the category requires authorization, such as having a license, registration, etc, then this will be necessary as well.  However, this isn’t required for all of the categories mentioned on the site.

Right now, the app only works in almost every major metropolitan area, so at least check it out to see how active it can be in your local town.  It’s free to sign up.


Thumbtack helps connects a variety of professionals, from handymen to housekeepers with people are who are looking for your services.

It works a pinch differently than TaskRabbit since you have to pay for the leads they give you.  If you’re comfortable paying for leads, then it could be a service to consider.  But, unlike TaskRabbit, wherein you can accept jobs at your leisure without payment, this could only work if you feel you know which jobs can be profitable to you.  Remember that a lot of leads turn out to be junk or never go anywhere.  However, Thumbtack does state that they have policies in place to make sure you do get your money’s worth.

If interested, all you need to do is create a free profile.  They will ask for your prices, information as well as what type of jobs you want to complete.  If a customer thinks they are a good fit, then they will reach out to you for work.


Wonolo is an “on-demand” staffing platform that helps connect businesses with job seekers to help satisfy their labor needs.

The app is 100% free to join, and the app offers a variety of temporary jobs in your area.  Yes, like TaskRabbit, you get to choose the jobs you want to complete.  The biggest difference, however, is the jobs seem to be much longer, averaging up to 10-hour shifts.  However, in exchange for this time, you can get paid much more, of course.

To get started, download the app, get accepted via a simple onboarding process and then see which jobs are available in your town.  No resumes or interviews are needed.  Just show up to perform the work and get paid once the work is done.


The Shiftgig app is one that works just like Wonolo.  Remember, you can download as many of these apps as you want since there are no restrictions.  You’re an independent contractor after all.

To become a “worker,” they do note that you must be part of a staffing agency that uses the app.  You can the agencies they work with via the link noted below.  This is necessary to get started.

After you sign up and get approved, you can find gigs that fit your schedule. You can browse the jobs and claim any shifts that fit your schedule.  All jobs post the pay rate, estimated pay and any important information that you need to know about before applying.

Whether it’s a restaurant, warehouse, hotel, or sporting event, they tend to have a ton of options.  But, how many options that are available will depend on where you live since your geographical region will differ.

  • Website:  Shiftgig


According to GigSmart, they give you the “control, choice, and freedom to find your next job in minutes.”  All you need to do is set up your profile with your related work skills and work history to maximize your exposure.  If you want to make money on the side, it’s open to all, no matter what your experience may be.

Like the many I already mentioned, this app works no differently.  Just set up a profile and then choose a job from the list, many of which are listed as being on demand.  You get to work where you want, whenever you want.

The average gig pays $17 per hour, with many workers placed in under in an hour.  This means you could be working a job in less than 24 hours!

Shifts by Snagajob

Shifts by Snagajob, created by the highly popular hourly job search website, Snagajob, allows you to pick up shifts as you please.  There are no set schedules nor do you have to show up for an interview.

To get started, you need to apply and get approved after a small onboarding process.  Then, once hired by the app, you can pick up shifts as you please.

In each job description, you can view the estimated earnings, what’s expected of you as well as how long the job lasts.  You can even be alerted when businesses post new jobs.

The app only works in a limited number of states, but they are growing as time goes on.  Give it a whirl to see what kind of jobs are available in your neighborhood.


Shiftsmart helps put you in control of your schedule and earnings, allowing you to find on-demand jobs near you.

To get started, sign up and then you can see new work opportunities in as little as 24 hours.  Just take a gander at the description and if it seems like something of interest, you can apply to the job.  Each job tells you a simple description, which company is looking for help as well as how far it is from your home.

After your job completes, you can get paid in as little as a few days, not weeks.  Joining Shiftsmart is 100% free and only takes minutes to do.


The WorkMarket app reminds me a lot of Wonolo, only that many of the jobs posted here seem to be geared more toward the professional/talented crowds.  This isn’t always the case, however.

To start using the app, you just need to create a profile to start looking at the many available work listings.  If something catches your eye, then you can apply to the job like you would any other.

Most jobs seem to be temporary, much like TaskRabbit, but you can find some short- and long-term gigs as well.  WorkMarket is 100% free.


The Moonlighting app is designed for everyone, from the gig-worker to part-time job seeker.  Their mission is to provide you with the tools to make it easy for you to make money.

Once you’re live on the platform, the app will alert you whenever a job meets your qualifications.  If it’s something of interest, a client will reach out to you and can work out a proposal to get started and eventually paid.

A lot of the jobs found on this app can be done online, but some local jobs can pop up on occasions as well.


Veryable is an on-demand marketplace, mainly for manufacturing and distribution operations, that’s about it.  It’s like TaskRabbit, only that it’s much more industry specific, mainly warehouse jobs when I was researching it.

To set up your account, you will have to complete a background check, submit your basic 1099 tax forms as well as connect a bank account before you place any bids.

The app doesn’t have the greatest reviews, with a 3.6 out of 5 rating on the Google Play Store, but it does appear they have some work to do.

This website isn’t nearly as busy as TaskRabbit, but it’s one to at least check out here and there.  The cool thing is that you can check out the jobs before you even sign up.

In your search, if you see a job that you can perform, simply respond to the listing, letting them know how much you will charge.  If they agree to the price, then you can complete it as stated.  Again, it’s like TaskRabbit in a sense, but you just won’t find a lot of jobs.

Before you make an offer, they do ask that you fill out at least 25% of your profile.  That way, someone who wants to hire you knows of your credentials.

  • Website:


Porch is very similar to that of Thumbtack, wherein you can create your own profile and then buy leads as they come to you.

The whole process is more advanced than that of TaskRabbit since you will have to post your credentials as well as your expertise for most gigs.  Plus, if you want better leads, it appears you would have to sign up with what’s known as the Vetted Pro program, where you pay up to $259+ a year to “gain a competitive advantage.”

I would only recommend Porch if you’re an experienced and licensed contractor as this platform was built for someone like you.  If you’re just looking to help move or run some errands, then you probably won’t find much luck with it.


Takl is yet another that reminds me of Porch and Thumbtack.  I would only recommend it if you have the experience and insurance/registration in your craft.  Customers use this app to find a provider “on demand.”

If interested, Takl can provide leads in a variety of industries, from landscaping, plumbing, IT services, electrical and much more.  While I was writing this, there were more than 400+ services available.  It’s a lot!

As long as you’re licensed, you can sign up for the platform to start receiving leads once you’re approved.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of TaskRabbit and want some apps that work just like it, many of these options can work just as well for you, sometimes even better.

Take a look at all of these apps as they all work in different ways.  Some may require you have the appropriate credentials, while others just let you sign up and apply to jobs almost instantly.  Since I don’t know which jobs you’re looking for personally, it can be hard to recommend just one.  Be sure to read the description to know what’s expected of you.

For now, start downloading a few and see if you can land any temporary gigs.  Some may work out while others may not have as many options in your area.  Again, I can’t stress it enough that it’s very geographically dependent.  Your city may be much different than mine.

As always, I leave it up to you.

Have you tried any of these apps?

Am I missing any?

Whatever you want to talk about, feel free to do so in the comments below!

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