Hintsters Review: Did I Find It Worth It?

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Hintsters is a survey platform that offers rewards for completing surveys and reviewing products and services. It’s a survey site that rewards users for their opinions and feedback. And yes, it’s legitimate. You can, indeed, earn money by participating in surveys and other activities on the site.

However, when it comes to Hintsters, things aren’t as rosy as they first appear. The site sets a high bar for cashing out your earnings, but unfortunately, the opportunities to earn are pretty limited. This combo doesn’t work in favor of someone looking for a consistent income stream.  While surveys don’t always pay a lot, you will want to make sure you’re at least working with a platform that can keep your busy.

In today’s review, I decided to take a closer look and signed up for Hintsters myself. With my experience in exploring numerous online money-making platforms, I wanted to see how Hintsters measured up.  This way, you will can get a clear picture as to what Hintsters is all about and decide if it’s a fit for you.

To really understand its value, we need to dive deeper into how you can earn on Hintsters.

So, let’s take that closer look and see what Hintsters truly has in store.

Earning with Surveys

Let’s first explore one of the primary ways you can earn rewards on Hintsters.  This is through their paid surveys.

Now, these surveys on Hintsters aren’t just random. Each time you log in, you should see a list of all the available ones. What’s helpful is that they tell you upfront how long each survey will take and what you will earn from it.  This is fairly standard for survey sites.

But here’s something to keep in mind.

Make sure you only look for the surveys that offer you a reward.  As you can see in the screenshot above, some options just redirect you to another survey site.  While these companies seem to be legit, you won’t make money directly on the platform.  You will want to focus on the rewarded ones such as the ones I highlighted.

Also, before you dive into the actual survey questions, there’s a little hurdle to jump over – the qualifying process. Think of it as a warm-up. These initial questions aren’t part of the main survey. Instead, they are there to see if you’re the right fit for the survey you’re about to complete. If you make the cut, you will move on to the main questions. This part can feel a bit tedious, especially since you don’t earn anything for these preliminary questions, but it’s just part of the process.  You will see this process on almost every survey site.

Once you have successfully completed a survey, the reward they promised is added to your Hintsters account. It’s a straightforward way to earn, but try to take on every survey that comes your way as long as it makes sense.  From what I have noticed, opportunities on Hintsters can be few and far between, so making the most of each one is key.


Reviews are another way to earn on Hintsters, and it’s a bit different from taking surveys but just as interesting. If you have  opinions on apps, TV shows, books, movies, hotels, or restaurants, for instance, then this is your chance to share them and earn rewards.

When you hop onto the Hintsters member dashboard, you should find the Reviews section. It’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve experienced a product or service firsthand, you can write a review about it. This is where your personal experience really counts.

The key to earning through reviews lies in the quality of your writing. It’s all about being honest and ethical. That means only reviewing things you’ve actually tried. It’s not just the right thing to do; it also makes your review more genuine and helpful. After all, authenticity is what makes a review valuable.

Your earnings from each review will depend on how other Hintsters members respond to your insights. If you want to boost your earnings, just make sure your reviews are thorough. Cover the good, the bad, and everything in between. Compare the product or service with others and offer useful tips. Remember, the best reviews come from real-life experiences. It’s tough to convincingly write about something you haven’t actually used.

Now, there’s one little snag.

Hintsters doesn’t clearly break down how they calculate rewards for reviews, so I can’t give you an exact figure on what you can earn per review. But if you’re passionate about sharing your experiences and writing detailed reviews, it can be a rewarding part of your Hintsters journey.

How Much Can I Make?

So, how much can you actually make on Hintsters?

Well, it comes down to how many surveys you can complete. As for writing reviews, it’s a bit tricky. The ethical route is to only review products or services you’ve actually used. This means you might only get to write a review once or twice a month at most. Again, I don’t know how much you can make with reviews, but from what I could see online, it doesn’t appear to be all too much.

Most of the money you will make will come from surveys and that’s not too much. On average, you can earn about $0.50 to $1.5 per survey. It’s not a huge amount, and it certainly won’t make you rich overnight. Given the scarcity of surveys and the modest pay, it can take a long time to reach that $25 threshold. So, in terms of earning potential, Hintsters isn’t exactly a goldmine.

Getting Paid

As you can see, it’s pretty simple, as all you have to do is complete surveys or write reviews.  And, the money you earn goes straight into your Hintsters account.

When your balance hits $25, you can then withdraw it via PayPal. While PayPal is the only withdrawal option they offer, it’s pretty convenient for most people.

Now, let’s be real about the payment threshold on Hintsters.

Reaching that $25 mark can feel like a marathon, not a sprint. With limited ways to earn, patience is key on this platform. If you’re someone who prefers a quicker payout, you might want to look elsewhere.  Don’t expect to reach your payout anytime soon.

The Pros:

  • Offers payment via PayPal, which is widely regarded as a convenient payment method.
  • Available globally, allowing people from various countries to join and participate.

The Cons:

  • Limited earning opportunities, restricting the amount you can earn on the platform.
  • Rewards are relatively low compared to other similar sites.
  • High payout threshold, meaning it takes a significant amount of time and effort to be able to withdraw earnings.
  • Presence of numerous pop-up ads, which can be intrusive and annoying for users.
  • Issues with accurately tracking and crediting earnings, as users reported no increase in their account balance despite completing surveys.
  • Some users experienced problems with survey completion, either not being credited correctly or being told surveys were not done correctly without further explanation.
  • Difficulty in qualifying for surveys, with users often finding out they don’t qualify only after attempting to start a survey.
  • Overall dissatisfaction from multiple users, leading to low ratings and negative feedback.
  • Complaints of being cheated out of points and the platform being labeled as a scam by some users.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Hintsters. is a legitimate survey site where you can earn some money by answering surveys and reviewing products and services. While it does have some positive aspects, there are also quite a few limitations to consider.

First, the upsides.

Hintsters pays through PayPal, which is convenient for most people. Plus, it’s available globally, so you can join no matter where you live.

Now, onto the downsides.

The earning opportunities are limited, and the rewards you get are on the lower side. One major issue is the high payout threshold. It means you will need a lot of patience before you can cash out your earnings. And let’s not forget about the numerous pop-up ads that can be a bit of an annoyance as well as the negative reviews from third party review sites.

I don’t think Hintsters is the best option if you’re looking to make money from surveys. The combination of a high payout threshold and limited earning opportunities doesn’t really work in your favor. There are other survey sites out there that might suit you better.  Again, while they seem legit, I don’t think they are worth the headache.  Instead, I would point you in the direction of something much more reputable such as Swagbucks.

That’s going to wrap it up.

As always, if you want to comment on your experience, feel free to do so below.

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