26+ Apps for Free International Calls [2023]

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Most of your cell phone companies today allow you to call domestically for free, often with no strings attached.  It’s truly unlimited minutes, all part of your cell phone plan.

However, this usually isn’t the case if you want to call outside of the United States.

Thankfully, thanks to technology, there are a variety of ways to call overseas for nothing, including free international calls to landlines.  And, from landlines in some cases as well.

In most cases, as long as the person you’re calling has Internet access or a cell phone reception, you won’t have to worry about taking out your credit card.

The following list are free international calls mobile apps for both the Android and iPhone.

Let’s begin!

Free Online International Call Apps for 2020

In this section, I wanted to talk about the many apps you can find on both the Google Play store and iTunes.

These apps are 100% free, but in order to make these free calls, the person, most of the time, you’re calling must have the app installed on their end as well.

In some cases, however, some apps will give you free minutes if you perform certain tasks, such as watching an ad, playing a game, etc.  I will explain how each app works in each description.

If the other person doesn’t have the app or you don’t complete the offers, then you will more than likely have to pay a small fee, all of which depend on the service you choose.

| 10.6M reviews – 4.1/5 rating

Whether it’s your cell phone, desktop or even tablet, Skype allows you to chat, text or even make video calls for free as long the person you’re calling has the app installed.  It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for a free international conference calls option as multiple people can connect at a time.

Quite possibly the biggest name on this list, Skype to Skype calls are 100% free; however, operator data charges may apply depending on your cell phone plan.

If the other party doesn’t have Skype installed, then you can make phone calls via the app for as little as $13.99 a month.  It isn’t free, per se, but it could be a good choice if you want an unlimited plan and don’t want to worry about the person you’re calling having Skype.

You can see the current rates on Skype here.

| 29K reviews – 4.1/5 rating

Vonage Mobile® lets you start a free group message with as many as 50 other users.  With the app, yoou can also use the app to send texts, make calls and even video chat on your smartphone or tablet.

The app works over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks, and in the case the party you’re calling can’t download the app, then Vonage offers ultra low-cost calling rates to more than 200 countries, said to be 90% cheaper than major mobile carriers.

All voice calls are in HD quality and is 100% free to start using.

| 12.3M reviews – 4.4/5 rating

The free Viber app, available for both your mobile phone and desktop, features a variety of options, including:

  • Send texts, photos, videos and more
  • Audio and video calls
  • Stickers and GIFs
  • Create communities
  • Instant voice and video message recording
  • Delete seen messages
  • Sync history and transfer to Viber for desktop
  • End-to-end encryption

Operated by Rakuten, you can make free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere, all for free as long each party has the app.

Now, in the case the person you’re calling doesn’t have the app, you can still call them; however, rates will apply.  You can check out the current rates on the official website.

| 450K reviews – 4.5/5 rating

The free phone calls app from Dingtone allows you to make free international calls and send free text messages to anyone.

Dingtone also gives you a free phone number with a local area code, all part of your account for FREE.

All calls made from one Dingtone user to another are 100% free; however, if the person you’re calling doesn’t have an account and lives outside of the United States, then you will need to pay a small fee.


This one is probably already obvious, but I wanted to include it here anyway as it is a great way to make calls for free as long as each party has an Apple device.

The built-in FaceTime app will allow you to make audio and video calls for free; however, again, both parties will need an Apple device.

If you’re unsure how to use FaceTime, you can view the official support documentation at

Already built into your phone, it’s probably the easiest option to start using.

Google Hangouts
| 3.7M reviews – 4/5 rating

With Google Hangouts, you can stay in touch with family and friends, either via video or voice calls.

Aside from making calls, Google Hangouts also offers the following benefits:

  • Include up to 150 contacts
  • Say more with emojis, maps, photos, videos, status messages, animated GIFs and more
  • Turn any conversation into a group chat up to 10 people
  • Connect your Google Voice account for phone calls, SMS text, and voicemail integration
  • Sync across all devices
  • Message contacts, even if they are not online

All calls to Google Hangout users are free; however, calls outside of Hangouts may be charged if your party doesn’t have the app installed.

You can check out the current rates here.

Google Voice
| 179K reviews – 4.2/5 rating

With Google Voice, you can get a free phone number, which works no differently than one you would get with a cell phone carrier, making it a great option if you want a different number than what you have right now.

Now, while international calls will not be free per se, you can make free calls and even text to all of Canada and the United States.   This could benefit some, the only reason I wanted to include it.

As for international rates, Google does offer competitive rates, which you can view here.

| 5M reviews – 4.3/5 rating

What makes imo unique is that they support calls over 2G networks, a perk many free international calling apps don’t offer.

And since many countries don’t have the perks of 3G or 4G for that matter, imo could be a great option for those who want to call, message or video call, no matter which device they are one in a country with 2G access only.

Like all of these apps, the person you’re calling will need the app as well, but it is 100% free to download.  Data charges could apply, however, if using your data network.

| 60K reviews – 4.6/5 rating

iEvaphone is yet another app that lets you call more than 200 countries for free as long as you earn your credits, such as watching an ad or completing a simple task.

Best of all, you can sign up today and the company will give you a few free credits to test out the service before you commit to earning your credits.

According to the company, they work with multiple local VoIP provides to make free international calls to mobile phones using the most stable AND cheapest route.

Another great option for those who don’t want to pay up front.

| 200K reviews – 4.6/5 rating

JusTalk is a free high-quality video, voice and group calling app for everyone.  The company says it’s simple, reliable, secure and fun, meaning you don’t have to miss a moment.

Allowing to make free calls on the go (EDGE/2G/3G/4G), the app offers the following features:

  • Create as many groups as you want
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Doodle, play games, share photos, change backgrounds or send stickers while chatting
  • Create your own unique ID
  • All information and calls are end-to-end encrypted
  • Free texting
  • Low data usage

While user-to-user calls are 100% free, low international calling rates are available in the case your recipient is unable to download the app.

| 2.7M reviews – 4.3/5 rating

KakaoTalk lets you send photos, videos, voice notes and your location all for free.

Not only that, the app offers the following features as well:

  • Fast, speedy and reliable messaging
  • Free chats (photo, video, voice notes)
  • Free high-quality calls
  • Emoticons
  • Group chats
  • Voice filters
  • Share your location
  • See who read your messages.

Downloaded and used by more than 150 million users, the app uses your internet connection (3G/EDGE or WiFi) for all calls or messaging.

Users must have an app in order for the calls to be 100% free, though.

| 11.1M reviews – 4.2/5 rating

The LINE app, available for a variety of smartphone devices and even the PC, allows you to send messages and make calls whenever, wherever.

The app also includes the following features:

  • Timeline to exchange stories, where you can post texts, photos, videos and stickers
  • Keep favorite photos, messages, videos
  • Add friends by shaking your phones together, using a QR code or LINE ID
  • Face filters and effects

Like most of these apps, both parties will need the app in order to make free international calls.

| 1.1M reviews – 4.3/5 rating

ooVoo keeps you connected with the world via video, photo or text over a variety of networks, including WiFi, LTE, 4G and 3G.

Whether it’s 1-on-1 or up to eight people at a time, ooVoo’s modern technology is said to be superior to the standard messaging apps.

With millions of downloads, ooVoo easily lends you send messages or call friends with a push of a button.

| 76K reviews – 4.1/5 rating

Rebtel is unique in a way as the company will connect international calls via local numbers, so you can enjoy the app-to-app calls with the same great quality as a local call — all without the need to use your data plan.

As I write this, the company works with 53+ countries, in which they have local numbers available.  And if the country is on the list, no internet is needed to make a call!

However, if one of the countries you want to call doesn’t exist, you can still make free calls using your data or WiFi, but the party you’re calling must have the Rebtel app as well in order for it to be truly free.

Aside from the free plans, the company does offer a variety of international calling offers, all depending on your needs.  For example, you can pay as you go or even subscribe to an unlimited calling package.

To learn more about the app, you can do so at

| 244K reviews – 4.2/5 rating

Talkray, said to be the fastest growing app, is loved by millions of users, according to the company’s app description.

Features include:

  • Clear and optimized international call quality
  • Lowest data usage
  • Group calls, up to 25 people
  • No need to add contacts as it’s integrated with your existing phonebook
  • Share pictures, push to talk messages and more.

With Talkray, you can send messages and pictures or call friends and family across the world for free over 3G or Wifi.

All features are 100% free, with no hidden costs.  As long as both parties are using the app, international calling won’t cost you a dime.

| 223K reviews – 4.6/5 rating

TalkU lets you make free and even cheap phone calls in some cases over 3G/4G data network without using any of your cell minutes.

And like Google Voice, TalkU will even give you your own personal phone number, allowing you to turn your tablet into a phone or as a second line for your primary phone.

All calls between TalkU users are 100% free, but in the case you’re calling a non-TalkU user, then you will have to pay a small fee.

| 3.8M reviews – 4.3/5 rating

Tango, a messaging app known for its best-quality global video service, allows you to live stream for the world to see or even privately video chat with someone you know.

The app even allows you to call anyone in the United States, Canada, Mexico and India for free, all without the need for your party to have the app!

While you can call other countries, low rates will apply, all of which you can see the rates inside the app.  However, if the party you’re calling has the Tango app, no fees will apply.


In my research, I found VoipBuster, a free program which allows you to make free calls around the world.

The website looked outdated, but it had pretty decent reviews, the reason I included it on the list and may be something you want to check out.  In short, plan on using the software for basic communications only as it doesn’t include video or text messaging support.

To use, you need to download the free VoipBuster software, either via your desktop or mobile phone, to start making your international calls.

And while you cannot call any country for free, the website does list a number of countries you can call 100% free, all of which you can see here.

| 5.5M reviews – 4.2/5 rating

WeChat is a calling and messaging app which allows you to connect easily with friends and family across the world, second the more popular app, WhatsApp.

Known as an all-in-one communication app for free texting, video calling, voice calling, photos, games and more, WeChat offers the following features:

  • Multimedia messaging
  • Group chat/calling
  • Sticker gallery
  • Certified by TRUSTe
  • Meet new friends nearby
  • Tell others where you are with the real-time location feature
  • Translate messages with 20 different languages

Like most of these apps that I did list, both parties will need to download this free app in order to take advantage of free calling, but if they don’t have the app, low calling rates are available.

| 79M reviews – 4.4/5 rating

With more than 79 million reviews and a 4.4/5 rating on the Google Play store, you may have heard of the WhatsApp app before as it’s consistently in the top 10 communication-based apps.  It’s also considered to be the world’s most popular communication app.

This free messaging app, available for both Android and other smartphones, lets you call anyone around the world so you don’t have to use your minutes or text messages if you’re charged for them, even if they live in a foreign country.  However, the only caveat is that the people you’re calling have the app installed on their phone as well.

To use, simply switch from SMS to WhatsApp and pay NO subscription fees.

That way, whenever you send a text or make a phone call, it automatically uses the app.

| 5.8K reviews – 4.2/5 rating

Yolla is another app that allows you to make international calls to more than 200+ countries for free, all without the need of the person you’re calling downloading the app you’re using.

To make calls, you will need to perform a variety of tasks to earn minutes, such as watch ads, inviting friends or even beta testing.  The app states the credit opportunities are endless.  If you don’t want to earn credits, you can also purchase them as well.

With a 4.2/5 rating and millions of users, all you need is an Internet connection to start using.

| 26K reviews – 4.6/5 rating

NOTE:  AhaCall appears to be inactive as of September 2019

AhaCall offers free high-quality international phone calls all around the world, with multiple ways to earn credits in the app to make your calls.

Unlike a lot of the apps I’m going to list here where the other user needs the same app, AhaCall works differently.

To earn credits, aside from buying them, you can either play some games, view news stories, watch ads or simply check in.

Then, once you earn enough credits, you can then turn these credits into minutes to call over 200+ countries.

This could be a great option if you don’t have the cash to make calls.

Free International Calling via the PC

The apps I mentioned above primarily work with your smartphone, but if you’re looking for an option that works on your PC, here are some websites you may want to try:


If you didn’t want to download an app or create an account, then you may want to check out CitrusTel, an option you could use to make calls from your PC.

While you can’t call any country for free, you can refer to this list to see which countries you can call at no charge.

To use, it’s relatively simple.

Go to the official website, type in your number and talk via your PC’s microphone once connected.


If you go to the official Globfone website, you can make a call online to a list of foreign countries for free, all without the need of creating an account or downloading an app.

While I didn’t find too much about the company online, I tested the service out and to my surprise, it worked for me.  As long as you have a microphone, it’s pretty straightforward to use.

In the end, it may be a website to check out if you simply want to make a quick call from your computer and not have to worry about downloading an app and/or creating an account.


Poptox lets you make free calls from either your PC or smartphone, all from a standard web browser.

There’s no need to download an app or a plug-in, making it a nice choice if you don’t want to install an app on your phone or you don’t have the right phone to do so.  And the recipient doesn’t even need the app for it to work.

No payment is required for most calls, and to start using, you simply enter the number on the website and make the call.

Do note, however, that some countries may require a payment.

Final Thoughts

Finding a service which allows you to call any country for free can be done, but as you can see, there will be some restrictions.

If you put some work in on your part, such as watching ads or playing a game, you could earn some credits in the app which you can then convert into minutes to call family members and friends across the world.  This could take some time to earn a few minutes, though.

But in the end, the best route is to make sure the person you’re calling is simply using the same app as you as this is the most legitimate way to call virtually anyone with Internet access or cell phone reception.

With hundreds of options, you really can’t go wrong with any of the apps mentioned above.

Just find one that works best for you and offers the features you need.

If you know of any great and free services that I didn’t recommend, do let me know as I would love to add them to the list!

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