Lucky Dollar App Review: Another Bad Scratcher App?

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In the past, I reviewed the Lucky Day app, quite possibly one of the most popular reviews I have ever written.  If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it’s a lotto ticket app of sorts, where you scratch off lottery tickets and win points.  In short, it takes an eternity to win a few dollars, if you ever do reach the payout.

Well, in today’s review, I found yet another app that seems to work like the Lucky Day app.  It’s called the Lucky Dollar app.

With more than 40,000+ reviews and more than one million downloads, it’s one I wanted to review.

Is it worth your time?  Is it fun?  Can you earn money?

These are all the questions I’m about to answer.

As in all of my reviews, I’m 100% honest, only recommending apps that I personally would use.

What is the Lucky Dollar App?

According to the company, the Lucky Dollar app is a free scratch off app where you can win real money and gift cards.  It’s 100% free to play and there’s no purchase necessary.  Just download the app, start scratching off these scratchers and see if you can win.  In some cases, you can win up to $100,000.

Unlike a lot of the apps I talk about, wherein you can complete a survey or maybe download an app, this app is much different as it’s more of a game of luck.  While you can win prizes and earn coins, it’s a lot different than most of your money-making apps.

The app is operated by Win Real Money Games, a company I couldn’t find much about.

Signing up for the Lucky Dollar App

To start earning points and maybe winning cash, the app will ask for your email and that’s it.

Before you can start playing, however, the app will walk you through a simple tutorial to show you how the app works.   The app is very easy to use as 99% of the time, you’re just scratching off virtual lotto tickets and will need to match three symbols to win the said prize.

To sign up, you must reside in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

The Lucky Day App Dashboard

After you sign up and complete the tutorial, which will take one minute at most, you can access your dashboard.  This is what it will look like:

At the top, you can view your balance as well as how many coins you have.  Don’t worry, I will get into this later on as to what they are worth.

Next, you can view the categories in your menu, which at the time of this review, included the following:

  • Amazing Scratches
  • Free To Play Cards
  • VIP Cards
  • Get Offers
  • Refer a Friend

Below, I will talk about how each one works.

Amazing Scratches

In this section, this includes the “Amazing Scratches,” which seem to be a variety of themed cards.

When I was writing this, they had a Blackjack scratcher, March Madness scratcher, Beauty Store scratcher as well as a Football scratcher.  These scratchers worked just like the other ones, only that it appeared to have better prizes and a theme of sorts.

Free to Play Cards

This is where most of your time will be spent if you do use the app.  On this list, you will see a variety of random scratchers, with a prize listed next to it.

As you see in my screenshot, the top two paid out $0.25 or $10 if I won.  This list continued to go on, and I could complete about 15 scratchers while writing this.

Scratching the Tickets

As long as there’s no lock symbol next to the card, you can start immediately.

If there’s a lock next to it, then it means you will have to complete offers or a certain number of scratchers to unlock it.  It will tell you what needs to be done in order to unlock it.

When you click on a scratcher, you will then scratch it off as you would a lottery ticket.  If you match three symbols, you will win the prize noted below, which you will have to scratch off also.

In this case, I scratched that one off and didn’t match anything, which simply means I’m a loser.

However, if you do match three random symbols and win, you will see a screen like this:

NOTE:  Every two or three times you try to scratch your ticket, the app will make you watch a very long 30- or 60-second ad.  It can get annoying, but I guess they have to get their money somehow.

My Results

I ended up scratching 50 cards and guess how much I won?

$0.27 and 1,500 coins!

This took me more than 15+ minutes to do, and let’s just say it seems that I’m not alone when reading the review.

VIP Cards

While I was writing this review, there were no VIP Cards available at the moment.  Instead, it stated these cards were coming soon.  When they do update this portion, I will be sure to update this.

Get Offers

If you don’t want to try to win points by scratching the cards, you can complete offers and earn coins instead.

Like the many survey apps I have mentioned, some allow you to complete offers, in which pay out in a currency of sorts.  This app is no different.

For example, when I clicked on that “Get Offers Over 1MM Coins,” I was given the opportunity to complete a ton of offers, each pay a certain number of coins.

As you can see in that screenshot, I could earn 9.5 million coins if I made a purchase in the Art of Conquest app or 71.1 million coins if I donated to the ASPCA.  It may sound like a ton of coins, but in reality, these coins are not worth as much as you think.

Refer a Friend

Like most apps that make you money, you can refer your friends to the Lucky Dollar app and receive a reward.

This can change at any moment, but whenever you share your Lucky Dollar app referral code, your referrals receive a $1 cash bonus.  Also, for your first referral, you will get a $1 bonus.  After that, you receive 10% of what your referral earns for the first 90 days.  You can copy my code, V3UK8SY6, if you want a $1 cash bonus.

If you plan on using the app and know of people who may benefit from it, then it doesn’t hurt to share your code.


This brings me to my next point, the rewards.  You can cash out in the “cashout tab,” which is the last option in your scrolling menu.

On the app, they give you two options to cash out, either via PayPal or Amazon.

If you want to cash out via PayPal or Amazon, every 128,000 coins equal a penny.  Yes, it’s that little.   However, if you have a cash balance, that is how much you’re owed, so there’s no doubt there.

To cash out via Amazon or PayPal, you need at least $50 in cash, or in the case of coins, you need at least 10,000,000 coins!

The Pros and Cons

As I write this review, the app has more than 41,000 reviews, with an okay 3.9 out of 5-star rating.  I took a glance at a lot of these reviews, and here’s what most people said.

The Pros

  • Amazon and PayPal option
  • can be fun

The Cons

  • $50 minimum payout (one of the worst in the industry)
  • very hard to win coins/money (can take 30+ scratchers before you win a few cents)
  • very low odds of winning the big prize (in the past, the $500 prize had a 1 in 739,654 odds)
  • lots of ads (lucky dollar app cheat/hack: you can skip them by closing out your app)
  • won’t make much
  • confusing points system
  • inconsistent payout if you reach it
  • customer service is poor

Final Thoughts

1/10In the end, it gets a fat two thumbs down from me.  I’m only going to give a one because it can be fun to play for a few seconds.  It can be entertaining for a few.  If you’re looking to make money or win it big, I think you’re better off investing your time in other ventures as this one will not pay off.

With a $50 minimum payout, cards that never pay, and a ton of ads, there’s nothing great about it.  I think you will get annoyed after a few minutes of playing it, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

As always, if you want to chime in with your vents/frustrations and/or leave a comment about the app below, then you’re more than welcome to do so.

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