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45+ BBB Work at Home Jobs (Accredited, A+ Rated)

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As you probably already know by now, there are a ton of work at home jobs.

Sure, some are legit, but sadly, most are out to get you and have no intentions of actually helping you make money.  The only people making money are the scammers themselves.

But, how can you determine which company is out to scam you and which one is actually there to help you?

Well, one way to go about in doing so is by checking with the BBB, better known as the Better Business Bureau.  Here, if the company has a solid rating, often higher than a B, you can often assume the company is somewhat legit.  While this isn’t always true, I can assure you that at least in my personal experience, it’s usually a trust indicator of sorts.

BBB isn’t the end all be all in the “check for legitimacy,” but it can help.  I only use it with a pinch of salt as the company does have shady marketing tactics.  What I’m trying to say is that a company does not need to be accredited by the BBB to be taken seriously.

So, in today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many work at home companies that have a high BBB rating.  While companies can go through the process of becoming accredited, it doesn’t mean they aren’t legitimate if they don’t do so.  According to the BBB, an accreditation only means that they met the accreditation standards.

In this list, I’m going to list all of the companies with an A+ BBB rating I found, as well as a brief description as to what they do.  If you feel they are a fit as to what you’re looking for, then follow the URL to gather more information.

All of these opportunities are legitimate jobs, meaning you will need to apply as you would with a job nearby.

BBB Free Work at Home Jobs (A Rated Only)

NOTE:  These BBB ratings are active as of the date posted above.

Proedge (A+/Accredited)

This option will be so much different than the many I offer here as you will be able to work at your own pace, any time you want.  Granted, you won’t make a full-time living doing this, but you could earn $100+ a month easily if you log in a few times a day.

Known as Swagbucks, it’s going to be your job to help research companies improve their products, and to make things short, you will watch videos, answer questions and get compensated for your time.

As long as you’re 18 years or older, you can apply right now and start working at it immediately.  Just start with the surveys and focus on that list as they tend to pay the most.  Again, how much you make will depend on how much you put into it!

Follow the link below to even get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

A Place For Mom (A+)

A Place For Mom helps connect its customers with the best assisted living homes in the area.

On occasions, they do post remote positions, often for a “living advisor” position, which is basically a sales role to help families looking for senior living options.  Experience is preferred for this role, however, but you can find out more information on the website I link to below.

Follow the link below to access the most recent job postings.

Adecco (A+)

As a leader in employment placement services, the company connects hundreds of thousands of job seekers every single day.

Being a placement firm, Adecco can help match you with thousands of nearby companies based on your needs and wants, including at-home remote work.  It’s almost like having someone else find a job for you.

To start searching jobs in your area, follow the link below to see which jobs are best suited for you.

ADP (A+)

ADP helps companies process payroll and assist human resource tasks.

And, from my research, ADP appears to offer quite a few telecommuting jobs and are quite supportive of it.

The jobs do vary, from sales to human resources, so be sure to follow the official link below and search for a job interest.  In those search results, just be sure to select home office jobs only.  Experience/education is required for most jobs here.

  • Website:  ADP

Aerotek (A-/Accredited)

Founded in 1983, Aerotek prides itself to be one of the world’s largest privately-held staffing firms.

The company works with a ton of Fortune 500 companies as well as lesser-known businesses in your area and is another option to consider if you want help finding an at-home opportunity.

To find a job, the link below can help match your career goals and experience to match you with a job suited best for you.

Aetna (A+)

Aetna, one of the largest health insurance providers, offers a ton of work-at-home options, ranging from case managers to underwriter.  There are quite a few, so I do recommend you at least check out the job board to see what’s available.  Bear in mind that many of these jobs do require experience and a college degree.  Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful choice for those looking for a healthcare-related job.

The job search tool can be wacky at times, making it hard to find these jobs, but I do promise they pop up.

Ajilon (A+)

Ajilon is said to be the leading staffing firm, helping thousands find temporary and full-time gigs, yes, including at-home positions.

As a staffing agency, they will ask as a middleman, essentially connecting you with one of their clients they see as a fit for your skillset.

I will list many other staffing agencies on this list, and I definitely recommend you at least connect with one to see if they can find you a remote job that fits your needs.  The link below will take you directly to the job board, wherein you can search for a job of interest and see which jobs are available to work from home.

American Express (A+)

American Express, as you probably already know, is one of the nation’s leading credit card providers.  Every year, customers make close to a trillion dollars in purchases using their card.  It’s quite the business.

With more than 60,000+ employees worldwide, the company bases its culture on “the pursuit of what you love” and commonly posts diverse work-at-home opportunities.

To find these jobs, simply follow the official link below and look for “virtual” home-based jobs within the listings.

AMN Healthcare (A+)

AMN Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare staffing firms in the United States, so if you’re looking for a healthcare-related job, this is a staffing agency to consider.

Like the many I will list there, you won’t work with AMN; rather, they will help you find a remote work from home job.

Refer to the link below to search their jobs for free.

Anthem (A+)

As a Fortune 50 company, Anthem employes more than 35,000+ professionals across the nation, with a variety of them being able to work from home.

From customer service positions to professional analysts positions, there’s bound to be a job that you could qualify for.

The company posts multiple remote jobs every week, all of which can be found via the company’s search engine linked below.

Apple (A+)

I don’t think Apple needs much explaining here, but just in case, it’s the revolutionizing tech company from the early 80s, known for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Today, Apple employs more than 100,000 people, offering many work-at-home opportunities.  The jobs do vary, but there are entry-level opportunities if that’s what you’re looking for.

Bluegrass Live Operators (A+/Accredited)

Bluegrass Live Operators offers call center services to its many clients, some of which are part of the Fortune 500.

With more than one thousand agents, they are always looking to add more who want to work from home.  If interested, you can follow the link below to start your application process.

Concentrix (A+)

Concentrix employs more than 90,000 worldwide who help serve a range of clients in almost any industry imaginable.

Since the early 2000s, the company established a vast work from home program, allowing agents to work in the comfort of their homes.  These jobs are posted frequently, as well as others, so be sure to follow the link below to see the most active jobs.  The best way is to input your zip code and look for the “work at home” titles.

Dell (A+/Accredited)

Considered as a tech leader, Dell is known as one of the most popular providers to offer at-home work opportunities.  While I was writing this, there were more than 300+ at-home positions available.

Like a lot of these companies I already mentioned, there are quite a few jobs available, from entry-level customer support positions to more experienced roles.

You will want to follow the link below and scroll near the bottom until you see the tab “Looking for Remote Positions?”

Enterprise (A+)

The largest car rental company in the world, Enterprise has more than 7,000+ locations, with one within 15 miles of 90% of the U.S. population.

Enterprise does offer work-from-home reservation jobs as the company believes the flexibility can be an added benefit for its customers.  Other positions are available, but this is one of the better and most popular options if you don’t have much working experience and/or a college degree.

To find these work at home jobs, follow the link below and scroll to the bottom until you see the “work from home” drop-down menu.

Fiserv (A+)

Fiserv serves more than 15,000+ clients around the globe, focusing on payments, processing services and customer management, to name a few.

Work from home jobs are commonly posted on their job board, mostly in the finance, IT, sales and consulting fields.

  • Website: Fiserv

The Hartford (A+)

One of the oldest investment and insurance firms, The Hartford has won multiple awards, including “Top Employers” and “World’s Most Ethical Companies.”

From time to time, you can find at-home opportunities, most of which can be found via the link below.

The Hartford offers competitive pay and an attractive benefits package.

Humana (A+)

As a leading healthcare company, Humana employs close to 50,000, some of which work from home.  From nursing to customer care, the jobs are diverse and are open to all, regardless of your skills and experience.

Winner of countless awards, the company offers a variety of competitive benefits and salaries, making them a choice to consider.

You can use the link below to directly access the company’s job portal to see what openings are active as of right now.

Kaplan (A+)

A for-profit educational institution, Kaplan has more than 300 locations worldwide, employing over 19,000 people.

Most of their jobs are in-house, however, you can come across many flexible opportunities, including 100% at-home jobs.  Most jobs related to education and training with experience required in most cases.

Refer to the link below to see who they are looking to hire as of today.

Kelly Services (A+)

Kelly Services is more so a staffing agency, which can help connect you to the perfect work-at-home/remote position.  In short, you won’t work directly with Kelly Services; rather, you will use them as an agency to help you find work.  It is 100% free.

To date, the company has provided more than 500,000 workers with employment opportunities and have established thousands of client relationships.

Following the link below should lead you directly to the work at home jobs throughout the United States.  If that link doesn’t work, follow this link and scroll to the bottom until you see “show me the work from home jobs”

Kforce (A+)

Just like Kelly Services, Kforce is another staffing agency with more than 45+ years of experience and a connection with over 4,000+ clients, many of which are Fortune 100 organizations.

The link below will take you directly to the company’s job board, but again, make sure you use terms such as “work from home” to find the remote positions.  You can also connect with one of their thousand employees to help them assist you with your job search.

Leidos (A+)

Leidos, focusing on the science and technology sectors, provides services and products to a variety of industries.

To date, the company employs more than 30,000 across multiple countries, offering a variety of at-home positions.

From the look of it, most of these jobs require a college degree, but nonetheless, it’s another A+ BBB rated company to consider.

Liveops (A+/Accredited)

Liveops works with hundreds of companies that essentially turn to them to manage its customer service solutions.  Most jobs are responsible for taking inbound calls and providing a solution.

The company works with quite a few industries and is always looking to add new workers to its force, many of whom work from home.

Almost all of the jobs you find via the link below will be remote and require very little experience to get started.

Magellan Health (A+)

Magellan Health services more than 50 million members, covering every one in 10 Americans for their prescription needs.

The company currently employees more than 6,000+ employees, from medical to consulting and almost always has some sort of remote opportunity available.

The link below will take you directly to the company’s job board, but when using it, just make sure the “include remote jobs” box is checked.

McKesson (A+)

McKesson, a Fortune 500 company, serves the healthcare industry, whose mission is to optimize the business of healthcare.

Today, the company employs more than 75,000+ people, many of whom work from home.  Jobs do vary, so I encourage you to at least filter your results via the link below to find a job that fits your skill set.

PRA Health Sciences (A-)

PRA Health Sciences specializes in helping companies developing life-improving/saving drugs in a variety of health fields.

The company has won countless awards and have assisted in the development of more than 100+ drugs since its founding.

The company employs more than 10,000, with a wide range of at-home jobs available, mostly in the scient, health, research and IT fields.

Randstad (A+)

Randstad is another staffing agency that may be able to connect you with a remote job opportunity.

Founded in 1960, the company is now one of the biggest staffing firms in the United States, working in more than 39+ countries and employing 30,000 employees.

As with most of the staffing agency websites I list here, you will want to use the official job board below to hopefully find your dream job.

Robert Half  (A+)

Much like Kelly Services and Kforce mentioned above, Robert Half works in the same way, basically acting as the middleman to help you find a remote job.

Yes, the service is 100% free, and to get started, just follow the link below and start browsing the job board.  As with most of these job board, just make sure you filter out the results to show remote opportunities only.


Founded in 1969, SAIC was designed to create scientific and technical products used in almost all industries.

The company does offer a flexible work environment, with some at-home job opportunities available, including cybersecurity, IT and systems engineering, to name a few.

To find remote opportunities, follow the link below and scroll down to the “Remote Jobs” link.

Salesforce (A+)

As the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce helps connect businesses with customers in new ways.

Noted as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for more than 10 years now, the company almost always has remote opportunities available, most of which include sales, account management and business development positions.


SAP provides clients with enterprise software and services with more than 60,000+ employees worldwide.

According to the company’s career statistics, more than 15% of its workforce works from home, regularly hiring a variety of workers, from freelance to full-time help.

Follow the link below for the official SAP job search engine.

  • Website:  SAP


SYKES, fonded in 1977, serves multiple Fortune 1000 companies, providing customer contact management solutions.

The company offers a variety of at-home jobs, including customer support and call center related jobs, to name a few.  They are always seeking self-motivated individuals looking to join their growing team.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (A+)

Thermo Fisher Scientific employs more than 50,000 professionals, offering a myriad of employment opportunities, from science to marketing and sales.

Founded in 1902, the company’s mission is to make the world a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live.

In the past and as of now, the company hires for temporary, freelance, remote and even permanent gigs.

United Health Group (A+)

United Health Group is broken up into two businesses, one of which deals with insurance and benefits, whereas its second core, Optum, provides technology and information-enabled health services.

As I write this, the company has more than 240,000+ employees and offers a ton of remote positions, ranging from customer service to healthcare-related options.  Just glancing at the job board, I found more than 500.

When you use the company’s job search portal, just make sure that you filter the results to show telecommuter positions only.

Verizon (A+)

Verizon offers some work from home jobs, but many of these opportunities require experience and/or a college degree.

Other requirements, unlike a lot of these companies, require that you be within driving distance of a training facility.

Xerox (A+)

Xerox, a world leader in document technology and related technology, frequently appears on the Fortune 500 list.

As an employer, Xerox commonly hires for at-home positions, including many entry-level positions, such as its help desk position.

To start your search, follow the link below and be sure to use the filters to find at-home opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many more companies that offer legitimate work from home opportunities, but I figured I would only add the A rated BBB companies if this is something you’re looking for.   Amazon, for example, offers amazing at-home opportunities, but they only had a B+ BBB rating at the time I published this.  Based on my criteria, I couldn’t include it, though.  I just wanted to prove my point here.

I said it in the beginning, and again, I will say it again, but don’t just trust the BBB on its own as there are other ways to spot a good at-home working opportunity, such as checking reputable websites (such as mine) and even browsing the top 10 results on Google.  Usually, if it’s a scam, you should know pretty fast by what others are saying.

If you want a part-time, full-time or even a temporary gig, many of the companies I mention are a great place start, especially the staffing firms.  If you want to find even more at-home only opportunities, FlexJobs is a fantastic search tool as well. Here, you can find thousands of other jobs that may be of interest to you.  They do a much better job updating than I can.

No matter what kind of experience you have, there’s no reason you can’t find a remote gig as long as you put some effort into your job hunt.

In the meantime, check out a few of the companies I mentioned, and hopefully, you can find a job that meets your needs.

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