Lolli Review: Earn Bitcoin While Shopping

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You might be familiar with cash back services you’ve seen advertised like Rakuten, and Honey. But, did you know there’s an option to earn your cash back in the form of cryptocurrency?

Meet Lolli, an add-on for browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

With Lolli, you can earn up to 30% in Bitcoin cash back when you shop with many of their partner stores, including big names like Microsoft, Nike, and eBay.  It’s one of the many cash back-like sites out there.  And, if you don’t like the idea of cryptocurrency, you can also choose cash, however, which reward you choose is what you’re stuck with on your account when signing up.

If you’re curious about getting cryptocurrency instead of regular cash or gift cards, keep reading my overview of Lolli to see if it’s a good fit for you.  As always, I’m 100% honest in what I recommend.

What is Lolli?

Lolli is all about making cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, more user-friendly for regular shoppers. By adding this free extension to your browser, you can earn Bitcoin (or cash) as you shop online. Even though it started in 2018 and is relatively new to the online shopping scene, Lolli has already garnered attention. It currently functions with two browsers and boasts tens of thousands of users.

What makes Lolli stand out is that they have partnerships with over 25,000 well-known brands. So, when you shop at any of these partner websites, you’ll be rewarded in Bitcoin. The key thing to remember about Lolli is that, unlike other extensions, they offer rewards in Bitcoin, not regular cash.

At its core, Lolli is uncomplicated. When you purchase something from a Lolli-affiliated site, Lolli gets a slice of that sale, a commission from the retailer. They then share a portion of that commission with you, but instead of cash, you get Bitcoin deposited right into your Lolli wallet. If you wish, you can then move those funds to a personal wallet, preferably a hardware one.

It’s worth noting that Lolli doesn’t decide the cashback percentage; that’s up to the retailer. So, both the user and Lolli benefit. You gain Bitcoin effortlessly by shopping, while Lolli gets to promote the potential of Bitcoin and earn a commission along the way.

Lolli is exclusive to residents in the United States. If you’re based outside the U.S., you might want to explore other top cashback platforms. Also, you need to be at least 15 years old to sign up.

How Does Lolli Work?

Diving into Lolli is a breeze. All you really need is an email address. Whether you’re on Firefox or Chrome, you can easily add the Lolli browser extension. Here’s a quick guide to kick things off:

  • Visit the Lolli website.
  • Find and click on the “Get Lolli for Chrome” option.  You can also choose the Firefox extension.
  • Once it’s downloaded, go ahead and install the extension.
  • Set up an account using your email and a secure password.
  • Turn on Lolli notifications so you’ll know when you’re shopping at one of their affiliated stores.

Once you’ve got it all set up, Lolli will have your back. When you hop onto any of their partner merchants’ websites, Lolli will give you a heads-up. It’ll let you know how much Bitcoin you stand to earn once you finalize a purchase.

And here’s the best part: Just shop like you always do. When you make a qualifying purchase, Lolli will keep tabs on the sale and automatically add Bitcoin to your Lolli wallet. They’ll do this once they’ve been compensated by the merchant, which usually happens after any return periods. And if you ever want to cash out, you can transfer as little as $15 from your Lolli wallet straight to your bank or even a hardware wallet.

Aside from the browser extension, you can also link your credit card to your account.

Whenever you make a purchase, the app will automatically know you made the purchase and then credit your account.

This will only work for the card boosts shown on your dashboard, not the cash back online.

So, for example, you can see in that screenshot that I could earn 2% cash back if I used my linked card at Walmart or 3% at Safeway.  These are constantly changing, but from what I saw, I didn’t see many options.  Most of your money will be made with the browser extension.

Making a Purchase

So, after you’ve made a purchase at one of Lolli’s partner stores, you’ll receive an email in a couple of days letting you know about the Bitcoin you’ve earned. Now, here’s a bit of patience required: you might have to wait between 30 to 90 days after your purchase to see those earnings reflected in your account. I know, it seems like a lengthy wait for a reward for a purchase you made a while back. But there’s a good reason for it. Lolli collaborates with their retail partners to confirm every purchase, ensuring everything runs smoothly later on.

Another reason for this wait? Returns. Imagine earning rewards for an item, then deciding to return it. That would complicate things a bit, so the waiting period helps avoid such situations.

Once the waiting period is over and you’ve got your Bitcoin, you can see your accumulated amount in your Lolli wallet. When it hits the $15 mark, you have the choice to move your Bitcoin to other wallets or trading platforms.

Who Can I Shop With?

Lolli boasts partnerships with over 25,000 renowned brands and retailers globally. This means opportunities to earn up to 30% Bitcoin cashback.

To give you a taste, here are some of Lolli’s partners:

  • Adidas
  • Groupon
  • Cabela’s
  • Expedia
  • Hotwire
  • Staples
  • Gap
  • Nike
  • Petsmart

Remember that they work with a ton of brands so there’s a good chance who you’re shopping with will be here.  These are just a few of the many on the list.

How Much Can I Earn?

The burning question: How much can you potentially earn with Lolli? Is it truly feasible to accumulate Bitcoin this way?

Your earnings largely depend on your online shopping habits and whether you use Lolli consistently to save money. But shopping isn’t the only way to earn. Referring friends is another avenue. For each friend you introduce to Lolli, both you and your friend get a $10 bonus.

When you stack Lolli against other cashback platforms, the percentage of Bitcoin rewards is pretty impressive. So, if your shopping cart is often full and you prefer Bitcoin over traditional cash, Lolli might be a lucrative choice for you.

Some suggest that an average online shopper might accumulate around $20 to $40 a year using Lolli. Yet, there are users who’ve pocketed much more, in the hundreds.

In the end, it’s tied to your shopping frequency. Naturally, the more you shop, the more you stand to earn. The value of your purchases plays a role too; higher value equals higher rewards.

The Bitcoin cashback rate varies with retailers. While some offer a generous rate of up to 30%, most hover between 3%-10% like most cash back sites.

If you were to spend $100, for instance, then you could earn $3 to $10~ back in Bitcoin, maybe more, maybe less.  It will greatly vary as it will depend on who you’re shopping with as well as how much you’re spending.

NOTE:  If your credit card offers a cashback loyalty program, you’re in for double rewards. Shop using the Lolli app and pay with that credit card. This way, you benefit both from Lolli and your card’s program.

Is Lolli Legit?

So you might be wondering, is Lolli legitimate?

In my experience, Lolli is a genuine browser extension that rewards you with Bitcoin when you shop with their partner brands. Personally, I’ve managed to get a few dollars in Bitcoin through Lolli, and getting the extension up and running was straightforward.

If you delve into discussions on places like Reddit or other online communities, you’ll find feedback from actual users. Many have successfully received Bitcoin rewards from their online shopping experiences using Lolli.  It seems to have high praise.

However, not all stories are rosy. Some users have reported instances of missing Bitcoin or certain purchases not being eligible for rewards. Such glitches can happen with cashback platforms; even renowned sites occasionally miss a transaction or two.  This is very commonplace, and it’s why it’s so important that you keep receipts to prove your purchase.

To sum it up, Lolli appears to be a reliable way to earn Bitcoin while shopping. Just remember, like with all technology, it might not be perfect 100% of the time.


How do I get my earnings?

After patiently waiting for 30-90 days, you’re eligible to take out your earnings, provided you’ve accrued at least $15. You can send it straight to your USD bank account or to a Bitcoin address of your choice. Just a heads-up, there’s a $0.25 fee for transfers to USD bank accounts, but transferring to a Bitcoin address won’t cost you a dime. If you’re looking for a good place to store your Bitcoin, I’ve found Coinbase to be a reliable and user-friendly option.

Who can sign up?

Right now, Lolli’s services are exclusively for the U.S. However, there’s some buzz about them branching out to Canada and the UK soon.

Which browsers can I use?

For now, Lolli is works with just Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They’ve hinted at launching a mobile app, but till then, these two browsers are your go-to for accessing Lolli.

Is it safe?

Lolli gives assurances that their wallet is solidly secure. However, they’ve also made it clear that they aren’t responsible for the safety of transactions or transfers involving non-Lolli wallets. To be on the safe side, it’s prudent to move your Bitcoin earnings to your personal wallet promptly, rather than letting them accumulate in your Lolli account.

How does Lolli make money?

Much like other cashback platforms you might have encountered, Lolli pockets a commission from merchants you shop from, credited to directing you to them. To reward its users, Lolli shares a slice of this commission, offering it as cashback. This business approach isn’t unique to Lolli; other extensions utilize it too. And the best part? Using Lolli won’t cost you anything extra – no sneaky charges or membership fees.

Final Thoughts

5/10While Lolli does have its merits, there are seasoned players in the browser extension game like Rakuten. They offer straightforward savings when you shop online, either through cashback or by automatically applying discount codes during checkout.

On a similar note, Capital One Shopping grants you savings with coupon deals and rewards you with loyalty credits when you shop with their partners. These credits can be exchanged for a range of complimentary gift cards.

However, if you’re excited about the idea of racking up Bitcoin as you shop, Lolli might just be your new go-to. It’s free, dependable, and the company’s growth trajectory looks promising. And remember, if you ever feel that Lolli isn’t quite hitting the mark for you, reverting to a conventional cashback extension is always an option during your next online shopping spree.  It’s easy to change these options.

I hope this overview has shed some light on Lolli and its potential fit for your online shopping routine. If you swear by another extension or want to comment on your experience, you’re more than welcome to chat about it below.

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