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Prolific Surveys, based in the UK,  is among the top-paying survey platforms and is well-liked among those seeking to earn a bit on the side.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best options out there.

But, if you find yourself running out of surveys on Prolific and/or you want more options, don’t worry as there are other platforms similar to Prolific that you can try. Albeit, they may not be as good, there are some decent alternatives to consider.

When considering these alternatives, you will want to know which ones are worthwhile. Although Prolific assures an hourly rate close to $6.50, some platforms might only offer $1 or $2 per hour.  Sometimes, it can be much less. On this list, I try to list as many options that are close to Prolific’s tier.

Without further ado, here are my favorite sites that work like Prolific.

Sites Like Prolific

Branded Surveys

One option worth checking out is Branded Surveys. It’s a platform that pays you for your opinions via short surveys.

A unique feature of Branded Surveys is the Branded Elite program, which lets you earn extra cash monthly based on the number of surveys you complete.  Simply put, the more surveys you take, the more you can earn.

Once you’ve accumulated 500 points (equivalent to $5), you can cash out with gift cards or PayPal.


Swagbucks is a renowned name when it comes to survey sites and for good reasons.

Unlike Prolific, Swagbucks offers diverse ways to earn, such as online shopping, viewing ads, web searches, playing games, participating in surveys, and downloading apps. Its appeal lies in its broad scope of earning. Plus, cashing out is easy since you can cash out for as low as $1 for various gift cards, or $5 if you prefer PayPal.

However, a notable downside to Swagbucks is that you might start a survey and get disqualified midway, leading to minimal earnings for your effort. Overall, while Swagbucks offers flexibility, its potential hourly earnings might be lower than Prolific.  It doesn’t mean you should at least check it out.

If you take the right surveys and offers, you can easily earn $25 to $100 per month, no problem.

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect seems to be an emerging platform in the realm of online surveys and it reminds me a lot like Prolific.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a leader in the near future.

The process is simple: sign up, participate in surveys or tasks, and earn money. The user-friendly dashboard and payout center offers a user-friendly navigation and transparency in earnings.

The great thing is that you will qualify for all surveys and the minimums are quite low at only $1.  You can choose between Amazon and PayPal and payouts are almost instant in all cases.

If you want an option that’s very close to Prolific, this is it.  Just bear in mind that there is often a waitlist when joining.


Respondent stands out from its peers with its potentially high earnings. It connects individuals with researchers and focus groups who pay premium rates for specific feedback or research.  Most surveys, however, do require that you connect with researchers face to face via a webcam.  If you’re not comfortable with this, you may want to skip out.

Fields such as business, software development, and marketing are examples of areas with high hourly rates on Respondent. While not everyone will find a match, those who do might earn significantly more than all of the surveys mentioned here.

Respondent might not provide a steady stream of tasks like Prolific, but the earning potential can make it an appealing alternative, especially for professionals in the aforementioned areas.  Earnings can far exceed $25 to $100+ per task.

Testable Minds

Testable Minds closely resembles Prolific since the platform is leveraged by researchers from prestigious institutions to conduct surveys and psychological experiments. The primary focus is to gain insights into human cognitive processes. The tasks might range from recognizing facial emotions to gauging distance perception.

The pay rate is similar to that of Prolific, too.  For example, a study that lasts 10 minutes typically pays around $1, leading to an average earning of about $6 per hour.

One of the main challenges with Testable Minds, however, is the relatively high cash-out threshold. You will need to earn at least $20 before cashing out.  If there aren’t many studies available in your region, it could take some time to meet this threshold.

If you have an interest in psychological research, Testable Minds can be an intriguing alternative to Prolific.

User Interviews

User Interviews is a platform that bridges the gap between companies looking for feedback on their products and individuals willing to provide that feedback. It’s an excellent way for consumers to voice their opinions and influence product development while also getting compensated for their time.

User Interviews connects businesses to potential users to gather feedback, whether for a new product launch, website redesign, or app testing.  Big names associated include Adobe, Pinterest, Wayfair, Spotify, Amazon, and more.

With over 72,000 participants paid last year and 2,000 new studies added monthly, it’s a well-established platform.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mTurk (Mechanical Turk) is essentially a marketplace under Amazon’s umbrella, designed to help businesses find remote workers for tasks that humans can do more efficiently than computers, such as data validation, transcription, or even translation. The platform provides a plethora of tasks, commonly known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

While the platform is versatile, making significant income requires mastering the system, possibly with the aid of tools like the mTurk Suite extension, for example.

Earnings vary, but experienced mTurk workers can earn relatively decent wages. If you have skills in research, tech, or other specialized areas, Amazon mTurk might just be your go-to choice among Prolific alternatives.  Be sure to read my guide as to how you can earn $50 per day on the platform.


Dscout is a research platform that connects companies with “scouts” (participants) to gather in-the-moment feedback and insights.

Instead of traditional surveys or in-lab studies, Dscout allows participants to share their experiences in real time through diary studies, video feedback, and more.

It offers a unique and dynamic way to capture real-world experiences, making it a popular choice for businesses aiming to truly understand their users or customers. For participants, it’s an opportunity to share feedback, influence products and services, and earn compensation for their input.


Clickworker can be seen as a multi-faceted platform for microtasks, ensuring that its users seldom run out of tasks to complete.  It’s similar to MTurk, but I find it to be a poorer version since the oversight isn’t as strict as Amazon.

While it provides a broad spectrum of tasks, ranging from text creation to app testing, the earning potential might be modest to some. Nevertheless, the simplicity of many tasks means that you can complete them without exerting much mental effort. The flexibility to choose from various payment methods is an added advantage, too.

If you’re looking for a platform offering consistent work, albeit at a modest pay rate, Clickworker is a worthy contender in the list of Prolific alternatives.  It’s just different work if that makes sense.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is similar to that of Prolific, however, there are disqualifications, which is fairly typical amongst survey sites.

As implied by its name, this platform revolves around surveys. After signing up and filling out a short demographic survey, you will be matched with relevant surveys. The great thing is that some of these might even be in-depth focus groups that offer more earnings.

Generally, the earning rate ranges from $2 to $6 per hour if you complete the right surveys. Survey Junkie’s minimum cash-out is $5, and they provide several payment options, from gift cards and PayPal to direct bank deposits.


YouGov is a reputable survey platform known for its diverse range of topics, from entertainment to sports.

The point system might be a bit complex at first glance, with various surveys offering different amounts of points, but it’s mostly every point is worth a penny.   Payout options like PayPal and gift cards are available.

The ability to receive survey notifications via the YouGov app or email ensures that you never miss out on opportunities to earn. Given the global reach and flexible redemption options, YouGov is a suitable choice for those looking to supplement platforms like Prolific.

  • Website:  YouGov


InboxDollars, similar to Swagbucks, provides a multifaceted platform for earning. You can get paid for various tasks, from surveys to online shopping, playing games, and app downloads. The platform has a higher threshold of around $10 to $15 for cashing out, either through gift cards or PayPal. As a bonus, new users receive a $5 sign-up incentive, making it a lucrative start.

Though its per-hour earnings might be less compared to Prolific, its diverse opportunities can make the experience more engaging.

Again, like Swagbucks, take the right surveys to earn the highest hourly rate.


MyPoints has been a staple in the world of online rewards and survey platforms for quite some time.

While its pay rate for surveys might not be as attractive as Prolific, MyPoints offers diverse opportunities to earn points, from shopping online to referring friends. The platform’s cash-back rewards system for online shopping distinguishes it from others, aligning it with platforms like Rakuten. The generous $10 sign-up bonus, redeemable as gift cards after a $20 purchase, provides a decent incentive for new users.

If your primary online activity revolves around shopping, MyPoints could be a valuable Prolific alternative for you.  If not, the surveys could be okay as long as you’re taking the right ones.

Ipsos i-Say

Another viable alternative to Prolific is Ipsos iSay. It’s a global-friendly platform, which means individuals from various parts of the world can participate.

With Ipsos iSay, you can share your views and in return, receive PayPal cash or gift cards. A major advantage is that the minimum payout threshold is only $5.

Moreover, Ipsos iSay is more accessible to younger participants as it allows sign-ups from those younger than 14 in many countries, while Prolific has an age requirement of 18. While Prolific may offer a slightly higher hourly rate, if you enjoy giving your opinion through surveys, Ipsos iSay is a worthy contender.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is another platform to consider if you’re targeting higher payouts. They offer a guaranteed $3 for every survey, which usually lasts about 15 minutes on average. This rate parallels what you might earn on Prolific; however, there’s a caveat: you need to apply to join, and acceptance isn’t guaranteed.  Plus, you won’t see as many surveys.

Once you’re in, wait for a survey invitation and then participate in surveys to accumulate points.  Then, you can redeem those points for cash or gift cards.

Again, although you can’t take surveys endlessly, the consistent pay rate makes it an enticing choice.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, nothing comes that close to Prolific, at least for now.  While there are sites like Prolific, I feel they don’t come close, maybe with the exception of a few.

In the list above, I tried to rank my favorites from top to bottom and remember, you may have a different experience than me because our demographics do matter.  For now, what I recommend is that you check out as many as possible to find out which ones work for you. I promise you will find a few.  And, lastly, remember to treat it as a small side hustle, not as a way to make a full-time living.

That’s going to do it for now.

If you have an alternative I missed or maybe you want to comment on one mentioned above, you’re more than welcome to add your thoughts below.

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