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25+ Online Paid Surveys in India (100% Honest)

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If you want to make money online for free with surveys in India, you have come to the right guide.  If you’re not from India, then check out the many survey sites available in the world here.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about all of the legitimate companies that will pay you to answer surveys.  It’s as simple as answering some questions and then getting rewarded for every survey you successfully complete.  Granted, you won’t make a ton of money, but I feel it’s a nice way to earn $5 to $30~ a week.  To some, that’s a nice lunch or even a few groceries.

The thing with the internet is that there are a lot of scams and I wanted to create something that doesn’t push garbage.  I’d rather inform you and gain trust so that you don’t have to waste your time elsewhere.  You can be assured everything listed below is 100% legit.

The list below are some of my favorites but do keep in mind that others do exist.  I will try to update this list as time goes on.  All companies are 100% free to join.

Online Paid Survey Websites in India

Payout threshold:  $1 (PayPal and Amazon) is one of my favorite survey panels on the internet and there are so many reasons why.  I go over many of the positives I found in my detailed review.  While the company works mainly with third parties, they work with almost every reputable provider, which means a lot of options for you.  Plus, they have some of the highest payouts and you only need $1 to cash out.  Once you cash out and authorize your account, you can receive up to $50 instantly via PayPal.  Even if you don’t choose the instant cash out, you can still get paid within the “8-hour guarantee.” is open to users worldwide.


Payout threshold:  $1 (PayPal and gift cards)

In the past, Swagbucks was only open to U.S. residents, but it has since changed and is now open to select countries, which does include India.  By far, I would say Swagbucks is the largest company on the list and definitely has the most connections with research companies.  Because of this, you will find some of the highest paying surveys and focus groups.  I make more than $1,000+ a year using this website and it’s always one I check first.  Payouts start at $1 and the company has almost every gift card imaginable.


Payout threshold:  $10 (PayPal, Bitcoin and gift cards)

Cinchbucks has a variety of ways to earn, mainly surveys and offers.  While users from India can sign up, you won’t find too many options in comparison to countries such as the United States and U.K.  Nonetheless, at least check it out to see what it’s all about.  Once you hit $10 in rewards, you can choose from PayPal, Bitcoin or gift cards.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal and gift cards)

GrabPoints works with a lot of third-party providers, which offer many ways to earn, from surveys to offers, videos and much more.  Users from India won’t see as many opportunities as U.S. users, but you should see something.  GrabPoints claims to have some of the highest paying rates in the industry, which is partially true.  In my review, I did find that some of their payouts were high, whereas others were not.  This is why it’s important to check out as many of these websites as possible when completing surveys and offers from the same third-party offer wall provider.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal and gift cards)

I have been a fan of PrizeRebel for quite some time and found it to be one of my favorites, mainly due to how many companies they network with.  The website is very easy to use and offers a variety of ways to earn, from surveys to offers.  And, if you do live in India, don’t expect as many opportunities as someone in the United States but you will find surveys/offers.  You only need $5 to cash out and you can choose from a wide variety of rewards, including PayPal.


Payout threshold:  $1 (PayPal and gift cards)

Featurepoints has both a very popular app as well as a desktop version.  I prefer the mobile app, seeing it has more opportunities, but you can find many money-making options on the desktop version as well.  Aside from surveys, you can earn money by downloading apps, watching videos and even completing simple offers.  Like, they have a very low payout threshold at $1, so that means you can easily  cash out within the day.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal, crypto, bank transfer, gift cards)

No, you won’t just be handed over free cash for the heck of it, but you will have to earn it like all of the sites mentioned on this list.  Freecash works with a variety of companies that want to advertise their surveys, products, etc.   They then share some of the advertising commission to you.  Take a look at the website, as they do offer a sneak peek before you even join.  You can see that it’s quite interactive with a member’s chat box as well as a real-time ticker, showing you which offers are being completed at the moment.  Freecash recently opened to India users, so be sure to check it out.


Payout threshold:  $6.25 (PayPal or Skrill)

Mobrog is another company that has its own survey panel for Indian users.  The website only offers survey opportunities, and when you do sign up, all invites will come to you via email.  I have found that the invites are as many as most, but if you combine a few of these, it can greatly increase your chances.  Once you earn at least $6.25, you can cash out via either PayPal or Skrill.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal and gift cards)

Rewards1 isn’t as well known as the many mentioned here, but it doesn’t mean you should at least check it out.  This website offers a ton of options, such as surveys, watching videos, playing games and even participating in contests.  There’s a lot to do, but I feel you can make most of your money in the surveys section like the many mentioned here.  Once you hit $5 , you can choose from a variety of rewards, from gift cards to a PayPal cash out.


Payout threshold:  $10 (bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, crypto, AirTM)

Timebucks offers much more than just surveys like some of the few mentioned here.  The thing I like about the website is that it’s very diverse in its offerings, seeing you can find jobs that you can’t find elsewhere.  This can include mining cryptocurrency and completing social media tasks.  What I recommend is that you at least sign up and see what’s available to you at the moment since it’s always changing.  Timebucks pays out in crypto as well as bank transfers.

TGM Panel

Payout threshold:  $10 (PayPal and gift cards)

The TGM Panel has its own panel for users in India, which makes it easy to qualify for most survey invites.  TGM is very simple, as all that’s required of you is to sign up and then wait for the survey invites.  Like most survey panels, you can log into your dashboard as well to see what’s available.  Once you earn at least $10, you can cash out and choose from a few options such as PayPal and multiple gift cards.


Payout threshold:  $10 (PayPal and Amazon gift cards)

Surveyeah is another website that has a panel just for India users.  It’s very easy to join and extremely easy to use.  Out of the many I have researched, however, I wouldn’t say you find the most survey invites.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join, though.  You will need at least $10 in rewards to cash out, in which you can choose from very popular options such as PayPal and Amazon gift card codes.


Payout threshold:  $10 (PayPal and gift cards)

Univox has both a desktop version as well as an app designed for India users.  Overall, I have found Univox to be a great site, and it’s probably one of the better options online.  Keep in mind that Univox is not always accepting new members, so if you do see a message stating registration is closed, don’t fret, as they do open up from time to time.  Just keep checking.  The threshold, at first, is high at $25, but it does drop to $10 after your first cash out.


Payout threshold:  $5 (gift cards)

OpinionWorld has a website dedicated to India users only, which makes it easy to receive surveys specifically for your country.  When you sign up, the company will send you survey invites to your email, so make sure you’re filtering these invites out as the good surveys go fast.  You won’t get a ton of surveys, but I feel you can earn a few dollars a week with minimal effort.  You only need $5 to cash out, which seems to be the industry standard.

Panel Station

Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal, Paytm, gift cards)

If you’re looking more for a survey app, then this is one to consider as all surveys are found on your mobile phone.  In addition to the paid surveys, they often have contests as well, where you can win some hefty cash prizes.  You only need $5 to cash out and you can choose from a variety of rewards, including PayPal and Paytm, to name a few.


Payout threshold:  instant (PayPal)

Surveytime is very unique in that they reward you instantly after you complete your survey in completion.  You just need to add your PayPal address and then wait for the invites to come to your email inbox.  Once they do, simply take the survey and they watch your $1 reward instantly arrive to your PayPal.  All surveys pay $1 and it’s highly advisable that you fill out your profiler so that the company can send you targeted surveys.

Toluna Influencers

Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal and gift cards)

Toluna is probably one of the largest companies on the list and they work with a myriad of countries, including India.  Like a few here, they have a panel specifically for Indian residents.  Aside from surveys, the unique thing about Toluna is that you can create content as well as vote on other users’ content.  In doing so, you can earn even more cash.  You can take surveys on your desktop or you can use the very popular app.  Whichever way you choose, I have found both to be very user friendly.  Toluna pays out in a variety of ways, from PayPal to gift cards.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal and gift cards)

According to my research, Triaba is one of the most popular survey sites users in India search for.  And, from what I have seen, one of the main reasons is due to the survey opportunities and the pay.  Most surveys pay $0.10 to $2.50+ and the invites seem to be more than the average.  Triaba only offers surveys, but don’t let that scare you as you should receive invites quite frequently.  Like many mentioned here, they have a survey panel created solely for India, which means fewer disqualifications.

Valued Opinions

Payout threshold:  $10 (gift cards)

Valued Opinions is an easy-to-use site with online surveys tailored to India users.  Like the many noted, once you sign up, the company will send out survey invites or you can log into your dashboard to see the available survey opportunities at the moment.  This will consistently change, so if you don’t see anything at first, you will have to log in here and there to see if anything is added.  This list will change all of the time.  Surveys typically pay about $1 in value, but you can find focus group invites that can often pay much more.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal)

Viewfruit has its own panel strictly for India users.  This means that all surveys you see on this website will be catered to India users.  Even though I’m not from India, I have talked with some members and they noted that this is one of the better options, as it has some of the most survey invites.  Aside from surveys, you can chat with other members, invite your friends as well as participate in polls.  Like the many survey sites noted here, you won’t qualify for all of the surveys sent your way, so don’t be too discouraged.  My rule of thumb is that you will only qualify for 20 to 30% of surveys you take.

YouGov India

Payout threshold:  $50 (bank transfer and gift cards)

YouGov focuses more on current events, and the surveys, at least to me, are much more interesting than most panels.  Think of the polls you see in the news.  You will be contributing to something such as this.  With YouGov, they do have an Indian division, where you can contribute to current events happening in your home country.  The website is very easy to use and you will want to either wait for surveys to come to your email or log into your account to see what’s available.  Whenever you take points, you will earn points and you will need at least 5,000 points, which is equal to $50 in value.


Payout threshold:  $5 (PayPal and gift cards)

ySense mainly focuses on surveys but you can find additional opportunities such as completing offers as well as microtasks.  Even in India, I have found them to have a decent amount of survey invites, but a lot of members from India actually make most of their money with the micro tasks section.  If you log in frequently, you can find tasks that can earn you more than surveys.  Plus, if you earn enough, ySense will provide you with a bonus.

Final Thoughts

If you live in India, you have more than enough options to start an online survey job.  While you won’t make a whole lot, I feel you can earn $5 to $10 a week with very little effort.

For now, sign up for as many of these websites as possible and find out which one works the best for your demographic.  Once you do, start logging in daily and take as many surveys as you can handle.  Generally, I like to create a financial goal and then once it’s met, I’m done for the day.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

As always, if I’m missing a company, you’re more than welcome to add it to the list above.  You can also comment on the companies mentioned.

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