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Best Things to Sell On Etsy to Make Money [2023]

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If you’re wondering what sells on Etsy, you’re reading the right guide.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the best things to sell on Etsy to make some decent money.  Even if you don’t have experience with the platform, I can assure you that there’s at least one thing on this list that you can start working with.  I promise you it’s not as hard as you think.  As long as you have dedication and you work hard, you can turn your shop into something successful.

I have been working with Etsy for a few years now and I do quite well.  I don’t want to give away my niche, but let me say it’s a very lucrative platform if you have the right products to sell and you know how to promote what you’re selling.  There are a lot of things you can sell, even if it isn’t handmade.  Let that be known.

Starting an Etsy shop is extremely simple and it’s one of the best ways to get your products seen.  And, it’s much quicker than starting a website or promoting yourself in the crowded social media space.  While these options are fine, you can start seeing sales in days with Etsy if you have the right product.

If you’re looking to start a shop online, you’re making a great choice.  However, in making that shop, it’s best that you’re creating one that’s selling in-demand products.  That’s why I created this guide.

So, if you want to know what the best things to sell on Etsy are right now, let’s jump in and begin.

Best Things to Sell On Etsy to Make Money

Baby Items

From clothing to toys, some of the hottest items to sell on Etsy deal with anything baby.

In my research, I found that “coming home outfits” tend to be one of the hottest sellers year round.  That and matching outfits for siblings.

I will mention clothing later on, but I feel this needed its own category as just about anything related to a newborn can be a great thing to sell on Etsy.


Homemade candles do wonderfully on Etsy and are considered to be one of the top sellers on the platform.

This is a competitive space, but if you can create the right scents, branding and, of course, provide the best customer service possible, there’s always room for another seller.

Selling candles from home is a very lucrative side business to do from home.  Be sure to check out my selling candles at home guide to see how you can succeed.

Craft Supplies and Tools

Craft supplies are known to be a great seller online, and honestly, it can be any craft supply.

Some of the most popular categories, however, include scrapbooking, embroidery, anything to do with jewelry making and knitting.

This is a broad category, I know, but I recommend you check out the Etsy craft supplies category to see what’s hot at the moment.

Craft Kits

You can sell supplies on Etsy, but craft kits can work just as well.

A craft kit is a complete package that allows someone to build a particular item.  This could be a candle or a piece of a jewelry.

The nice thing about these kits is that it can be targeted toward both kids and adults.  Think of a demographic and something that someone may like to build and capitalize on it.

Crocheted Items

If you know how to crochet, then you could make a killing on Etsy.

Depending on how much time you have, you could start making items right now and seeing a profit.  This is a true handmade item that people are sure to enjoy.

Consider making scarves, beanie hats, blankets or hand bags.  The ideas are endless, but if you have the skill and enjoy it, it’s one to put high on your list.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a huge industry and honestly, there’s a card for everything.  You probably already know this if you have ever visited a greeting card section.

With a nice profit margin, put your creativity skills to the test and create a set of personalized cards for any occasion.

Handmade cards can either be made at home and then shipped out or you can send the file directly so that your customer can print from home.

Home Decor

People are always looking for something home decor related.  This is another broad category, which leaves a lot of options open for you to consider.

In my research, anything wall art, frames and vases seem to work best, but there are many other options.


Out of all I mention here, I would say jewelry is one of the most popular options to sell on Etsy to make money.

There are so many different ways to make jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, but it’s up to you to decide which option you want to consider.  Again, take a look at the platform to see what’s hot.  Even if it looks like it’s outside your talent level, there are plenty of YouTube videos to show you how to assemble jewelry.  It’s not as bad as you think.

Keep in mind that this is a very competitive space, so you will a niche that allows you to stand out above the rest.


People always need an invitation for something.  From a birthday party to a wedding, this is your time to shine with your creativity skills.

Depending on the route you want to take, you can have a template in which people can offer the details or you can create something from scratch.  It’s up to you.

The nice thing about invitations is that, in some cases, you can send over the file so that they can print it from home.


When I was researching the many items on Etsy, one item that I continued to see were mugs.

Like t-shirts, mugs are similar in a way, as you can create your own niche and place the design on it.  You can also create a personalized version.

You can either create the mugs at home or you can use a drop shipping company to assist you with your orders.

Pet Supplies

The pet industry is estimated to be worth more than $99 billion.  Yes, that’s a B.  This means there’s room for you to jump in to make some money.

The pet category on Etsy is huge.  From clothing to pet portraits, take a look at the many categories to see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

If you were to sell anything pet related, the nice thing is that you can see sales come in year round.

Phone Cases

You don’t have to make these phone cases from scratch, but you can purchase cases wholesale and then be creative in your designs.  You can also choose the dropshipping option if interested.

The sky is limit here.  Like the many options mentioned here, carve your niche and see what works.

Photography Prints

If you’re good with the camera, you may want to consider turning your photos into some prints you can sell online.

From printing your photos and framing them to sending your photo file, this is an endless option as you can sell just about any picture in any niche.

I can’t stress this tip enough.  Check out Etsy to see what kind of pictures selling to get some inspiration for some ideas.


This one was surprising to me, but house plants actually do quite well on Etsy.

If you can grow plants from home or even know where to get them at a low cost, they do sell online.

Be creative in potting your plants and even add a unique touch to find your niche.  And, yes, plants do ship well as long packaged accordingly.


Simply put, printables are just that — templates you can print at home.

Let me give you an example.

You could create a budget spreadsheet using your creative skills, allowing people to budget easier.  Or, you could create a cooking template, which allows someone to organize their recipes easier.  Use Etsy to see what’s selling and use it for ideas.  Don’t copy, of course; rather, make something much better.

Refer to my making money with printables guide to see how you can succeed in this space.


Purses and bags, as long as they are unique, can do quite well on Etsy.

Whether you want to create something unique or personalize an already existing bag, the sky is the limit.  Just be careful with copyrights, however, as Etsy doesn’t allow you to alter a branded bag.

Personalized bags have a lot of potential and is a great option for those who like to hand sew.


I wrote a guide in the past, showcasing the many ways you can sell stickers on Etsy and be profitable.

When it comes to stickers, there are a few ways you can sell.  You print the stickers at home, use a professional company or you can simply provide the templates to let your customers print them at home.

Stickers can net you about $1 to $5 each before fees.


I’ll be honest.  T-shirts are a very competitive space, but I’m not going to let that stop you as there’s room for more people.  After all, people need something to wear, right?

Carve your niche and find something that works.  Like stickers, you can either create the t-shirts at home or you can use a drop shipping company.  It’s up to you.

See what’s popular on the platform right now for some inspiration.

Wedding Decorations

Weddings are a huge market, not just on Etsy.  In particular, wedding decorations are one of the hottest sellers on Etsy.

From centerpieces to signs, cake toppers and aisle runners, there are a lot of niches you can look into if you have the crafty vision.

Wedding items tend to be seasonal, with most of your sales coming throughout the summer, however, you may see sales scatter in throughout the year for people getting married in warmer climates.


And, to round off the list, I want to include woodworking-like items if you’re great with handcrafting wooden objects.

Some items can include coasters, signage, decoration or furniture, to name a few.

This is another one you will want to research, but you will find a ton of items that sell quite well in this niche.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about selling on Etsy, do it!  There are so many items you can sell on Etsy and thrive, as you can see.

Starting an Etsy shop is incredibly simple and only takes a few minutes to do so.  If you have the right product, you could see a sale in as little as a week.  I know when I first started, it only took two days before I saw my first sale.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

As always, I know I’m missing some items, so if you know of any that work well for you, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.

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