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How to Make $1 Online (Start Now)

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In today’s video, I’m going to do something a bit different.  I’m just going to talk about how you can make $1 online.  Yes, $1, and that’s it.

So many gurus online want to talk about how you can make thousands, but I’m not going to go that route, as you may not need that much right now.  Instead, you may need $1 fast, and you may want it within the next hour.  Well, the good news is that it’s entirely possible.

In today’s guide, I will show the many websites that can earn you $1 online relatively fast.  It will take a pinch of work, but I promise you it’s not as bad as you think.

How to Make $1 Online Free and Fast is slowly becoming one of my favorite ways to make a few dollars on the side.  With the site, you can earn money answering survey questions or completing simple offers.  The website works with so many providers that you can keep busy for hours.

Joining is 100% free, and the greatest thing about it is that you can cash out instantly via PayPal with only a $1 balance needed.  Usually, you can earn $1 in less than 5 minutes if you find the right survey opportunity.


I have always been a fan of InstaGC, mainly because you can get paid instantly, whether you want a gift card or PayPal payout.  Much like, you only need $1 to cash out most cash out options are available instantly.  This means you can earn $1 in less than 10 to 15 minutes on average.

Most of your money can be made via the surveys portion, but the offers options can be okay as well.  If doing the offers, just make sure they credit instantly, as some can take a few days, sometimes weeks, before they credit to your account.


Qmee is strictly a surveys app, one that pays cash for every survey you complete.  The nice thing about Qmee is that you only need a penny to cash out, making it one of the lowest minimum payout thresholds on the market.

All you have to do is answer questions, wait for your credit and then cash out.  This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make one dollar online.


The options I listed above pay out much faster, but don’t forget about Swagbucks, either.  They are definitely one of the leaders in the industry, but they don’t pay out instantly unless you’re a long-standing member who has risen in the ranks.  You can receive your rewards, which include a PayPal payment, within 48 hours usually.

As a member (it’s free to join), you can earn via surveys, offers and much more.  I have used it consistently and have earned more than $800 in the past year, making it one of the better opportunities for me.  It’s not too much, but the offers and surveys section can often have some higher paying opportunities, some of which pay north of $75.


UserTesting will pay you $4 to $10 to test apps and websites.  All that’s expected from you is to speak your thoughts aloud as you navigate the project given to you.

Usually, as long as you can put your thoughts into words and you can follow directions, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting accepted.  Once in, you can browse testing opportunities and apply to the ones that are of interest to you.

The company always has a list of job opportunities, so it won’t be hard to earn $1+ once you’re in.


Userlytics works just like UserTesting, wherein you will interact with a website or mobile app and then provide your thoughts.

Projects pay up to $90, but the average seems to be in the $5 to $20 range.

You just need to be 16 years old and you can get started immediately after you get approved.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Known as MTurk, this platform is a sure way to make $1 fast.  It’s a platform where you can complete very short tasks, usually taking you no more than a minute, to earn anywhere from a few pennies to $0.50+.  It just depends on the job you choose.

All you have to do is select a job of interest and then complete it according to the job detail.  Once approved, the money is added to your account, in which you can cash out.

The only downfall is that it can take up to 48 hours to get approved for an account and another 10 days for your funds to clear.  This is only for newcomers, however.  MTurk is a way to keep you busy all of the time, easily earning you $1+ every time you log in.

The Subreddit, r/SlaveLabor

As the name implies, the popular subreddit, r/SlaveLabor, offers jobs for people who think that the minimum wage is too high.  /ForHire is another one, but I think you can earn $1 much faster on the SlaveLabor sub.

If you’re looking to complete a task online and are available to do it now, check out the list of current jobs to see if anything is of interest.  This can range from recording audio to performing a task.  It can be anything.  You can also offer your services if they are cheap enough.

If considering, be sure to read the FAQs on the main page before joining to avoid any scams.

Survey Junkie

Yet another survey app, Survey Junkie will send you survey invites only, paying anywhere from $0.25 to $3.  There seem to be a ton of survey invites, making it extremely easy to earn $1 in one day.  The only downfall, however, is that you need $5 to cash out, but it shouldn’t take long.

Survey Junkie is 100% free to join and you can get started immediately.  It can take about 24 to 48 hours to see your payment.


The Mistplay app is unique in that you can download games and then get paid in doing so.  The more you play, the more you can earn.

Mistplay pays out in “units,” in which you can then convert to rewards such as a Visa card, Amazon card, etc.

It’s a reputable rewards app with more than 10 million downloads and paying more than $9 million in rewards.   You only need $0.50 in rewards to cash out, which means you can easily earn $1 in no time.

If you like the idea of Mistplay, there are 11 other apps that work just like it.

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

If you have an unwanted gift card, you can sell almost any popular brand for quick cash.

CardCash, for example, can offer an instant quote.  There are many more, all of which I have covered in my sell your gift cards instantly post.

Just Sell Something

And, lastly, maybe throw something on eBay that you know has some value.  If it’s priced aggressively, you can have money in your PayPal in no time.

Just check out the most recently sold items for whatever you’re selling to at least get an idea as to what you can potentially receive.  You may be surprised as to what holds value in your house.

Sell Lesson Plans

This is an option if you’re a teacher of sorts who has lesson plans laying around.  Consider selling your lesson plans on the very popular site, Teachers Pay Teachers.  There are others, but none come close to this one.

You get to set your own price and it’s one of the better ways to earn a passive income online.

Final Thoughts

That wraps it up.

If you want to make $1 fast online, it can be done, but you need to know where to look.  Hopefully, these options can give you an idea as to how you can get that $1 fast.

As always, everything I recommend is 100% legit and will earn you the cash, as long as you follow the rules.  You will never find me promoting some shady product.

That will do it for now.

If you want to add to the list or comment on what’s already been written, you’re more than welcome to add to my comments below.  Thanks for visiting!

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