OnePoll Survey Reviews: Legit but Not Recommended

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OnePoll is one of the many legitimate survey sites that offer cash rewards as an incentive to answer survey questions.  The biggest difference here is that your opinion can help drive the news agenda.

As part of the powerful media group known as SWNS, they have powered more than 100,000 news headlines.

If you want to be valued and rewarded with cash incentives, all while taking part in trendy news surveys, then OnePoll may be a company to consider.

As in all of my reviews, I’m always 100% honest, only recommending what I feel is worth your time.  With that being said, let’s dive in and begin.

Signing Up for OnePoll

To sign up for an account with OnePoll, the company will ask for some basics, such as your name, email address as well as for you to create a password so that you can log back into your account in the future.

The entire process takes one minute at most, and you can then access your dashboard immediately to start taking surveys.

  • NOTE:  In signing up, the company will give you 500 bonus points.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Your Dashboard and Surveys

Upon signing up, the company will ask you to fill out a profiler, but this is optional.  This is quite standard in the research industry since it allows the researchers to know more about you as well as to send you targeted survey invites.  After all, why would you want to take a survey on baby formula when you don’t have a baby?

The profile section is very short.  I’m talking about a few questions.  I highly recommend you at least fill out it quickly since it will give you a better chance of receiving survey invites in the future.  Again, it will only take a minute of your time.  It’s very fast.

After you fill out that profiler, you can then start the surveys if you have received an invite.

At the time of this writing, I didn’t have any survey invites, as you can see above, and when I researched this website, it appeared a lot of people didn’t receive invites.  It seemed commonplace that this company didn’t send as many surveys as most competitors.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing per se, but if you want to make money, I don’t feel this company will send you enough surveys to keep you busy or allow you to cash out.

When a survey does arrive, it will look like the screenshot above. The title will be confusing, but it will only tell you how much you can make.  I didn’t like that the company didn’t state how long a survey would take.  Would that survey take one minute or 20?  I don’t know.

How much do the surveys pay?

Most surveys pay about 75 points, maybe more, maybe less, but this seems to be the average.  And, to let you know what the points are worth, every point is worth a penny, so the survey mentioned above is only worth $0.25 in value.  However, most surveys seem to be a pinch more than this.

How many surveys will I get?

As I mentioned, you won’t receive many.  I’m talking a few a week.  In this Reddit thread, for instance, one member said they would get a few a week and it took them months to get to the minimum payout threshold.


To make matters worse, the company only offers ONE redemption offer, a PayPal payout.  And, while this sounds great, the problem is that you need 6,500 points, which is $65 in surveys!

Seeing you won’t make much, it could take you an eternity to earn this reward.  If you do manage to get to this level, then it could take about two weeks to receive your payout.

At the moment, again, this is all you can earn.

The Pros:

They have a PayPal cash out option.

Backed by a very reputable media company.  It’s 100% legitimate.

The Cons:

I read a lot about people getting banned when more than one member signs in from the same IP address.  The company does a good job responding to TrustPilot reviews, but the negative reviews seemed much higher than usual.

The minimum threshold is 6,500 points ($65), which makes it the highest threshold I have ever seen.  To put it in perspective, most are around $3 to $10 to cash out.

Seems to be very hard to reach the $65 payout.  At the current rate, it could take 6-12 months, depending on your demographics.

Final Thoughts

2/10In the end, OnePoll seems like a dud and I don’t recommend it all, mainly because it’s sorely lacking in survey invites and the rewards minimum threshold is the highest I have seen in all of my years of researching these companies.

The rewards stink, it will take you forever to reach 6,500 in points, and they never send out survey invites.  There’s not much to love about this company.  Plus, if you read their reviews from members online, many have complaints about being banned.  I know people often complain, but these complaints seemed much higher than average.

With that being said, I recommend reputable companies such as Swagbucks, or  All of these will keep you busy for quite some time and will make you much more than OnePoll.

While the company is legit, it’s a hard pass for now. There are many survey companies in this space and this one doesn’t make my list.

That’s going to do it for now.

As always, if you want to comment on OnePoll or maybe you have a comment/question/concern, you’re more than welcome to sound off in the comments below.  Thanks for stopping by!

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