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How to Start Selling Feet Pictures for Money

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I know, the title is odd, I get it, but it’s my goal to write about the many ways to make money, no matter how odd it may sound.

In today’s post, I wanted to talk about how you can sell your feet pictures (yes, your feet) and make money in doing so.

Now, this tactic will work much better for women as most men foot pictures don’t sell, but I won’t stop you as these strategies can work for anyone, I suppose.  It’s just going to come down to how you market yourself.  However, in my research, females will have much better luck, there’s no doubt about that.

So, if you don’t mind taking pictures of your feet and making money, let’s take a gander at how it can be done.

Is This Legal?

Of course!  In almost all countries, there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of your feet.

However, the websites I’m about to mention will often require that you’re at least 18+ years old.  As long as you’re older than 18, and have feet, of course, you will be able to sell.

Outside of the United States, Canada, U.K. and Australia, your local laws may vary, so I highly encourage you safely search to make sure what you’re doing is legal.  In most cases, you should be fine.

How Much Do Feet Pictures Sell For?

This is a hard one to answer as it’s just like asking what a house sells for or what a writer can make writing.  There are so many variables.  One user on Reddit, for instance, averaged $250 to $300 a week.

However, in my research, while completing this guide, I would say the sweet spot tends to be $5 to $70, maybe even more if you’re doing customized shots for people who request them.

One YouTube account said they would charge anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on what they wanted.  For instance, a first-time requester would only pay $10 while special poses could cost $40.

If you were to sell your feet, I would probably break it down in the following ranges:

  • first-time customer:  $5-$15
  • bundles (2-3 pics): $10-$25
  • special poses: $30-$50
  • worn shoes shipped: price of shoes + $30-$60
  • worn socks: $10-$20
  • 30-second video: $30-$70
  • custom video: $80-$150+

This is what I saw on a lot of sample profiles, and I took the averages to give you a better idea.  Keep in mind that you could make a lot more or you could make a lot less.  Just use it as an average for now and adjust accordingly.

Safety Tips

And, lastly, before I get to where you can sell your feet pictures, I wanted to share a few safety tips successful sellers have shared online.  As with doing any sort of business online, it’s best to be as safe as possible, right?

Always use a watermark – Whenever you post a picture online, make sure you watermark it, either with a logo of sorts and/or your alias.  There are a lot of thieves online and a simple watermark can help stop this.

Use an alias – It’s highly advisable that you do not use your real name.   In using an alias, this can help protect your identity in the case you’re dealing with a stalker-ish customer.

Create a business account – When dealing with payments, it’s best to use a business name of sorts.  Again, you don’t want anything linked back to you.

Don’t fall for the scams – A lot of buyers may ask you to send your pictures first.  Don’t do it as many will take your pictures and run.  Always get paid first.  If they continue to harass, simply block them.

How to Sell Feet Pictures

This is the grand-daddy of selling just about anything personal, including feet pictures.  I put this high on my list as it’s a great way to build a following, create a customized online store of sorts, and then promote it on all of your social media profiles.  I will get into that shortly.

OnlyFans profiles work on a monthly subscription plan, which means you will continue to push out content, similar to that of Netflix, to keep people hooked.  Most charge anywhere from as little as a few dollars to more than $50+ a month.  Again, it’s up to you, but your price is important as too high of a price can lead to no sales, and too low of a price may lead to work overload.  You can also make money from tips.

Aside from the monthly subscription and your tips, the cool thing about it is that you can create a customized menu, similar to that of what I noted in the “what you can make” section.  Here, you can create a menu, list your prices and then work with your customer directly on the platform.

OnlyFans takes a 20% fee if you do make sales.

Do note that if you do sign up, you will need to share your personal information and upload a government-issued ID.


I’m sure, by now, you already know what Craigslist is.  It’s a very popular free classified site, where you can sell just about anything, as long as it’s legal, of course.

If you want to sell your feet pictures on Craigslist, you can do so, and it’s probably one of the best options if you don’t want to pay any fees.

To get started, you will want to create an account and then upload your pictures in the for sale section.  Usually, a title such as “foot fetish” or “feet pictures for sale” can be enough.  Then, in your description, add a picture or two as well as a few sentences letting them know what you can do.  If you need ideas, search your local city and see what other listings look like.  While I wouldn’t copy them verbatim, it can at least give you an idea as to what others are writing.

Craigslist tends to bring out a lot of oddballs, tire kickers, and scammers so please make sure you don’t send any pictures before getting paid first.


If you search Google for selling feet pictures, one of the first websites that pop up is  This website focuses on selling feet pictures only and could be a good platform to consider.

To join, you must be at least 18+ years old, and you can get started for free.  According to the company’s FAQ page, it’s free to post some pictures and videos.  However, as you can imagine, they will encourage you to upgrade to a premium account for better exposure.  Premium accounts offer a myriad of features, including the ability to add unlimited pictures/videos, an unlocked profile and so much more.  You can view more in what’s available to premium members on their FAQ page.

There seems to be a lot of competition on the platform, but the company does make it easier to help you succeed.

Take a look at it if you’re serious about selling your photos and highly consider upgrading if you feel you want to stick out above the rest.


Yes, you can sell your feet pictures on eBay.  If you don’t believe me, take a look right now and see what’s up.  Here were just a few of the many listings I saw when I was writing this:

Most of these listings were in the $10 to $50 range, but the price could go much higher if it was a custom request.

If you have some pictures to sell, put them up for sale.  I also noticed sellers would accept custom requests as well if that’s something wanted to add to your description. People are always searching for feet pictures on eBay, so just make sure you use the right keywords so that you show up in the results.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Facebook

Yes, you can sell your feet pictures online via Facebook, and it can be done in one of two ways:  either by joining a group or creating a group.

If you were to create your own group, name it something along the lines of “feet pictures for sale,” etc, but make sure you make it unique so that people will want to click on your group when your potential customer is browsing the results.  You will want to use a keyword such as “feet pictures for sale” so that you at least have a chance of showing up.

It can take time to grow your group, and it may never grow, so for that reason, you may want to join an already created group.

To find an already existing group, log into your Facebook account and then search for something like “feet picture sales.”  In doing this, you should find a variety of groups you can join.  For example, when I did it, these were some of the results I saw:

If joining one, just make sure it’s active and it has strict rules to weed out the spammers.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram can be one to consider, too.  It can be a tough one to start with, but you can build a following if you use the right hashtags and, of course, have the right feet to promote.

On Instagram, like Facebook, there are two popular ways to sell your feet pictures.

One, you can start up your account and post feet pictures on occasions using hashtags that target people looking for these said feet pictures.  Inside your bio, link to your OnlyFans account so that people can purchase there if need be. I recommend you use free hashtag generators, such as Sistrix, to fill your posts with targeted keywords.  The more, the better.  Make sure you’re active as followers love to see pictures at least every few days.  Start with hashtags like “#feet,” “#prettyfeet” and “#feetworship” as these tags tend to have more than a million options and seem to be the most popular.

Aside from creating your own profile, you can also reach out to those who are searching for feet pictures.  To do this, you can search for hashtags and then approach the profile owner.  So, for example, searching for “#iwantfeetpictures” or “#footfetish” could yield some results.  Again, use the Instagram hashtag generators to see who’s posting about feet.  If the target looks like someone of interest, you can always contact them.  You can also research competitor accounts and see who’s following them for a better idea at your targeted audience.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Twitter

This isn’t my favorite option, but it’s a social media giant and it could work.

What you’re going to want to do is create a profile if don’t already have one and start posting pictures.  Again, use those hashtags so that you pop up in the searches when people start looking.  And, just like the Instagram strategy, you will want to follow people who appear to like feet.  In doing this, they will maybe follow you back and can help gain your following.

Once you start a following, post your feet pictures, maybe a few times a week to stay active and get even more followers.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Snapchat

Snapchat is a photo and social media platform that focuses on short video messages.  The demographic seems to be younger, but it does have an older audience that may be interested in your pictures.

On Snapchat, one of the best ways to sell your feet pictures would be through a Snapchat premium account.  These are private accounts where you charge anyone interested in seeing your pictures a monthly rate, similar to that of Only Fans.

Inside this account, just like Only Fans, you can show your content, from videos to pictures.  If going this route, just keep in mind that your customers are paying a monthly rate so you will want to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your content.

Snapchat will take a lot of work as content disappears after 24 hours, so out of all the options I list, this one could require the most attention.

The Kik App

The Kik app is popular in the teen market, but I did read that some successful foot modelers were able to use it successfully.

The nice thing about this app is that it’s anonymous, but on the flip side, it can be harmful if you don’t take the right precautions.

To sign up, all you need is an email address.  Once active, look for groups with #Feet Pictures (there should be plenty) and start promoting in a non-spammy way.

Whisper App

Like Kik, the Whisper app is another anonymous app in which you can sell your feet pictures.

Since it’s anonymous, you can join with any nickname that you choose, but in order to do so, you must be at least 17+ years old to join.

Once active, join the many feet related groups and promote yourself.  Again, try to keep the selling at a minimum.  As long as you add value, interested parties will more than likely click on your profile to learn more about you.


Instafeet is another marketplace, similar to that of Feetify mentioned prior.  The only downfall is that it doesn’t seem to be as popular as the many options I have already mentioned.

If you do sign up, every creator must be approved by one of their agents, which can help cut down on spammers and increase the quality.  This will include uploading a picture of your ID.

After you’re approved, you can create a profile and then post up to five photos to start.

Try an App

In the past, I did write on the many ways you can get paid to take pictures.

And, while these apps are geared more toward professional photographers taking pictures of sunsets, etc, it doesn’t mean you can’t upload your feet pictures.  You could have some luck, but your customer base generally isn’t using these types of platforms to find feet pictures.

I talk about most of these apps in the post linked prior, but in short, here are some of the highly popular apps/websites that let you upload photos to sell:

Start a Website

This one will take a lot of work, but if you’re savvy at SEO, you could rate highly for targeted keywords such as “feet pictures for sale,” etc.  While I’m not saying you should shoot for the stars and target the highest-paying words, there are a lot of keywords that aren’t as competitive but can still draw in traffic to your site.

The problem with a website is that you need to create a lot of content as this is what search engines often like to eat up.  Pictures work, but the content is better.

If you’re interested in ranking for keywords and don’t mind putting together a website, again, it can take work but it can offer a lot of success since it’s quite passive once you start ranking.  I would start with the free SEO guides on SEOMoz and to get started.  There’s a lot to absorb, so I will just link out to those free resources for now.

Tips to Succeed

And, lastly, before I go here, I wanted to include some simple tips to help you thrive.  Most of these tips are straightforward, but I hope they help in your feet endeavors.

  • take a look at your competitors and see what their poses are like (don’t copy but try to see what’s selling)
  • invest in a good camera
  • start taking pictures now to practice (sign up for courses if you’re a rookie)
  • be active daily on all social media platforms (remember, success doesn’t come overnight!)
  • promote, promote and promote some more!
  • take care of your feet (think moisturizer)
  • don’t forget the watermarks
  • don’t focus on just feet, other poses can sell, even if your face isn’t in the shot

Final Thoughts

If you want to sell feet pictures, it can be done, as you can see.  However, don’t expect to upload some pictures and see $400 in your account in less than an hour.  The internet doesn’t work like that.

Regardless of the option you’re going to use, you’re going to promote yourself, whether it be reaching out to others, adding to conversations in groups or even buying advertising on some of the sites mentioned above.  There are a ton of ways to do so, but I will leave that up to another time.  Researching marketing in itself can lead to thousands of guides.

For now, check out the many platforms and see which one works best for your business plan.  If it were me, heck, I would focus on all of them, but make sure you have one solid URL, such as your OnlyFans URL or a domain name you created, so that you can post it on your social media accounts.  That way, you can manage your “store” all in one place.

That concludes the many ways to sell feet pictures.  As always, if I’m missing any options and/or you want to add anything to the conversation, then, by all means, feel free to give us a shout out below!

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