How to Sell Beanie Babies for Cash in 2023

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Years ago, it seemed like you could almost retire if you had a Beanie Babies collection.

At the time, since it was the manufacturer’s goal to produce a limited number of each, it created a lot more demand than they could supply.  This was the reason for the higher prices during the 1990s.  In fact, you could find the average Beanie Babies selling for ten times the retail price on eBay, even for the common ones!

Unfortunately, like a lot of collectibles, it was only a fad, and most, if not all, are sadly not worth much today.  The market crashed at the end of 1999, and the bottom fell out. However, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t make cash.  While many are worth pennies on the dollar, you may have one worth something of value.  Even if you have the common ones, you can still make a few bucks.  You just need to know what to do.

How to Sell Beanie Babies for Cash

So, in today’s post, I want to talk about an ancient collectible, the Beanie Babies.

How much are they worth?

Do you have something rare?

How can I make cash right now?

Whether you have a stash in your garage or are just curious as to what they are worth today, then you may find this guide of interest.  I will talk about what your collection may be worth as well as where you could sell yours for cash as early as today.

Let’s begin!

Do You Have Something Worth Anything?

To know if your Beanie Babies are worth anything, one of my favorite places to start is eBay.

What you will want to do is search for the exact Beanie Baby you have and then click on the sold listings to see what others have sold in the past.  Don’t pay attention to the most active listings as this won’t give you an indicator as to what they are going for.  Heck, I could put one up for $500,000.  It doesn’t mean it’s worth it, right?

To find the most recently sold items, you will want to look on the left-hand side of your screen and search for the “Show only” tab.  Here, you will click on the “Sold Items” tab.  On your phone, you will use the filter/menu option.  It will be similar.

In doing so, just make sure that you already searched for the Beanie Baby you have so that you’re only viewing those listings.

The Value

Following those tips above, I searched for a rare Beanie Baby, known as the Patti Platypus.  In following those tips, these were a few of the results I found…

As you can see, that particular Beanie Baby I used my in my example would be worth about $10~ on eBay.  Keep in mind that there are different variations of “Patti,” so it’s important to read the description.  To do this, take a look at the tag as it will have all of the information you need.  You also want to make sure you’re not selling a counterfeit as these are very common in the Beanie Baby world.

Honestly, most of what you have is probably worth $0.50, if that.  Sadly, they are no longer worth what they used to be.  If you’re finding that many are worth pennies, consider selling them in bulk.  That way, you deal with one buyer and can ship them all out at once.

To make sure you’re getting the right value, just make sure you’re looking at the listing date as well as the description.  If it just sold a few days ago, then it’s safe to say it’s still worth that, but if the newest listing is more than a few months old, then it could mean the value could fluctuate, etc.  I highlighted the date to show you what you need to look out for.

By far, this is the best way to find out what your collection is worth.  It could take some time, dependent on how many you have, but it can at least give you an idea as to what your collection is worth.

TIP:  Aside from eBay, you can also post your collection on many Facebook Groups and members can help you determine the costs.  This can be helpful if you’re coming up short with the eBay method.

Where to Sell Beanie Babies for Money

Whether you want an instant quote or you want to sell on your own, there are a variety of ways to sell your Beanie Babies collection online.

Listed below, I found the many reputable options you may want to consider if you’re looking to get rid of your collection today.


If you want to best bang for your dollar, you will always do the best selling on your own.  Even after eBay takes a cut, you will still come out well ahead in comparison to selling it to an online shop/pawn store.

Whether it’s individual pieces or selling them in bulk, it’s as easy as taking a few pictures, adding a description and then shipping it off to your buyer.

Out of all the options I list, this will be your best bet to make the most on just about anything you have.  Plus, you will have the most targeted buyers since this is commonly monitored by collectors.

The website,, appears that they will buy Beanie Babies from you, but there are a few exceptions.

According to the website, your Beanie Babies must be in mint condition, be clean, odor free and hang tags must be in mint condition as well.  Generally, as long as they weren’t played with and kept stored away in a safe place, they may have an interest.  Other than that, they won’t have any interest if you purchased them second-hand and/or handled them.

To see what your collection is worth, they have a list of all of them, as well as a price attached.  As I write this, it appears you will at least get $0.50 each, seeing they meet the requirements.

If you don’t want to deal with buyers, this could be a nice option to consider.  Refer to the website for more information as well as what your pieces could be worth.  They appear to buy a lot! is another option that works similarly to that of Sell2BBNovelties.  So, if you want to sell to a company rather than do it on your own, it’s another one to consider.

To start selling, all you need to do is register on the site and then let them know what you have.  If they want anything you mention, they will offer you a quote, which, of course, you can accept or deny.  In the case you do accept it, you will then ship your shipment out to have it confirmed.  Upon confirmation, they will process your quote, usually within five business days.  All payments are  made via PayPal or check, whichever option you choose.

Playing around with the website, it looks like most of their quotes start at $0.13 and increase from there, so they don’t appear to offer the $0.50 minimum like Sell2BBNovelties does.  However, they don’t seem to be as strict.

Refer to the link below to see what they can offer you as well as what Beanie Babies they are accepting at the time of submission.

Facebook Marketplace

Consider the Facebook Marketplace to be an option; however, the only problem is that you’re only targeting a local audience.  This may not work well for Beanie Babies as they more than likely won’t be in demand.

Seeing the Facebook Marketplace is free, you can at least post what you have and see if you get any bites.  Worst case, you can always take the listings down or even ignore them.

Like Craigslist, you will have to meet in person, so if you’re uneasy with this idea, then I would skip it altogether.  For now, check out my Facebook garage sale guide as I teach you everything you need to know to start selling on the platform.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a pinch different than the marketplace as you can cater more to a targeted crowd.

For instance, when I was researching this very topic, I found a popular Facebook group called “Beanie Babies Buy/Sell/Trade.”  This group was designed to help you sell or even buy/trade any Beanie Babies you have.  There were many more related to this very topic as well.  Just make sure the group is active before you join so that you don’t waste your time creating a post.

I have mentioned Facebook Groups a million times in the past, and they are a great way to sell just about anything.  While most of your groups are usually local, your smaller items, such as the Beanie Babies, can work in a nationwide targeted group since they are easier to ship.

It’s as easy as joining the group, posting what you have and then working out a deal with anyone who responds.  Just make sure you read the rules before posting to make sure you get your post approved.

Follow the link below to find a group near you.


While Etsy is geared more toward unique and handcrafted gifts, surprisingly, they have Beanie Babies listings well.

Whether you have a storefront or not, you could consider it as a platform to consider.  It won’t have as many eyeballs as eBay, but it definitely has a shopper’s base.

Like eBay, it could be an option, but I wouldn’t expect a ton of sales as most shoppers aren’t looking for something like this.

Other Options

If you want to sell on your own, there are even more options, including:

I won’t go into depth as they all work the same.  Create a listing, wait for a buyer and then work out the meeting date to complete your transaction.  Since you’re working with locals, though, you may not get a lot of interest.

Just remember.  If you’re meeting up with someone you don’t know, always do so in a very public area, such as a parking lot or police station, to be as safe as possible.

Final Thoughts

In the future, I would like to talk about the many hot collectibles of the past and the many ways you can capitalize on today’s market.  I thought it would be fun to see how much you could make today if you were to own a Beanie Babies collection.  I know not everyone has a collection, but hey, not every guide will be catered to everyone, unfortunately.

If you have a collection, either big or small, be sure to take a look at the many options I mentioned above.

Who knows? 

You may make more (or less) than what you imagined.  Don’t get expect to get rich, but you could make $20+ or so, even if you have the most common ones.

For now, take out your collection if you want to get rid of it, set aside the ones you want to get rid of and then get a quote to see what they are worth.  If you’re happy with the price, list it or ship them in for a check.  If it’s not worth your time, then consider donating to a local children’s hospital or charity.  A tax write-off could be just as good.

Now, it’s your turn.

Did you sell your collection online?  Have you dealt with any of these options?

As always, you’re more than welcome to sound off in the comments below.

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  • I have found a box of beanie babies that I have stored for years. I have pictures of all of the and would be interested in selling them.

  • I have numerous Mc Donald’s TY brand new in original packaging are they still worth a lot. I noticed the same as mine on eBay selling for $9,000

    • Quite possibly! What I would do is make sure you click on the sold filter to see what they sold for. That gives you a much better idea. Sometimes, the active listings can be skewed as anyone can post anything for any amount they choose.

  • Thanks for the resources. I’ve got about 200 beanies from the 90’s, my ex-gf used to work at hallmark so I had early access. It seems though that the market for beanie babies isn’t very hot right now. Do you think it will increase for any reason in the near future?

  • Hi Tom. Enjoyed your article but where exactly do you find the sold section on the Ebay sight. I just dont see it. Thanks for any help you can give! Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      On your desktop, search for something you want to see the value of. Then, look at the left-hand side menu. You will want to scroll down a pinch until you see “show only.” Here, you will then see “Sold items,” and you will want to click on that. This will then show you the most recently sold items to give you a good idea as to what that item is selling for. The mobile/app version is similar. You just need to filter your results in the menu bar in the upper-right hand corner (the three lines). Hope that helps!

  • I have quite a few of the rare beanie babies. The Princess bear, Claude, Glory with defects on the tag and lots of others. Would love to sell them to someone who knows their worth and would give them a new home!

  • Nathaniel, thank you for the beanie babies info.. My daughters we’re born in 1994 and 1995. I immediately started buying beanie babies for them. I wouldn’t let them play with them so I put them in plastic storage bins and forgot about them until a few months ago when I cleaned out my storage unit. Thru my research I have found out I have some very rare beanies and to top it off, I have doubles. I have no clue about selling until I read your article. I still have some more research to do but thank you.

  • I have 5 McDonald’s ty babies still in the boxes. Maple Bear will tush tags errors. Lefty (gray) the donkey, I have two of them. Humpry the camel, I also have two of him.

    How can I find out what they are worth?

    • Hi Angela, I always think the best way is to check out eBay, particularly the most recently sold listings. There should be at least one on there that you can compare the price to. I hope that helps!

  • Hi Tom! Great post. I have a huge Beanie baby collection that I post on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. People message me a lot asking for advice on how to sell their collection’s. I’m happy to pass this along to them. Brandi

    • Thanks, Brandi! If anyone wants help, follow the link by clicking Brandi’s name to view her great YouTube channel on everything Beanie Babies!

  • I have 2 1993 Piccadilly Attic Beanie Baby rare bears. When I go to various sites they all say that in Mint condition they are worth $125,000. Now where do I go to sell something like them? I can see on eBay a similar bear but cannot figure out where to find sold ones are at. I have been looking on the left-hand side. And once I do, it won’t be anything like what they are saying it’s worth. So why do they say it’s worth that much on the other websites if no one is really going to get that much?