LifeCoin Reviews: Get Paid Gift Cards to Walk

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LifeCoin is an app I previously mentioned in my get paid to walk guide.  If you didn’t read it, I talked about the many apps that pay you to walk.  And, yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.  Walk and get rewarded for every step you take.

If you carry your phone around with you most of the day or you have a fitness wearable such as a Fitbit, etc., then it may be one to consider downloading.

In today’s review, I download the LifeCoin app and take it for a test run.

Is it worth your time?

Is it legit?

These are all of the questions I answer, as always, only promoting those that I feel I would personally use.

What is the LifeCoin App?

The LifeCoin app was created by the Azumio company, which is a mobile health company that specializes in biometric mobile technology.  They were founded in 2011, and as I write this, they have released more than 24+ apps for Android and iOS devices.  Other apps of theirs include Calorie Mama, Fitness Buddy and Sleep Time, to name a few.

This app, being one of their more popular options, has more than 100,000 installs and close to 2,000 ratings.  Every time you move, whether it be running, hiking or walking, the app will reward you with what’s known as Life Coins.

Signing up for the LifeCoin App

To sign up for the LifeCoin app, you can do so either via the Google Play Store or iTunes for iOS.  No matter which option you choose, it’s 100% free to download.

Shortly after downloading, it will open what looks like a text chat, where you will answer a few questions.

The entire process takes a few minutes and will ask you questions such as your name, phone number and email.

LifeCoin Dashboard

After you provide that information, it’s now time to start walking and earn your coins.  This is what your dashboard will look like:

On the bottom, you will see five icons as part of your menu, all of which I will talk about below.

Featured Rewards

The first icon, the shopping bag, is where you can browse the rewards.

At the moment, the app offers a variety of fantastic prizes, such as an Apple Watch, iPhone, etc, but these can change as time goes on.

Aside from the featured rewards, the company offers a variety of gift card options, including:

  • Best Buy
  • REI
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Banana Republic
  • Foot Locker
  • Gap
  • Home Depot
  • Sephora
  • Under Armor
  • eBay
  • AMC
  • Adidas
  • Stubhub
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Xbox
  • Playstation Store
  • Uber
  • Nexflix
  • iTunes

Every gift card option starts at $50 in value, which is about 2,500 Life Coins.  This is very high in comparison to most money-making apps, so it may take you some time before you see a successful cash out.

TIP:  The daily reward will reward you with one free Life Coin just for watching a short ad video, usually no more than 30 seconds.  Check it out every day if you plan on using the app.


The second menu option, what looks like a computer screen or something, will simply tell you your balance and your step history.

I like this tab as I can track my walking for the days/week to see how I have been doing.  Whether you want to hold yourself accountable or see how many steps the app tracked, it’s fun to look at once in a while.

Your Steps

The third menu option, the footsteps, will show you how many steps you have walked today.

Here, you will see both your total steps and unverified steps.  As long as you have your phone on you, the steps will track, earning you Life Coins in the meantime.

If you click on the “Get 5 Now,” it just talks about how you can refer a friend and earn 5 life coins for every person who installs.  This brings me to the fourth menu item.

Refer a Friend

If you do know of people who do a lot of walking and can benefit from the app, then you can refer them and earn 5 Life Coins for everyone who downloads it.

All you need to do is copy your special link and share it.  As long as they use it, you get credit.

How Much Can You Earn With LifeCoin?

Here comes the most important question on this guide, and it’s probably the main reason you’re using it, right?

As I talked about in the rewards section, the company will make you wait until you earn at least $50 in Life Coins, which according to the site, is 2,500 Life Coins.

Is that a lot?

Well, when I used the app, you could only earn a maximum of 5 Life Coins a day and every 1,000 steps equal about a LifeCoin.  However, if you pay $5 a month, you can double that amount.  It isn’t worth it, though!  Doing the math at 5 Life Coins a day, that means you would have to walk 500 days, maxing out your coins, to get a $50 gift card.  You have to ask yourself if that’s worth it to you.  While you can get daily reward coins, these don’t add up as much as you think it would.

And, not only that, I read so many reviews that the app didn’t track properly.  So, if you walked 1,000 steps, the app may only track 450 of them.  Be warned!

The Pros and Cons

As with all of my app reviews, there are always pros and cons, no matter how great the app is.  Right now, as of this publication date, the app has a 3.6 out of 5-star rating.  This isn’t good.  In reading these reviews, I found a lot of similar complaints, all of which I include below.

The Pros

  • get paid to walk
  • decent gift card options
  • free to download
  • nice refer a friend system

The Cons

  • does a bad job tracking your steps
  • could take 2 years to see a $50 gift card payout
  • prize values are way too high
  • poor customer service
  • seems to drain your battery fast
  • have to pay a monthly fee to access “premium”
  • cap of what you can earn daily

Final Thoughts

2/10Meh, in the end, I don’t recommend Life Coin.  If you want to get paid to walk, I would encourage you to check out SweatCoin as they pay out much faster than this company.  Plus, their tracking seems to be much better.   While Life Coin and the company backing the app seem to be legit, I just can’t recommend it based on what you can earn.

Don’t expect to get rich with any of these walking apps.  In fact, you’d be lucky to make $50 every two years.  I mean, you don’t have to do anything but walk, you just have to ask yourself if it’s worth it to have this app running on your phone all the time to make pennies a week.

As always, if you want to sound off, whether it be your experience with LifeCoin and/or you want to ask a question to the community, then, by all means, feel free to do so via the comments below.

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