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Make Money With Computer Power (Do Nothing & Earn)

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Did you know that you can keep your computer running idle and make money in doing so?

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but companies want to use your idle computer to essentially offer them more power to help run powerful software.  It’s commonly referred to as crypto mining.

Now, while you won’t get rich offering your computer power, it can bring in some cash per month.  Don’t expect to quit your day job, however.

If this sounds like something of interest, then let’s take a gander at the many companies that want to rent out your computer today.

Make Money With Computer Power


With Honeygain, you can start earning passive money in as little as a few minutes with its very easy-to-use app.  All you need to do is install the app, sign up for an account and then watch your balance increase.  You can also use your PC if you so choose.

This company will use your internet traffic for market research and data collection, which is shared with their trusted partners.  While the data collection term sounds scary, it isn’t as they don’t access your storage nor do they bombard you with ads.  You can be assured you’re protected from illegitimate device usage.

On the website, you can estimate your earnings, with the amount you earn greatly dependent upon how many devices you connect, how much daily traffic you share as well as how long you let the app “deliver content.”  On average, you can expect to earn about $26~ a month by doing nothing but let your computer run.


LoadTeam is a Windows app designed to harvest your computer’s idle power.  It runs quietly in the background, processing jobs one by one.  Whenever a job completes, it sends the results to LoadTeam, getting you paid for the job.

The nice thing about LoadTeam is that you can run as many computers as you wish and you only need $1 to cash out.  That’s one of the lowest minimum payment thresholds on the market.  You can play around with a calculator on their website to see how fast it will take you to earn a buck.  When I played around with the calculator, it seemed as if you would earn about $0.20 per day if you let it use your computer 24 hours.  Again, that’s per computer.  Remember, I said you won’t get rich!

As I write this, they have more than 46,000 users in more than 163 countries.


As a PacketStream streamer, you’re helping customers who want to use the PacketStream network and surf the web securely and privately.  It’s a peer-to-peer proxy network, first of its kind, to help users from around the world use their network to surf the web securely.  Customers will purchase bandwidth and then use residential IPs.

To start using the platform, all you need to do is download the PacketStream client and start running it to use credits. Now, the system pays out a pinch differently than the ones I mentioned prior as you will get paid by every gigabyte of data you provide to the network, usually around $0.10 per GB.

You will need at least $5 to cash out via PayPal.


GamerHash works just like the others mentioned.  Just install the app and allow it mine your idle power.  In return, you can earn what’s known as Gamercoin, in which you can cash out for a variety of rewards, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The app will use your CPU to mine different cryptocurrencies that are deemed to be more profitable.

Be sure to check out the profitability calculator on the website as it can give you a better idea as to what you can earn.  Like many, it will depend on your PC card and how often you let it use your idle power.  In many cases, you could earn about $1 a day.


According to the official website, Kryptex will mine cryptocurrency and pay you in bitcoins or real money, whichever you prefer.  If you want something as easy as installing and sitting back, this is it.

To get started, you will need to download the app so that it can test your PC’s performance.  And, as long as you’re eligible, you can then create an account and start running the software in your background.

The nice thing about Kryptex is that you only need $0.50 to cash out, and they have international options as well.  Depending on your setup, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars a month to more than $13,570 if you were to have a mining farm.

Computta allows anyone with a computer who wants to make money doing nothing.  All you need to do is download the app and let it run in the background to start making cash.  It only takes two clicks to get started.

According to the company, the average computer generates $22.80 a month while a gaming computer can generate $78 per month.

This app works on more than 95% of the computers out there and is 100% automated.


MinePrize will use your idle computer as part of its network to help run complete mathematic tasks.  Every time you send finished work back, they will reward you in points, which will depend on the task length.  These points can then be converted into PayPal payments or even multiple prizes listed on the website.  Some tasks will only take a few seconds, whereas other tasks can take more than a few minutes.

According to the company, how much you earn will depend on your computer processor.  If you want to see how powerful your computer is, you can run a test on the site to see how many points you can earn.

The only downfall is that if you want cash, you will have to wait until you have $100 in points (10,000,000 points) to cash.  This could take some time if you rarely use the app and/or have a limited number of computers.

How Much Can I Make?

I can’t stress it enough that how much you make will depend on a few factors, including:

  • your computer power
  • which app/software you download
  • how often you let it run
  • how many computers you’re running at once

When all is said and done, expect to make about $1~ a day with a subpar computer if it were running 24 hours a day.  Of course, this number can multiply as you add more devices.  Again, you won’t get rich.

Now, remember, this won’t include the electricity needed to run the computers nor would it include data overages if you were to go over your internet provider’s limit.  This is a good article to read if you wanted to learn more about the process and how much electricity you would use.

In summary, you could gross about $30 per month, but I would set aside at least 20% for expenses.

Final Thoughts

If you’re away from your computer and don’t mind letting others use it solely for its power, then, hey, why not?

Again, you’re not going to get rich, but I feel you can make at least $15~ per month, per computer, as long as it’s running.  This could add up if you have more than five to 10 computers.  Just remember that you have to factor in your electricity (which should be minimal) as well as your data caps if your local internet provider charges you if you go over a certain amount.  As these apps can eat a lot of data, you may not walk away with as much as you thought.

Now, I have read that the payments are starting to dwindle over time, so you may install one of these apps and just find out that your computer isn’t powerful enough.  Your processor does matter, so if you’re working with something subpar, you may barely make $5 in a month.

As always, if you want to comment on the companies I mention and/or mention one I didn’t note, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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