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15+ Dollar Stores Online with the Best Items

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The internet is filled with a ton of deals, no doubt, but if you’re a fan of items less than a $1, it needs to be known that there are quite a few legitimate online dollar stores.

Yes, just like your local dollar stores, where everything is a dollar, the following online retailers I’m about to talk about work in the same way.  Every item you browse will always be less than $1, I can assure you that much.

If you love to save cash and browsing the dollar store shelves, you may want to consider bookmarking the following online dollar stores to find some of the greatest deals online.

15+ Dollar Stores Online

DHGate, a Chinese wholesale website, offers a ton of items, most of which are more than $1.  However, if you know how to filter out the higher-priced items, you can find a lot for under $1.

To find these items, simply search by category or even search for something you have in mind.  Once you’re on the results page, you can then filter the price out to show everything less than a $1.  It’s very easy.

DHGate, aside from the $1 items, is a great way to find the many items you can find on Amazon for a lot less.  In fact, many Amazon sellers buy from here, place their own private label on it and upcharge you.  While you do have to wait 14+ days to receive your goods since it’s often coming from China, it can be worth it to you if you save more than 50% than what you would pay on Amazon.

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Dollar Tree

There’s a pretty good chance there’s a Dollar Tree retail location near you.  After all, the company has more than 14,800 stores throughout the United States.  It’s truly the “everything one dollar store online.”

Like the brick and mortar stores, the online version is no different, where everything is one dollar, no more.

However, before you get excited and start shopping, the only downfall is that the online version requires that you purchase a certain number of items before you get to purchase the items.  For instance, if you wanted to buy aluminum foil, you must purchase at least 35, but as for plastic cups, you only need to buy four.  The numbers vary, but you won’t be able to just purchase one item.

Nonetheless, all the items you see on the website are, indeed, $1, and could make for a great option if you want to buy particular items you see at a local Dollar Tree in bulk.

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Dollar General

While the name “dollar” is in the name, not everything is $1 or less, unfortunately.  However, if you’re familiar with this chain, almost everything is less than $5.

This massive retailer, just like Dollar Tree, allows you to shop online everything from school supplies to household goods.

To find all of the items less than $1, just make sure you use the filter on the website, ensuring that only items less than $1 show up.  In doing so, you will still have hundreds of items to browse through.  There are quite a bit just like in the store.

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This name is kind of misleading as some of their items do cost more than $1, but a good chunk of the items are less than a $1, making for another great online dollar store option.  Even the items more than $1 were no more than $3 usually, so it’s still one to consider visiting.

Browsing the website, it kind of reminded me of my local Dollar Tree, wherein they had a lot of random items, including some well-known brands.  From home care goods to accessories, they had quite a few categories to browse.

If you do check it out, there’s probably going to be something different each time you visit, and it could keep you entertained for hours.

Another misleading URL as a lot of items cost more than a buck, but you can find a lot of $1 items on this website as long as you filter your results.

Like a few of the retailers I list here, you can’t only purchase one item, but instead will be asked to purchase by the case.  It could be a great choice only if you know you will need more than 25+ items at a time.


Ah, another retailer with “dollar” in the name.

Again, this option has a ton of items for more than a dollar, but if you filter your results to show only the items for less than a buck, then you should be able to find hundreds of goods that fit the bill.

Like DHGate and a few others mentioned, you may have to buy in bulk, but it isn’t always necessary.

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Five Below

Five Below, like Dollar Tree, has more than 750+ locations throughout the United States.

Unlike the Dollar Tree chain, however, everything is less than $5 as the name implies.  Don’t let this stop you from shopping the website as you can filter out the many items that are less than $1.

If you spend less than $35, the company does apply a $5 shipping charge, but anything more than this entitles you to free shipping.

Out of all options I list here, this is probably one of my favorites just based on the selection.  Most of what you find comes from very popular name-brand items.

H&J Liquidators

If you want to deal directly with the source that often sells to the websites mentioned on this list, then here you go.

For more than 25 years, H&J Liquidators has been buying and selling closeout merchandise, most of which you see at your local dollar stores.

Most of the products on this website sell for far less than $1, but you may find a few items for a pinch more.  It’s rare, however.

Like the Dollar Tree, most items do require that you buy in bulk, so you may find that you may have to buy 100+ items at a time to secure the deal.


Hollar, much like the Dollar1 retailer I mentioned earlier, has items for more than $1, but if you only want to view the $1 items, they make it very easy to do so as you can click on the “$1 Shop” link in the menu tab.  They also have a pretty good $2 section, which, to me is almost as good as the $1 items.

This online dollar store doesn’t really focus on particular items as they have a variety of everything, but glancing at the site, the most popular categories include apparel, baby, beauty, electronics, health, home, and toys.

Good items do sell out fast, so I do recommend you check out the $1 store section on occasions to see what kind of deal you can snag.

Miss A

Miss A only sells beauty related products, including makeup, brushes, self-care items and much more, all for a dollar.  While you will find a few items for a pinch more than a $1, it’s never more than $2.

How do they do it, you may be wondering?

According to the company, beauty manufacturers make certain items exclusively for the company, but they don’t spend a lot of money on advertising, which allows them to keep their mark-up as low as possible.  On some of their items, they don’t even have a mark-up so that they can make better products available for you.


Quite possibly the #1 shopping app, Wish has a ton of deals, most of which are lower priced items.

To me, Wish is fun to browse and see what’s out there as it works similar to that of a social media platform like Facebook.  You just scroll until something catches your eye.  You can also search for particular items online.

Now, while Wish isn’t a dollar store, per se, you can still use the pricing filters to find $1 items only.  The nice thing about Wish is that you don’t need to buy in bulk, and in some cases, shipping will be free!

If you end up liking Wish, be sure to check out a post we wrote in the past, 36 apps like Wish.  In this post, I talked about the many apps that work just like it.

  • Website:  Wish (use code qfvjmpl for up to 50% off your first purchase)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a ton of online dollar stores that you can shop from the comforts of your home.  And yes, all of the items are less than a buck, I promise you that!

If you’re bored and want to bargain hunt or maybe you saw something at your local Dollar Tree and want to buy it online, I can almost assure you that one of these websites will have what you’re looking for.

As always, if I’m missing any options and/or you want to comment on your experience from one of the many retailers I mentioned above, then you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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