Best 20+ Online Surveys for Money in Canada [2023]

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In today’s post, I want to do something a bit different and focus more on my Canadian friends.

In most posts, I cater to the United States audience, and while some of the programs I do mention are open to other countries, it can often be frustrating to scroll these companies and figure out who works for you.  That’s going to change in today’s post.

Today, this post will feature all of the survey companies that accept Canadian residents.  As always, everything I recommend is 100% legitimate and will make you some money.  Don’t expect to get rich, but in signing up with a few of these, I don’t see why you can’t make $50, $100 or $150+ per month.  It will just depend on how hard you work.

So, with that being said, let’s dive in and begin.

Online Surveys for Money in Canada

NOTE:  Some of these options are open to many countries, not just the United States.


By far, Swagbucks is one of my all-time favorites.  When you think of leaders in the survey in the industry, Swagbucks is number one without a doubt.

Due to their sheer size, this means a lot of research companies want to work with them, which means a lot of survey opportunities for you.  I have used the site many times and can easily earn $50 to $100 per month, simply by answering survey questions and completing offers.

The company is open to all Canadian residents, as well as most countries in Asia and Europe, as well as Africa.  It only takes seconds to join and you can often get a $5 bonus via the link below.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another one I have mentioned plenty of times. It’s an easy-to-use survey platform just like Swagbucks.

All you need to do is sign up, log in and start completing surveys to earn points.  Once you hit $10 in points, you can cash out for a variety of rewards, including PayPal and gift cards. has slowly become one of my favorite survey companies, and the great thing is that they are open to almost everyone internationally, including Canada.  The good news is that since you’re from Canada, you will receive some of the best paying offers.

The thing I like about this site is that they have some of the highest paying offers and a very lucrative referral system if you’re able to refer your friends.

From surveys to offers, offers a ton to do.  Aside from the basics, they also hold contests and bonuses for you to take advantage of.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is open to all Canadian residents, as long as you’re at least 1en a waitlist.

This has been one of my favorites, mainly because they only focus on surveys and the dashboard is so easy to use.  Just log in and start taking the surveys that are interest of to you.

Once you hit 500 points, which is equal to $5 in value, you can cash out via PayPal.  This can easily be done by the end of the day if you snag a few survey invites.  Signing up, as with all of these, is 100% free.  No credit card is required, I promise.


instaGC is one that offers a variety of ways to earn, from offers to your typical surveys.  The thing I like about this site is that all payouts are instant and you only need $1 to cash out.

If you live in Canada, you can join, and from what I have seen, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from.  Aside from your basics, you can also earn through fun bets and even contests.

Payout options include PayPal, Bitcoin and a variety of gift cards.


PrizeRebel is a great platform that allows you to make money in a variety of ways, from completing surveys to offers.  It’s one of the largest with more than 12 million members.

The cool thing about PrizeRebel is that they work with a lot of third-party providers, which means you should always have something to do.

You only need $2 in points to start cashing out, which means you can easily earn a gift card by the end of the day.

Pinecone Research

The thing I like about Pinecone Research is that they always pay out at least $3 per survey, making it one of the highest paying survey sites on the internet.

Now, the thing with Pinecone is that they are very popular, which means there’s often a wait list.  This means you will have to register and then wait, which can take weeks, maybe a month+.

Nonetheless, at least add your name to the list and start taking advantage of the survey invites.  Expect to earn $10 to $15 a month using them.


PointClub has a decent amount of surveys and the pay is above average, however, it can take some patience to find a survey worth your time.  If you sign up as a Canadian resident, I have found the survey selection isn’t as great as compared to those in the United States.

The company has a wide range of gift card options as well as PayPal, but you do need at least $25 in your account to cash out.  This makes it one of the highest payout thresholds on the list.

Follow the link below for $5 to get started.


Lifepoints is open to more than 40 countries, with, yes, Canada, included.

Like the many I mention on this list, Lifepoints primarily focuses on surveys, most of which pay about $0.50 to $2+ each.  You can also earn money via giveaways, games, and quick polls as well.

You can take surveys via the desktop version or if you choose, they have an app as well.  Whichever you choose to use is up to you.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is operated by the same company as Swagbucks.  It’s another big name in the industry, paying out millions of dollars to date.  The biggest difference I have found is that they don’t reward you in points for surveys.  Instead, you simply get cash, which is easier to keep track of.

Yes, you can join all of these that I mention, and in fact, I recommend you do so in order to maximize your survey opportunities.

Use the sign-up bonus link below to receive an easy $5.


Surveytime is unique in that every survey pays $1 and you get the $1 instantly via your PayPal account after completing it.

From my experience, they often have a ton of invites available, but the downfall is that you won’t qualify for all of them.  You may have to be patient, depending on your demographics.

Surveytime is open to all Canadian residents as long as you’re 18 or older.


ySense offers a variety of ways to earn, but it focuses mainly on surveys.  If you’re familiar with offer walls, then you will that here as well, but it’s nothing unique, as many survey sites use these offer walls and the payout isn’t as high here.  However, the company does offer bonuses on occasion which can help increase your earnings.

To get paid, you can choose from a variety of options, from PayPal to Amazon gift cards.  You only need $5 to cash out and it’s open to many countries, including Canada.

Paid ViewPoint

Paid ViewPoint is open to a few countries, including Canada.  Now, the thing that’s different about Paid Viewpoint is that most of the surveys are extremely short and are based on what’s known as a  “trait score.”  The more the company learns about you, the higher your trait score can become, which leads to more survey invites.

The cool thing about the site is that you will always qualify for every survey sent to you, which makes it easy to make money and causes less stress.

Don’t expect too many surveys from the site, but I think you can make $3 to $5 a month using it. Just remember to combine this with other companies to maximize your earnings.


Since 2012, FeaturePoints has rewarded close to six million dollars to its members.

This is more of an app, but they do have a desktop version if you want to make money from your computer.

From surveys to downloading apps and watching videos, there are a variety of options to take advantage of.  Once you earn $3, you can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin or even gift cards.

Opinion Outpost

Earn rewards by taking surveys in your spare time with Opinion Outpost.  They have more than two million members and it only takes a minute to join.

Once in, you can take part in online surveys, test new products and even watch advertisements to earn points, in which you can cash out for rewards.

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is yet another reputable company that focuses solely on surveys and is open to Canadian residents.

With millions of members, this is one of the top survey companies mentioned on the list.  You only need $5 to cash out.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna is probably one of the largest market research companies on this list.

As an influencer, you can answer surveys to help companies inspire change and get rewarded for doing so.  Every survey you complete can earn you up to $5.

Toluna Influencers is open to a number of countries, including Canada.

Univox Community

Univox Community will send out survey invites, most of which are quick to complete.  You only need $2 to cash out, making it one of the lowest minimum thresholds.

Out of the many mentioned here, you won’t receive a ton of survey invites, at least from what I found, but you can earn a few dollars a week if you’re fast to act on the surveys.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is also available to Canadians.

With more than 20+ million surveys taken and $30 million paid, it’s another reputable company offers a myriad of surveys.

A membership is free and you can get started in seconds.

Web Perspectives

This is a Canadian specific site, so if you live outside the country, you can’t join, sorry.

You must be at least 16 years old, and like the many sites mentioned here, you can earn points for every survey you complete.  You will need at least $10 in points, and rewards range anywhere from Amazon gift cards to airline miles.  The biggest downfall, however, is that cash isn’t an option.  This can be a big downfall to some.

If you use the site frequently, you can rise in the ranks (Platinum, Diamond, etc) and earn even more.


Triaba is another survey panel that’s open to Canadian residents, with most surveys paying anywhere from $0.50 to more than $5.50.  It’s a very easy-to-use platform that simply emails you whenever a survey opportunity presents itself.

You only need $6.25 to cash out with all payments coming via PayPal.

Final Thoughts

If you live in Canada, you have more than enough options, as you can see.  Just let it be known with surveys that you won’t make a ton.  I would expect to make maybe $5 a day if that.  As long as you have the mindset that you won’t make a ton, you won’t be annoyed with the companies mentioned.  So many people want to earn hundreds a day but it isn’t possible, sorry to say.

For now, check out the many companies I mentioned.  And, remember, you can sign up for all of them to maximize your earnings.  There’s nothing against signing up for 25 survey companies to get as many surveys as possible.

All of the companies mentioned above are 100% free to join and only take seconds to do.

As always, if you have a company you want to add or maybe you want to comment on one I have mentioned, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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