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Amazon Mechanical Turk, commonly referred to as MTurk in the online money-making world, allows you to complete simple tasks for a few cents each.  These tasks don’t pay much, but seeing they only take seconds to do, it’s not hard to earn hundreds per month, sometimes much more.

As one of the best ways to make money online right now with no experience, many often wonder if there are MTurk alternatives.

Well, the good news is that there are.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many legitimate MTurk alternatives out there.  These are sites simple short task sites that work just like it, giving you the potential to earn even more money per month.

As in all of my guides, everything I’m about to mention is 100% legitimate, and I only recommend what I feel is best for your time.

Let’s begin!

Crowdsourcing MTurk Like Websites

WARNING:  These are sites like MTurk but don’t expect to make as much.  Consider it as a way to supplement your income.


The first one I wanted to talk about is Clickworker.  I would say this is the largest competitor to MTurk and has a ton of jobs available at any given moment.

The thing I like about Clickworker is that they have an app that allows you to earn while you’re on the go.  This is a nice perk seeing most MTurk jobs need to be done on a desktop.

A variety of tasks are almost always available, from surveys to app testing, online research, analyzing audio and so much more.  Like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, the number of jobs available greatly depend on the time of the year, demand, etc.   Most jobs pay anywhere from a few cents to more than $5.

To get started, simply register and create a profile to start working on the jobs. All payments are sent weekly to your PayPal account.

There’s a lot to do and it’s 100% free to join.


Appen is another very popular option that allows you to complete micro tasks similar to that of Amazon MTurk.  I would probably say it’s one of the most popular alternatives.

A few job examples you may see here include categorizing social media posts, transcribing audio, moderating content or even analyzing images.  Again, these are very short tasks that shouldn’t take you any more than 60 seconds to complete.

If you’re interested in the micro task portion Appen offers, you can sign up and get started almost immediately.  You will just be asked to create a profile and then sign up for what’s known as a “Figure Eight” account.  Plan on averaging $7 to $10+ per hour once you learn the ropes.


The Premise app is quite possibly one of my favorites as it offers a ton of jobs just like MTurk.  The only difference is that you may have to leave your house a majority of the time to complete the jobs.

In short, the Premise app is a task marketplace that allows you to earn money for simple tasks.  You can take surveys, share information and even take pictures of what’s needed nearby.  For example, someone may need a picture of a milk aisle.  Or, they may need you to verify that an item is in stock.

Most of the money you earn comes from your community with jobs paying a$0.20 to $1~ each.  It adds up, so it may be one to check out if you’re willing to download the app.  Reward options include PayPal and even Bitcoin.


Microworkers works exactly like MTurk, wherein you can complete simple tasks to earn cash.   Most tasks only pay a few cents but they don’t take long to complete.  This can be said with any of these short task-like sites.

There are a variety of jobs available, so I recommend you check out the official website noted below since they list many of the jobs you will find.  From taking surveys to transcribing, there are a ton of options to keep you busy.

As you work the platform, you will be rated on your performance.  The higher your rating, the more gigs you can unlock.

More than one million workers use the platform, so it’s very legit.

Rapid Workers

Rapid Workers isn’t as popular as the many options listed here, but I wanted to include it here because it does remind me of MTurk.  Don’t expect a lot of work here.

This website is home to more than 100,000 workers, with most jobs taking less than a few minutes to complete.  The biggest difference here is that I found a lot of unethical jobs, such as creating Gmail accounts or even signing up for a trail that usually makes the job poster more money.  There are legitimate jobs in the mix, however, if you look for them.

Rapid Workers is another one where you check out the jobs available without signing up, so be sure to check out the list to see what kind of jobs are available at the time.


JobBoy reminds me a lot like Rapid Workers, where you may be asked to complete some shady-like deals.  For example, sign up for a service or like a YouTube channel.  However, you can find some options that are okay.

The cool thing about JobBoy is that they pay you in crypto if you want and you can get instant withdrawals once you’re verified.

Take a gander at the site to see which jobs are available at the moment. You will see more only take about a few minutes to complete.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, no other short task site like MTurk comes close.  It’s been a pioneer in this industry for years and there’s no slowing down.  If you’re looking for a MTurk alternative out there, let it be known that they do exist, however, you won’t make as much money as you think.  Plus, some of these options won’t have a ton of work to keep you busy.

Nonetheless, check out the alternatives mentioned above.  These are all great options to supplement your Amazon MTurk money, as well as your other online money-making adventures.

That’s going to do it for now.

If I’m missing any MTurk alternatives or you want to comment on the ones already mentioned, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments section noted below.

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