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10+ Dog Walking Jobs (No Experience Needed)

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A few months ago, I talked about the many ways you could dog sit and make some pretty good cash.

If you love dogs and want to make money, but you don’t like the idea of babysitting a dog for a few days, I get it.  That’s why I wanted to create a separate post talking about the many ways you can make money walking dogs and that’s it.

So, if you have an hour or so a day to spare and don’t mind walking around the block, here are some companies, apps and strategies you may want to consider to start making money as early as today.

Dog Walking Jobs (No Experience Necessary!)


Rover focuses on everything pets, from dog boarding to dog walking, but if you just want to walk dogs and nothing else, you can do so.  You get to tell them what you want to do, from the dog size to when you’re available.

To start with Rover, they simply ask that you create a profile and let potential customers know what you’re willing to do.  You get to set dog walks that fit your schedule.

As most of your customers will find you in the search results, it’s important that you have an aggressive price as well as a profile that sells yourself.  Picture it almost like a job resume.  To find out how you can make your profile “shine,” Rover created a nice how-to guide as to how you can do it in no time.  If it’s good enough, you should start to receive some job proposals.  If not, you can always tweak it as needed.

Rover offers a ton of tools to succeed, from a $1,000,000 guarantee to 24/7 support.

While is primarily known to cater to people looking for a human babysitter, they do have a pets section as well.

Like Rover mentioned above, you will need to create a profile in order for people to contact you, but you can search for jobs as well.  Here’s what it looks like if you wanted to search for a job..

Whether you want to sit back and wait for people to contact you or apply to jobs yourself, the amount of dog walking work you receive greatly depends on your geographical location.  Remember that your profile sells yourself!

As a last note, will charge you if you want to add a background check to your profile.  While optional, this is highly recommended to increase your job prospects.


Search for dog walking jobs on the Google Play store and Wag will pop up near the top.  By far, it’s one of the largest options.

Focused primarily on dog walking, the app offers other pet-related services as well, but most of your jobs will be walking related.

Like many of the gig-economy apps, such as Uber and DoorDash, Wag allows you to work whenever you want.  Just log in, see who needs a walk and accept the job if you can do it.

To start walking with Wag, you will need to apply and let Wag know about your dog experience as well as showcase your knowledge.  You will also need to pass a background check.

All walkers are said to make $18+ per hour, sometimes more, depending on where you live.

  • Website:  Wag

As the name implies, is geared toward pet sitting services, however, you can offer dog walking services only if you so choose.  Like many of the websites I already mentioned, you just need to specify that this is what you only want to do in your profile when creating it.

The nice thing about this website is that you can search for dog walking jobs before you even sign up.  That way, you can at least get an idea if it’s worth joining.  When I searched, for example, in my area, I found about 48 people who needed help.  Not bad.  It’s really up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not as I can’t determine that one.

Nonetheless, it’s another opportunity if you want to add your profile to more than one dog walking-like website.

You can create a basic sit for free, but there will be limitations as to what you can and can’t do.  If you do decide to upgrade for a fee, then you can access all features on the site.  Again, as the website allows you to search jobs ahead of time, this fee may or may not be worth it.


Like, SitterCity works in a similar way, primarily focusing on babysitting.  But, you can find dog walking gigs here as well.

Out of all the options I listed here, I didn’t find too many jobs, but the nice thing is that you can at least look at the jobs before signing up.  For example, when I was writing this, there were only seven jobs within 25 miles.  Again, it’s market dependent.

Consider at least checking out this site, but don’t be too discouraged if you don’t find a lot of work. is different in that you will actually have to start your own dog walking business.  This means you will have to go through the proper protocols to create your business as well as insure it.

If you don’t mind starting your own business and advertising to your local community, then this organization may be one to consider for a variety of reasons.

For one, it’s organization started by pet sitters, for pet sitters.  They help provide you with all of the resources you need to succeed.

And, secondly, they offer a fantastic job search engine, wherein potential customers can search their area and hopefully find you to hire.

Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets is only available in a select number of cities, but when I looked at the list, it appeared to be quite a few.

Working a lot like the few websites I already mentioned, if you want to become a walker, you will be asked to fill out an application and then create a profile that showcases your skills.  Remember, you have to sell yourself!

Then, if anyone is interested in your services, they will contact you for a booking.

As a walker, you can customize your rates as well as when you’re available, making for a true flexible gig. isn’t as large as the other companies mentioned, but it’s another one to consider.

To apply and be considered, you can simply apply, but you should be registered as a company in order to be considered or at least get approved.

If approved, you are then added to the network, where they will email you any time a customer has specified interest for your service offerings. Picture it more of a way to get leads if you already have a dog walking service. didn’t seem to be too active, but I tried to include as many options as possible.

On this website, it’s another option only if you have an existing dog walking business you want to advertise.  And, don’t worry.  If you don’t have a business started, it isn’t too hard to get one started as these books can get you rolling.

Looking at the site, you can advertise for $1 per week, so that when locals search for a zip code, your dog walking business could show up.

Again, it doesn’t seem too active and will take a bit of an investment.  I see some businesses advertising, so it’s really up to you if it’s worth trying.


PetBacker works with dog walkers from around the world in more than 50 countries, from the USA to Australia.

If you want to become a dog walker, you can download the app and then add your services to get your name out there.

With the app, you can receive instant alerts whenever new jobs are posted as well as keep in touch with your customers when you have their dog.

It’s not as big as the most popular app, Wag, but, hey, it’s yet another one to consider.

Check out Craigslist

If you maybe want more of a one-time dog walking job, consider checking out the Craigslist “Gigs” section. I mentioned it in my”work today, get paid today” post and recommend it as a way to find work right now.

Here, people will post jobs that often need to be done in the next week or so, many of which pay quite well.

From dog walking to anything else imaginable, just search to see what’s available.  If anything is of interest, contact the poster and work out some details.

Depending on your area, you may find a ton of jobs or nothing at all, but nonetheless, it’s a fantastic option to at least consider if you’re looking to make some cash fast.


Indeed is the internet’s largest job portal, essentially taking jobs from everywhere on the internet and placing these ads all in one place.  It’s very easy to use.

As a last resort, consider searching Indeed to see if any individuals or even local companies are looking to hire any dog walkers.

The only problem with this option is that you may have to commit to a part-time or full-time job, but this could be a good thing for some, however.

Regardless, take a gander and see what’s available in your area to see if there’s anything of interest.  You may be surprised at the opportunities available.

Search Locally

And as my last option, I recommend you search locally to see if there are any larger dog walking companies in your area that are looking to hire dog walkers.

For example, when I search for dog walking jobs in NYC, I found, which is said to be the #1 dog walking service in New York.

This option will only work if you live in a bigger city, but it doesn’t hurt to at least search for “dog walking jobs in <your city>” to see what shows up.   In my research, it appeared San Diego, Los Angeles, New Jersey, DC, Atlanta, Dallas and Denver had a handful of local dog walking companies available.

If you like what the company has to offer, then apply to see if you can jump on board.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to find dog walking jobs, many of which you can do on your own time.  While it can take some time for customers to find you on these websites, the recurring income can be great if you prove yourself and simply show up on time to do your job.  Dogs need to be walked every day, after all.

For now, I recommend you take a look at the many options I mentioned as one of them can potentially lead to a few great dog walking gigs.  Who knows?  Maybe even a part-time job.

Whether you want a full-time gig or something you want to do on the side, it can be done.

As always, if I’m missing any options and/or you want to comment on what I already mentioned, you’re more than welcome to comment below.

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