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Get Paid to Tweet With These 8 Options

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All social media platforms, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or even Twitter, allow you the opportunity to make some cash.

Where there are people, there’s cash, right?

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can make money with a Twitter account and nothing else.  Most of which include platforms where you can basically create an account, link your Twitter and then work with major brands to collaborate with.

But, as a fair warning, this won’t be as easy as creating a Twitter account, tweeting and watching your bank account rack in the cash.  I wish it were that easy.

Instead, if you want to make money with your Twitter account, you will have to understand that you will need followers and you will need an engaging audience.  I would shoot for at least 100 to 500+ followers before you start researching ways to get paid to Tweet.  It will take time!

If you’re able to spread the word about a particular product and/or service and advertisers like what they see, then, of course, there’s money to be made.  Remember that these advertisers may want to use you for a reason.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can make money to get paid while simply Tweeting.  It won’t come easy, but if you follow my strategies/tips, you can see some cash come your way.

Let’s begin!

How Does It Work?

Before I even get started with the companies that are willing to work with you, I first want to quickly explain as to how these programs work.

In short, these companies will ask you to sign up, connect your Twitter account and then fill out your profile.  With this information, brands can then search these databases to find profiles that relate to their advertising campaign.  It’s important that you’re as detailed as possible so that the companies can learn more about you and what you have to offer.  Remember, they need to ensure that this campaign is worth it.

If your profile is what they are looking for, then they will send you an invite with all of the information, such as what you need to post as well as how much you will get paid.

All of these platforms allow you to pick and choose what you want, so you will always have the final say.

Get Paid to Tweet

NOTE:  As mentioned, you will need engaging and followers in order to make money with your Twitter account.  If you want to learn how to earn more followers, I highly recommend this extremely cheap book,  How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers: Twitter Secrets Revealed by An Expert.  It will do a much better job than I can.


Activate, unlike a lot of these platforms I’m about to mention, will always have everything ready for you, including the brand you’re working with and the exact message you have to post on your profile.

Simply put, all this means for you is that you just need to sit back and wait for the opportunities to arrive once you create your account.

This isn’t the highest paying platform, but if you’re able to snag an opportunity, most payments average $1 to $5, however, they can add up if you have a profile brands like.


Adly works with many prominent brands, most of which I think you have heard of, such as AT&T, Samsung, Disney and so many more.   Check out the main website to see the many brands they have worked with in the past.  It’s quite impressive!

This advertising service allows you to send ads from your Twitter account as long as you meet the advertiser’s demographic.

What makes Adly different than most, however, is that, in some cases, you may be asked to send out multiple ads over the span of a week or so.


To become active with the BlogHer Network, you will first be asked to link your Twitter account and then apply to become a social media influencer.

If accepted, like most of these platforms I list, you will then have to wait for an opportunity to arise, all of which you can approve or decline, it’s really up to you.  This will all be dependent upon your profile information.

From what I researched, some opportunities do pop up on the platform but not as many as the others I note here.  If you’re lucky enough to snag an opportunity, then you can expect to get paid $20+ per ad, greatly depending on the brand and your profile.


This is one of my favorites as you’re in control and can basically set your own rates.   It’s also one of the most popular platforms marketers often go to find a variety of services.

Sure, while you can set your own rates with these other platforms I mention here, I just feel that Fiverr has the best flexibility and the most eyeballs to help you make money.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with Fiverr, it’s basically a platform that allows you to sell just about any virtual service, and while they used to only allow $5 only services, you can sell your services for any price you see fit.  It doesn’t have to be $5.  If you have the time, be sure to check out 20+ Fiverr alternatives I recommend as well.

For example, here were a few posts from providers offering to Tweet I found on the platform:

As you can see, there were more than 200+ listings with some buyers having more than 100+ reviews.  Sell one Tweet a day and that’s a cool $100~ a month after fees.

If using this platform, just make sure you create a listing that stands out as there’s a lot of competition as you can see.  It also helps to have an engaging Twitter profile to keep people coming back as well.

If you have a big following, don’t expect much — maybe $5 or $10 at most.


IZEA works with some pretty big companies, including Comcast, Whole Foods and Target, to name a few, and it’s a great platform to start out with to see if any brands want to connect with your profile.

And, with IZEA, you will need to bid on opportunities that show up on your dashboard, and these opportunities will show up based on how well your profile fits with the brand, like most of these websites.

If you’re lucky enough to work with a brand, some will send you an ad copy that you will be asked to copy verbatim, while other times, they may ask you to write your own copy in your own voice.

From what I have seen, most ads you post pay anywhere from $5 to $15+ each, but again, it really depends on your following/profile and who you’re working with.


Linqia, like a lot of these platforms, has a few requirements before accepting your application, including the following:

  • have at least 2,500+ cumulative social followers or monthly blog visitors
  • located in the U.S. or Canada
  • must post at least once a month
  • consistently post engaging content

As long as you meet these requirements, then Linqia encourages you to apply so that you can see which brands they are currently working with.

Once you sign up, you can pick a campaign of interest to start making money. could quite possibly be the most well-known in the Twitter ad space.

It’s extremely easy to use, and out of all of the options I list, their requirements aren’t too crazy.  They just ask that you have at least 50 followers and more than 100 Tweets sent.  They also ask that your account is at least 60 days old.  Not bad at all.

To start using, simply create a “creator’s profile” and fill out the necessary information about your account.  This is mandatory as advertisers are often looking for particular demographics and may want to use your profile, so it’s so important you fill this out honestly.

Once activated, you can then start browsing a list of ads, in which you can choose from and post to your Twitter profile.  You are in control as to who you want to work with and what you want to get paid.

The amount you earn really depends on the number of followers you have.  If you have less than 2,000, for instance, then don’t expect more than $5 per ad, but if you’re in the tens of thousands, it’s not unheard of to see payments exceeding $100 per post.  Get as big as Kim Kardashian and make $25,000!


According to the official Tapinfluence, they note that the average influencer earns $763, and if you’re thinking about joining, they ask you to create a free account to see what you could earn.

To join, you are first invited to set up a profile, connect your social networking accounts and then choose your topic.

Once connected, you are then official apart of the Tapinfluence network, wherein you can customize your rates, add more details about your brand and look for brands that want to work with your profile.

When you find that a marketer is interested in your profile, they will send you an assignment invite with all of the information, all of which you can accept or decline.

Additional Ways to Get Paid to Tweet

Promote Affiliate Links

Almost every service/website online has some sort of affiliate program.  Just research “company’s name + affiliate program” to see what pops up.  You can also browse offerings on popular affiliate programs on popular networks like ShareASale and FlexOffers.

In short, these programs will give you a unique link, and whenever someone takes action, such as purchasing an item and/or signing up, you get paid the bounty rate.  Some affiliate offers pay $10 to $60+ each!

Promote your contest as usually, but in some cases, throw in an affiliate link here and there to potentially make some extra cash.

Promote Your Own Products

Who says you need to promote someone else’s product?

If you have a storefront of your own, whether it be an Etsy store or a Shopify-like setup, consider pushing people to your homemade products in a non-spammy way.

As long as your account is on topic and your product is worthy of buying, you may see some sales.

Generate Traffic to Your Website

Consider pushing people to your website to generate leads or just get eyeballs.

As long as you can push traffic, every visitor can lead to some sort of cash, regardless of what you’re talking about.

How to Grow Your Twitter Account

I’m not the master in the Twitter arena, but I do plan on growing my Twitter presence soon.   For now, I have done some research, but I just haven’t implemented it just yet!

If you want to grow your Twitter following from nothing to something, then here are a few things I learned along the way:

Optimize Your Profile

Always make sure that you optimize your profile and add keywords that relate to your brand.

For example, on my LushDollar profile, I would want to make sure I include popular keywords that relate to money, such as making money, saving money, frugal, etc.

Again, this should be based on your brand and the content of your blog if linking out to one.

Follow Others

Be sure to follow others who are in the same industry as you.

Using my website again, I would want to go out and follow any Twitter profile that relates to money.

And, to find these people, you can use hashtags, the search engine and/or even see who others are following.   In doing this, you can gain followers back automatically and start to build your brand.

Make it a habit to follow a few people every day to gain a large following.

Share Content

While it’s okay to promote your own content, it’s okay to share related content as well.  In fact, many experts recommend doing so as this can help build awareness and even help you network with others.

In most cases, if other accounts take note of your account sharing their content, then they may reciprocate and do the same thing for you.

Be Active

No one likes a stale account online.  This can be said about YouTube, Instagram, etc.

The goal here is to make sure you simply stay active as well as interacting with others by retweeting, liking and commenting.

As long as the content you share is relevant to your niche, people will slowly follow.  Just don’t forget to use hashtags so that people can find you.

Final Thoughts

These sites can make you money on Twitter, but as I stressed in the intro, you’re going to need a following before you even see a penny.  Even if you do have the following, don’t expect too much unless you’re some big celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers.

If you don’t have a huge following, you can use some of my simple tips above, but again, I do recommend the book, How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers: Twitter Secrets Revealed by An Expert.  It’s a great in-depth read that will teach you a lot more than what I can do in this blog post.

In the meantime, if you have at least 100+ Twitter followers, I recommend you at least signup and see what these companies can offer.  If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to make a few bucks by the end of the week.  Not much, but hey, it’s more than what you started with, right?

As always, if you have a platform I missed and/or you want to comment on one I mention, then, by all means, do so in the comments below!

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