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Sewing Jobs From Home That Pay $20+/Hour

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If you have a passion for sewing and want to turn it into a job, there are ways to make money online.  Some may require you to start your own business whereas other opportunities may be through an employer.  There are a lot of options, however.

In today’s guide, I wanted to show you the many ways you can sew from home and make some cash.  Whether it’s a few dollars or maybe a full-time living, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.  As always, I’m 100% honest and everything I’m about to mention is legit in every way.  Let’s begin!

The Requirements

First, let’s talk about the requirements because you may be wondering what’s expected of you if you were to work in this field.

Typically, most of the jobs I do see don’t require a degree of any sorts or training for that matter.  All they ask is that you have experience.  For example, I did see some online seamstress jobs that did ask for three-five years of experience.  In this case, they just wanted to know who you worked with as well as what kind of work you did.

As for independent work, it was often the same.  You just needed to prove that you could perform the tasks at hand.  As long as you had the equipment necessary, such as a sewing machine, and you know how to use it, you wouldn’t have a problem being considered for the job.

Like most jobs, just be sure to read the descriptions to know what’s expected of you so that you’re not wasting anyone’s time.

How Much Can You Make?

This will greatly depend on the option you choose.

If you decide to go on your own and start your own storefront, then you could make as much as you wanted theoretically; however, if you were to work as an independent contractor, then you could expect anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour.

Again, this will vary on the projects you’re working on, your skill level, your expertise as well as who you’re working with.  This can be said about any job, however.

You definitely won’t get rich, but the money can seem that much sweeter if you’re doing something you like doing.

Sewing Jobs from Home


The first option I wanted to mention is FlexJobs.  It’s one I have mentioned many times and can’t talk about them enough.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, it’s a premium work-from-home job board of sorts.  You can search for jobs, according to your skills, or you can just browse as is.  It does cost a few dollars a month, but they do offer a refund if you’re unhappy with the service.  It’s a company you want to use if you want any sort of work-from-home job.

The cool thing about the site is that they are staffed with multiple people who comb the internet daily for legitimate jobs only.  They do all of the dirty work, meaning you don’t have to search for hours to find what you’re looking for.  You won’t find any garbage MLM companies nor will you find scammy opportunities.  Everything you find is here is 100% legit.

On occasions, I have seen sewing jobs, but it’s not a guarantee.  For example, while I was writing this, they had a few jobs available.  Most of what’s available can include seamstresses and crafters, for instance.

You can always search ahead of time to see if anything is available, and if there is, you can sign up to see the company offering the gig.


Upwork is a freelancing website I have mentioned a few times before.  Simply put, it’s a freelancing database that connects providers with freelancers.  You bid on the job, and the provider chooses the best choice.  You will have to do some work to find potential jobs, so consider yourself to be your own boss.

Like most freelancing websites, it can take some time to find work as a lot of the hires are based upon your reputation.  Like eBay, you will have a feedback system of sorts, and the higher your ratings are, the more work you can get technically.

While I’m not saying you can’t get work in the beginning, you may have to bid on jobs for much less than you usually do to get started.  Once you build a reputation, it is then you can boost your rates.

If interested, here were a few of the many jobs posted at the time of this writing…

As you can see, it will tell you the price being paid, a description as to what the job entails and the experience level required.  You can also click on the “see more” button to see what’s expected of you if you were interested in applying for the job.

It is free to browse the thousands of jobs available, but Upwork will take a certain percentage of your earnings, which is dependent upon your lifetime billings.  You can find more about it here.

Start an Etsy Business

This deserves its own book since there’s so much information out there, but you could consider taking the craft you already have and starting your very own Etsy storefront.

This is where Etsy can come into the picture as these types of buyers are always on the lookout for customized items.

If you have been sewing for some time, I’m sure there are a few things you can sew and customize for people online.  And, if you need inspiration, refer to the website to see what other people are selling.  There’s a lot out there!  Just be prepared for a bombardment of orders if your products are high in demand.

To get started, what I would recommend for now is browsing the thousands of Etsy guides on YouTube, Amazon or even Udemy. There’s so much information out there. Some courses/books will cost you a few dollars, but that investment could jumpstart your future Etsy career.

NOTE:  I know we’re talking about sewing, but I did write on more than 15+ websites that help you sell jewelry.  Be sure to check them out as many of them allow you to sell your crafts as well, similar to that of Etsy.

Indeed and Simply Hired

Indeed and Simply Hired are both fantastic free job search banks that work just like FlexJobs, only that they offer more than just remote jobs.

What you will want to do is follow the links below and start browsing the remote sewing job opportunities.  For instance, when I did so, I found about 50~ jobs in total, such as an at-home expert seamstress and independent contract at-home sewer.

Don’t expect a whole ton of jobs, but it’s one to at least check out, seeing it’s free.  Just remember to read the job description/requirements to ensure you qualify.

Shannon Fabrics

According to the official website of Shannon Fabrics, they are always on the lookout for Brand Ambassadors in most states.

The company notes that if sewing is your passion, they would like to hear from you so that they can send you a test kit to sew.  If they like the work you send back, then you can proceed with the next steps to become an ambassador.

And, if you’re wondering what you will do, it appears you will help educate shop owners, store staff as well as customers about creating projects with the company if you choose to be an ambassador.  However, you can also sew their kits and trade show items, which can pay you up to $50 a piece, depending on the work being done.

Refer to the link below for more information.


FranciePants sells women’s underwear, and the company often hires remote workers; however, the only downfall is that you have to live in the Baltimore, MD, area so that you can attend the in-person sewing classes.

If you are considered, however, you can work from home, in which you will be asked to sew 100% cotton underwear.  It is then said you can earn a commission for every item sold that’s made by you.  Plus, bonuses are available, making for a lucrative work-from-home opportunity.

The company isn’t always hiring but refer to the link below to see if they are hiring at the time.

Final Thoughts

If you love sewing and want to turn it into a money-making hobby, it can be done, as you can see!  Of course, there are many other options out there that I couldn’t touch upon.  If you do find a company that sounds of interest, just make sure you research them in depth, looking at BBB ratings as well as a quick Google search to see if anyone else is saying anything.  Generally, this can tell you if it’s a scam or not.

For now, check out the many options above.  If you want to be your own boss, Etsy is one to consider; however, Upwork and FlexJobs can yield some decent results as well if you want to earn cash in the next week or so.  It’s up to you to decide what’s best for you.

That’s going to wrap it up for now.

As always, check out the website as well as my YouTube channel to find out the many honest ways to save, make and be smart with your money.

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