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Companies That Buy Invention Ideas (Free Massive List)

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Do you have an invention in mind that you feel is worth good money, but you don’t know where to go to get this said money?

Well, you’re in luck as there are a ton of reputable companies out there that are willing to buy your invention ideas.  In some cases, the company may ask that your idea is either already patented or has a patent pending, while others may work with you in regards to getting a patent.  Nonetheless, if you feel you want to sell your invention ideas to a company, it’s always best you speak with a patent attorney before submitting your idea to any company.  This small investment can help save you a lot of headaches in the future.

No matter how big or small your idea may be, I promise you that there’s a company out there that may want to buy it.  Of course, your idea has to make sense to them, but it is possible.

With all of that out of the way, let’s dive in and see which companies buy invention ideas right now.

Companies That Buy Invention Ideas

TIP:  It’s highly advisable you patent your product before you even consider submitting your invention idea.  Not only that, meeting with a patent lawyer, as mentioned, is a great idea as well. In doing so, you can protect your invention in case one of these companies run away with your idea and don’t give you credit for it.


Quite possibly the biggest company on this list, 3M allows you to submit your idea on a patented product.  As a leader in applying sciences to provide innovative products to its consumers, they are always actively pursuing open innovation opportunities.  You can submit your idea, but due to the inquiries they receive, you may not receive an acknowledgment.

  • What they are looking for? Mainly office supplies and electronics
  • Website: 3M


BD is in the medical technology field and is open to new ideas.  If you would like to submit your idea to a BD unit, you can do so, however, they ask that you download the documents found via the link below and then mail it in as long as you agree to their terms.  At this moment, they cannot accept any prototypes nor can they accept confidential information.

  • What they are looking for? Medical technology
  • Website: BD

Coastal Pet Products

If you believe your product aligns with the Coastal Pet Products brand, then they ask that you submit your idea via their form.  When submitting, be sure to note that it’s either patented or patent-pending.  The company will not sign an NDA for any product ideas.  As long as it’s pet-related, they want to take a look.


The very popular tool company, DeWalt, carefully considers idea submissions as long as it aligns with their business needs.  If you want to submit your idea and be considered, they want you to follow the steps mentioned in the PDF linked below.  Idea submissions done so in other means will not be considered.

  • What they are looking for? Tools
  • Website:  DeWalt

Dorman Products

Dorman Products primarily focuses on automotive products and has a dedicated form on its official website, allowing you to submit a product idea for either a new or existing Dorman product category.  You can also share ideas about a product you may have purchased from them in the past.  Take a glance at the website to see which products they do sell before submitting your idea.

  • What they are looking for? Automotive
  • Website: Dorman


Eco-Products wants everyone to rethink single-use products.  They focus mostly on what usually are disposable products such as cups, paper containers, etc.  If you have an idea you think they can use, then you can share it with them as they feel innovation is a driver of their strategy and eco-products.  They do ask that you file a patent before submitting, however, if you want to get their opinion on a product, they do ask not to fill out a form.

  • What they are looking for? Products that are usually considered single-use
  • Website: EcoProducts


Escalade is a smaller company focusing in the sporting goods and outdoor recreation market.  As they know partnering is a basis for success, they are always looking for ways to bring new ideas to the market.  If you want to share your ideas with them, you can do so via their unsolicited idea submission policy.  Aside from submitting an invention idea, they are also interested in exploring through mergers, joint ventures and partnerships of sorts.

  • What they are looking for? Sporting goods
  • Website: Escalade


One of the world’s largest toy manufacturers, Hasbro, offers the Spark program to future innovators.  If you’re ready to share your invention, they ask that you follow their simple three-step process, which includes personal details, your invention details as well as which category you’re submitting to.  It’s a very easy process, all of which can be done via the official website.

  • What they are looking for? Toys
  • Website: Hasbro


Henkel is always looking for strategic partnerships, especially in the areas of innovation.  While the name may not sound familiar to you, you may have heard of some of the products they have developed such as Dial soap and Right Guard deodorant.  They invite you to become their partner as they are will review both your patent and even accept innovative ideas via their official website.

  • What they are looking for? Beauty care, laundry and home care
  • Website: Henkel


The famous chocolate company does accept ideas as long as it aligns with their brand and is original, of course.  If you feel you have something of interest, they make it easy to submit your idea, but in doing so, there’s no guarantee they will contact you.

  • What they are looking for? Consumer goods
  • Website: Hershey

Idea Buyer

Idea Buyer is different in that they don’t focus on just one industry like the many companies on this list.  Rather, they partner with you to then help launch your products to popular retailers.  According to the official website, they have been in the market since 2007, helping more than 2000 new products hit store shelves.  If interested, you can submit your idea and will be asked to wait up to 48 hours.  If they view you as a potential partner, then they can help bring it to market at reduced costs in exchange for upside in the product.  You can view more in how the process works via the link below.

  • What they are looking for? Everything
  • Website: Idea Buyer

John Deere

If you’re thinking big and feel you have a machine or model John Deere may be interested in, they want to hear from you.  Your submission can be done online, but they do ask that you keep a copy of any materials you submit to them for your protection.

  • What they are looking for? machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment
  • Website: John Deere

Jokari Home Solutions

As the name implies, Jokari Home Solutions works in the housewares industries, mainly focusing on kitchen gadgets.  The official website has a product list to give you a better idea as to what they sell if you want to check it out.  The company has an inventor page, where you can fill out the form and then receive information from a representative.

  • What they are looking for? Housewares
  • Website: Jokari


Nautilus offers an umbrella of products, many of which you have heard of such as Bowflex and Schwinn, to name a few.  If you have an idea, specifically in the exercising sector, then they want to hear from you.  During the process, you can submit your idea via the form linked below and you can then wait for a response after review.  If they do like your innovation, you are contacted to negotiate terms and begin commercialization.  According to the company, even if they have no interest, they will kindly let you know.

  • What they are looking for? Anything exercise related
  • Website: Nautilus

Mustang Survival

At Mustang Survival, they are always welcoming new ideas and innovative ideas for their current products.  The company may not be ideal for everyone as they are very specific, working in the water rescue industry, but hey, I like to include as many options as possible.  If original, there’s a good chance you will hear back. Just make sure your product is patent protected as this is what they prefer when working with you.  The official idea submission form provides a lot of answers to the questions you may have.


P&G has a website dedicated if you want to submit an idea as well as what their needs are at the moment.  Here, you can find the submission criteria, how to submit as well as a frequently asked questions page.

  • What they are looking for? Consumer goods
  • Website: P&G

Play with a Purpose

The Play with a Purpose company creates playgrounds, active play items as well as items often found a children’s facility such as a daycare/school.  You can see a full list of all the products they have to offer on their official website. If you have a drawing, a prototype or an original idea that benefits the professional community, this company may be interested in bringing your product to life.

  • What they are looking for? Children, mainly anything to do with physical activity
  • Website: Play with a Purpose


Rico focuses on everything sports, with licensing agreements with the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.  If you have an idea, Rico wants to connect with high-quality business partners who have ready to go products that match their goals.  If interested, you will need to review the criteria before submitting your idea, which can be found via the official website link below.

  • What they are looking for? Sporting goods
  • Website: Rico

Sharper Image

Sharper Image works with the Camelot Venture Group, which is a private investment group, that often looks for invention ideas submitted by the public.  They primarily focus on technology-based gadgets.  You can check out their website to see what they sell to give you a better idea.

  • What they are looking for? Technology gadgets
  • Website:  Sharper Image

Snap-On Tools

Snap-On Tools accepts ideas from their customers, employees and outside inventors.  Over the years, they have developed many products from people like you.  If they do choose your idea, it does say you can receive a $3,000 reward but nothing else is mentioned in regards to a monetary reward.  If interested, you can either call them or print the product idea submission form and mail it to the address listed.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to upload your ideas online.

  • What they are looking for? Tools
  • Website: Snap-On

Spin Master

Spin Master will travel around the globe looking at thousands of products of ideas and innovations which deliver a great play experience, according to the company’s website.  Think about toys.  As they take great pride in partnerships, they ask that you fill out the form if you have an invention that may fit their brand.  Take a look at their website to see which products they have developed in the past to get a better idea as to what they are looking for.

  • What they are looking for? Toys or anything that can offer a “great play experience”
  • Website: Spin Master

Under Armour

Under Armour, one of the world’s leader in athletic gear, will work with you every step of the way to help your great idea come to life.  If you already have a patented product or an established business, you can submit your idea as long as you feel it makes an athlete better.  Do note that if you do submit, it can take up to six weeks to review.  The official website goes into great detail, letting you know what’s expected of you so I would read through it before considering.  This isn’t one you would want to mess up!

  • What they are looking for? Apparel, footwear, hardware technology, app integration, training aids and hard goods
  • Website: Under Armour


This is another big one.  As Unilever has a vision of a better future for our world, they want to partner with anyone who may have a new design or technology that could help grow their business. The cool thing about their submission page is that they let you know exactly what they are looking for at the moment.  For example, when I writing this, they were looking for tough stain removal items, natural antioxidants, etc.  There were at least 15+ items.  Take a gander at the link below and see if any of the latest challenges and wants fit your idea.

  • What they are looking for? Consumer goods
  • Website: Unilever


Yes, Wilson, the very popular sports company, has a dedicated page where you can submit your ideas.  As they always have their “eye on the next big thing,” you can submit your idea via your form and a representative will contact you after reviewing your submission.

  • What they are looking for? Sporting goods
  • Website: Wilson

Even More Companies That Buy Invention Ideas

Above, I tried to include many of the more popular companies and provide a quick snippet.  However, there were many more companies that this.  So, to save myself time, I included the many companies I found and broke them down by category below.  If any are of interest, follow the link for more details.


  • Adam Block Design LLC
  • Aprica
  • Bison Design
  • Butterflies and Zebra
  • Charles River
  • Croakies
  • Crown Products
  • Edwars Garment
  • Knomo
  • Lanoosh
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Majestic International
  • Max Lang
  • Mission
  • Moi Kidz
  • Next Level Apparel
  • Nui Organics
  • Petit Lem
  • Pro Am Golf
  • Zeppelin Products


  • Dometic Corporation
  • Dynamic International
  • Kraco
  • Lisle Corp
  • Midway Rotary Die
  • Panavise Products
  • SDS Design Associates
  • Strand Art Company

Baby and Child

  • Baby Trend
  • Brainy Baby
  • Crown Crafts
  • Dex Baby
  • First Years
  • Munchkin
  • Safety First
  • Westpoint Home
  • Zoli


  • Western Digital
  • Xorcom


  • Baum Bros
  • Bee’s Wrap
  • Berghoff International
  • Bernedes USA
  • Blue Rhino
  • Boelter Brands
  • Bon Chef
  • Brod & Taylor
  • Brushtech, Inc.
  • Buffalo Corp.
  • Calderon Textiles
  • Casper
  • CHF Industries
  • Church & Dwight Co
  • Creative Bath Products, Inc.
  • Duralex USA
  • Edlund
  • J.K. Adams Co
  • Kellogg
  • Kraft
  • Meyer Corporation
  • Robert Shaw
  • Takeya USA


  • Abbott
  • Afassco
  • BD Medical
  • Ethicon
  • Hogan Manufacturing
  • Puretech Ventures

Office Supplies

  • Cannetti Design
  • Hester & Cook
  • Meri Meri
  • Virco


  • 21st Century
  • Big Time Products
  • Cabela’s
  • GSI Outdoors
  • LL Bean
  • Osprey


  • Allied Percision
  • Enchanged Home Pet
  • Heath
  • Kaytee
  • Mirage Pets
  • Petmate
  • PetCo
  • Petsmart
  • Prorose


  • Active Helmet
  • Arquati Company
  • Black Mountain Products
  • Craftique Manufacturing Co
  • Harvest Trading Group
  • Marine Rescue Products

Toys & Games

  • Air Head Toys
  • Ceaco
  • Creative Teaching
  • Wow Toys

Final Thoughts

If you have an invention idea, there are a ton of companies that may want to hear from you.  Even if you don’t see a company of interest and/or I didn’t mention your industry, you can always go more in depth and research the major players in your field.

For example, if you were selling a dog toy prototype, you could research the major dog toy manufacturers and then search their name, followed by “submit an idea.” Most of the time, if they do have an idea submission page, you will find it listed in the search engine results.

As always, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment below if I’m missing any companies and/or you just want to comment on what I already have written.  I always love hearing from you.

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