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16+ Sites to Get Free Samples Without Surveys (100% Legit)

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Free samples are always being given away online with no strings attached, but the key here is that you need to know where to find them.

With so many sleazy websites online, there’s nothing more frustrating than landing on a “free” offer, only to find out you have to fill out a 15-minute survey to receive a $1 item.

In today’s post, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite free sample websites that require NO surveys.  Yes, these are free samples without surveys required.

Yes, you heard that right.

All it takes on your part is your shipping address and that’s about it, I promise.

While the free samples will vary in regards to what you get, most of the websites I list primarily deal with bigger brands that want to share a new or old product with you.

Nothing is required on your part.  Just sign up, receive the product and ENJOY.

Let’s begin!

How to Get Free Samples by Mail — No Surveys Required

As a quick note:

Before I get started with my favorite freebie websites, I wanted to run a test to see how these freebie sites operated because some do link out to some freebies that require a survey.

So, what I did was click on 20 random links and took a close look at where the link took me.   Was it a crappy survey that provided no value? Or did it link to the actual freebie offer?

Once I write a description, pay close attention to the number above the URL to see how many of the 20 clicks actually led to an actual freebie.

I also grade the website based on usability, the number of ads and the quality of the freebies.

I hope this helps!


While theBalanceEveryday isn’t necessarily a strict freebie website as they do focus on a lot of financial content, I do like their free samples page as it’s laid out in a very simple way unlike a lot of these free websites.

Plus, it’s limited with ads, another perk.

The website tries to update their samples list daily, but they had a great ongoing free sample list that all seemed to be valid when I checked them out.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  theBalanceEveryday
  • Grade:  A


ICraveFreebies only posts about two to three freebies a day, but the ones they do post are 100% legitimate and tend to be offers worth pursuing.

Setup like a blog, you will have to scroll the most recent entries in order to see the latest freebies.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:
  • Grade:  B+


If you visit the FreebieDepot website, try to find the “Top Freebies” post for they day as they list all of the freebies in one spot, rather than making you click around a million times to find what you’re looking for.

This particular post is easy to browse and points out the best freebies online as of right now.

And the great thing?

Most of the links I clicked on required NO surveys to snag your freebie.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Freebie-Depot
  • Grade:  A


FreebieShark updates their website multiple times a day, posting some of the best freebie offers as of right now.

With a goal to help people save as much money as possible, FreebieShark doesn’t post as much as many of these websites I list, but the ones they do post are pretty dang good.

Plus, the website isn’t bombarded with advertisements, another benefit.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  FreebieShark
  • Grade:  A


Founded by Heather Hernandez in 2007, the website, while it has the word “mom” in it, isn’t designed for women only.  It’s open to all!

Posting about four to five freebies a day, most of the samples seemed to be legit and pretty decent.

Only complaint I would have, much like a lot of freebie websites, are the extensive ads, making for a pretty poor user experience.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Freebies4Mom
  • Grade:  B+


Focusing primarily on free samples, FreeFlys also has a few other categories, including a “save money” and “make money” section, but I didn’t find these two categories to be as good as the free samples section page to be honest.

With the free sample section broken down into categories, such as baby and cosmetics, most of the freebies, at least at first glance, seemed to be all legit, with a lot of freebies listed that I didn’t see on the other websites I was researching.

Aside from the free samples you can browse for free, the website also offers a free daily email alert that sends you all of the latest free stuff news.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  FreeFlys
  • Grade:  A

Since 2008, has been providing the Internet with a ton of freebie offers, ranging from free samples to online giveaways.

Broken down in categories, much like a lot of these websites, you can either choose the categories that interest you or you can view all of the samples as a whole.

The design was a bit outdated and the company linked out to a few advertising offers, meaning you may have to skim through some junk to get to the goodies, but overall, it’s a website to check out if your goal are freebies.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  17/20
  • Website:
  • Grade:  B

Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times offers a range of freebie categories, including contests, coupons, hot deals, ways to make money, movie screenings and a lot more.

And one of my favorite things about this website is the daily summary post, which, as the name implies, talks about all of the freebies for the day, so I highly recommend you look for this post that’s usually posted at night.

The website itself is pretty easy to browse around, but much like a lot of these freebie websites, they often bombard the actual freebie page with a ton of ads, making it hard to find what you’re looking for.

In the end, though, all of the freebies you find here are, indeed, legit and won’t require any surveys on your end.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Free Stuff Times
  • Grade:  A

Hey! It’s Free

I could tell right away when I landed on this website that the owner did a lot of work researching some of the best freebie opportunities online.

Particularly the free birthday meals and free state map section, you can also find all of the active freebies on his website listed here.   It’s pretty good.

Broken down as a huge list you skim, there are some advertisements throw in, but for the most part, it’s not too bad!

Easy to read, with very little clicking to do, I recommend adding it as one of your bookmarks.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  16/20
  • Website:  Hey! It’s Free
  • Grade:  B


Hip2Save, one on the Internet’s largest deals blog, has an awesome freebies page that’s updated a few times a day.

And what I like is that they only link out to legitimate offers and even have a pretty large community that comments on the posted freebie, basically letting you know if it’s legitimate or not.

Aside from freebies, Hip2Save is good for deals and coupons as well.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Free Stuff Times
  • Grade:  A


Guide2Free posts freebies in a TON of categories, and while most of the options are legitimate, they will throw in a few advertisements designed to look like a freebie here and there.  That’s fine as I know these website owners need to make money.

Said to only post “100% real free samples,” I can say this is true to a extent, with the exception of encouraging you to sign up for research panels, since most of the time, these panels don’t offer any freebies, just cash for your time.  That’s fine, but to me, it has nothing to do with free offers.

All in all, it is a good site, just proceed with caution with a few of the offers they post.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  18/20
  • Website:  Guide2Free
  • Grade:  A-

I Love Free Things

ILoveFreeThings, or ILFT for short, is probably one of my personal favorites for a few reasons.

For one, the website is extremely simple and up to date in terms of design, making it very easy to browse the website and find what you’re looking for.   You can either view the freshest samples or take a look at the staff picks, it’s up to you.

And secondly, I love the fact that they promote legitimate freebies and let the public comment on it, so right away, you will know if it’s a survey scam or not.

Glancing at close to 20+ freebies, I found all of them to be 100% legitimate, so without a doubt, almost all of them will require no surveys on your end.

Last but not least, the company also offers a completely optional e-mail newsletter if you want fresh free sample offers sent to your inbox twice a week.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  18/20
  • Website:  I Love Free Things
  • Grade:  A

Internet Steals and Deals

According to the Internet Steals and Deals, the owner of the website has been “obsessed” with the idea of receiving free samples by mail for as long as you could remember.

Combining some of the best freebies on the internet as of today, this website is extremely easy to browse, all laid out in simple boxes with a picture of the product.  However, the actual freebie page can be hard to read due to all of the ads plastered over the page.

Just be careful, however, as the ads blend in with the website, often making it hard to distinguish what is a sample and what isn’t.  To be certain, just look for the “ad” icon to know what isn’t a freebie.

My Free Product Samples

Directly on the main page, breaks down all of their latest freebies in a few different categories, from baby to shampoo, but you can view all of the latest freebies by following this link as well.

Easy to browse, it appears the website adds about five to 10+ freebies a day, making it a good website to bookmark and come back to daily for updates.

Aside from freebies, the website also focuses on coupons, deals and even giveaways.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  18/20
  • Website:  My Free Product Samples
  • Grade:  A-

mySavings offers thousands of free samples, most of which don’t require you to fill out a survey in order to view them.  I only say “most of which” because I did find some that required a survey, but it looked like they would at least warn you ahead of time.

And the thing I liked about mySavings was a few things.

For one, the website is laid out very nicely.  It was easily to see the most shared freebies and what I’m getting myself into before I even clicked it.  Again, they did link out to a few websites that raised red flags, but it wasn’t too bad.

And secondly, I liked how they broke down their categories, making it even easier to find a specific freebie if you had one in mind.

Out of all of the websites listed, they were close to the top in terms of posts per day.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  17/20
  • Website:  mySavings
  • Grade:  B+

Reddit r/freebies

If you’re familiar with Reddit, then I don’t need to explain how a subreddit works, but if you’re wondering what the heck a “subreddit” is, let me quickly explain.

Reddit relies on people like you and me to create these so-called subreddits that can be topics on ANYTHING.  Think of it like a message board/forum.  Anyone can post or interact.

And seeing Reddit is one of the largest websites on the web, they have quite the following, which means lots of action on many popular subreddit pages, including the freebie one.

The r/freebie subreddit, in particular, has more than 600,000 subscribers and about 8-10 freebies are posted daily, many of which are pretty decent.

The thing I like about Reddit is that they do a great job weeding out the spam, so most of the freebies, at least the ones I saw here, were quite good.

As one of my personal favorites, I highly recommend you at least bookmark and/or create an account and subscribe to the subreddit for daily updates.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Reddit r/freebies
  • Grade:  A+

Sample A Day

Founded by Nick and Scott, categorizes the latest freebies in a few different ways.

You can either choose from the “Editor’s Top Picks,” which glancing at it, I did see a few advertising plugs thrown in a non-discreet way, but it’s pretty easy to weed out.

Or, you can browse the latest deals by clicking on the “free samples” link near the top in the menu.

Browsing the website, most of the offers they did recommended seemed to be 100% legit and did link out to the scammy survey-like websites, so that’s good.  The only thing, as mentioned, is that they do plug a few advertisers, but they don’t mislead you at least.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:
  • Grade:  A+


Slickdeals is well-known for their awesome deals community, but they have a pretty active freebie forum as well.

And if you’re not familiar with Slickdeals, it’s simply a message board, with posts coming from people like you and I.

A lot like Reddit, scams won’t slide here, so if it has good reviews, you can count on the freebie being pretty good.

Another one of my favorites, I found that many freebies often pop up here first and then trickle out to the blogs already mentioned.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Slickdeals
  • Grade:  A+

At first glance, the blog looks like a design made from the early 2000s, but who cares if the freebies are good, right?

Constantly updated with freebies, you can either browse the most recent offers on the main website or choose one of the many categories on the sidebar.

On the downside, however, it only appears the website adds maybe a few freebie offers a week and isn’t updated like many of the websites listed here.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:
  • Grade:  B


Out of all freebie websites I list here, Tryspree is unique in a way because they can do all of the dirty work for you.

And what I mean by that is the company has what’s known as a “Tryspree button,” which is a button you can click on their pages, and when you do, it automatically submits your information on file for the free sample order.

Now, it doesn’t work for all of their listings, but it’s a nice feature to have because filling out these forms to receiving your free samples can be quite monotonous.

Working with a network of partner companies, it appeared to me Tryspree worked with quite a few brands, offering a TON of legitimate freebies with no surveys required.

For example, when I was writing this,  I saw free Redbox rental codes, free dog food samples, makeup and so much more.

The website is 100% free to look at and registration is 100% optional.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  20/20
  • Website:  Tryspree
  • Grade:  A+

WomenFreebies offers about three to five decent freebies a day.  While they do sprinkle a few affiliate offers that don’t offer too many free samples without surveys, this seems to be commonplace in this industry.

To use the website, it’s simple.  Just browse the list and pick and choose ones that are of interest to you.

In choosing one, just make sure you pick out one that says what you can get.  If it’s broad, such as “join this panel” or “get rewarded” and the verbiage is broad, then it’s an affiliate offer and you should skip it.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  10/20
  • Website:
  • Grade:  C-

Yo! Free Samples

Yo! Free Samples is another freebie aggregator of sorts, offering about 10 to 20+ free samples by mail, all without the need of filling out a survey.  The site is clean and very easy to use .

The nice thing about the site is that it’s nicely laid out and you can even break down by category if you so choose.

Simply browse the list of the newest freebies and click on the “read more” tab for information in regards to how to sign up for it.  Just remember that good freebies go fast!

It’s 100% free to use.

  • How many links lead to the freebie, not a survey or signup page?  15/20
  • Website:
  • Grade:  B

How to Avoid Free Sample Scams

There’s no doubt there are a lot of scams in the freebie industry, but if you’re careful enough, you can actually find quite a few legitimate freebies.

And while all of the freebie websites I mentioned prior are legitimate in my eyes, there could come a time when you land on a freebie offer that you may question.

To help you determine if it’s a scam or not, here are a few things to look out for just to play it safe:

Never Fill out Surveys (it’s a waste of time)

Never fill out a survey, especially if it’s asking you to complete an offer.  This is almost always a scam and doesn’t lead to any freebie, just money in the website owner’s pocket.

For one, the company will receive your information and sell it off, and secondly, you will NEVER receive the freebie, so don’t even waste your time.

You can thank me later.

Credit Card is NEVER Necessary

A legitimate offer will just ask for your name, email and mailing address and that’s about it.

If you ever see anything outside of your basic information or a few simple questions, it’s best to skip.

Follow this rule:  No social security or credit card numbers, period.

Only Work Directly with the Brand

Always make sure you’re dealing with the company directly.

For example, if you wanted a free Tide laundry detergent sample, then make sure the sample is coming from the Procter & Gamble website.

To figure out if you’re working with the brand, it’s pretty easy.

Just glance at your toolbar, inspect the URL and use your judgement and/or research to see who it belongs to.

Read the Fine Print

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it probably is, but to be safe, read the fine print to see if you can connect the dots.

One scam, in particular, requires you to submit your information, but the company will only select one random winner, which, basically means you won’t get anything.

Any legitimate enterprise will always have some sort of fine print near the bottom, letting you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Final Thoughts

All of these free websites, for the most part, offer legit freebies and will require NO surveys on your end.  Just be sure to follow my tips to avoid scams and you shouldn’t have a hard time find a great offer.

Sure, while some freebie offers can slip through the cracks and require a survey on some of these websites listed, I can promise you that 95%+ of these offers will be genuine.

Personally, I love Slickdeals and Reddit, seeing it’s operated by a community rather than a blogger who can control what he or she posts, but it shouldn’t stop you from viewing the others as well as there are some great bloggers who truly list legitimate freebies.

In the meantime, if I’m missing a freebie website and/or you want to comment on one I mentioned, feel free to do so below!

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