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How to Make Money Singing: 19 Creative Ways

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A few days ago, I wrote about the many ways you can make money from your music.

While that post was more geared toward those who had a band and more along the lines of making money online, I wanted to create a separate post for those who are looking to make money singing.

You can benefit from that previous post, especially if you want to sell your tracks online, but in this post, I wanted to think more outside of the internet and list a few ways you can make money singing outside of your home.

So, if you consider yourself a singer and want to make cash in doing so, then jump in and hopefully one of these tips could work for you.

Let’s begin!

How to Make Money Singing (19+ Ways)

Become a Session Singer

In short, a session singer is often required by producers and songwriters worldwide, and if hired, you would basically be asked to sing lead vocals or as a background voice.  It really depends on the project really.  At least from what I researched, most singers are asked to sing pre-written songs.

Generally, a session singer is often hired for jingles, demos, commercials and so much more.  There are quite a variety of jobs.

To put yourself out there and let others know you are for hire, I would consider at least creating a classified ad on one of the following websites:

Yes, some of the following websites do have fees, but if you’re serious about putting yourself out there, it could be worth the small investment.  Plus, becoming a premium member can help you rank above your competition, ensuring that your ad gets more views and hopefully more inquiries.

Aside from looking for session singing jobs, these platforms can connect you with a variety of other jobs as well, most of which I will talk about in this post.

Take a look at some of the other popular listings and see what makes it so popular.  While I wouldn’t say copy what you see; rather, it’s best to pick and choose what you like and create an ad of value.

Sing at Private Parties

From birthday parties to special corporate events, people are always looking to hire specific singers to sing at their event.

Much like a session singer, you will have to put yourself out there in order to get hired, so this means you should spend a lot of time on your online ad to ensure people actually want to hire you.  I would recommend the same platforms mentioned prior, but I will include some below, too.

Aside from the companies I already listed in my session singer session, I also recommend you check out the following resources if interested in being hired for a party:

If going this route, experts at least recommend making sure you picking out a niche to make yourself even more valuable.  Popular niches include children’s music, singing guitarists, singing pianists and wedding singers, to name a few.  Focusing on one niche will make finding jobs that much easier.

There are a lot of these resources out there, so it’s best to at least play around with a few of these to see which ones bring you the most success.

Kids Entertainment

Kids love to be entertained, whether it’s a clown, magician, or yes, a singer.

If you feel you can sing kid tunes, let it be known that parents pay a fortune to have someone sing for an hour or two at a party.

In some cases, you may have to do more than just sing, such as acting as a character, but you could find it much more rewarding than you imagined.

Offer Singing Lessons

This could be a great option only if you feel you have mastered the singing scene and feel you can pass on your talents to others.  If you’re experienced enough, it’s not uncommon to make more than $50 an hour!

Whether you want to teach someone virtually online or even in person, there are up-and-coming singers who could use your services.

Much like teaching an academic subject, just make sure you have the experience and the tracks to back your credibility up.

If interested in offering singing lessons, consider posting an ad on Craigslist or signing up for TakeLessons and/or Thumbtack accounts.

Teach a Course Online

Like the idea of teaching a personal lesson, but you don’t want to deal with the people?

That’s fine because you could consider creating your own singing course on popular platforms such as Udemy and Teachable.

Here, you can create a course virtually, wherein you will upload guides, videos and whatever you feel fits your course and then sell it to the public.  People will buy it and can then learn at their own pace.

Then, as it becomes popular and begins to rank and receive great reviews, you could make upwards of $10+ per sale, making for a great passive income opportunity.

Work at a Theme Park

Yes, you will have to work as a character, but if you like the idea of working at a theme park and getting paid to sing, check out your theme parks, namely Disney, to see if they have any openings.

Granted, if there is a job available, most of the time they are looking for a certain look, but it isn’t always necessary.

To find these jobs, they are often posted on the official Disney website careers page or any other theme park website.  Keep in mind, however, that these types of jobs are quite limited.

Consider a Cruise Ship

If you have ever been on a cruise ship before, you’re probably already familiar with the on-ship entertainment.

Well, where do you think this entertainment comes from?

Much like the theme parks, cruise ships are always hiring entertainment, including singers.

So, if you like the idea of singing on board a ship and traveling the world, take a look at some of the most popular cruise lines, such as Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival, to see what kind of jobs are available.

Like the theme parks, the jobs could be slim, so I do recommend you at least check out these websites occasionally or even set up alerts to know when a job does pop up.

Consider a Corporate Events Band

This kind of ties in with singing at parties, but it’s focused more on corporate events, which, in my research, tend to pay out the most and can send you the most jobs.

Typically, these types of bands perform at popular corporate events and usually are found via an entertainment agency.

So, instead of contacting corporate event coordinators personally, instead, you’re going to want to find popular entertainment agencies/agent in your area that can help get you a gig at one of these events.

As I don’t know where you live, I would recommend you search for “entertainment agency” or something along the lines of “corporate entertainment agency” to see who works in your area.  You can also search for casting gigs online, using tools such as ProductionHUB and Backstage.

If you’re able to find one, these agencies will often ask for an audition, or in the case of a casting call, they may ask you to show up on site.

Enter a Singing Competition

While you can shoot for the stars and attempt to get on American Idol and The Voice, you’re going to find that there are actually quite a few singing competitions right in your backyard.

These competitions won’t pay you much, but hey, it can get your voice out there and maybe even earn you some connections when everything is said and done.  This can be just as valuable!

To find competitions, a quick search, such as “singing competition + your city or state” can often yield some decent results.

Search Casting Calls

This one kind of ties into the corporate events band option as I already mentioned it, but I wanted to include casting calls as its own option as there are a ton of casting calls posted daily that you can browse through as a singer.

And, if you’re unfamiliar with casting calls, they are basically ads that are looking for a specific person and usually ask you to show up on a certain date and/or send in an audition.

For instance, while I was writing this, a cruise ship was looking for singers for its Broadway show, while a company was looking for somebody to work on their commercial.  There were more than 650+ listings, so there are more than enough to go through if interested.

Online, there are a ton of casting call websites, but some of my favorites include the following:

Make it a habit to check out the daily listings on these websites mentioned above and see if there’s anything of interest.  It’s always updating.

If you do find one of interest, open the ad, follow the directions closely and only hope you get hired.

Music Theater

In your bigger towns, such as New York City, Broadway acts are often looking for singers to join their crew, and, no, you don’t have to be the lead singer to succeed as there are plenty of supporting roles available.

Broadway shows are an amazing way to get your foot in the door and boost your resume experience, and it seems as if there are always shows holding auditions.

To find these jobs, they are often posted on the casting call-like websites I already mentioned above, but before you get excited and search for one, do keep in mind that most of these shows are looking for proper vocal as well as dance training experience.  The casting call ads generally will have all of the information you need to know about the opening.

Sing at Church

If you go to church, consider talking to your church to see if they are actively recruiting any singers.

While not all churches don’t pay their choir, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask as they may have a position for you.

If hired, you may be asked to sing during church sessions and even during special events.

Become a Karaoke Host

I know, you’re not really singing, but if you like the idea of getting paid to be around “singers,” then it’s one to consider.

Karaoke hosts, as the name implies, are basically in charge of encouraging people to come up, help pick up songs and just managing the night to ensure everyone is having a fun time.

Whether you want to go solo and create your own company or look for a local gig, you should be able to find a few opportunities in your town.

Sell Your Music Online via iTunes, etc

In the past, many singers would fixate on getting signed to a recording label in order to gain exposure.

However, in today’s digital age, this is no longer necessary as you can promote your music on multiple platforms, most of which I talked about in my ways to make money from your music.

While this could be one of the harder ways to make money singing, it can be done.  Just keep in mind that it will be a very tough job.

Sure, while you do need to market yourself, it doesn’t hurt to at least publish your works on popular platforms, such as iTunes, or leave it up to a music aggregator that does all of the dirty work for you.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is an amazing platform for just about anything, including singing.  After all, this is where Justin Bieber started his career.

Once you gather enough viewing hours and subscribers, you can eventually monetize your channel to make money via your ads.  Don’t worry, YouTube does all of the dirty work for you.

Not only can you make money with your ads, but you can also make money with direct sponsorships and even have free items sent to you build a following.  It’s really endless.

As like most of these options, YouTube competition is quite fierce, but if you feel you have a voice that others way to hear, you never know where it could take you.  I would recommend you at least look into covers at first so that people can find you in searches.  From there, you can grow your audience and start to release originals once you have enough subscribers.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot to learn about YouTube, so for now, I at least recommend you check out my favorite reads, YouTube Secrets.

Check out Fiverr

If you’re unfamiliar with Fiverr, it’s basically the internet’s largest services marketplace, wherein you can list just about any service that can be offered online.

And, yes, if you can sing, you can offer your services in one way or another.  Anyone can join!

Whether it’s singing a personalized greeting or creating a custom song, you will find quite a few sellers already doing this, but it doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to join.  I found everything from someone willing to sing your lyrics to someone willing to sing backup vocals on your song.

With millions of buyers on the site, take a look at what’s already offered in the singer category and try to find your niche.  You won’t make much at first, but as you learn the platform and build your rankings, you can only hope orders will continue to roll in.

Teaching you how to use Fiverr will deserve its own post, so for now, I’m going to recommend a book I continue to recommend called The Fiverr Master Class.  This book will teach you everything you need to know how to enable you to work from home just using this platform only.  A very cheap read, I promise!

Look at Upwork

Upwork works mainly with freelancers and is a great place to look for current job opportunities, usually from business owners who need help for just about anything, including singers.

Now, if you do find a job, you will need to bid on the project, and for some, it can be hard in the beginning if you have no reviews on the website as most project creators are looking for somebody reputable.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try.  I’m just warning you as you may find that you will have to underbid your competition to build your rankings.

Upwork and the many websites that work like it can be easier for you as you can bid on the projects rather than wait for people to come to you.


Busking is a fantastic option if you don’t mind hitting the streets and singing for a while.  You can pretty much do it right away.

And while there’s no guarantee someone is going to throw you a few dollars, it’s a great way to get your voice heard and even throw out some business cards with your online information on it.

You won’t make a lot, but hey it’s an option to make money singing, right?

Check out Indeed

And as my last way to make money singing, I recommend you check out Indeed, the internet’s largest job search bank.  Here, you can search and find a job on virtually anything.

Just type in “singer” along with your zip code and see what’s available.

Depending on where you live, you may find something of interest, and if so, read the job description to see if it’s something of interest.  If you like what you’re reading, then you will more than likely have to submit a resume just like you would for any other job posting.

Do keep in mind that some cities may have nothing available, so again, it’s highly dependent on your location.

Seeing it’s free to use, it’s worth a shot.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to make money singing.

Whether you want to make a few bucks online or in person, you’re going to have to take action and market yourself as well as apply for jobs of interest.  It’s going to take a lot of work!

Like any career, you will have to start at the bottom, often making peanuts, but as you prove yourself and make the right connections, who knows where your singing career can take you.

As always, if I’m missing any ideas, do let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to add any more tips to help future singers succeed.

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