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20+ Online Surveys To Earn Money in India [2023]

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Aside from the United States, I would have to say India comes in a close second to visiting my site.  The bad thing is that most of the surveys I recommend are often open to U.S. residents, which leaves a lot of countries out of the picture.

In today’s guide, I wanted to focus on India users.  I wanted to recommend every paid survey site in India that’s 100% legitimate.  If you have followed me for a while, you should know by now that what I recommend is 100% honest.  You won’t find me pushing garbage products nor will you find me pushing a company because it makes me money.  I don’t work that way.

If you want genuine online paid surveys in India, then this is the guide for you.

Let’s begin!

Best Paid Online Survey Sites in India is my favorite survey site on this list, and it’s the main reason I’m going to put it on the top.  They are open to all and work with so many third-party providers, which means a lot of work for you.  They have some of the highest payout rates and you only need $1 to cash out.  Best of all, most of their payouts are instant or within a few hours.  As one of the fastest paying sites in India, I would sign up and see how fast you can increase your balance by the end of the day.


Cinchbucks has a variety of ways to earn, but not all of the options are available in India.  I’m not a fan because the platform is confusing to use, but once you get the hang of it, like anything, you will get the hang of it.  From surveys to offers, it’s very similar to the ones mentioned here.  Don’t expect to get rich, but you can make a few dollars a week with little effort.


GrabPoints works with a variety of ways to earn, including surveys.  They are open to India users and it only takes a minute to join.  I have found GrabPoints to be one of the higher paying in terms of offers, but I didn’t find too much available to India users.  It doesn’t mean you should at least check them out.  As I always recommend, sign up for as many of these sites as possible to maximize your earning potential.


Featurepoints is an easy-to-use survey site that also works with a variety of offerwalls.  They have a very lucrative refer-a-friend system as well as other ways to earn, such as completing offers and downloading apps.  You only need $1 to cash out, which makes it one of the lowest thresholds on the market.  Reward options include Paypal and gift cards.


LifePoints, like a few mentioned here, offers a panel just for India users.  For every survey you complete, you will earn reward points, in which you can cash out for a variety of rewards.  Once you join, the company will start emailing you survey invites, but you can log into your dashboard as well to see which survey opportunities are available as well.  Reward options include both gift cards and PayPal.


Mobrog is a very popular survey panel amongst users who don’t live in the United States.  They have an India panel and you can earn through a variety of ways, most commonly surveys.  Whenever a survey is available, you will receive a survey invite, in which you can accept or deny.  You won’t get a ton of invites, but if you will receive some.  You need $6.25 to cash out and you can choose between PayPal or Skrill.


PrizeRebel is open to just about every country, including India, and I would have to say it’s one of my favorites.  You can earn primarily by surveys, but other options exist as well, such as offers, contests and much more.  Seeing they work with a ton of third-party companies (offerwalls), you will find that there’s almost always something to do.  Even though you won’t see a ton of survey options if you reside in India, you will see some on occasion.  I think most of your money will be earned through other options, aside from surveys.

Panel Station

The Panel Station also has an India division, where you can earn paid surveys through the company’s app or via the desktop version.  Aside from the surveys, you can also earn through sweepstakes where you can win top prizes.  You only need to reach $5 in rewards and you can cash out via a variety of popular ways such as PayPal, Paytm or even gift cards.  100% free to join.


It used to be back in the day that Swagbucks was only open to U.S. residents.  However, this has since changed and is open to India users. I would say Swagbucks is one of the higher paying options, but you won’t find a ton of surveys.  I think this is safe to say with most of the options I mention.  It doesn’t mean you can’t make money, however.  You only need $1 to cash out and you can do so via hundreds of gift cards or PayPal cash.


This is a simple, very easy to use survey site that has a panel designed for India users.  I didn’t find many survey invites here, and I wouldn’t say it’s my number one, but I wanted to include it since you can join as many as possible.  Of course, the more you join, the more potential to earn.  You need at least $10 in rewards to cash out, in which you can choose from a variety of rewards, including PayPal, Amazon and Skrill, to name a few.


Surveytime is unique in that you will get paid $1 for every survey you complete.  Just accept the invite via your email, complete the survey and then get paid immediately to your PayPal account upon completion.  There’s no dashboard nor do you have to wait for your points to add up.  Just complete the surveys and that’s it.  When you sign up, you will want to fill out the profile so that you can receive targeted surveys which increase your chances of getting surveys.

TGM Panel

The TGM Panel is another survey panel which offers surveys for registered India users.  It’s one of the highest rated survey sites online and they seem to offer the most invites, at least in my experience.  You will receive invites via your email or you can log into your dashboard to see the most current options.  You will need at least $10 to cash out, and you can choose from PayPal or a variety of gift cards.


Timebucks offers a lot more than just surveys, and I found it to be different than the many mentioned here.  What I liked about it was the easy-to-use dashboard and the many ways to earn.  No matter where you live, Timebucks will have something for you.  From watching videos to completing tasks, the rewards do add up.  Even though you won’t make a ton, like the many mentioned here, you can earn something.  You can cash out via a bank transfer or even cryptocurrency options.  You will need at least $10 to cash out.

Toluna India

Toluna is one of the bigger names on the list, and like the many mentioned on this list, they have a division dedicated to India users.  Due to the company’s power, they have a wide variety of survey options available, which should keep you busy for some time.  You can also partake in a community, where you can share content as well as interact with others for rewards.  You can get paid via PayPal or gift cards and you need at least 500 in points to cash out.


When I checked out Triaba, they seemed to be okay for India users.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best option, but I wanted to include it here since I try to incorporate as many options as possible.  The company does have an India division, which I link to below.  When you sign up, the company will send out survey invites via email.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is very easy to use and what I like about them is that they cater to India with a special division.  Just sign up and watch out for the various survey invites which will show up in your email.  You can also log into your dashboard to see the most active survey options at the moment.  The average survey tends to pay around $1~ in rewards, but it can be more (or less) in some cases.  Payout options mainly include gift cards.


Viewfruit has its own India panel, which seems to have a decent number of surveys out of the many mentioned here.  It’s easy to join and you can start earning cash immediately after signing up.  All survey invites will come to your email, which you can accept or deny.  Plan on making $0.25 to $1~, on average, depending on your demographics.  You will need $5 to cash out and you can do so via a verified PayPal account.


YouGov is a fun survey site that’s a bit different than the many mentioned here.  Usually, I find many survey sites to be quite boring, but with YouGov, it’s different, as you will be answering questions that relate to current events.  These are usually the polls you see on TV or in the newspaper.  It’s very easy to use and you can find a wide variety of rewards.  The only downfall is that you need $50 to cash out, which will probably take you a few months to do so.


ySense seems to be one of the more popular options if you live outside the United States.  Recently, they were acquired by Prodege, the same company that operates Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.  While most of your money will be made with surveys, there are other options as well, such as completing tasks as well as offers.  Many of which offer bonus opportunities.  You only need $5 in rewards to cash out, and you can choose from a variety of options such as gift cards, PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer, to name a few.

Final Thoughts

That wraps it up.

These are the best online paid survey sites in India.  If you want to earn money in India and you want to actually get paid, these companies should work for you.  As in all of my posts and videos, I only recommend what works, so I hope you can trust my suggestions.

As always, if you want to comment on the websites mentioned or you want to add to the list, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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