Sweatcoin Review: Can You Really Make Money Walking?

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Quick Review:  I feel Sweatcoin is a fun way to earn great prizes and even cash as long as you walk 5,000+ steps a day.  Click here to sign up.  It’s free!

The other day, I wrote about the many ways you can earn cash while walking.  Yes, I know, it sounds too good to be true, and it kind of is in a sense, but it is possible to earn a few dollars while walking like you usually do.  Don’t expect to make a ton, however.

Writing the post, I came across a very popular company by the name of Sweatcoin, an app that pays to walk, converting every step into what’s known as “sweatcoins.”

Once you earn enough, you can cash out for a variety of rewards, all of which I will talk about later.

So, now, if you’re interested in making some cash, all while taking a stroll around a block, then I encourage you to check out my review to see if it is worth joining one of the most popular walking apps.

Let’s begin!

Sweatcoin App Review

Sweatcoin is a 100% free app that you can find on the Google Play Store as well as iTunes.

Download it as you normally would with any app and continue with the registration process.

When I registered, it asked for the usual — my name, an email address, your cellphone number as well as permissions to view my location.  It’s important that you accept these terms as failing to do so will not allow the app to track your steps as you use the app, pretty much making it worthless.

Once confirmed, you can instantly access your dashboard, which looks like this:

How Does Sweatcoin Work?

Now, before I talk about the dashboard and how much you can make, let me talk about how the app works really quick.

To put it simply, Sweatcoin will reward you with what’s known as “Sweatcoins” for every step you take.  Take a step while the app is on and it will be recorded for the day.

Once you hit 1,000 steps, you can submit these steps to Sweatcoin to confirm, and as long as you’re not breaking any rules and/or hacking the system, the app will convert these steps into “Sweatcoins,” the app’s currency.

Like many reward-like websites, once you earn enough coins, you can shop the store and pick out a reward, which, at first glance, ranges anywhere from tangible items to PayPal cash.   These seem to change all of the time, so be sure to check them out frequently to see if anything is of value to you.

It’s up to you what you want, but in conclusion, the app simply rewards you to take steps throughout the day.

Your Dashboard

The dashboard is pretty self-explanatory.

As you can see from the first screenshot I took above, you can view what you earned today in the form of “sweatcoins,” while the top menu can take you to the leaderboard and offers, all of which I will get to later on.

For now, I recommend you at least take a few steps outside to see if the app starts to work.

Remember, you need to have your location enabled in order for it to work and you must walk outside as the app doesn’t have the capability to read your steps while you walk indoors.

And if you’re wondering why the company doesn’t count indoor steps, the FAQ states that while they would love to, the current algorithm is not able to verify movement taken indoors just yet as this is considered to be a lot of work.

As long as you keep this mind, you shouldn’t have a problem tracking your steps.

Tracking Your Steps

Right away, after downloading the app, I went ahead and took a few steps just to test the accuracy, and to my surprise, it did a wonderful job tracking my steps as each step I took, it recorded pretty accurately.

I did read that some people had troubles in some spots, such as near buildings or in areas with spotty signals, but at least for me, it worked okay.

Now, the minute you start walking, you can now click on an “info” button, in which takes you to a detailed “Today’s info” page, where you can look at the total steps taken today, the step you want to send in as well as how many of your steps converted.

You can also turn on the battery saver, upgrade to “Shaker,” which is a premium add-on that increases your daily limit, and/or read the official FAQ guide.

Here’s what a portion of your “Today’s info” will look like:

As you scroll to the right of the screen, you can see the following:

  • total steps today
  • steps to send
  • Sweatcoin algorithm
  • Sweatcoin steps (the steps converted into Sweatcoin)
  • coins converted
  • coins earned today

Keep in mind that just because you’re walking, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically converting.  Your steps must be approved by Sweatcoin before the currency shows up on your account as this is considered to be their safety protocol.

Sweatcoin Value – How Much Is a Sweatcoin Worth?

Now, the main reason you’re probably downloading and using this app is to make money, of course, and the value of a Sweatcoin is pretty simple.

For every 1,000 steps you take, you will earn 1 sweatcoin, minus a 5% commission.  So, in total, every 1,000 steps will equal 0.95 sweatcoins.

As a quick note, basic members who start out can only earn 5 Sweatcoins, whereas members who upgrade to a “Shaker” account can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins a day.

If interested in upgrading to a Shaker account, it will cost 4.75 Sweatcoins, but it increases your daily limit to 10 Sweatcoins a day or up to 300 Sweatcoins for the month.  This is 100% optional.

This probably doesn’t mean much, I know.

Sweatcoin to USD

So, you’re probably wondering how much a sweatcoin is worth in actual dollars.

Well, it depends.

Since you can redeem your Sweatcoins for all sorts of rewards, all of which I will talk about later, it can change.

But, let’s take the value as I write this review.

Right now, if I take a look at the offers page, I could cash out for $1,000 Paypal for 20,000 Sweatcoins.

So, doing the math, I would need to take 21,052,000 steps to earn $1,000 in U.S. currency.

Every step you take will net you 0.00004750142 in U.S. Dollars, simply meaning every 1,000 steps will earn you about $0.05 if you wanted the Paypal cash.  Do keep in mind that this value could be much more if you wanted an item rather than the cash.

And remember, since I can only earn 5 Sweatcoins as a basic member, it could take me 4,000 days to earn $1,000.  That’s quite the challenge!

Referring Friends

Aside from earning Sweatcoins while taking steps, the app will also reward you to refer your friends, much like a lot of reward websites.

Simply share your unique link and earn 5 Sweatcoins per friend who signs up using it.

It’s as easy as that.


Aside from seeing what you earned for the day, you can also view leaderboards for the day, whether it’s friends you invite to the app or people nearby using the app.

While the leaderboard doesn’t earn you any rewards, per se, it can be a fun way to see how many steps you’re getting in comparison to your friends or even people in your vicinity.

I didn’t have any friends on my list just yet, but when I took a quick look at the nearby leaders, it didn’t seem active, either, as only one out of 20 people had steps and it wasn’t even that much.

The leaderboard can be fun, but it holds no value aside from the fact that you can send other people Sweatcoins if you choose to do so.

I have seen people sell their Sweatcoins on eBay and then transfer them out for cash.  Something to consider, I suppose.

Offers and Prizes – What Can You Get?

Once you earn enough Sweatcoins, you can eventually cash out, and like most survey websites I talk about on this website, the offers will greatly vary, but for now, let’s explore the offers I could take advantage of with my balance.

Looking at the offers page, Sweatcoin will break up the offers from the lowest redemption rate to the most valuable options, which are found in the “Marathon” category.

Again, these offers can change, but here’s what I could take advantage of when I took a look.

OfferSweatcoins Needed
60-day Scribd membership3.99
Tidal music subscription (3 months)6.99
35 day Shutter account4.99
1 month free of Care/of vitamins45
Free box from Bespoke Post1,100
4-pack of Som Sleep1,100
$10 inkbox gift card9.99
LUNA mini One2,500
LUNA play2,500
FOREO Day and Night Cleanser2,000
LUNA play+2,500
Embr Wave8,500
Curved Samsung TV20,000
iPhone XS20,000
$1,000 cash20,000

So using my math above, if you wanted a 3-month Tidal music subscription, for instance, you would have to walk about 7,350 steps to redeem, which, in my eyes, is completely doable since I walk close to 5,000+ steps a day and I don’t even consider myself that active.  It would only take me two days to earn.

A lot of these offers I never heard of, but if you wanted to, you could click on the offer link for a detailed description as to what it is.

Remember, a free account does have a five Sweatcoin limit, so it would take you at least two days to earn this particular award.

Referring Friends Offers

Aside from buying items and even cashing out using your Sweatcoins, you can also trade in your invites for Paypal cash as well.

For example, as I was writing this, I could trade six invites for $6 cash or 20 invites for $20.

Keep in mind that if you do cash in your invites, you will lose the Sweatcoins that you earned for your invite.  Just make sure it’s worth it.

So, if you know of anyone who would be interested in the app, be sure to send them your referral link for credit.

The Pros and Cons

Of course, this review is more than just about my thoughts.

Browsing online, I found most people talking about the following pros and cons and listed them below.

The Advantages…

  • free to download
  • easy to use
  • no effort needed
  • decent prize selection
  • great way to stay healthy

The Cons…

  • can take a while to earn some prizes
  • won’t get rich doing it
  • some note it eats away at the battery life
  • have to allow the app to track you
  • step recording can be faulty at times

Other Things to Note

Is Sweatcoin Legitimate?

While some people think it’s not worth it, Sweatcoin is 100% not a scam, I promise you that much.  It is legitimate, but it doesn’t always mean it’s worth joining.

Just because you can’t earn a living or a ton of money in doing so, it doesn’t make it a scam.

Now, I did read that some people felt the offers they saw initially would disappear once you got close to cashing out, but it just appears that, due to the overwhelming membership base, that these offers simply go fast.

If you don’t believe me, I highly encourage you to at least visit the Sweatcoin subreddit.  While you will find some haters, many people actually talk about how much they like working with the app.

I know, the app isn’t for everyone, but if you at least like the idea of earning rewards while walking, then I recommend you at least download it to see if it’s worth keeping.  And, I promise Sweatcoin is real!

Your Sweatcoins never expire, so if you don’t see anything you like today, there could be something you like tomorrow.

How Does Sweatcoin Make Money?

According to the FAQ, Sweatcoin works with a variety of partners, most of which you see in the offers portal.

While I didn’t notice them acknowledge it in the FAQ, I also saw that you could earn streaks in the app, but you had to watch a video in order to do earn it.  As a way for these apps to make money, this is yet another way the company makes money as well.

In the long term, however, the company is committed to working with national and local governments to help achieve goals of making citizens more physically active.

How Much Can I Earn?

This greatly depends on how much you walk throughout the day as well as how many friends you invite to the platform.

Remember, if you don’t upgrade to a “Shaker” account, you can only earn 5 Sweatcoins a day, but if you upgrade, you can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins a day.

So, if you don’t invite any friends, count on making at most 300 Sweatcoins a month if you walk 10,000~ steps a day.  Add in friend invites and it’s really endless from there.

As per the company’s FAQ, your Sweatcoins do not expire.

What About the Battery Life?

A common complaint or even concern online, a valid one at that, is the battery life.

Since the app is running at all times it appears, the company states that you shouldn’t see any battery usage issues; however, on some devices, you may see your battery level drops.

For some reasons, if you are noticing some battery drainage that’s more than the average, the app does have a battery saver icon that you can turn on inside of the app which greatly reduces the battery consumption, but in doing so, it could reduce your step counts, so be forewarned.

Is Sweatcoin Safe?

Yes, Sweatcoin is 100% safe.

According to the company, they collect your data anonymously, which simply means they can’t tie any of your data back to you.

When you do download the app, all it will ask for is your first name and phone number so that it can tie it to the app.

Final Thoughts

The Sweatcoin app could work if you feel you walk at least 5,000 steps a day and feel you can reach the daily limit.

In doing so, the 30 days could net you close to 150 Sweatcoins with the basic account, which, as you can see from my prize list mentioned above, could net you some pretty decent options.

Invite some friends and you could earn some really good prizes a few months for now.  Remember, these prizes always change!

Frankly, I don’t walk too much, so for now, I don’t think I’m going to use it much, but I’m not going to say I don’t recommend it, eighter.  I just don’t feel I walk enough to justify the cost and see it running in the taskbar every time I open my phone.

For now, if you want an app that awards you to walk, I feel this is definitely one of the better options, but depending on your personal experiences, I do recommend you at least check out my 18+ apps that reward you to walk to see which one works best for you.  You can also check out the more than 10+ apps that work just like Sweatcoin.  These are free to download as well.

If you have used it and/or want to comment, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

In the meantime, download the app.  It’s 100% free, and I recommend downloading it to see how much you could potentially earn by the end of the month.

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  • On vacation in Nola and 3 of us using the app — 5400 steps for 1 ,1800 for 1 and zero for 1. We were all together. Cant figure out why that happens. I love the idea, I just don’t think it works that well.