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Get Paid to Quit Smoking (Yes it’s Possible!)

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If you have been a smoker for some time and want to quit, you may find it hard to do so cold turkey.  Or, maybe you’re trying alternative methods and they just don’t seem to work.  It can be frustrating.

Just let it be known that you’re not alone as seven out of 10 smokers want to quit completely and are trying to quit just like you.

If you want to quit today, there’s no better way to do so with a cash reward at the end if you’re able to succeed.  It’s actually proven that you have a better chance at quitting if you’re paid.

Yes, there are companies willing to pay you to quit smoking, but are you up for the challenge?

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can get paid to quit smoking.  As with all of my guides, this is 100% legitimate and will pay out as long as you meet the qualifications.

Whether you have been smoking your whole life or only for a few years, check out the following options to see if any make sense for you.

How to Get Paid to Quit Smoking

Join a Clinical Research Study

I have written about clinical trials in the past and how you can make thousands of dollars testing new medical equipment, medication, procedures, etc.  No matter who you are, I’m certain there’s a clinical trial that will accept you, including smokers who are looking to quit.

If you smoke, the government actually has a website dedicated to smokers who are looking to quit and potentially get paid to participate in upcoming research.  Take a look at the website as they do a great job updating the most recent research studies that are looking for smokers looking to quit the habit.  There are many more options as well, including and, to name a few.

Whether it’s testing a new medication or even simply downloading an app, there’s almost always an active study on almost anything.

For instance, while I was writing this, one research group was willing to pay you up to $195 if you downloaded a smartphone app, whereas another clinical would pay you $1,690 to test a nicotine alternative.  Just read through the fine print to see what’s expected as well as the demographic they are looking for.  If you feel you fit the bill, consider applying for the gig.

There are always risk involved, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before applying.  At the least, talk with your doctor to see what he or she thinks about you joining.

Does Your State Have a Program?

In my research, I found that a lot of states offer great assistance programs, helping smokers quit for good.

From free counseling to supplies, you won’t get paid cash, per se, but you can earn quite a bit of freebies that can worth hundreds.  If you’re saving hundreds, it’s money that you didn’t spend, almost like you’re getting paid, right?

Take a look at the table below to see what your state may offer you if you’re looking to quit.  If you see something of interest, follow the link and be sure to read the guidelines as you may have to qualify in order to receive your freebies.  Almost every state has an option for you, but some do have restrictions, so I encourage you to at least read the fine print before signing up.

StateWhat Can You Get?URL
free telephone and onlin ecessatoin program, personlized support and free nicotine replacement
free telephone/web/text-based support and free nicotine replacement
free coaching, medication and
sends qualified smokers free nicotine patches and even free telephone
free cessation
free cessation
motivational support, free guidebooka nd vouchers to purchase stop-smoking
free coaching and 2 weeks of nicotine patches, gum or
free counseling, cessation services, referrals and four-week supply of NRTs (gum or patch)
free counseling and patches/gum/
free counseling and patches/gum/
free counseling and up to six weeks of nicotine replacement
free counseling
telephone support, nicotine replacement (patches/gum) and some prescription
telephone support, nicotine patches/gum and
telephone support, nicotine patches/gum and
free counseling and
free counseling and nicotine patches/
coaching and tools
free counseling
smokers can receive two weeks of free nicotine patches, gum and
tobacco cessation coaching, personalized support, and even free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
free supply of nicotine gum or patches
Montana5 free coaching sessions, personalized plan, eight weeks of free nicotine replacement
free counseling and free Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges when you enroll in the coaching
counseling, support, gum/patches/lozenges, self-help
free counseling and free starter kits of nicotine replacement
free counseling, free smoking cessation aids, online chat 24/
free counseling, free counseling and free smoking cessation
free counseling and two-week supply of free patches, gum or
up to five coaching calls, free nicotine replacement therapy and web/text
free counseling and free nicotine patches, gum, or
free counseling and cessation
offers free and confidential phone counseling services and resources such as nicotine patches, gums, or
Utahfree counseling and a variety of free
Vermont tips and tools, including free nicotine replacement therapy (patches and gum or lozenges)
smoking cessation materials and a "Quit Coach"
offers four proactive coaching calls and unlimited reactive calls. Participants are eligible for eight weeks of FREE nicotine replacement therapy - patches, gum or
free medication, live coaching and web coach 24/
free coaching, patches and gum, and a personalized quit

This is just a list for individual states.  Aside from the options mentioned above, check with this CDC list to see if any of those resources can help as well.   Many on that list are open to people nationwide.

NOTE:  Again, remember, in some states, you may have to meet income requirements to take advantage of free supplies.  You must also be a legal resident to take advantage.  Follow the link for your state in the table above to find out more information.

Check with Your Work

What’s known as a “cessation program,” check with your work to see if they offer such a program.

In short, these programs work a lot like the state programs mentioned above, wherein you may be able to receive a stipend and/or counseling to help kick your habit.  From what I researched, it could range anywhere from $250 to $500+ in your pocket that can go toward nicotine patches, etc.  It’s rare, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

To find out if this opportunity is available to you, I would check with your HR department to see if one exists.

Download an App

This one doesn’t make you any money, but I wanted to include the option here as you can save money in quitting today.  Picture it as extra money in your pocket that would have gone toward your nasty habit.  Just kicking one pack a day easily saves you $5+.  Picture it as a payment in a way.

Popular apps, such as the Quit Tracker, EasyQuit, and QuitNow!, all work in the same way, wherein it tracks how much money you saved as well as how much time you added to your life.

Again, you won’t get paid, per se, but you can save a ton of cash.  Plus, it’s a great motivator if you’re looking to kick the habit and need some accountability.

Final Thoughts

It is said that only six percent of people who receive counseling and stop-smoking aids quit for good, but 12% of those in reward groups were able to quit for six months or more.

So, if you’re able to find some sort of reward for quitting, your odds greatly increase, but it’s going to be tough, as you can see from my list.  While there are some options, you won’t get rich in the process.

For now, check with your state, employer or even consider a clinical trial.  In doing so, you can at least receive something for free and kick the habit for good.

As always, I’m open to all suggestions in the comments below.  Feel free to talk about the points mentioned and/or recommend a tip that worked for you.

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