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Wonolo started back in 2014 and has turned into a handy tool for those who travel by road and are on the lookout for short-term job opportunities.   With Wonolo, you can find jobs in sectors like retail, food, or even general labor.  No experience is required in most cases.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with the platform, here’s how it works…

Businesses list short-term job openings, and if you’re someone looking for work, you can grab shifts that work for your schedule. And it’s not just Wonolo, either, as there are other apps out there that serve the same purpose.

Whether you’re living as a nomad, you’re looking for temporary gigs or even something that could become permanent, then these apps are are designed for you in mind.

If you want apps that work just like Wonolo, here are the options I found.

Job Work Apps Like Wonolo

Bellhop Pro

If you’ve got muscles and aren’t afraid to use them, Bellhop Pro is here to turn that strength into cash. Dedicated to helping folks move, Bellhop’s got its eyes peeled for job seekers. So, if you’re 18 or older and the idea of lifting 100 pounds doesn’t make you break a sweat, you might want to consider this for some extra cash in your pocket.

Jumping on board involves a few steps – a quick application through their app, a background check, and potentially an interview. Once you’re in, payments are sent to your bank account. And for the number crunchers, expect to earn between $15 to $20 per hour.

You’ll find Bellhop available in 25 US states. If you’re curious about the specific cities, there’s a list available on the official website.


Ever wished for a staffing agency but in the form of an app? Say hello to BlueCrew. The neat thing about this platform is that it flips the traditional hiring script. First, BlueCrew hires the workers. Then, you, as the worker, get to cherry-pick your job shifts and decide which clients you want to work with. And, if you’re wondering what kind of jobs they offer, think along the lines of warehouse gigs, delivery roles, or diving into customer services.

However, a word to the wise: if you’re dreaming of big bucks, this might not be your gold mine. The pay typically floats between $10-$22 an hour. But if you’re keen on raking in some extra cash on the side, the constant demand for workers here could work wonders.

If you’re thinking about joining, brace yourself for a background check as well as a face-to-face interview. BlueCrew currently operates in about 15 of the big US cities.

Clipboard Health

Standing out from apps like Wonolo, Clipboard Health carves its own space with a special focus. This app is all about connecting healthcare facilities with the right medical professionals, ensuring the perfect match every time. As they put it, they’re about getting the right nurse to the right spot when they’re needed most.

Whether you’re a certified nursing assistant, licensed vocational nurse, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner, there’s a spot for you here. What’s more, if you’re a nurse with a zest for travel, this platform might just be your ticket. Through their app, you can select when you’d like to get paid and your preferred work shifts.


GigPro has broadened its horizons, no longer limited to just restaurant roles. Now, it encompasses positions in event hosting, retirement homes, hotels, and even agricultural settings. If your passion leans towards culinary arts or you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the food sector, GigPro has a lot to offer.

Among the myriad of job listings, roles such as dishwasher, line cook, event chef, and busboy stand out. Despite its diverse job pool, GigPro’s availability is concentrated, predominantly on the southeast coast.

Getting started is straightforward. Add details of your professional experience, pinpoint the hours you’d like to work, and then dive into the job listings. Once you find a match, everything from getting hired to receiving your pay after your shift is managed directly on the app.


Think of GigSmart as the cool offspring of TaskRabbit and Snagajob. Here, you can find hourly gigs, full-time roles, and even some at-home tasks you can place your bids on. You won’t be left waiting to access your hard-earned money, either. With their Rapid Transfer feature, your earnings are just a tap away.

The spectrum of jobs here is vast. For those structured, hourly or full-time roles, expect opportunities in areas like warehouses, construction, retail, cleaning, and food service. But if you’re more into home-based tasks, there’s that, too.  From  furniture set-up, some garden work, home revamping to helping someone shift their belongings, there’s something for everyone.

To succeed, the app recommends you create your profile with a polished picture, list down your skills, past job experiences, endorsements, and a little about yourself. GigSmart is up and running across all 50 states.


Another strong contender when it comes to alternatives to Wonolo, Instawork primarily deals with hourly positions in events, food services, and warehouses. The flexibility is evident: you can lock in shifts ahead of time or even at the eleventh hour, and cherry-pick based on how long you want to work, where, and how much you’d like to earn. As I write this, they’re operating in 25 US cities.

Get your earnings weekly, straight to your bank. And if you’re up for working during busy hours or picking up spontaneous shifts, there’s some extra cash waiting for you. Just remember, as Instawork mentions, the pay you receive each week corresponds to the work you did from the previous Monday to Sunday.

A little word of caution, though. When tax time rolls around, you’ll have to be on top of your game. Instawork won’t hand you any tax forms. Whether you sign up as a regular employee (W2) or as a freelance contractor (1099), you’ve got to ensure you’re filing the right paperwork.

Jiffy Pro

For all the professionals out there skilled in home services, Jiffy Pro might be the platform you’ve been hunting for. It acts like a digital bridge, connecting homeowners to local experts ready to complete tasks. From painting walls to tending lawns and fixing things around the house, if you’ve got the skills, homeowners are on the lookout.

Let’s talk numbers. Service providers can anticipate earnings between $40 to $90 per hour. Just keep in mind, Jiffy Pro keeps a slice of the pie, taking a 12-18% commission from what you earn. And, if you ever need to back out of a job, there’s a fee for that. But hey, there’s a silver lining. When wrapping up a job, you can bill it then and there and even walk away with a receipt.

Currently, Jiffy’s footprint is primarily in parts of Canada, Boston, and Chicago. So, it’s still stretching its legs in the gig-app world. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to use the JiffyOnDemand app. But if you’re on the job hunt, the Jiffy Pro app is where you need to be.


If you’re in a tight spot and need to secure either part-time or full-time employment swiftly, Jobble might be a solution worth considering. Think of Jobble as a digital billboard for gig economy opportunities. After setting up your profile on the app, you’ll have the ability to promptly apply for various roles that are within your vicinity.

The application procedure on Jobble mirrors the ease of Wonolo, making it a seamless experience. Through Jobble, you can delve into sectors such as event staffing, the broader service domain inclusive of restaurants, manufacturing, and even driving roles.

In terms of compensation, many roles on Jobble fall within the $10 to $20 hourly range, akin to Wonolo. If you’re on the lookout for a significant career shift, don’t be surprised to stumble upon full-time opportunities on the platform as well.


With a pretty commendable rating on Google Play, this app provides a buffet of job options, be it full-time, part-time, or even those short-term gigs for some extra pocket money. Whatever your aspirations are, from kickstarting a career to just making a few extra bucks, JobGet is one to consider.

With this app, think remote jobs in sales, marketing, or roles in restaurants, warehouses, or retail. They even cater to specific roles like being a host, a server, a cleaner, a delivery person, or even a barista. What’s cool about JobGet is that you don’t need a full-blown resume to get started. In a quick 60 seconds, you can set up a profile and be on your way to applying for jobs. And the best part is that you could hear back in a day and start discussing opportunities with employers. However, bear in mind that it’s currently serving only the major cities in the US.


Powered by PeopleReady, JobStack might be your new go-to if you’re scouting for either entry-level or more expert positions. Whether you’re into part-time or full-time roles, they’ve got something in store.

Unlike Wonolo, once you consider a job via JobStack, you’re tagged as a W2 employee. Now, while this does grant you the safety perks that come with the W2 status, brace yourself for a slightly more detailed application journey.

The sectors they dabble in are pretty expansive. You’ve got options ranging from the energy and industrial sectors to construction, retail, and even the realms of waste recycling or disaster restoration. Plus, you won’t be left guessing about the pay or the job’s current status – all that info’s there up front.

Juvo Jobs

Now, shifting focus to Juvo Jobs. With a decent rating on Google Play, their primary aim is to get you employed in your area in no time. What stands out about Juvo Jobs is that just like Wonolo, they’re all about hourly positions, ensuring a swift application process. And here’s a unique twist: no resumes required. Instead, you can introduce yourself through a brief 30-second video.

Their job range covers a lot: from hospitality to skilled trades, from business roles to retail positions, and even volunteer opportunities or customer service gigs. A heads-up though, some users have mentioned that the job filtering on the app could use a bit of a tweak.

But, here’s where things get really interesting. If you’re actively seeking a job on Juvo Jobs, potential employers in your area will know.  You can even strike up a conversation directly with hiring managers on the app and, if needed, set up video calls right then and there.


When you think about top-tier hotels, bustling event spaces, grand convention centers, and fancy restaurants, you’ve got to wonder: who’s behind the service? That’s where Qwick steps in.

This app is like your personal agent, connecting you with some really cool food and service roles. You’re looking at earning anywhere from $15 to $30 an hour, and if you’re eyeing a salary, that could range from $30K to $60K annually.

To start, it’s pretty straightforward. Whip up a profile, pop into one of their orientations, fill in your available hours, add a sprinkle of your work history and you’re all set.


Now, let’s chat about Seasoned. Picture Wonolo but with laser focus solely on the food and drink sector. If you’re aiming for roles like a bartender, chef, cashier, line cook, or even a manager, this is where you’d want to be. They’ve got positions ranging from the front of the house, like servers, to the back, like cooks and dishwashers. While experience can be necessary for certain roles, if you’re just stepping into this world, Seasoned has a welcoming attitude, urging fresh faces to check out their entry-level options.

Eager to see what jobs are up for grabs near you? Just pop over to their job page. But, here’s a heads up: for most if not all roles, you’d need to have a sit-down with the manager before clinching the deal. And if you have questions or need details about the interview, their app makes it a breeze to shoot a message straight to the manager.


This app’s got quite the variety when it comes to roles. Whether you’re into being a store associate, auditing retail spaces, testing tech products, or making calls for surveys, ShiftSmart’s got your back. You can expect something in the ballpark of $10 to $20. And the best part is that you pick the shifts and jobs that align with your schedule. While some tasks will need you to be physically present at a location, others let you work from the comfort of your home.

Feeling global? ShiftSmart’s got its presence in over 50 countries, the US included. To kick things off, just breeze through their onboarding steps. And when it’s payday, you’ve got options. If you’re the impatient kind, there’s an instant payment feature for a tiny fee. But if you’re cool waiting a bit, in about five business days, you’ll find your earnings neatly deposited in your account.


Have you come across Snagajob? With its impressive rating on Google Play, it stands out as a solid choice for those looking for alternatives to Wonolo. Whether you’re interested in the world of retail, dining, or even seasonal work, Snagajob has a range of job offerings, and it’s perfect for those who need a flexible schedule, be it for school or another full-time commitment.

A cool feature is that you can hunt for jobs based on where you are or specific keywords. If you’re unsure about what jobs might be your cup of tea, they have a neat personality test to guide you. Plus, with their one-click apply, job searching becomes a breeze, and they even send job matches to your email daily.

For those curious about its coverage, Snagajob is active across the US, with job pay rates ranging from $10 to $30 an hour.  You can even personalize your job search with filters like job title, pay rate, and even working hours.


Switching gears, have you heard of Tasker by TaskRabbit? This platform offers opportunities for everyone, from fresh faces to seasoned pros. And here’s a bonus: unlike Wonolo, you get to decide how much you’d like to be paid. What’s even better? Every penny you earn, you keep. Well, that plus any kind tips you might receive. However, heads up! In some cities, there’s an application fee, around $25.

TaskRabbit mainly focuses on, well, tasks. The kind you’ve got pending at home. Whether it’s fixing something, taking care of the garden, helping with moving, assembling that tricky piece of furniture, or simply cleaning up, TaskRabbit’s got you. If you’re someone with a particular set of skills and you price your services on the higher end, just be ready to show some official documents that vouch for your expertise. Curious about where TaskRabbit operates? They’re in quite a few major cities, but for a comprehensive list, you’d have to check their site.


For those of you offering specialized services, Thumbtack might just be your go-to app, especially if you’ve been looking for something similar to that of Wonolo. Now, there’s a distinctive element to how Thumbtack functions. As a professional on Thumbtack, you’ll be investing in leads that come your way through the platform.

Think of it like this: You’re showcasing your expert services to the local community. When potential clients show interest and touch base with you, there’s a system of lead credits in play, which translates to costs on your end.

The kind of jobs that people often look for on Thumbtack may include fixing household appliances, general cleaning services or helping with minor repairs around the house, to name a few.

Now, if your goal is merely to earn some additional cash without delving into professional services, Wonolo might be a better fit for you. However, for those running their own service-centric ventures, Thumbtack stands out as a platform worth considering among options similar to Wonolo.


UpShift goes the extra mile by viewing its workers as full-time team members, ensuring they receive W-2 forms and all the accompanying perks. Whether you’re seeking a steady paycheck or just a bit of extra money on the side, UpShift can accommodate both.

On the platform, you’ll discover job opportunities spanning across sectors like retail, hospitality, warehousing, food service, and event services. With weekly paychecks and the flexibility to pick shifts that harmonize with your routine, it’s quite a catch.

As of now, UpShift has planted its roots in 17 US states. If you’re curious about whether your state’s on the list, there’s a detailed directory available for you.

Food Delivery Apps

If you’re on the hunt for ways to earn some extra income, you might want to consider hopping onto the food delivery bandwagon. While Wonolo does offer delivery roles, there’s no rule that limits you to just one platform. Venturing into multiple food delivery apps as a freelance contractor can be quite beneficial.

Let’s dive into a few renowned food delivery platforms you might find intriguing:

  • DoorDash: This is a major player in the North American food delivery arena, boasting a presence in over 5,500 cities.
  • Instacart: As an Instacart Shopper, you’re tasked with picking and delivering groceries within your area.
  • Uber Eats: A widely recognized app, Uber Eats offers the flexibility to deliver using a bicycle, car, or even a scooter.
  • Shipt: This platform is quite similar to Instacart, where you’re paid to pick out and drop off groceries for clients.
  • Grubhub: Falling in the same category as Uber Eats and DoorDash, Grubhub offers another avenue to earn through food deliveries.

One of the appealing aspects of platforms like DoorDash and its counterparts is the autonomy they offer. You’re in charge of your schedule. This level of flexibility can be more accommodating than what’s available on platforms like Wonolo.

Since you’re operating as a freelance contractor, it’s essential to keep a tab on your mileage and other work-related expenses.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for temporary jobs, these are all legitimate apps that can hopefully find you one.  While they share some similarities with Wonolo, you will spot some differences with some.  Just remember that some of these apps will focus on one industry, so make sure it’s the one you want to work with.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience with the apps mentioned above or maybe you want to add to the list, you’re more than welcome to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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