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32+ of the Best Apps to Sell Shoes

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In the past, I wrote about the best places to sell your laptop, your used CDs and even your furniture.   As I’m always trying to create a buying guide for almost everything inside your home, today, I wanted to focus on something that you probably didn’t think you could sell successfully online — your used shoes.  The guide is also helpful if you have a new pair of shoes to sell as well.

Now, yes, your shoes do need to be somewhat good condition, and of course, the soles must be intact, but if you’re thinking about buying a new pair and/or they are collecting dust, then why not attempt to make a few bucks?

Aside from the condition, the shoes must be in demand as well, meaning those Walmart shoes probably won’t be worth your time.

But, if you feel someone else would want them and you have a few minutes to spare, then consider selling on the following platforms for a low, low fee.  Sometimes, even free!

First, How Much Are My Shoes Worth?

To see if your shoes are even worth anything, I first recommend you at least checkout eBay, specifically the “most recently sold” to see what your shoes were selling for or if they are even selling at all.

For example, let’s say I was selling a pair of Nike Air Max 180s.

I would search for “Nike Air Max 180s” plus my size, so, in this case, a “size 12.”   In doing so, you would want to make sure you’re only viewing the most recently sold to see what you should expect to get for your shoes.

Here’s what it would look like:

Browsing through these listings, I would say my used pair would be worth anywhere from $40 to $80.

Doing this can at least give you an idea as to what you should expect if you were to sell on eBay.  Just make sure you pay close attention to the listing details.  Did it come with the box?  How was the condition?  99% of the time you will get the most money from eBay, but you have to invest your time creating the posting, shipping your shoes out and hoping your shoes even get a bid.

Aside from eBay, I also recommend the GOAT shoe app, which I recommend later on, as they have some great data to help you determine a price as well.

So, now that you know what you could at least expect, let’s jump in and explore the many websites and apps you can list your pair of shoes on right now.

The Best Apps to Sell Shoes

NOTE:  The following apps are ideal for both new and used shoes.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorites for a few reasons.

For one, it’s 100% free, and secondly, everyone who views your item will live quite close to you.

Now, just like Craigslist, you will have to meet in person, but at least with Facebook, you can take a look at the buyer’s profile before the meeting, giving you some peace of mind.

And, to sell, it’s extremely simple.

Log into your Facebook account, click on the “Marketplace” tab…

Then, click on the “Sell Something” link and fill out all of the necessary information.

From there, your posting will live within seconds.


If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling on your own, consider sending in your shoes, or any clothes for that matter, to threadUP, an online fashion resaler.

And, to sell, it’s incredibly easy.

Order a free kit via the website, fill up your bag and send it off.

Then, once your bag is processed, the company will offer you cash for what they want.  It’s truly hands-free.

To see what the company wants right now, be sure to follow this link.

Generally, as long as it’s clean, in fantastic shape, from a name brand and less than five years old, there’s a good chance you will receive an offer.


According to the GOAT app, it’s said to be the safest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers, with the company offering a free verification service on every order.

And to sell, it only takes a matter of minutes.

Take a few photos and set your price.  If you need help determining what your shoes are worth, as I already mentioned in the intro, the company has a range of data to help you sell more quickly.

Once confirmed, you will then need to ship your shoes to the company for verification purposes.

I read a lot of great things about this app.  Plus, it’s highly rated on the app store, so if you want to sell or even buy for a lower-than-average price, it’s defintely one to keep on your radar.


Poshmark is a “fun” and “simple” way to buy and sell fashion, including shoes.

Focused solely on fashion, it could be a fantastic choice to consider as most of your buyers are looking for fashion-related goods, including shoes.

To use, simply take a photo, list it on the website and wait for it to sell.

And if you do find a buyer, print a pre-paid shipping label directly from the site and ship it out.  It’s a pretty simple process.

All payments are protected and free authentication is available on some luxury items.


Out all of the selling platforms I talk about, stockX is unique in a way that it almost works like the stock market.  Take a look at the main website and you will see what I mean.  It’s pretty neat!

Here’s how it works.

When you want to list your sneakers, you can list them for whatever price you want.

Then, it’s up to the buyers to accept your price or not.  Buyers can also list their own prices, in which the seller can choose to sell for that price if it makes sense.

Once a deal is sealed, stockX will send you a shipping label, asking you to ship them the sneakers within two days to verify your shoes.  As a note, all shoes must be new, unworn and in the original box.

Seller fees are said to be about 9.5 percent, but it can decrease as time goes on.  Shipping costs apply as well.


Quite possibly the best local selling app, OfferUp works much like Craigslist, only that its a lot more mobile friendly and very visual.

All listings are free, and like a lot of these selling apps, your listing is only going to be shown to those living a few miles away.

You will need to meet in person, keep that in mind, but if that doesn’t bother you, it’s a completely free interface to use.


Kixify is said to be the world’s largest sneaker marketplace that allows anyone to sell their sneakers, regardless of what you have.

Listings only take seconds, and the website includes selling tools that help set up your own unique shop and even track your sales.  If you do want to sell, you will have to create your own storefront, but as mentioned, it doesn’t take long at all.

Whether it’s a serious collector or the casual buyer, it’s a great option to consider if you want to target shoe shoppers only.

Like some of these options, Kixify does take a small fee, 8% of your final sale.   Earnings go directly to your PayPal account.

The RealReal

I only recommend  The RealReal if you’re selling a higher-end designer item.

And if you are, indeed, selling a pair of shoes potentially worth hundreds, then The RealReal may want to buy it off of you.

Here’s how it works.

Request a kit online, or if you live in one of the 21 cities they work in, you can request a free pickup.

Then, pack up the box with all of the items you want to sell and ship it back to the company.  Once received, you can get a commission based on the final selling price.

In the end, it’s a nice option only if you have a higher-end designer item and you don’t want to deal with any selling.  If considering, however, just make sure you look at the designer items they are currently accepting via the link below.


Letgo works very similar to that of OfferUp, but the key difference here is that Letgo seems to have more users.  Plus, they seem to advertise much more than OfferUp.

Regardless, since each app is completely free to sell and use, it doesn’t hurt to at least post your shoes to see which app bring in the most inquiries.  Also ideal if you don’t mind meeting in person.

Via Letgo, you can meet in person, which is highly recommended, but you can also accept Paypal as well if you don’t mind shipping out the shoes.

As long as you play it smart and don’t fall for the most common scams, you shouldn’t have a problem using this app.


Of course, I’m going to list Craigslist here, but in all honesty, with the growth of the many selling apps, I don’t feel it’s your best option to sell shoes.  It is, however, still a fantastic place to sell big-ticket items.

Sure, while you can sell your shoes on the platform, I feel a lot of your shoe buyers are going to either check out eBay since they don’t have to meet in person or the selling apps due to the fact that it’s much more visual.

If using Craigslist, always keep safety in mind and be sure to take a lot of pictures so that buyers can closely examine the condition.


I can’t leave eBay out, either.

Out all options, eBay will probably be one of your better options for a few reasons, even though you do need to pay fees.

For one, you don’t have to worry about meeting in person.  Simply pack it up and ship it off once it sells.

And, secondly, you don’t have to worry about fielding calls or showing up for no-shows.  While these apps are free to list, the headaches are sometimes not worth it.

To reach the most people possible, eBay, while obvious, is one to highly consider.

Now, as a quick note, a lot of shoe buyers often avoid eBay due to the counterfeits, so if you have a higher-end shoe to sell, you may be better off with a service that authenticates it for you.


The very popular subreddit, r/sneakermarket, has a marketplace wherein you can sell your shoes to the Reddit community.

There are a set of rules if you want to sell, so be sure you at least follow the directions to ensure your listing stays active.

To learn more about the community, follow the link below and start with the tagged posts near the top.

5 Miles

5 Miles is an up and coming app, similar to that of Letgo and OfferUp, only that it doesn’t have as large of an audience just yet.

As the name implies, the unique thing about this app is that your post will only show to potential buyers who live within five miles of your location, making it a fantastic choice if you don’t want to drive far.

There are some selling fees, but it appears you won’t have to pay a fee as long as you’re not selling in certain categories, including shoes.


VarageSale, like 5 Miles, isn’t as popular as the top dogs, Letgo and OfferUp, but hey, since it’s free to list, why not attempt to list on as many places as possible?

In comparison to the other selling apps, the most unique thing is that they verify everyone who wants to list on the app, which simply means they manually screen you before you’re able to buy or sell.  I talked about this in my VarageSale review.

Aside from the screening process, there’s also a member rating system, a system response time and even a scheduling system to make meeting up that much easier.

The entire app is 100% free to use and could be of value if you live in a populated city.


Mercari, proudly known as the “selling app,” is said to be the fastest and easiest way to sell anything, including shoes.

Take a picture, adding a description and set your price.

Now, unlike most of these apps, wherein you need to meet up in person, Mercari doesn’t focus on this option, allowing you to ship out your item once it sells.  And, if your item does sell, you can print a shipping label directly from the website, making shipping that much easier.

The app does have a flat 10% selling fee, so you can at least list for free to see if anyone is interested.


Carousell is very similar to Mercari, where you can snap, post and name your own price in a matter of minutes.

But, the app doesn’t make you ship the item out.

Rather, you can buy and sell in interest groups, via your neighborhood or even school groups.  It’s known to be a trusty way to connect with specific locals.

Listing and selling is 100% free.


Grailed, much like The RealReal mentioned earlier, focuses on high-quality pieces, but the biggest difference here is that you’re responsible for selling.

To start selling, create a free account, upload at least three photos and fill out a quick description.

Then, once done, your item will be listed, where you will be notified anytime you receive a message and/or you receive an offer.  You can sell your products on one of four markets, all of which are separated into categories.

There are also selling fees, about 6% plus PayPal fees, so do keep this in mind as well if considering this platform to sell.


Heroine is similar to that of Grailed, as mentioned prior, but the key difference here is that it focuses on women only.

I would only recommend this option only if you have a higher-end pair of shoes you’re looking to get rid of.  And, of course, if it’s an item catered towards the ladies.

Commission does apply, about 6%, plus PayPal fees, so do keep this in mind if considering.


Depop considers itself as the “creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace.”

Here, you can shop unique clothes, including shoes, all sold from people like you.

To start selling, download the free app, take a few photos and name your own price.

Then, once it sells, you ship it off to the buyer.  Selling fees do apply, with the app taking 10% of the price.


Tradesy, similar to that of the many fashion-only apps, works in the same way, mainly focusing on designer items.  This simply means they won’t accept all brands.

Snap a photo of your item, write a description and name your price.

Then, once it sells, you can ship it off to the buyer.

Tradesy isn’t free as they do charge fees, up to 19.8%, making it one of the highest on this entire list.


Vinted is an online marketplace that allows anyone to sell just about any secondhand items, including shoes.

Focusing on fashion, the company, at least according to its app, has more than 11 million members and lets you sell your clothing for what it’s worth.

Take some pictures, set your price and until you make a sale, you don’t pay a cent.

The app isn’t as popular as many of the others I already listed, but again, seeing it’s free to at least list, it doesn’t hurt to post.


As the name implies, buyMYheels only focuses on heels, so if you have a pair of heels you’re looking to sell, then it may be one to consider.

And while the company doesn’t have a commission rate once your heels sell, you do have to pay a listing fee, which is about $7.

The website only focuses on designer-brand heels, so if you’re thinking of selling an off-brand, you may not have much luck as they will more than likely deny your listing.


Bonanza allows you to create your own storefront, making it as if you own your own storefront online.

With the tools available, it’s easier than ever to start selling, even if you don’t have the technical experience.

And, the best part is that the company has no listing fees, no monthly store fees or no other sneaky fees.  They even pay the advertising fees until you make a sale.

If you sell a lot online, you may want to consider this option for the time being, but I wouldn’t really recommend it only if you were selling a pair of shoes and that’s it.


In the past, we posted the many websites you can use to sell your wedding dress, but a lot of these websites, including OnceWed, allow you to sell your shoes as well.

Of course, they need to part of your wedding dress as an accessory, so if you’re looking to get rid of a pair of shoes you wore on your wedding day, OnceWed could be a marketplace to consider.


I would only recommend this option only if you have a larger following.

Post your shoes for sale in hopes someone who wants to buy them actually sees it.

If so, work out payment/shipping arrangements and ship out your shoes.

The best part is there’s often no regulation and no selling fees.  Again, I would only recommend it if you have a large following.

Best Places to Sell Used Shoes Locally Fast for Cash

Flight Club

The Flight club, not to be confused with Fight Club, is said to be the easiest way to move your new and slightly used sneakers, with very little effort on your end.

To sell, simply create an account and then create a submission, letting them know which sneakers you want to sell.

If they are interested, ship your shoes to their facility or even drop them off if you live in New York or Los Angeles for quicker service.

Once received, they will verify them, list them for sale and then pay you once sold, just like a consignment shop works.

A great overall option if you don’t want to do anything but ship them out.

Buffalo Exchange

Don’t want to deal with eBay or selling on your own?

That’s fine, too, as local retailers will buy your shoes off you, one which is the Buffalo Exchange, a consignment-like store that will pay you for your clothing, including shoes.

Now, the company won’t accept any shoes or clothing as they do have strict guidelines.  You can read more about how to sell to the company as well as find a location via the company’s official website,

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is yet another option, similar to that of Buffalo Exchange, that wants to buy shoes and clothes off of you.

Yes, they do have restrictions as well as to what they buy, but I did find that there are many more locations.  So, if a Buffalo Exchange isn’t nearby, consider looking for Plato’s Closet or even consider both if a few different consignment stores are nearby.

Generally, as long as your shoes are in good condition and come from a well-known brand, they more than likely will offer you a quote.

Uptown Cheapskate

Not as many locations in comparison to Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet, but it’s another option to consider if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling online.

Also works in the same way, wherein they ask for you to bring in a pair of shoes, often from a well-known brand, in order to be considered for payment.

Follow the link below to find a location near you.

Crossroads Trading

Crossroads seems to be the smallest of all the consignment-like shops I mentioned, but they do have some locations spread across the United States.

While I was writing this, it did appear they were looking to buy “trendy” shoes, but of course, this can change at any time.

Follow the link below for more information as to what they are looking to buy as well as a location near you.


As there are a ton of mom and pop consignment stores that are willing to buy your shoes for cash, Yelp can be your best option to find these retailers.

Using keywords such as “buy clothes,” “buy shoes,” or even “consignment shops” can often yield some decent results.

If going this route, however, just play it safe and call ahead of time to ensure they are currently purchasing shoes as all companies have their own restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Selling your shoes online, as you can see, is quite possible.

In fact, there are so many options, there’s no reason you can’t sell your shoes in the next 24 hours as long as they are priced accordingly and are in good condition.

Personally, if you don’t want to deal with meeting someone in person, I highly recommend the GOAT app or even Poshmark, but if you don’t mind meeting up, then the many selling apps, such as Letgo, and even Craigslist and Facebook can be a great choice as well.

So, before you throw out your shoes, take a good look at them, and if you feel they are in decent enough condition, at least put them up for sale to see if anyone is interested!

Let me know if you have had any luck with any of these services and/or if you want to comment on your experiences.  I always like to hear from you!

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