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How to Make Great Money with a Pickup Truck ($47+/hr)

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You may already know that you can make money if you own a car, but did you know that there are a variety of apps that can help you make money with your pickup truck?

And, no, I’m not talking about your 18-wheelers or a moving truck.  I’m talking about a simple pickup truck that could fit an oversized box in the truck’s bed, such as a couch, appliance, etc.

If you own a pickup truck of any size and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there are quite a few ways to make money with one, all on your own time.  In some cases, a lot of money.

So, if you like the idea of making cash with a pickup truck in your free time, then strap in and let’s take a look at the many reputable companies and strategies you can use right now to make more than $50+ an hour.

Most of the ideas I’m about to list allow you to work at your own pace, so forget about the 9-5 full-time job.

How to Make Money with a Pickup Truck

NOTE: Always check with your insurance company before considering any of these ideas to ensure that you’re 100% covered when making money.


GoShare works much like Uber, wherein you can log into the app and work whenever you please.  The app allows you to browse current project requests and accept the ones you’re interested in, never forcing you into a job.  You can truly work whenever you please.

Basically, people will need help moving a project using your truck from one point to another and rely on this app to find local truck owners to help them with their job.  For instance, if you purchased a couch at Costco and have no way of getting it home, you would use this app to help you.

According to the FAQ, GoShare notes that you can make between $47.52 to $71.52 per hour, all depending on what type of vehicle you own.  You can see all of the averages on the official website.

And, the great thing about this is the app is that you don’t have to do anything but accept the projects of interest.  You don’t have to find the customers.

If you’re interested in working with GoShare, they don’t accept just anyone that applies.  As stated on their website, the minimum requirements are as follows in order to be considered:

  • you need to be at least 18+ years old,
  • your vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection
  • you must pass a background check
  • have an iPhone or Android capable of running the app
  • must have a checking account
  • speak English
  • have valid license, registration and the state you’re driving in
  • have minimum state insurance requirements

If you want to work whenever you want and make good money in doing so, then at least apply to become active and at least view the projects in your area.

You can start the application process and learn more about the company at

Check out Craigslist

I know Craigslist often has a bad reputation, but it’s only because a few bad apples ruin the millions of transactions that happen throughout the month.  Of course, we only hear about the bad.

On Craigslist, head to the “gigs” section and click on the main title to bring up the most recent jobs.

From there, type in “pickup truck” in the gigs section to see what pops up.

As you can see in my screenshot, there were a few jobs you could inquire about, most of which were only one-day gigs.   One person needed someone to transport a quartz slab for 4200, while another needed help taking empty boxes to a dumpster, for example.

The number of jobs will really depend on where you live, but it’s at least an option to check out.

Of course, you will have to deal with the person and figure out the payment details, but nonetheless, it’s a great way to consistently find people who need pickup truck owners for the day.

Consider Renting Your Truck out on Turo

If you don’t mind renting out your truck to strangers, you may want to consider looking into a very popular peer-to-peer rental company called Turo.

In short, you list your car, name your daily price and people will reserve your truck from you just as they would a regular rental car.  It’s up to you if you want to accept them or not.

Then, after they return it, you get paid, but the great thing is that you can charge cleaning fees, gas fees, etc if they didn’t abide by the contract.  It’s a pretty good platform to protect car owners.

I know this idea sounds scary, but Turo includes a $1 million liability insurance policy and you’re dealing with people who know they are working with an individual rather than a corporation.  This often means they are going to take much better care of your car than they would a massive corporation.

From my research, trucks easily rent for $40 to $80+ per day, but this will greatly depend on what you’re offering and where you live.  Even if it’s $40 a day, that’s still $1,200 for the money if you’re able to find someone every day.

For now, I at least recommend you browse the database to see what others are listing their trucks for.  You may be surprised!

To learn more about how you can make great money renting out your car, head to for more information.

Check out

UShip is awesome for truck owners, especially if you own a trailer and don’t mind hauling larger items across state lines.

From smaller boxes to heavy equipment, there always seem to be thousands of jobs you can browse before you even sign up.   I mean, check out the listings in my area as I’m writing this:

In my area alone, there are 233 jobs within 75 miles of me.  As you can see, you can choose from quite a few jobs.  They are always being added.

Do keep in mind that many of these jobs will take you across state lines and you will have to bid on the job, similar to that of eBay, but the buyer has final sayso as to whether or not they want to use you as a provider.  In short, a lower price does not mean a guaranteed job.

While you will need to build your rankings in order to be credible, it can be a great job to consider if you want to work whenever you want.

If interested in joining, you will need the right insurance and will have to learn how to sell yourself via your profile, all of which you can learn more about on the official website.

Download the Burro App

The Burro app connects customers with someone, like you, who may own a truck, and according to the app, it simply works if you’re looking for someone to haul something from location to the next.  It works just like the GoShare app, only that it’s available in a select number of cities.

Burro is always accepting drivers, claiming that you can make as much as $30+ per hour.

To be considered, however, you must be at least 21+ years old, be able to lift 100 pounds and pass a DMV/criminal background check.  Other requirements do apply, most of which can be found via the official FAQ page.

If approved, you can work any time you want and choose the jobs you want to work.

As a last note, they are only available in certain areas, so don’t be bummed if you find out they haven’t opened up in your area yet.

Takl Is yet Another Option

According to Takl, you can make money with your truck when you sign up for their services as a provider.

And, according to my research, Takl appears to be the “easiest way” to find same day help with a variety of home services.

As a provider, you will get an alert anytime someone needs something hauled away, and yes, just like many of these apps, it’s then up to you to decide if you want to accept the job or not.

You get to create your schedule, choose the job you want, but to get approved, you will need to meet certain requirements, all of which you can find on the official Takl website.

Plow Snow

If you’re fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to live in an area where it snows, shoveling snow can be a fantastic way to make money throughout the winter season.

Whether you want to work for a company or even do it on your own, marketing your business is easier than ever in today’s digital age.

From posting a simple ad on a local Facebook group to using Craigslist, just a few customers could easily make you a few hundred dollars every time it snows.  I guess it’s really up to you as to how much you want to make.

Even if you don’t have a snowplow attachment, they aren’t as expensive as you think!  Home Depot, for instance, has a wide variety of highly-rated snow plows for trucks that retail for less than $2,000.  This one-time investment could make you money for years to come.

Towing Cars

Towing cars can be quite lucrative, with a simple tow bar tow kit retailing for as little as a few hundred dollars.   Of course, the costs could be much more if you wanted a full tow truck setup, but regardless, if the wheels are able to turn, you could at least tow it a few miles to where it needs to be.

Most tows, regardless of the mileage, start at $75, so like plowing snow, if you’re able to get your name out there, you could find the phone ringing anytime someone needs a tow.

Just keep in mind that if you did consider this route, you would kind of need to be on call all of the time and you’re essentially starting a business, which means you will need the appropriate licensing and insurance.

Also, you need to make sure your truck is even capable of towing and it’s so important you know how to hook up a car before it’s even towed to prevent damage from occurring.   This option will take the most work to get started, but it could also make you the most.

I don’t know much about starting a tow truck business, so for now, I will at least recommend this very inexpensive book on Amazon, How to Make Money in the Towing Business: 8 Proven Strategies That Will Explode Your Sales.

Help People Move

Every day, tens of thousands of people are moving locally and even across state lines.

And, sure, while some people move on their own, oftentimes, people need help moving larger items, such as a dresser, TV, couch, etc.  Some may need the whole home packed up.  The jobs will vary.

This is where you can come into the picture.

Much like marketing yourself as a tow truck or snow plow, you can essentially do the same thing in regards to helping people move.

If going this route, the moving industry is quite competitive and it will require a lot of work, so if you consider, make sure you have lots of help and the necessary insurance to help people move from point A to point B.

If you eventually become a moving option, there are so many platforms that you can use online to market your services.

Haul Junk Away

People are always looking to get rid of junk.

From hauling away a ton of landscaping debris to a house cleanup, if you have a truck and even a trailer, this is where you can come in an haul it away.

Sure, you will need to advertise your business and load your truck, which could be a job in itself, but junk hauling pays a ton, often as much as $400+ per load.  You just need to load the junk up and take it off to a dump.

To learn more about the junk hauling industry, I would highly recommend you check out the very popular low-cost book, Start a 6-Figure Junk Removal Business to start making big money.


I have mentioned TaskRabbit on my “101+ ways to make money as a college student” and “make money without a job” post before, but I’m going to mention it here as well as I find it to be a pretty cool side hustle.  I mention them quite a bit because I find it to be a pretty cool app that can make you some great money on the side.

Now, TaskRabbit doesn’t focus solely on truck owners; rather, it focuses on just about any chore.  Whether it’s putting together furniture, moving a large item or even mowing grass, there’s a job for anyone.

To use, TaskRabbit will notify you of local jobs, wherein you can then select the one you want to work.  Confirm the details with the customer and complete the job for pay.

Like all of these apps, you get to choose the jobs you want to work, so at least consider downloading the app to see which jobs are available in your area.  If you see one that involves your truck and you like the money you could make, accept it and make some good cash!

Try Roadie

Roadie is yet another app designed for car and truck owners who want to deliver one item from one place to another.

I have downloaded the app before, and some job of the jobs I saw included taking lost luggage from the airport to a hotel to delivering a dresser 500 miles away.  It’s really random as to what people post, but there’s always something up.

And while a lot of these deliveries will be across state lines, you will often find some local drives that may only take an hour of your time.

With gigs paying up to $650+ on long haul deliveries and $60 on local deliveries, it’s another app to consider if you want as many options as possible.

Advertise on Your Truck

Did you know companies will pay you to wrap your car and put advertisements on it?

While you won’t make a ton in doing so and there’s no guarantee you will find a company willing to accept you, it’s at least worth a shot if you like the idea of just driving around getting paid in doing so.

Now, before you get excited, most of the time, these companies are often looking for people who live in busy cities and drive a certain number of miles per month.  So, if you live in a rural area and only drive 100 miles a month, then there’s probably a good chance they won’t accept you.

To learn more about the companies that may pay you to advertise on your truck/car, I recommend you at least check out my “earn money advertising on your car” post.

Use Load Boards (big box truck owners)

And as my last option, if you own a bigger box truck or something even bigger, such as an 18-wheeler, then consider using online load boards, such as or DAT.

These boards help you find loads in your area, working similar to that of the GoShare app I mentioned earlier, only that it’s geared toward larger trucks.  Keep in mind that you often need to travel hundreds, sometimes even thousands of miles to deliver your load.  But, since you can pick and choose what you want, it’s up to you as to which job you want to work.

While most of these load boards do cost money, it will save you a ton of time finding loads from one point to another, saving you a ton of time.  Trust me, it’s much easier finding a load on these apps than venturing out on your own and finding something to work.

123LoadBoard, for instance, has more than 150,000 truckloads posted daily and even allows you to browse the loads before you sign up.  DAT, on the other hand, appears to be one of the favorites among the trucking community.

Again, if you own a larger box truck and don’t mind traveling out of state, load boards are something to highly consider, especially if you want to work at your own pace.

Final Thoughts

Making money with your pickup truck, as you can see, is entirely possible.   There are so many options out there.

Whether you want to start your own business or simply download an app, it’s really up to you to decide what’s best for your situation as I don’t really know what kind of money you’re looking to make.

If you want to make thousands, starting your own business would be ideal, but if you’re happy with a few hundred, then apps like GoShare and Roadie could do the trick.

For now, check out the many options here and explore each and every one in detail to figure out which one will work best for you and your truck.

Hopefully, once you find one or two options, you can make the money you were envisioning.  Best of luck!

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