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How to Get Paid to Travel: 35+ Methods That Work

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Glancing at this post title, you may already be rolling your eyes or even be hesitant thinking I’m about to present you with a bunch of scams like many bloggers on the web do.   I don’t blame you because there’s a lot of garbage on the web.  Nothing annoys me more than these traveling bloggers pushing their BS $100+ courses.  (Never buy these by the way)

But, if you have been following this website for a while now, you know I don’t work that way.

I only present you with honest information and push companies that I feel that are worth it to you.  I will never push an expensive course unless I think it’s really worth it, which, 99% of the time, it isn’t as you can get most information for free on the internet.  You just need to know where to look.  Almost anything I promote will only cost you a few bucks, if that.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can legitimately make money while traveling.

Yes, some are jobs, but some can be done on your own, at your own pace.

Please, just keep in mind that you will need to put in some effort if you want to succeed and make some great cash.

As long as you have some motivation and use the resources I give you, I can assure you that you can have a great chance at landing a gig that pays you to travel.  There are a lot of them!

I’m going to try to list as many opportunities as possible, along with third-party resources, so if you see one of interest, be sure to read closely to know how you can potentially land that gig. And, if I’m missing any options, do let me know in the comments at the end.

Let’s begin!

How to Get Paid to Travel the World (35+ Jobs)

Start a Travel Blog

One of the best ways to get paid to travel is in the form of blogging.

Yes, it’s going to take a lot of work and patience; however, if you can really gain a following, the sky’s the limit and you can work at your own leisure, picking where you truly want to travel.  There’s a lot of money to be made in the blogosphere, seeing BILLIONS of searches are made daily.  There’s always room for another blogger.

I mention creating a blog to make money many times on this blog, but please, keep in mind that this isn’t something you can just set up today and hope for a full-time income tomorrow.  It’s going to take months to learn the ropes, but I promise it can be done.

In short, you’re going to make money from affiliate marketing, wherein you earn a small commission through sales, display ads such as Adsense, sponsorships, and so much more.  There are a lot of ways to make money as long as you can get traffic to your page.

Now, if you’re interested in starting your own travel blog, I strongly encourage you to avoid the $50+ courses.  You will see a lot of bloggers pushing these programs, but most of thse programs, sadly, isn’t worth it.  Please just trust me on this one.  You’re only making that blogger rich.

Sure, you may learn something when you purchase the courses, but you can find everything you need online for free or even a few bucks.  For example, Amazon and Udemy have so many awesome courses for less than $10.  Again, I recommend that you never spend more than $10 on a program.  I know a lot of people will get mad at me for saying this, but generally, those who do get mad are the ones either pushing the high paying programs because they make a hefty commission or they are pushing a program themselves!

If you don’t want to pay for a small course, that’s fine as Backlinko, Authority Hacker, Income School, and Ahrefs are all my favorite free resources that can teach you everything you need to know about blogging.  All of these resources offer a ton of information for free and can teach you everything you need to know to get started.

As long as you have the motivation and patience, it can pay off, I promise.

Start a Travel YouTube Channel

This one is going to take a lot more work than a blog since everyone and their mom wants to start a YouTube channel.

Sure, again, while there’s money to be made, you just need to know what you’re doing in order to gain a following.   300 hours of video are uploaded every minute, so you need to think of something that will stick out more than the rest.

For one, like blogging, you need to know what people are searching for.  If you’re creating videos of no interest, you probably won’t get many hits because no one is searching for you.

Secondly, your video editing skills and personality should be relatable.  If you’re dull and your video editing looks like it came from a 2005 phone, then you can count on people skipping your videos as well.

Pick out a niche, be informative and learn how to market yourself.  It will take a lot of time and patience, just like blogging, but it can pay off.

For now, I will direct you to these low-cost Amazon books and Udemy courses if you want to learn how to succeed in this space.  There’s a lot to learn, but anyone can do it with the right dedication.

Sell an eBook

If you don’t mind writing, then an eBook could be just as lucrative as a blog, only that you won’t have to be responsible for your domain name, hosting, etc.  It’s a very low startup venture.

Now, with an eBook, you can consider one of two things.

For one, you can still consider a blog and promote your eBook on your website and/or you can simply bypass the blog altogether and sell it via a self-publishing platform such as Amazon.  There are other platforms to consider, aside from Amazon, but honestly, Amazon is going to get you the most eyeballs and downloads.

Of course, you can go both routes, but do keep in mind that Amazon selling fees will be much higher than your own website platform, so it’s probably best to focus on promoting your own personal brand.

Like blogging and YouTube, an eBook can be on anything, but you just need to know what sells before you invest hours of your time creating one.

To learn more about creating an eBook and how to succeed in this vertical, I highly recommend you check out the very low-cost eBook, Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books.  This book will go much more in depth as to how you can start the process and maximize your royalties.

Sell Courses Online

As another hustle, selling a course on websites, such as Udemy can be a great way to bring in enough money to fund your travels.

Like blogging, YouTube and creating an eBook, think of something that you feel that you’re good enough to teach others.  It can be anything!

From playing the piano to teaching someone how to code, creating a valuable course could bring you in cash for quite some time, even years after you created it.

Like the eBook method, you, once again, have two options.

You can consider hosting your course on your own website and/or simply bypass your own website and host it on third-party sites such as Udemy.

Teach English (in person)

Do you have a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience?

In some cases, you may not even need the teaching experience, just the degree.  It really depends on the school you apply to.

If so, you may want to consider teaching overseas in countries that are willing to not only pay you a salary but offer you a plane ticket home once a year and a place to stay.  Some even include health insurance, a small stipend and so much more.

Like a corporate job, it depends on who you work with.

Now, I’m not talking about the many online companies that allow you to teach English from home as noted in my 550+ ways to make money post.  These are actual teaching jobs, much like the school up the road.

For example, as I’m writing this, the UAE needs at least 80 teachers, while Korea and Hong Kong are looking for 100+ positions that need to be filled.  There are quite a few jobs from many countries, so at least check because you may be surprised at who’s hiring right now.  You can find all of these job postings on the URLs I provide down below in this subheading.

As long as you don’t mind committing for more than a year and you meet the minimum requirements, there are a lot of countries that want to hire you right now.

If you’re interested in teaching overseas, there are quite a few job resources you can use, but some of my favorites include the following:

All of these job aggregators are free to use.

Just find a job/country of interest and read the job description for more information as to how to apply.

Teach English Online

If you don’t like the idea of committing to a country for a year or more and working with kids in person, then working online may be your cup of tea.

While there are a lot of jobs online that can make you money, only some can make you a full-time living and teaching English online is one of them.

Paying up to $25+ an hour,  it’s a great option if you want to work from anywhere with an internet connection and whenever you want.

If you’re interested, most of these companies will ask that you have a four-year degree, be a native English speaker and have some sort of teaching experience.  If you’re unsure you fit the mold, you can always apply and see if they at least contact you for more information.  Some people often get confused as to if their “teaching experience” actually counts.

To get started, I recommend you at least check out some of these reputable companies if you’re interested in teaching English online:

Do keep in mind that most of the companies are based on China, simply meaning you will have to work on China time.  U.S. residents, for instance, would have to work very early hours or late at night, but of course, this could vary if you travel the world.  It all depends on which country you’re living in at the time.

Work on a Cruise Ship

If you like the idea of being on the open waters and traveling the world, then working on a cruise ship could be something to consider.

I would only recommend this option for a single person as you would be away for quite some time, but it isn’t a requirement, however.  Just be prepared to be away from home for quite some time.

If you’re interested in working on a cruise ship in just about any department, you can go about finding a job the same way you would an ordinary job.  You could check out the major cruise ship company’s career pages or even use search engines such as Indeed to help as well.

To make it easier, though, I would recommend checking out the following career pages if interested in working on a ship:

Working as a city on the water, there are quite a few jobs available on a ship, from retail to security.  Take a look at the websites mentioned prior to see what jobs are available right now.

Become a Virtual Assistant

I wrote about how to become a virtual assistant in the past, and I highly recommend you check out if you’re interested in becoming basically a virtual secretary.

Depending on the job, a virtual assistant can be responsible for anything from data entry to social media management.  It really depends on what the job entails, but there are a lot of hats that you can wear.

The job isn’t going to pay that much, usually no more than $10 per hour, but hey, it’s yet another opportunity to consider if you want to work full-time from home.

Keep in mind this industry is quite competitive as you’re often competing against people in third-world countries who are willing to work for ten times less.

As there are so many online businesses, there’s a great need for virtual assistants, so at least refer to my virtual assistant post to see how you can potentially land this sort of gig.

Music Festivals

Traveling music festivals are often looking for event staff to help them with the event.

From being a food vendor to helping with installations, consider researching festivals in the areas you want to travel to see if any positions are available.

I did find this Guardian article that goes more into detail as to how you can snag a temporary job at a music festival, and in some cases, even keep it at a part- or full-time gig.

Travel Photography

This can be yet another tricky one, but if you have an eye for photography, you may be able to sell your travel photos to companies and individuals for a pretty penny.

Most of your money is often made when your photos are sold to media outlets or major brands, but selling your photos to individuals can be quite profitable as well.

Don’t expect to make much selling your photos, but it’s a way to at least supplement your income since there’s probably a pretty good chance you’re going to be taking pictures while on your trips.

Become a Tour Guide

If you have the personality to lead a group of people on a tour, then there could be a good chance a local tour guide company may want to hire you.  If you want to do it on your own as a freelancer, promoting yourself could work, too.

A lot of tour guides do work as a freelancer, but if you’re willing to sign a long-term commitment, this is how people often get hired by the bigger companies.

Either way, working as a tour guide is an awesome way to learn about local cultures and even learn about the country/state you’re visiting in depth.

Just be sure you know what you’re talking about before putting yourself out there!

Travel Freelance Writing

If you don’t like the idea of blogging and waiting for the money to roll in or you simply need the income now, then writing for someone else can be a great way to start making money as early as this week.

And, no, you don’t even need to be a fantastic writer to get started as many people are looking for low-cost writers to fill the gaps.

This is where you can come in if you’re just starting out in the industry.

The pay can stink at first, sometimes as little as $0.01 per word, but it can be a great way to get your feet.

Even if you don’t know of any clients, don’t worry just yet as there are some great platforms, such as, where you can apply, send in a writing sample, and if you’re approved, you can start writing articles instantly for clients, usually starting at $0.01 per word.  It’s not going to be much at first, but it’s a great stepping stone to at least work on your writing skills and even connect with some clients.

As with anything, as your writing improves, so does your pay.

The same can say about client work as many clients will contact you privately if they like your work, offering you even more cash.  Networking can help as well.

As you build your portfolio, attempt to reach out to newspapers, magazines and even websites to see if they are interested in your work.  It doesn’t hurt to at least try!

If you don’t mind writing, it is a great way to work from anywhere, and I recommend you check out my writing section in my 550+ ways to make money to see where you can find a writing gig right now.

In the end, a good writer can easily make $0.05+ per word, making for a very decent income while you travel.

Work on a Farm Overseas

This is a pretty cool idea that I have seen recommended on a few travel blogs.

Basically, as the name implies, you will work on a farm, from picking fruit to cleaning up.

In exchange for your work, the farmer often lets you stay on the farm for free and even feeds you as well.  Basically, everyting is covered so that you’re living comfortably.

These jobs are a great option because not only do you get to travel the world but you can get paid, meet people and stay active.

And, since these jobs are seasonal, you only have to commit for the farming season, usually when the weather is at its best.

To find an overseas farming job, I recommend you check out the following reputable websites:

These postings will tell you what’s expected of you as well as what it pays.  Just be sure to pay close attention to the details to know what’s expected of you if you were to get the job.

Work at a Hostel (short or long-term)

If you’re the type of traveler who often stays at a hostel, consider checking in and see if they need any help on a short-term basis.  Many hostels will have help wanted pages right on their official website.

If you don’t know where to start, can be a great place to start looking to see what’s available as well.

In doing so, this could be a great way to not only get you a place to stay but a few bucks in your pocket as well if you’re willing to commit long term.

Even if you’re only staying for a few days, hostels may have jobs available, but they will often only pay you in room and board only for the time being.

Use the Search Engine

The job search engine is probably one of the best job search engines online if you’re looking to work abroad and just want to see what’s out there.

Simply look up a country you want to work in and take a look at all of the job opportunities available at the time.

For instance, I checked out Argentina for fun and found 14+ opporutnities, ranging from teaching English to working at a hostel.  There seemed to be quite the variety.

I would recommend you at least check out the website to see if anything is of interest.  It’s 100% free to use and includes just about every country imaginable.

Deliver Yachts/Sailboats

Yacht and sailboat owners alike often need their boats transferred from point A to point B across the seas, and since they don’t have the time to do it, they hire someone else to do it for them.

For example, someone may need to bring their boat from Miami to somewhere in England.  A car won’t get their boat there, so it only leaves one option… sailing it there!

While you don’t need to necessarily know how to drive these boats, you can work as the crew while the boat is being transported to learn the ropes.  Then, as you move up the ranks, you could actually drive the boat and make even more.

Transporting boats can be a great way to travel and get paid to do so.  While you will be at sea most of the time, you can at least enjoy the port cities once you arrive.

To find these jobs, I recommend the following free resources to see who’s hiring right now:

Some job postings may ask for experience, but this isn’t always the case.

As with any job hunt, take a look at any jobs of interest and apply to any you feel fits.

Consider Being an Au Pair Overseas

Americans often hire au pairs in the states, but families overseas are often hiring in-home nannies, commonly referred to as au pairs as you may already know.

Most of the time you will find that these families are looking for someone who can help their child learn a new language as well as watch their children in exchange for cash, food and even room and board.

The great thing about this job is that not only can you get paid for watching the family’s children and household, but you will get a lot of downtimes to explore the country as well.  Plus, you get a place to stay.   You really can’t beat that.

There will be a commitment, but you can usually discuss these terms before signing a contract.

To find a job overseas, I would recommend you check into, and

Check out HelpX

This is kind of similar to the farm work I already mentioned, but it includes a lot more options.

Basically, HelpX will connect you with local people across the world who need your help, and, in exchange for your help, you will receive food and accommodation.

You won’t get paid, unfortunately, but some hosts have been known to provide everything you need and even more, such as horse riding, bikes, kayaks and so much more.

The website notes the average job lasts about four hours, but this greatly depends on the tasks at hand and the host’s preferences.

At least take a look to see what’s available in a country you’re interested in.


Like HelpX, Workaway works in the same way.

This very popular website allows you to search the world and find hosts who need your help right now.

For example, when I took a quick look, I found job postings ranging from helping a hotel to helping a farm in Canada.  There were a ton of options.

From helping out at a hotel to taking care of animals, there were more than 37,000+ hosts from more than 137+ countries on the platform.

Be sure to check out the website to see what kind of opportunities are available right now.

Volunteer with the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Like HelpX opportunities, the VSO is a non-paid position, but you can make an impact in many lives and get your housing paid for.

Not only that, VSO covers your travel expenses, offers insurance and covers your day-to-day expenses.

The company makes a difference in more than 23 developing countries, focusing on improving health, education and livelihoods.

The company always has job opportunities available, all of which you can find on the official website at

Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse

This one requires an education, of course, but as a travel nurse, you can easily travel the world, usually working jobs 9+ weeks at a time.  And, yes, you get to pick where you want to go.

Depending on the assignment, it can include everything from your housing to meals on top of your paycheck plus more in some cases.

If you have nursing experience and the education, this could quite possibly be the best option on this list if you like the idea of traveling.

There are a ton of agencies that can help you find a travel nursing job, but it appears some of the larger ones include Fastaff, Medical Solutions and American Traveler.

Join the Peace Corps

It doesn’t pay much, but it’s a great way to help the less fortunate in the world.

Generally, the pay greatly depends on the country you’re working in, but make sure you’re willing to commit as most projects last more than two years.

There are always a ton of opportunities available, all of which you can view on the official website at  Just find one of interest and click on the description for more information.

For example, as I wrote this, I saw 50+ job opportunities in countries ranging from Uganda to Thailand.  There were are a lot of countries to choose from.

The Peace Corps does provide Volunteer housing; however, you’re often living among fellow community members.  They also include a living allowance and full medical/dental benefits.

Again, be sure to browse the website closely to know what’s expected of you if you were to apply.

Website and Graphic Design

One very popular way to make money is in the graphics and web design field.  And, the great thing about this is that you can do it anywhere.

As long as you have an eye for design and are willing to learn popular programs such as Adobe Photoshop, then there are endless clients waiting for your services out there.  It’s just up to you to find them.

Do keep in mind that this field is quite competitive, especially with a lot of competition coming from overseas, so be prepared to work hard and for very little money at first to build your client base.  It’s not a discouragement, however, as there is money to be made.

Take it up a notch and learn code and your salary can easily skyrocket.

To learn more about web design and take courses from reputable universities for a low cost, I highly recommend you check out

Video Editing

In the world of YouTube, everyone wants to be a star.

Instead of focusing on becoming that star, offer video editing services to help the average YouTuber or even a corporation edit their videos.

Yes, video editing does take a pinch of time to learn, but as with anything, a lot of very low-cost courses online can teach you the ropes relatively quick.  You just need to find the time to do so.

Then, once you feel you’re good enough to make the edits, then consider creating a posting on Fiverr to find work or even apply to jobs on Upwork.

Become a House Sitter

Most of your house sitting jobs are located in the United States and Canada, but if you don’t mind traveling to a new state, a house sitting job may be for you.

As a house sitter, you’re basically doing just that — babysitting a house.

While some people may ask you to perform some smaller chores, such as taking care of a plant or even watching a cat, the job is usually pretty laid back.

Find a house you can stay overnight and you’re tehcnailly getting paid to sleep.

To find a job, I would recommend starting with, or


Kind of ties into web design in a way, but a lot more money can be made.

Whether you want to work for someone else or even create your own app/program, the ideas are endless.

And, hey, even if you don’t know any programming, it’s never too late to start.

If you want to learn at your own pace, I would recommend checking out Amazon, Coursera or Udemy, but if you don’t mind setting aside some time, a coding boot camp may be something of interest if you want to learn how to code in only a few months.

Consider Being an Instructor

Think of any skill you have that can transfer to any place you travel and be appealing to tourists.

Whether it’s rock climbing, giving massages, fishing or even kayaking, take these skills and teach tourists in the area.

And, even if you feel you’re new to the area, it won’t take long before you know some of the hot spots.

Most of the time, people are just looking for a way to explore the town and have fun, and, of course, this is where you can come in.

If you don’t want to go solo, that’s fine as you may be able to find a local company willing to bring you on board for the time being.


I read on quite a few travel blogs that becoming a bartender in foreign countries is actually one of the easiest ways to snag a short-term gig.

From Australia to South Korea, consider talking with local bars to see if they are looking for any help for the time being.

And, even if you don’t know how to mix drinks, you can always learn in less than a week.

Become a Social Media Influencer

This is probably the toughest one on the list, but as always, I want to include as many options as possible.

Much like blogging and/or creating a YouTube channel, becoming a social media influencer will take a lot of work.

In fact, out of all these options, I would say this would be the toughest egg to crack as it takes quite some time to build an audience.

Basically, if you want to become a social media influencer and you’re able to gain a huge following, brands will often come to you, asking you to either promote a product or even visit a destination, all while taking pictures.

For example, Matthew at says he earns $4,000 to $20,000 per deal, depending on what’s involved.

So, if you had a travel-themed profile, there would be a good chance these travel companies, tourism boards and/or resorts would reach out to you, asking you to simply help them out.

Again, it’s going to take a lot of work, but if you feel you have what it takes, I would at least recommend starting with these highly rated low-cost books to get the ball rolling on major social media platforms such as Instagram.

Any Remote Work

This is kind of broad, I know, but if you’re able to snag a remote job, then you can work from anywhere with an internet connection most of the time.

For example, in the past, I wrote about 100+ remote part-time jobs and even remote data entry jobsGlassdoor even has a list of companies always hiring.

I would encourage you to at least check out these posts to get a jump start as well as Flexjobs, a legitimate remote job search portal, to see what kind of jobs may be available as of today.  Even if you don’t have experience or a college education, there is something for you.

Do keep in mind that there are a lot of entry-level remote jobs out there, so don’t think you need a four-year degree with a ton of experience to land something.

For example, every year Amazon hires hundreds of at-home customer service representatives.  The same can be said about other companies as well.

Work as a Flight Attendant

While the life of a flight attendant may seem like glitz and glamour, it is a job to most; however, if you want to explore the world, receive free airline tickets and work in the sky, it may be a job for you.

Keep in mind that, yes, this is a career and the hours can be tough and the pay can be quite low at first.

But, as with any job, your pay can increase as you gain seniority.  Flight attendants are said to make between $40,000 and $100,000+ a year.

Getting into the field can be quite the challenge, the main reason I recommend you at least check out the book, The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant.

I never was a flight attendant and can’t give you any tips really, but this highly-rated detailed book can teach you the ins and outs of landing a flight attendant gig.

Working Holiday Visa

A working holiday visa is intended for people ages 18 to 30, but in short, it’s a special permit that allows you to work in a foreign country while you supplement your travel funds.

Many GAP year students often take advantage of this visa to travel and work, so it may be something to look into if you fit the demographic.

To learn more about this holiday visa, I recommend you check out this guide.

Become an Online Translator

Know two languages?

If so, there are many companies out there that need you to translate everything from websites to books.

To apply and see what kind of translating jobs are available, here a few I researched in the past:

You can find even more companies on this list.

Most of these jobs posted are only temporary and shouldn’t be considered as a full-time job replacement, but it could be considered another great way to supplement your income.

Final Thoughts

All of these methods should bring you enough money to travel the world.  In some cases, they may just cover your expenses, making traveling that much easier.

Of course, some methods may take months, if not years, before you see great success, but as I mentioned, with the right discipline, you can really thrive, especially if you at least educate yourself as to how things work.  Patience does pay off eventually and is one of the better passive income opportunities.

And, if you don’t want to hustle and work for peanuts for the first year, that’s fine, too, as there are many ways to travel and make money right now, such as teaching, working on a farm or even a cruise ship.  There’s something for everyone, I promise.

For now, let it be known that there are quite a few ways to travel and get paid while doing so.

As always, let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions in the comments below.

In the meantime, if you want to travel and get paid, it can be done.  Just pick out an idea of interest and follow the links I provided for more information.

Best of luck!

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