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Free Money from Rich People Fast? 20+ Tips

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In my quest of making money online, there seem to be so many ways to do so, but one method, in particular, really stood out to me…

Asking people for money.

Curious about this opportunity, I decided to dig deep and see if it’s actually possible to ask strangers for money.

Would they give it to you?

Have other people had luck?

As my goal is to cover virtually every way to make money, including wacky options like this, I’m going to focus on the many ways you can at least ask somebody for cash online.  There’s no guarantee, however.

Will it work?

Who knows?

But, let’s dive in and see where you can go right now to request your cash.

Money Doesn’t Come Easy

Before I start with this guide, you have to keep a few things in mind.

For one, this money won’t come easy. It’s not as easy as clicking a button and watching the money roll in.  As much as we’d all love this, that person would be broken in minutes.

Also, while you can request money from millionaires and even billionaires, are they really going to give it to you?  Again, probably not.

Most of the resources I’m about to list revolve around the crowdfunding space, wherein you will need to create a posting and explain the reasons as to why you need the money.

It will take a few minutes of your day, but it can be well worth it if you create a great looking listing.  As long as you have a story people can relate with and want to donate to, I don’t see why you couldn’t raise at least a few dollars.

And, lastly, you need to make sure you attempt to market these postings.  In doing so, it can greatly increase your chances at getting money from people who believe in your cause.

For most, local Facebook groups tend to do quite well.  Find a group related to your local city, link out to your page and see if people are willing to donate.  Social media can work well if you have a lot of followers well.

Again, I can’t stress this enough.

As long as you have a story people can relate to, people will donate to your cause, I promise you that much.

With this out of the way, it’s now time to take a look at the many websites/platforms you could take advantage of if you want free money from people fast.

Free Money from Rich People Fast

NOTE:  Before you even get excited, I only recommend you consider this options if you desperately need the cash and have a story to share.  No one will give you money just for the heck of it, keep that in mind.  There’s no guarantee you can get free money from people, even if you have the saddest story on this planet.


Yes, GoFundMe is probably the best place to go if you want “free money” from people fast.  And, while it won’t be easy, it’s the largest platform to consider.

To date, they have raised BILLIONS.  Yes, that’s billions with a B.

As long as you have a story to share and properly market it in the right way, there’s no reason you can’t raise a few dollars or so by the end of the day or even week.

Plus, unlike a lot of the other methods I mention on this list, you can list almost anything on GoFundMe as long as it’s legal, of course.

Since free money will never come easy, it’s important to know how to market yourself among the thousands of other listings.  I don’t have much experience with GoFundMe, but I did find a few highly rated eBooks on Amazon that could help you earn more than you ever imagined.   Reading these books can hopefully teach the ropes as to ways to successfully market your campaign to maximize your earnings.


If you’re a fan of Reddit, then you may have already heard of this subreddit, but if not, let me explain how it works.

In short, you can share your story and request something small in hopes another Redditor donates it to you.  For example, you may need a small grocery store gift card because you’re low on funds.

Out of all of these options, this is one of the best ways to get something to help you, but do keep in mind that you should only request something if you truly need it.  Don’t be a jerk and request $5 when you’re working a full-time job living comfortably in a middle-class home.

Most of the requests seemed to be fulfilled and could be a fantastic option if you’re desperately in need of something.

Before you get started, just make sure you read the posts near the top to see how it all works. is not as well known as, but it works in the same way.

Create a fundraiser, tell your story and then market it in hopes for donations.

Creating a listing is 100% free, but the company does take a small fee from each donation.  They also seem to have very few restrictions in terms of the “raising requirements” like many of these websites.  They don’t have startup fees, either.

If you do decide to use the website, I recommend you at least look around to see what the most popular fundraisers are at the time.  Doing this can at least give you an idea as to what’s working right now.

To date, the company has raised hundreds of millions of dollars and continues to do so today.


The very popular Kickstarter website is more focused on those who want to start projects, however, if you need the money to start a business or any sort of a project for that matter, it’s one to consider.

But, if you’re just looking for money for something else, then it’s probably best to skip this option as Kickstarter will more than likely deny your listing.

If you do decide to use Kickstarter to “kick start” your project, per se,  it’s so important that you offer as many details as possible to get as many backers as you can.  Take a look at some of the most popular listings on the website right now for inspiration and kind of pick and choose what you like to create the perfect listing.

Kickstarter does have a list of prohibited items as well as project requirements, so I do encourage you to check out those links to understand how the platform works.


If you like the Kickstarter idea, then Indiegogo works in the same way, essentially making it yet another great platform for anyone who may have a project they are looking to start.  Again, if you don’t need the money to start a project, then it’s a good idea to choose another option as your listing will be more than likely rejected.

There is a 5% platform fee on any funds you raise and all projects must provide banking information, a government ID, location and tax ID.

Again, this is another great choice if you’re trying to raise money for a project you’re currently working on.

I’m Giving Away Free Money

A website by the name of “I’m Giving Away Free Money” is giving away money and all you need to do is ask.

Whether you need a new pair of shoes or a few hundred dollars for rent, then all they ask is that you enter your name, e-mail address and why you need the money.

I have no idea if he/she offers the money or if the website is even legit, so just make sure you do not include any sensitive data.  If you have a legitimate reason as to why you need the money, be sure to fill out the form and see if they contact you.

This is really a roll of the dice.

  • Website:

The owner is said to be a 35-year-old who worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years.

Retiring at 35, he now spends his time traveling the world, just for the heck of it.  As he struggled, living out of his car at one point, he now wants to do the right thing and give back.

Much like the website, mentioned above, the website works in the same way.  Fill out the detailed form and hope for the best.

I don’t know if this is legit or not, but seeing he’s just asking for a story and some information, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.  Just be sure to read the guidelines to increase your chances at landing some cash from an “anonymous millionaire.”

Another roll of the dice, I guess.

  • Website:


The website doesn’t seem that popular nor does it have a great website design, but it’s yet another free option if you’re trying to get your voice heard.

To be considered for the platform, they do ask that you write at least 400 words, be unique and create a link, which will be linked out to on your listing.

Again, don’t expect much traffic from this website, but seeing it’s free and receives some traffic, it doesn’t hurt to at least create a listing.  You never know who may see your story and want to donate.

  • Website:

Are you looking to raise money to travel the world?

If so, this niche website allows you to create campaigns that solely focus on those who want to travel.

Create a campaign, tell people your story and then link out to your campaign to receive donations.

FundmyTravel does take 5% of your donations to keep the website running, but any donations you do receive are sent to your account immediately, meaning there’s no need to wait until you hit your goal.

Like many of these fundraising websites I mentioned, works in a similar way.

And, as long as you want to raise money for a cause and have a U.S. bank account, you’re eligible to sign up.

Create your page, share your story and then raise money from your visitors.  Of course, you will need to market it, but if you reach out to the right markets, who knows what can happen.

As I mentioned earlier, I do recommend reading a few of these very low priced eBooks to learn how to market your fundraiser and raise thousands.

Rally is free to setup, but they do charge a 5% processing fee, plus a credit card fee, for every donation processed.


Social.Fund is an up and coming online fundraising tool with no fees.  They even don’t ask for tips like many of their competitors do, making it one of the cheapest ways to raise funds out of all these options.

According to the website, you can fundraise for anything, ranging from medical bills to a neighbor in need; however, you cannot create a posting for business investing.

As a newer company in the space, if you simply want to create a fundraising post to ask for money and don’t have to worry about paying any fees, then this is one to heavily consider.


FundRazr, said to be a next-generation fundraising platform, makes online fundraising easy and fast.

To start asking for money, you will first need to let the website know what you’re raising money for as they accept a variety of options, including schools, non-profits, yourself and so much more.

Starting is 100% free and is designed for just about any cause close to your heart.  There are no platform fees and more than $115 million has been raised to date.


CyberBeg looks like a website built in 1999, but it appears to still be quite active.

Since its creation, they have raised more than $122,000.  Not too bad.

To start begging, the website asks that you create an account and then your listing.

Like all of these options, you will have to share your story in hopes someone donates, so don’t expect to create a listing and watch the money roll in.  It’s not going to happen.

Aside from begging for money, CyberBeg also offers ways to make money, etc, but most of the links are outdated and/or scammy.  I wouldn’t recommend any other parts of the website, with the exception of the begging part.

  • Website:


As seen on Shark Tank, the Plumfund is a free crowdfunding platform that’s free to use.  A small processing fee, about 2.8% per transaction, can apply, however.

To start, create your Plumfund page, share with their easy-to-use tools and receive your payments as people start to donate.

Since 2006, Plumfund has raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.  While they are not the biggest name in the crowdfunding space, I guess it doesn’t hurt to join as many of these sites as possible to increase your chances.


BegsList is considered to be a “cyber begging” website, where you can create an account and essentially beg for money.  The only downfall is that the company does charge you to create a page — about $4.95 per page.

Working much like the bigger donation websites, such as GoFundMe, BegsList works in a similar way.

You explain why you need the money, and if people want to donate, they can do so via your page.

For example, glancing at some of the posts, I saw some people needed money for their dog bills, whereas another needed money for school.

The website didn’t seem to be as popular as GoFundMe, but it’s probably due to the fact the company charges people to create a posting.  While this can be looked at as a negative, it could be a positive, seeing there will be much less competition for you.

  • Website: appears to be an older message board setup that seems to be active as of this day.

To start your request, just make sure you read the rules before doing so.

Unlike GoFundMe and the likes, you will have to create a forum post, followed by a link out to your PayPal link it appears.

Not much traffic, but if you’re desperate enough, it doesn’t hurt to create a listing.

  • Website:


GoGetFunding allows you to create your own fundraising page in four easy steps.

Then, after it’s created, share it with the world and hopefully watch the donations come in.

Featured in multiple publications, GoGetFunding has raised millions and allows you to have ongoing access to your funds.

It appears you can create a listing for almost any cuase.

Random Acts of Pizza

It’s not quite the place where you can get money, per se, but I just wanted to include it since it’s a wonderful opportunity to request a pizza in case you’re financially struggling.

As long as you’re in need and feel you can’t afford to eat, this subreddit has come in thousands of times to help a ton of people across the United States.

Don’t count on money here, but if you desperately need to eat, it’s one to highly consider.

To start your request, head to the subreddit and read the rules found near the top.

Final Thoughts

Free money never ever will come easy.   Even using the strategies I mentioned above will take a bit of work and marketing on your part.

As long as you have a story to share and honestly need the money, you may find some people who are willing to donate a $1 or so.   You just need to find them.

Who knows?

If your campaign goes viral, you could raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rich people don’t give out money, neither does the average Joe just for the heck of it.   They only give it to charities and people they deem worthy.

Sure, while people do donate to charitable causes, you better have a good reason why someone should donate to you.

And, if you’re desperate for help, I highly encourage you to at least check out local resources, whether it’s for food or even financial assistance.  There’s help waiting, but you just need to know where to find it.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out my 50+ websites giving away free money to better your chances at snagging some cash right now.  These strategies are open to everyone and could earn you a few extra bucks by the end of the day!

If I’m missing any opportunities, do let me know.  Feel free to comment on any of the resources I mentioned as well.

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