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Easy Things to Rent Out for Profit Right Now

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Today, there are so many ways to make money by renting out just about anything.  From your lawnmower to your car, there’s a good chance you have something that I’m about to list. I promise there are a lot of options.

If you’re looking to make extra money and you don’t mind letting someone borrow what you already own, then this is a guide you will want to read.

In today’s guide, I will talk about the best things to rent out for profit as well as how you can do so.  Whether you want to make $5 a week or $500 a month, it can be done.

Let’s begin.

17+ Things to Rent Out for Profit

Rent Out Your Home

earning potential:  $80/night

This option could make you the most money, but it will come with the most responsibility.  Whether you want to invest in real estate or even rent out your home, you can earn additional rental income no matter where you live.  Heck, you can even rent out a bedroom if you choose to do so.

The nice thing about renting out your home or room is that you can dictate when you want to rent it out.  So, if you want to rent it out for one day a month to local tourists, you can.  If you want to rent it out for the entire month, then you can do that as well.  Aside from the flexibility, you can also set your rates to ensure it works for your situation.

The internet makes it so easy to rent out your home/room right now as you can use multiple platforms to advertise your property.  If you are interested, I would recommend you check out Airbnb or VRBO as these are the two biggest players in the industry.  These websites do a great job verifying who rents your home/room as well as manages all payments for a stress-free experience.

As a last note, make sure you check with your local HOA if you have one as well as your homeowners’ insurance policy before considering.  You will want to make sure you cover your assets in the case of an accident on site.

Rent Out Your Car

earning potential:  $280/month

I have mentioned renting out your car so many times, particularly in my how to make $20 instantly and best passive income apps.  And, it’s as easy as it sounds.  List your car, wait for a renter and let them use it for the time being.  You get to set the rates, when you want to rent it out, as well as how you want to rent it out.

Renting out your car bears some responsibility, but not nearly as much as if you were to rent out your home.  In most cases, you will just have to clean out your car and fill up the gas tank on occasions.

If you’re interested in renting out your car, there are a few major platforms, much like renting out your home.  This includes GetAround and Turo, to name a few.

Both of these sites work in a similar way.  List your car with a few clicks, which includes describing the car, uploading some photos as well as letting potential renters know when your car is available.  Then, as requests come in, you can respond to them, confirming or declining the booking.  On the day of the booking, you can meet up with your renter to confirm the fuel levels, the condition and send them off on their way.

The nice thing about these sites is that they protect you with insurance in case of an accident.  For example, Turo provides a $750,00 liability policy, whereas GetAround covers you with a one million policy.  It does give you peace of mind.

Rent Out Your Parking Space and/or Garage

earning potential:  $180/month

From your yard to your garage, if you have extra space, someone may want to use it for storage.

Just think of it for a second.  There’s more than likely a storage unit facility nearby.  Near me, there are a ton of them.  Simply put, people need places to store their belongings for whatever reason.  This is where you can come into the picture.

Whether you have space in your garage or maybe you live on a few acres and you can park an RV or two there, some platforms can help connect you to people who are looking for land to rent for the night/week.  Some websites even let you rent out your parking space.

If you have space, check out JustPark, Spacer, CurbFlip, and Stache as they all offer a platform to help connect you with someone in your town who needs additional space.

Depending on what you have to offer, you can make up to $5,000 a year.

Rent Out Your Land

earning potential:  $40/night

Do you live on some land that could accommodate a tent or a camper?  Generally, as long as you have at least two acres, it’s one to consider.

Now, I’m not talking about renting out your land to hunters; rather, as a way to have a camper enjoy your land for the time being.

As long as you feel your land could offer a nice camping experience, consider platforms like Hipcamp and HomeCamper.  These platforms allow you to build your ideal schedule, letting you decide who you want to camp on your land.

Rent Out a Location

earning potential:  $150/month

This is similar to that of offering your land, but instead, you’re offering a space to rent out for the afternoon.

For example, a movie studio may want to use your home or a photographer may like your backyard for a photo shoot.  Going this route will only require you to maybe give up your location for a few hours or so.  But, then again, it will depend on who you’re working with and what they want.

If you’re interested in renting out your space, whether it be your yard, home, or both, then you may want to check out Giggster, Splacer or LocationsHub to list your property to see if anyone wants to use it.

Rent Out Your Camper

earning potential:  $550/month

Websites like RVShare and Outdoorsy allow you to rent out your camper to others.  Similar to that of Airbnb, it’s free to list and you get to set your rates as well as when it’s available.  You’re in full control.

The nice thing about these sites, again, like the home rental platforms, is that they will cover you with a very hefty insurance policy in case something does go wrong.  For instance, RVShare will protect you with a $1 million liability policy as well as up to $200,000 in comprehensive and collision coverage.

How much you make with renting out your RV will greatly depend on what kind of RV you have to offer and where you live.  Usually, your touristy areas, such as Yellowstone or Grand Canyon, will fetch much higher price tags than someone who lives in the city.

Nonetheless, check out the platform to see what campers are going for in your area to give you a better sense as to what you could get.

Rent Out Your Clothes

earning potential:  $50/month

If you have some designer clothes rotting in your closet, did you know there are a myriad of websites where you can list your wardrobe and get paid to rent it out?

Popular websites, such as StyleLend and Rent My Wardrobe, can help you advertise your clothes and get a few dollars in doing so.  All you need to do sign up, take pictures of what you have to rent and then wait for people to respond to your ad.  Check out the website to see what you can make as they have a calculator to give you an idea.

There’s not much work, aside from cleaning your clothes when they come back.

Rent Out Your Bike

earning potential:  $20/month

I wanted to mention this option as I feel it could be a great choice if you live in a touristy area with a lot of bicyclists who may want to rent a bike.

Think about this one for a second.

If you were to visit a beach town and came in by plane, you obviously couldn’t bring your bike.  Instead of renting from a company on the boardwalk, it may be up to 70% cheaper to rent from an individual.  This can be said about a lot of the items I mention here.

If you have a bike (or two) you want to rent out, check out Spinlister as they seem to be the bigger name in the industry.  Just list your ride, set your price and wait for renters to contact you.  The company states you can make up to $500 a month.

Aside from renting out your bike, you can also use the platform to list your surfboard, snowboard or skis.

Rent Out Your Boat or Jet Ski

earning potential:  $250/month

Like your car, you may not always be using your boat and/or jet ski.

As long as you don’t mind renting out your boat to strangers, you could make more than $150 to $1,000+ per month during the busy seasons.

To get started, there are so many platforms.  Some of these include and  Both of these platforms work like the many I have already listed.  It will be your responsibility to create your listing, price your boat as well as let people know when it’s available.  Then, as inquiries come in, you can work out the details to your liking.

And, if you’re worried about insurance, these companies offer a peer to peer program to make renting easier.

Rent Out Your Pool

earning potential:  $250/month (during peak season)

If you have a pool in your backyard, it can be turned into a rental gold mine during the warmer months.

Yes, there is a responsibility, of course, but this can be said with most of the ideas I list here.  As always, it’s best to check with your insurance policy to know what you’re responsible for in case of an incident.

If interested, is one of the larger platforms, offering you a way to connect with people in your town who may want to use your pool.  In less than five minutes, you can have your pool uploaded with your own set of rules.   You get to set the price and when it’s available.

Rent Out Your Tools

earning potential:  $30/month

If you’re the type that has a ton of tools in the garage but you only use them on occasions, this is another great way to earn cash on the side.

Whether it’s a power drill or table saw, someone may want to borrow it from you rather than a local tool rental facility.  It shouldn’t be hard to make $50 a month doing this.

There are a few options in the space, particularly Buro and Sparetoolz, so I would start here first.  While these sites don’t focus solely on tools, it’s moreso an app that lets people rent out just about anything.

Rent Out Your Camera Equipment

earning potential:  $100/month

ShareGrid is an awesome site if you want to rent out anything camera related.  Whether it’s just the lens or the entire camera, it can be done.

After you post your listing, you receive instant coverage, which means you’re always covered in the case your renter trashes your equipment.  ShareGrid also verifies your renters by using cutting-edge technology to screen renters.  This makes it one of the safer platforms to use.

Like the many platforms mentioned here, you’re in complete control.  You get to decide who you want to rent to as well as when you want to rent your equipment.

Aside from ShareGrid, KitSplit is another to consider as well.

Rent Out Your Baby Items

earning potential:  $100/month

Whether it’s a crib, car seat and/or tote filled with toys, travelers may want to rent these items from you when they arrive.  99% of the time, it’s much cheaper to rent than carrying it on a plane.

If you have baby items in good condition and you don’t mind meeting up with someone to drop them off, then BabyQuip may be something to consider signing up for.

Featured on the hit TV show, Shark Tank, it’s your job to apply to see if they want to accept you.  This will entail an interview to let you know how the platform works as well as a training session if you are approved.

Once approved, you can list your items, set your price and converse with renters whenever they are interested in renting something.  The website states that their average providers earn more than $600 a month.

Rent Out Anything

earning potential:  ???/month

Mentioning the Buro and Sparetoolz, apps again, these are great options if you have anything you feel has rental value.  You can also check out the Fat Llama app as it works in the same way.

While I would love to list hundreds of options, some ideas may only work for a limited number of readers.  For example, maybe you want to rent out your drone or camera equipment.  Or, let’s say a surfboard or set of golf clubs.  As long as you don’t mind someone borrowing your items, it can net you some cash.  How much greatly depends on what you have to offer.

What I would do is at least download the apps and see what people are renting.  Generally, ads with higher reviews/views tend to garner more interest.  If you have what they are renting out, consider listing what you have to see if there’s any interest.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can rent out for profit.

Whether you want to make a few dollars a day or up to $1,500+ a month, it can be done.  And, the great thing about this is that there are platforms that can help find people who have you want to rent.

I can’t stress it enough.  If you do rent out anything, be sure to know what you’re liable for, especially in the insurance sense.  While some of these ideas sound great, you will just want to make sure your assets are protected before doing so.

As always, if I’m missing any ideas and/or you want to add to the list, you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below.

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