Is Sinclair Customer Metrics Worth It? (review)

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Among the many mystery shopping companies out there, Sinclair Customer Metrics is one of the many companies out there.

Sinclair Customer Metrics offers a way to earn by allowing you to become a mystery shopper. This role involves shopping and then providing insights about your experience, mostly while you’re undercover. It’s a method that has been embraced by many looking for interesting ways to earn some money on the side.

However, while Sinclair Customer Metrics is legitimate and provides a real opportunity to earn, it’s important to consider a few aspects before jumping in. The platform, despite its long history, shows signs of aging, particularly its website design, which seems a bit outdated. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily detract from its value as a source of extra income.

Another downside to consider is the limited payment options and the waiting period to receive your earnings. These factors may make Sinclair Customer Metrics less appealing compared to other opportunities out there.

Considering everything, the most important question is whether or not Sinclair Customer Metrics is worth your time.

If you find the idea of mystery shopping exciting and are looking for a way to earn while engaging in an interesting activity, Sinclair Customer Metrics might just be what you’re searching for. However, as with anything, it’s worth exploring in detail to see if it fits your needs and expectations.


Sinclair Customer Metrics opens its doors to mystery shoppers from a handful of countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Kuwait, Australia, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. It seems that these are the places where they’ve set up shop, literally.

When you start the sign-up process, you will notice they ask for something quite personal – your Social Security Number. This might raise an eyebrow since it’s not common for websites to request such sensitive information right off the bat. They could have opted for a simpler form of ID verification, but that’s their policy.  I know it may be tempting to avoid this, but a lot of companies do ask for this for tax purposes.  I can attest that this company is legit and your information is safe.  However, only make sure you go through the official website.

After you have navigated through the initial steps, there’s a short test waiting for you. This test checks how well you can follow instructions, a key skill for any mystery shopper. They don’t specify the passing score, but from personal experience, scoring 75~ was enough to get through.

If you find yourself with questions, Sinclair has a FAQ section that covers the basics of what you need to know. For anything more detailed, they offer support via email or a toll-free number, ensuring you can get help when needed, as long as it’s within office hours.

After you sign up and get approved, you can immediately start applying for jobs.  Let’s talk about how that works.

Earning Money Mystery Shopping

Once you sign up, you will have access to a dashboard where you can find stores waiting for someone just like you to shop in disguise.

Mystery shopping with Sinclair isn’t about getting random assignments. It’s more proactive. You get to pick your “missions” by applying for shopping jobs.  And, this starts with filling out your “Availability Profile” on their website. With this, you will enter details like which areas you’re willing to visit for shopping, using zip codes and distance preferences. This step is crucial because it helps Sinclair suggest the right shops for you.

After your profile is ready and shops are suggested, you have the freedom to select which ones you’re interested in. Once you’ve made your picks, Sinclair confirms your application, and then it’s up to you to schedule your visit. It’s like making an appointment, which is essential for letting the folks at Sinclair know when to expect your undercover shopping spree.

Remember, this schedule is your promise to be there, so pick a time that works best for you and stick to it. If you must cancel, Sinclair asks that you let them know a few hours ahead of time.

During your visit, your task may involve purchasing a specific item or trying out a service. Afterward, you’ll evaluate the experience based on certain criteria. Don’t worry about remembering all the details as they will provide you with a questionnaire to guide your assessment.  Everything you need to know will be presented to you.

After completing your assignment and submitting your report to Sinclair’s on-site representative for review, you’ll be on your way to receiving your compensation. This part of the process ensures that your efforts are recognized and rewarded, making the whole experience a fulfilling way to earn some extra money.

How Much Money Can You Make?

When you start mystery shopping, how much you earn will depend on the specific store and task you’re assigned. Typically, you can expect to make between $5 and $25~ per assignment, which is pretty standard for the industry. Remember, this amount is in addition to any reimbursements for purchases you’ve made while shopping, so always keep your receipts.

I think the pay is fair, especially considering you’re getting reimbursed for your shopping expenses on top of the assignment fee. If you’re dedicated and manage to take on several assignments, you could see a nice sum of money coming your way.

However, how often you get these opportunities can vary based on where you live. Cities and larger metropolitan areas often have more mystery shopping jobs available than smaller towns or rural areas. So, your location plays a big role in how much you can potentially earn.

It’s also wise to think about the logistics of your assignments. If getting to and from the store costs you a lot in time and travel expenses, it might not be worth it. Choosing your tasks with this in mind will help you maximize your earnings without overspending on transportation.

As with most mystery shopping companies, including this one, it’s not too hard to average $100+ per month.

Getting Paid

Now, let’s talk about how you will get your earnings from mystery shopping with Sinclair Customer Metrics.

They have a simple payment process where you receive your money once a month. They will send out a check to you during the last week of the month following the one in which you completed your shopping tasks. So, if you were out there shopping in June, for example, expect a payment the last week of July.

Now, it’s worth noting that patience is key here because it takes a while to see your payment. And when it comes to how you get paid, it’s only through checks. This method might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re used to instant transactions. On the bright side, there’s no minimum amount you have to earn before you can get your money, which is pretty great. It means you can get your hands on your earnings without having to wait until you’ve piled up a certain amount.

For those of you who prefer a quicker way to access your earnings, there are plenty of other mystery shopping platforms out there known for their speedy payments. It might be worth looking into those as well if getting paid swiftly is high on your list.

The Pros:

  • Offers independence and personal growth opportunities.
  • Allows for flexible working hours.
  • Engaging work with customer evaluations and role-playing.
  • Opportunity to shop and get paid for it.

The Cons:

  • Uses outdated systems making tasks like changing passwords difficult.
  • Professionalism in responses can be lacking.
  • Pay is considered low by some.
  • Frequent calls for job assignments can be intrusive.
  • Payment is made at the end of the second month via paper check.
  • Some out-of-pocket expenses are not reimbursed.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, Sinclair Customer Metrics is a legitimate platform where you can earn money through mystery shopping.

It has its perks, like decent rewards and no minimum payout threshold, but also a few drawbacks. The main concerns include limited job availability, the lengthy wait for payment, the singular payment method via check, and the requirement for sensitive information during sign-up.

While it’s a solid option for those interested in mystery shopping, the limitations might make it less appealing for some. For those seeking quick cash or more flexible payment methods, exploring other mystery shopping sites or survey sites might be more up your alley. These alternatives often offer a variety of payment options and are available to a wider audience, potentially fitting your needs better.

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