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7 Coffee Direct Sales Options to Make Money

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Every day, more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed.  And, no, that’s not a misprint.  That’s a billion with a B.

As in business, with numbers comes sales.

This is where coffee direct sales come into the picture.

If you consider yourself a salesperson and feel you can sell great coffee brands to others, then you may want to consider this option.  No, you don’t need to start your own coffee business nor do you have to go find the coffee beans on your own.  The companies I’m about to list do all of the dirty work for you, from the manufacturing to packing and even shipping sometimes.  You just need to send in the sales and they do the rest.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

Whether you searched for coffee direct sales or you want another way to make money on the side, let’s dive in and see the many coffee direct sales companies out there right now.  I tried to only include companies that focus primarily on coffee and not much else.

Coffee Direct Sales Companies

Gano Excel

Gano Excel, like the many coffee direct sales companies I’m about to mention, sells more than just coffee, but it doesn’t mean you have to sell the other products, too.  According to the official company website, they are the largest leading direct sales companies, distributing products in more than 60 countries.  It is also said to be 100% debt free, a claim many companies can’t make in today’s economy.

Gano Excel focuses on a key ingredient, Ganoderma lucidum, which is an oriental fungus said to have a long history of use for promoting health and longevity in Asian countries.  Products are in the mid $20 range and have decent reviews on Amazon, with most products scoring a 4+ out of five.  It didn’t have the most reviews out of the many coffee MLMs you’re about to read.

If you were interested in promoting these products, they operate through a “purchase first model,” which simply means you need to buy at the wholesale price and then sell to your customers at a price you determine.  Depending on the price you choose, your profit margins can widely vary, but it appears you can only make a few dollars per box.

Aside from selling the products on your own, you can also earn from people you refer to the company to sell as well.  In this case, you can earn up to 15% of what your team sells as any residual income from customers who choose the “auto-ship” feature.  Other bonuses are available, but from my understanding, your team needs to be quite big before you see anything.

Website:  Gano Excel

Healthy Coffee International

As the name proclaims, Healthy Coffee International is a healthier type of coffee, using ginseng and reishi mushroom to create a healthy instant gourmet blend.  The company as founded by Rick Aguiluz and is currently in more than 20 countries.

To get started as a distributor, the company offers a compensation flow chart of sorts on its official website.  It’s a lot to absorb, but it’s like most MLM-like schemes.  The more people you refer, the more bonuses and profits you can earn on your sales.

Right now, the company offers packages ranging from $199 to more than $999 and you can make up to a certain percentage bonus as you refer more people.  Again, there’s a lot to absorb, so for now, follow the link below to see how it works in detail.

Website:  Healthy Coffee International

Java Momma

Java Momma is one I have seen pop up a few times, particularly on some mom blogs.  The company sells coffee as well as tea, cocoa, and other relatable products.  The biggest difference with this company, however, is that they focus on just coffee, not a gimmicky coffee that claims you can lose weight or increase your energy by more than 50%.  Coffees listed on the site are a mix of USDA certified organic, FairTrade certified and Kosher certified.  Depending on the type of coffee you choose, prices range from as little as $9 to more than $35, with the prices greatly dependent on the quality and type.

I couldn’t find much in terms of reviews, so it’s tough to say how much your customers may like them.  But, it doesn’t mean you can try it and see what it tastes like, right?

If you want to sell with Java Momma and become what’s known as a “Java Momma Barista,” you can join on the site and then choose which kit you want to start with, each of which retail for $20 to $65~ each.  Each kit includes some sample bags, a workbook as well as a replicated website.

For every sale you make, you can earn 20% no matter what.  You can also earn even more as you refer people to work for Java Momma as well.

The company doesn’t seem to be as huge as the others mentioned on this list, but it’s one to at least check out.  The great thing is that you don’t need a sales requirement to earn a commission, making for a very low-cost investment.

Website:  Java Momma


Javita offers a range of products, including instant coffee, such as its Burn + Control and Energy + Focus brands.  It a major player in the field, claiming to help with weight loss as well as provide alertness and energy.

Looking online, at least via the reviews on Amazon, it appears that the coffee is highly rated, with its Burn + Control scoring a solid 4.5 out 5 stars with more than 450+ reviews.  If you’re going to promote a coffee, it’s always best to choose a brand that your customers will love.  The biggest downfall, however, is that 24 pack retails for more than $28+.  That’s about $1+ per cup.  While it’s not the highest price on the list, it’s on the higher end for at-home coffee.

If you wanted to sell the Javita products, it appeared that you could earn anywhere from 10 to 30% of the product sales, but this number greatly depended upon your monthly volume.  Aside from selling coffee, you can also earn bonuses from first-time customers, and when you sell a starter kit, anywhere from $50 to $250+.

As for promoting people to be part of your down-line, it works much like any other MLM.  It’s a who recruited who type deal.  For instance, your first level of referrals will earn you 5% as will your second.  To me, everything seemed confusing, but from what I’m researching, it appears to be a great deal for those who are savvy sellers and know they can meet the monthly volume requirements to earn a commission.

Website:  Javita


Organo offers a variety of products, including a line of coffee, most notably its gourmet black coffee and “king of coffee” line.  It’s another MLM-like scheme that focuses on coffee and weight loss mixed, helping you get the energy to burn the pounds off.

Unlike Javita, which charges close to $30+ for a 24 pack, Organo is a pinch cheaper, retailing at $27.  It’s not much of a difference, still averaging about $1 a cup.  The biggest difference, however, is that, like Javita, they are rated just as high, but they have hundreds of more reviews on Amazon.  To me, this goes to show how popular the product may be.

If you want to sell coffee with Organo, it can be done in one of two ways.   You can simply promote the products via a website or you can sell in person.  If you were to sell in person, you would earn the difference between the suggested retail price and what you list it at.  It’s up to you.  Just keep in mind that if the price is too high, most people will resort to Amazon to buy their supply if they continue to do so.

Just like the many MLMs, you can also rely on your team income, where you can recruit people and then earn a portion of their sales.  With Organo, you can earn up to 20% of your team sales, depending on your level within the company.  Bonuses are also available and will vary depending on your company rank.

Website:  Organo


Valentus is said to “help you prevail in all of your goals” and is well known for its SlimROAST coffee line, which is said to be your logical solution to weight management.  Each blend is formulated with natural appetite suppressants, “feel good” ingredients and detox components.  According to some reviews I read, the coffee tastes great, providing that extra energy to help you shed a few pounds.  However, be careful in these “claims” as there’s often not a lot of research to back these statements up.

If the products look like something of interest to you, the company does offer a “compensation plan,” in which you can make money selling coffee kits and referring others to do the same.  The only downfall that I found is that the coffee is costly.  For example, as a seller, you would have to buy a single box, which retails at about $60.  In these kits, it includes 24 packages, which makes each cup about $2.50 each.  Not as much as a Starbucks, per se, but it’s kind of costly for an at-home brew.  Nonetheless, the company needs to make a heftier profit so that they can pay you.  As you rise in the ranks, though, you can buy purchase more expensive kits.

As I write this, the company will pay 25% in commissions, however, to earn these commissions, you must maintain at least a “50BV” personal volume each month.  You can earn BV for every order you sell.

Aside from selling a kit and earning commissions, you can also refer teams, in which can affect your income and bonuses.  Like any MLM, the more people you network with and sign up, the more you can make as they sell kits.  So, if you do plan on signing up, let it be known that you won’t make much just selling the coffee; rather you will have to focus on networking with others as well.  If you’re not comfortable with this idea, then I would probably skip out on it.

To learn more about the company and how commissions work, the link below directs you to the commission chart and how it works for you as a seller.

Website:  Valentus

Final Thoughts

All of these coffee direct sales companies work in the same way.  You buy a kit, sell the coffee to your customers and then make a profit.  You can also earn cash from anyone who you refer to as well.

If you’re a savvy salesperson and feel you can recruit other like-minded salespeople and people to buy your coffee, then it could be a proposition to consider.  I’m not a fan of MLM schemes at all as you can sell coffee in many other ways, such as starting your own brand or even consider starting an affiliate website.  In this case, you could target coffee-like keywords and send your traffic to Amazon or even your own product.  In this case, you wouldn’t have to worry about managing a downline and/or the company going out of business.

Out of all the options I mention, if you want the lowest risk, then Java Momma, by far, would be your best option.  The start-up costs are very minimal and you’re just selling coffee, not some gimmicky product that claims you can lose weight by drinking it.  I’m not saying those claims are true but what you will find out is that most of the time they are slightly exaggerating.

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