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6+ Part Time Driver Jobs for Seniors ($20+/hr)

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Just because you’re retired, it doesn’t mean you can’t work when you want to in order to make a few dollars on the side.  Technology has made it easier than ever today to make up to $25+ per hour on demand.  Yes, you get to work whenever you want and be your own boss.  It’s a freeing experience, that’s for sure.

As long as you can use an app and you know how to navigate Google Maps, you won’t have a problem with the options I’m about to mention.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about the many part-time driver jobs that are available for senior citizens.  And, no, it’s not just for senior citizens, either.  These jobs are actually open to anyone older than 18+ with a good driving and criminal record.

If you love driving and you’re ready to work on your own time, then let’s explore what’s available out there.

The Best Part-time Driver Jobs for Seniors

#1 DoorDash

Let’s start with one of my favorites — DoorDash.

This is one of the largest food delivery apps on the market right now and they are almost always looking for drivers.  When I applied, it only took me about a week to get onboarded, and it was as easy as waiting for a background check.

No matter where you live, there’s a good chance DoorDash works in your area.  Just turn the app on, start “dashing” if it’s busy and accept any order that comes your way.  Do keep in mind that you don’t have to accept any offer, as you’re an independent contractor.  In fact, it’s highly advisable you learn how your market works as you will want to be selective in your choices as this can greatly affect your hourly rate.  If you want to learn more about this, YouTube has a ton of honest people who share their experience.

To get started, you just need to pass a background check as well as be 18+ years old.   A smartphone, of course, is needed as well.

I have done DoorDash for years and love it as a part-time income.  I can work whenever I want, and I can earn upwards of $35+ per hour on a busy dinner night.  If you’re interested in joining, follow the link to start working in as little as a few days.

#2 Uber and Uber Eats

I’m going to lump these two into one section here as it’s the same company.

If you want to deliver strictly food, similar to that of DoorDash, and you don’t care to taxi people around, then the Uber Eats portion is available.  In this instance, you can sign up and deliver food, that’s it.

If you want to taxi people and food, then you can sign up for the Uber portion.  In this case, you can take people from one point to another, similar to a taxi.  Of course, you will have to be comfortable with people in your car, but it works for some people.

Uber works a lot like DoorDash, only that they don’t work on a scheduling system, as you can turn on the “on” button and work whenever you please.  And, again, since you’re an independent contractor, you can work whenever you want.

Uber does ask that you’re at least 21+ years old and have one year of driving experience.  A smartphone, driver’s license and valid insurance is required as well.

#3 Instacart

I was debating putting this on here because it’s not a 100% driving job, but it does involve some driving.

With Instacart, it will be your job to shop for groceries and then deliver it to the customer. And, don’t worry, you’re an independent contractor, which means, again, you get to choose the jobs you want to take.  So, if the job looks to large (you get to see the number of items ahead of time), you can skip out on it.  You can also see how far the drop-off will be after you shop as well.

For this option, I would recommend taking jobs that require you to shop for 20 items or fewer.

Instacart is another one that can get you up and running in less than a few days.  As long as you have a clean background and decent driving record, you shouldn’t have a problem getting onboarded.

#4 Grubhub

Grubhub is another food delivery gig app, but it’s not as popular as Uber and DoorDash.  However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider it, as some areas still have some demand.

The nice thing about Grubhub is that you can view the entire payout ahead of time when working, which means there are no guessing games.  The problem with a lot of these apps is that they give you a minimum estimate.  While you can earn at least what’s mentioned, you can earn much more.  It becomes a game to some and it can get annoying.

Grubhub allows you to work whenever you please, but you will have to schedule small one, two or three+ hour blocks.

With all of these apps, the onboarding process is very simple and the apps are extremely easy to use, so there’s no worry there.

#5 Lyft

Lyft is a competitor to Uber, but you won’t be dealing with food delivery.  Rather, you will be dealing with taking people around town.  Again, as long as you’re comfortable driving strangers around, this can be an okay opportunity.

Depending on where you live, you can earn $25+ per hour gross, sometimes much more if you’re working popular events, such as after a sporting event or during the popular bar hours.

99.9% of the time, you will have no issues with the app and people you drive around.  As a senior, this is one of the better options to be honest, as you won’t have to worry about getting out of your car as much.  With food delivery, for example, you will have to consistently get out of your car to pick up and drop off the food, as well as go up some stairs if you were to deliver to a higher-floored apartment.

To qualify, you must have 4-door car as well as valid insurance and registration.  And, of course, a clean background check is required as well.

#6 Indeed

If you don’t like the idea of working with an app or maybe you’re looking for a more traditional work setting, then you may be able to find something on

With Indeed, simply search for something along the lines of “delivery driver” or “driver” to see what kind of results come up.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to browse through hundreds of listings.  Granted, most will be set up as a part-time or full-time job, but this isn’t always the case.  Be sure to read the job description to know what’s expected of you.

If you do find something that is of interest, send in your resume, as you would a job, and wait for a call back.

Final Thoughts

Almost all of the options I mention above allow you to work at your own pace.  If you only want to work once a month, feel free to do so.  You won’t have a boss breathing down your neck nor with you have to commit to a schedule.  This makes it a wonderful opportunity if you’re semi- or fully retired.

Whether you want to get out of the house for a few hours or you just need an extra $100 a week, it’s all entirely possible to do.

Check out the many options above and sign up for as many as you can.  Then, once you’re active, you can test them out to see which ones you enjoy the most.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

If you have signed up for some of these options already and want to comment on what I have mentioned, or you want to add another suggestion, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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