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Jobs Like Amazon Flex to Consider (Even Better?)

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Whether you’re working with Amazon Flex right now or you’re looking for yet another delivery app opportunity that works just like it, let it be known that there are a lot of options out there.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with the app, it’s a gig-like app operated by Amazon, wherein you can earn about $18 to $25 per hour delivering packages to customers.   All you have to do is turn on the app, select a shift and then show up at the local Amazon warehouse to pick up your packages.  Then, you will follow the prompts on your app to deliver the packages accordingly.  It’s very easy, trust me.

From food delivery to grocery shopping, I wanted to cover every option today.  As in all of my guides, I only promote what works and you will never find my pushing something that only makes my wallet fatter.

Walmart Spark

Walmart Spark is an app that’s catered to Walmart deliveries only, similar to that of Amazon.  You will be responsible for delivering Walmart packages from a local Walmart location.  Currently, they work with more than 600 cities, so there’s a good chance there’s an opportunity near you.

To get started, you will have to fill out the enrollment form as well as pass a background check like the many apps out there.  Then, once you’re approved, you can turn on the app and start accepting offers as they come in.  Seeing you are considered an independent contractor, you get to set your schedule and choose the jobs that make the most sense to you.

How many offers you receive will depend on the location, time of day and the volume at the moment.  Your results will vary.

To get started, follow the official link below.  It’s packed full of information as to any questions you may have.


DoorDash used to be a food delivery app, but over the years, it has transformed into a “delivery” app of sorts.  And, what I mean by that is that you can deliver much more than food.  From grocery shopping to picking up packages at the local mall, consider it to be a jack-of-all-trades app.

The app operates in thousands of cities, so there’s a good chance they operate in your zone or even nearby.

To get started, you need to be at least 18+ years old, have a valid driver’s license/insurance as well as pass a background check.  The entire onboarding process is quick, only taking a few days to get started.

Similar to the Amazon Flex app, you can schedule work whenever you please and accept any job that comes your way.  Depending on your area and when you work, it’s not unheard of to earn $20 to $30+ per hour gross.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats would come in a close third on my list, as I find it to be just as busy as DoorDash, at least in my area.  I can’t stress it enough that your area can be much different than mine.

This is another app that has changed over the years, where you can deliver much more than just food.  From delivering Apple products to Walmart deliveries, the opportunities seem to be there.  It reminds me a lot like Amazon Flex, with the biggest difference in that you can just turn on the app whenever you want and start working.  No scheduling is required.

I’m sure you have heard of Uber, so there’s a good chance you know they operate in almost every city in the United States, as well as many countries spread about the world.

To get started, you need to be at least 21+ years old, have a valid driver’s license/insurance and consent to a background check.  In most cities, your car cannot be older than 20 years, either.


Instacart is primarily a grocery shopping app, wherein you will be asked to shop for the items found on your app.

It’s much different than the Amazon Flex app in that you will do more shopping than you will driving.  This may sound good to some but bad to others.  It’s the reason I want to include every option on my list.

Like DoorDash, Instacart operates in thousands of cities, meaning you should be able to work nearby.  You do need to be at least 21+ years old, have a valid driver’s license/insurance and be able to lift at least 50+ pounds.  A background check is required as well.

The unique thing about Instacart is that you can get started in 24 hours in some cases.  When I signed up, for example, I had a virtual credit car and was ready to shop within a few hours.  Your results will vary, however.


Veho is the next-day parcel delivery platform, where you can book a route and then deliver it just as you would with Amazon Flex.  Routes take up to four hours to complete and you get to choose the option that works best for you.

When you get accepted, you will pick up your orders from a nearby warehouse and then deliver according to the app.

Everything you need to know is given to you up front, from the pay to the route length.  It’s a newer app that’s still expanding, but it’s one to consider if you want an Amazon Flex clone.

The link below provides you with an extensive FAQ, answering any questions you may have.


Shipt is another app that works just like Instacart, only that I found them not to be as popular as them.  Nonetheless, it’s one to provide you with work.

Again, as long as you like grocery shopping more than driving, it’s one to consider.  Aside from working alongside the major grocery store chains, you can deliver from other retailers, such as CVS and Target as well.

Like the Amazon Flex app, you will choose shifts as well as jobs.  Each job will highlight the pay, how far you have to drive as well as the total distance.  Basically, everything you need to know is right there before you accept the job.

Shipt requires that you’re at least 18+ years old with a valid driver’s license and car insurance.  Car restrictions are noted as well.

Shipt shoppers report making anywhere from $15 to $25+ per hour, but this varies on so many factors, such as your area, the time of day as well as which jobs you choose.


GoShare is one I have mentioned before, particularly in my making money with your pickup truck post.

With GoShare, you can earn money driving your car, truck or van, earning up to $85 per hour.  How much you earn will depend on which car you use and where you work.

On the app, you can get a delivery alert whenever there’s a load nearby.  If you accept it, you will arrive at the address as specified and deliver the cargo necessary.  GoShare focuses more on larger items, so if you’re going to consider the app, I would recommend signing up if you have a larger truck/van.

The company reports some of the highest hourly rates in the industry, especially as an independent contractor.  You can find out more information via the link below.


Gopuff is a delivery service that delivers just about everything, from daily essentials to food.  It’s not as busy as the rest, but your market could be okay.

The nice thing about Gopuff is that you don’t have to drive around town, going from one location to the next.  Instead, you pick up at a local location and deliver from there.  You get paid the full amount for every order you deliver plus 100% of the tips.  As you’re an independent contractor, you can work as much (or as little) as you want.

To get started, you must be 21+ years old with a valid driver’s license and insurance.  The company also asks you to pass a pre-paid alcohol delivery training course before starting.


Roadie is not marketed as much as the rest, but it’s one to consider.  I’m putting it at the bottom of the list because it doesn’t have as many jobs as the others noted.  I would say it’s one of the worst options, to be honest.

As a Roadie driver, you will help deliver just about anything from one point to another.  It can range from a piece of furniture to lost luggage at a nearby airport.  It can be anything.  On your dashboard, it will display the pay, the distance you need to travel as well as what needs to be delivered.  Everything you need to know is given to you up front and can be a decent way to travel throughout your area.

From my experience, Roadie seems to do best in your larger metropolitan areas, but you can at least download it and see which jobs are available in your town.

Roadie is available in all 50 states and you need to be at least 18 years old to sign up.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of jobs that work like Amazon Flex.  From delivering groceries to food, there’s another option you can add to your arsenal.

For now, check out the many I listed and sign up for as many as you can since there are no limits.  The more you join, the more options you will have.

In the end, expect to earn about $15 to $30+ per hour, again, depending on where you live, which app you use and when you work.  There are a lot of factors involved, but if you play your cards right, you can make a nice chunk of cash on the side.

As always, if you want to add to this list or comment on what I have written, you’re more than welcome to comment below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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