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Free Wedding Samples by Mail Only (HUGE List)

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The average wedding can cost more than $33,000, according to a recent study.  That’s a lot of dough for a one-day party.

To help cut back on these costs, multiple companies out there will send you free wedding samples that you can use for your upcoming wedding.  It’s not much, but it can help in some way or another.

If you’re getting married anytime soon, I wanted to help you save a few dollars with these free wedding samples you can receive via mail.

From resources to invites you can use to send out, in using these freebies, I can only hope you can save a few bucks.  It’s not going to be much, but a freebie is a freebie, right?

As with all of the freebie posts on this site, every single item I post is 100% legit and will never cost you a cent, not even for shipping!  And, every freebie you find on this list will arrive on your doorstep, so don’t expect some junk digital freebie.  I will save the digital freebies for another day.

With that out of the way, let’s see who’s willing to send you a freebie to your doorstep right now.

Free Wedding Samples by Mail

Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Out of all the freebies I list, this could be my favorite option.

Seeing you will need to send out invites, gathering free samples from multiple retailers online is a great way to test quality and see what you may be getting yourself into.  If you really want to be cheap, some of these companies will even print everything you want on an invite and will send you a few for free.  Gather a few and just send those out.  Yes, that’s possible, but it will only work if you’re going to send a few invites.

Who are these companies, you may be wondering?  There are quite a few, so I made sure I included as many as I could find below…

All of these companies vary in what they will send you.  Some will send you a stock sample, whereas others will let you customize it to your liking.  Just click on the link and see what they can do for you.

All of the options mentioned above are, indeed, 100% free and won’t cost you a penny.

Wedding Catalogs

This option may not excite you, but hey, a freebie is a freebie, right?

Yes, companies still send out catalogs, and, yes, you can request one to be mailed to your door.

If you’re wondering why the heck you should sign up for some wedding catalogs, let me quickly explain.

These wedding catalogs are almost like a printed Pinterest board.  You can look at supplies, decorations, favors, gifts, invites, accessories and so much more.  It’s a great way to sit down, browse through a few and see if anything is of interest.  Plus, it’s a great way to research an item even more if you find something you really like.

There are a lot of companies that will send you free wedding catalogs, and I included them below…

All of these catalogs are 100% free.  Just fill out the form and wait a few weeks until your first issue arrives.

There are many digital versions as well, but I only wanted to include physical freebies on this list.

Free Wedding Magazine Subscriptions

A lot of your well-known bridal magazines often offer a free subscription with no strings attached.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always available, so I’m just going to leave the links below to the offer.

If you see that it isn’t active, don’t be bummed just yet as they do open up spots here and there.  You just need to be fast in claiming it.

If you’re lucky enough to get a subscription, most last up to one year.

Free Fabric Swatches

If you’re having a hard time matching bridesmaid gowns to your wedding dress, then you may want to take advantage of the free fabric swatches many of your online retailers ship out at no cost.

It’s not the greatest freebie, but it could help you find the perfect dress.  Here are some retailers to consider…

Like the invitations, what you receive will vary, so be sure to pay close attention to the fine print to see what you’re getting yourself into.

Free Silk Rose Pedals

Petal Garden will send you up to eight colored silk rose samples at no cost to help choose if you’re planning in doing so.

According to the fine print, these are designed for color matching purposes only and are not suitable for decorative purposes.

If interested, you can fill out the form here.


This isn’t a guarantee, but I wanted to include this option here as there are a ton of great prizes out there and only takes a minute of your time, if that.

We have talked about giveaways a few times, such as in the cash sweepstakes posts, and much like the lotto, you can’t win if you don’t play.  The great thing about giveaways is that it’s free to join, and most of the time, you only need to include your email and phone number, if that.

If you love giveaways, be sure to bookmark this giveaways page as they only post the latest wedding giveaways and contests they find online.  Simply follow the link of the contest, fill out the form and cross your fingers that you win.

Free Wedding Registry Gifts

Just like in my best baby registry guide, there are a ton of wedding registries that will offer you freebies just for joining.   Just be sure to read the restrictions closely as you may need to add items, etc to receive your free items.

Yes, it’s as easy as adding an item or even just registering to receive your freebie.

I wanted to include a whole another section dedicated to this very topic as there were quite a few retailers that offer free wedding registry gifts.  I wanted to make sure you knew what you would get if you were to sign up, so pay attention to the quick description as to what’s in it for you.

Without further ado, here are the many registries that will offer you a freebie just for joining…


Amazon, like many of the retailers I list here, work with multiple brands, all of which offer a free gift if you meet the minimum spend.  Amazon will even throw in a gift from time to time.

Not only that, but Amazon will throw in a 20% off coupon for everything not purchased on your registry after your wedding date.

Bed Bath & Beyond

The Bed Bath & Beyond bridal registry does offer free gifts, but it will vary at the time of applying.  It all depends on what you add as well as what your friends and family purchase.

The link below will show you the freebies you could qualify for as of today.


Create a registry with Bloomingdales and they will send you a free gift just for doing so.

For instance, when I was writing this, you could receive a free glass ice bucket with tongs, a $115 value!  And all you needed to do was open a registry, and that’s it.

Out of all the options, Bloomingdales offers some of the best freebies with no strings attached.  This offer can change, and you will need to pick the gift up in store to qualify.  Other freebies can be mailed, however.

Crate and Barrel

In joining the Crate and Barrel register, the company offers a variety of freebies, from bonus gifts from more than 14 brands to valuable coupons.

If you were to apply in store, they will even include complimentary announcement cards.  More information can be found via the link below.


Dillard’s works with a ton of brands, many of which are willing to send you free gifts in exchange for adding their items.

In many cases, your guests do have to make a purchase, but this isn’t always the case.  You can view more information via the official link below.


Macy’s, much like the other retailers mentioned in this section, offers freebies if you add products and/or meet completion goals.

To find out more as to what you need to do to qualify, follow the link below for more information.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table partners with multiple brands, such as Cuisinart, Le Creuset and Wusthof Cutlery, to name a few.

As long as you add and/or register, you can receive a ton of freebies, from a free skillet that’s engraved to a free popcorn maker.  Again, just be sure to read the restriction as, in some cases, your guests will need to make a certain number of purchases to qualify.  This isn’t always the case, though.

Williams Sonoma

As a Williams Sonoma registrant, the company will send out special gifts from major brands whenever you add products to your registry, but they did offer some unique deals.

For instance, when I was writing this, they would send you a FREE popcorn maker when you added at least $150 in Cuisinart products to your registry and mail in a form.

This deal may not be available at the time you’re reading this, but they do seem to offer some great freebies from time to time.  Just be on the lookout.

Final Thoughts

In this freebie guide, I tried to include only the freebies that you can receive in your mailbox.

Aside from these, just let it be known that there are so many more options, most of which come from online in the form of a template.  Generally, you would download the template and then print it on a nice stock paper.  There are even free wedding website providers that can create to help spread the word.  All of this alone would deserve its own post, but I just wanted to throw it out there if you feel this list wasn’t what you were looking for.  I will save this for a future post.

For now, if you’re planning a wedding soon, be sure to take advantage of the many freebies, especially the registries.  You can sign up for all of them if you so choose, but make sure you focus on one if you want to take advantage of the many freebies as they often require a minimum purchase from your guests.  Which one you choose is really dependent on your personal preferences.

That’s it for now.  It may not be the coolest freebie list, but there are some floating around out there.  Hopefully, in using some of these wedding freebies, you could save a few dollars.  If not, hey, I at least tried, right?

As always, if I’m missing anything and/or you want to comment, then, by all means, do so in the comments below.  That’s what it’s there for!

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