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How to Get 100% Free Pens by Mail

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When I think of free pens, I often think of a hotel or maybe a convention of sorts where businesses are handing them out like candy for advertising purposes.

Well, what if you want free pens but you don’t want to travel?

The good news is that there are companies online that are willing to send you a pen at no cost.  All you need to do is provide your information and wait for your freebie to arrive.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at companies that offer free pens.  Just head to the website provided, give them your information and wait for your package to arrive.

As in all of my freebie guides, I only recommend legitimate companies.

Let’s begin!

How to Get 100% Free Pens

NOTE:  Most of these options are for those who have a business or are thinking about starting one.  As long as you have a legitimate business name, you shouldn’t have a problem getting these free pens at no cost.


The Intur World Travel Agency will send you a free pen “if you travel a lot”

This is a ballpoint pent you can request via the form below.


4Imprint will send you a pen of your choice for free through its online catalog.  However, this is considered to be a sample to analyze the quality for future purchases, so only consider doing so if you plan on purchasing from them.  Please don’t abuse the system.

To get your sample, just click on the “request a free sample” on the pen of your choosing and then fill out the appropriate information. offers a ton of customized gear, including pens.  Like 4Imprint, this is only designed for businesses and individuals who are interested in making a purchase in the future.

Take a look at the catalog and see if there’s anything of interest.  If so, click on the link and request your free sample.

This is a 100% free offer, but the company will refuse your order if they feel you’re trying to abuse the system.

Banner Pens

Banner Pens is yet another company that allows you to request samples, however, it’s for qualified customers only.

You can select up to three pens of your choosing via the form below.  100% free shipping.


The PenFactory offers a free sample as long as you’re considered a qualified customer.

If you’re interested in requesting a free product, you can do so via the website below, either via email or the chat.

This is one of the larger companies on the list willing to send you a free pen sample at no cost.

The company will provide up to two samples for you to review.  And, aside from pens, they offer a variety of other options as well for your business.

Free Z Grip Pen

Fill out the form linked below to get a free Z-Grip ballpoint pen.

It’s open to U.S. residents older than 18.


If you fill out the form on Qualigifts, they will send you a free pen sample, in which you can customize with your own custom texts.

This is a retractable ballpoint pen that features “contemporary, stainless steel barrel with stylish design and world-class quality.”

Final Thoughts

Most of these free pen opportunities are designed for businesses, so if you want to request them, make sure you’re doing so because you may want to purchase from them in the future.  These companies provide you with free pens so that you can sample the quality and then decide if it’s worth it.  This isn’t always the case, however, as there are some options that are open to individuals, as you can see.

I tried my best to make sure every option above is 100% free.  If that changes, do let me know.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to add to this list or comment on what I have added, be sure to comment below.

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